Saturday, 10 January 2009

Hamass breed, abuse and brainwash children for mass Islamic death cult while the media, academia, govt and celebrity do all they can to help.

Hamass kidnap boys etc, for human shields. These children and their Father's[?] are NOT being "helped". That's why no one moves and says "Hey, that's a bit rough, old sport", cos Hamass will murder them on the spot. See how passive they all are? Cos they know that NO-ONE will help them, and least of all the Leftard media.

Check out the freakish body language of humiliation and intimidation. Gathering people on an open street while others walk by is NOT er, "protection". It's herding for death. Like the Left, Hamass have NO policy of protecting Palestinians whatosever, only using them like dogs and cattle. Hamass joy, equals as many dead Palestinians, Jews and rather ironically, as many dead PLO competitors as possible.

Everday, Israeli soldiers risk their lives and lose them trying to avoid civilian casualties. Everyday Hamass et al, risk the lives of Palestinians and use them like toilet paper as policy. There are 100 attempted homicide/suicide bombings in Israel a day, everyday. 3,000 rockets mostly of Iranian manufacture, were fired at Israel in 2008 alone. How many would people in Melbourne accept with good humour and a raised eyebrow? Exactly none.

If only those two Hamass bastards were shot down like the psychopathic child molester filth that they ALL are. All hail the drone in the sky, the IDF sniper and the gunship. Ah, but that's what the kids are for, you see. For the protection of Hamass "heroes".

Hamass firing mortars and rockets from Beit Nanoun boys school which houses the UN compound.

“Today Israel fired a on a UN School in Gaza killing 40, including some children. According to the IDF early reports suggest that there were mortars fired upon them from the school. Hamas has a history of using this school as a launching point for mortars, and the students as human shields. The video below shows Hamas using the school to fire mortars in October 2007”. Via yidwithlid and faustasblog.

Here is what Hamass and all Muslim Jihadfreaks do to children. Muslim children. IN GAZA. NOW.

Palestinian terrorists have no mercy for children. From 1998 and now far, far worse.

Jihad the childrens club.

Children of the future Jihad.

Colonel Neville: Each of these are links to that delightful policy, the Hamass Covenant. Why would anyone support these freaks and their insane killer goals? Oh that's right, they hate Jews. And here's the PLO Covenant to show how er, "moderate" they are. Hahahahahaha. Fuck off.

“Hamas website: Kids, die for Allah. From ynetnews.

New Hamas website features animated figures calling on youngsters to fight Zionists, commit suicide for God. By Dudi Goldman. Published 03.08.06.

A new, attractive website for children was recently launched on the net. The site features animated figures and stories that young children could easily relate to. However, unlike ordinary sites catering for children, this particular one is operated by Hamas and its main objective is to advocate suicide and self sacrifice on behalf of Allah.

According to Israel's leading newspaper Yedioth Ahronoth, the site, whose name means "The Victor," glorifies death and suicide for God.

In one instance, a caption that appears next to a picture of an animated girl throwing stones at IDF soldiers, reads: "Death for Allah is victory, the victory of the glorified heroes whose names will forever remain in the hearts of millions of Muslims across the world."

The animated figure calls on children surfing the web to enter the site and learn about the lives of "shahids" (martyrs) who "died a hero's death," after massacring Jews.

Another section of the site is dedicated to suicide bombers. Each day the site presents the picture and biography of a different "shahid." A special page on "The Victor" focuses on the story of Hamas' "brave shahid" Nazim Jabary, who carried out a suicide bombing aboard a Be'er Sheva bus in 2004, killing 16 people, including children”.

Colonel Neville: Charming. My black t-shirt will read in bold white letters, Support Israel Destroy Terrorists or similar. Those that object support the inverse.

But first the good news. The Israeli’s are destroying Hamass and over weeks! Great. The ONLY reason the Euro trash, Islamic geeks and assorted Communist spastics of the the UN, the EU and the rest of the cavalcade of global Jew haters are upset, is because the Jews are winning and crushing Islamic terrorists, who are essentially pals and bedfellows of the Left, the MSM and the intelligentia ad nauseum.

Muslims killing Jews or other Muslims is just fine and Jim Dandy with these shitheads. Nope, I’m hip to killing as many Islamic terrorists as possible. Why ain’t they? Oh that’s right. They all hate Jews. That’s why. Got it.

I was driving past the US Consulate on St Kilda Road and I saw a group of Socialist circus freaks with their “Ban War” cliches of irrational dissonance. Ban asshat wearers, I say.

Er, gee don’t bans by definition require, golly, enforcement? Er, what if they don’t comply? Enforce more “peace” by what exactly. Peace as the absence of war is an absurdity. Yep, for such useless weenies frauds, nothing is worth fighting or dying for, especially the livesof Jews and the free, democratic and prosperous state of Israel. Oh no, Marxist Leftard Socialism is worth fighting for and Jew hatred. Check. Nuance.

So, if you're walking down the street with your children, and someone decides to attack and abduct them, you will take no action beyond "stern words" and maybe wave a neato banner with a meaningless and empty agitprop slogan on it? Good luck with that, but I prefer to not leave any children in the company of spineless, deluded and confused newts.

Funny how such phony fuckers ALWAYS side with Muslim fascists, dictator sadists and Communist totalitarians. What a coincidence, Jim. Can't take on a real challenge now, can e?

Want peace? PEACE KILLS as P.J O'ROurke said and wrote.

If all Muslims put down their weapons, stooped trying to murder Jews, each other and junked Islam, hey presto, instant peace. Sadly they can’t, cos they wanna kill the Jooooos forever. If all Jews disarmed, it would mean ASAP millions of dead Jews and a smoking Israel. And once Israel falls, the entire West and all points North, South and East will speed into insurrection, and collapse well within a decade.

It’s very peaceful in Japan and Australia etc, except for our Socialist experiments, because Japan and Australia have CAPITALIST economic systems that are naturally effective and have democratic forms of accountable CIVIL government. Sure, they’re both being eroded by Left control freaks as ASAP all over the West, but you can dig it. This the only two differences that count between places that suck like Gaza and those that don’t, like where Western activists masturbate in their faux heroics.

There will never be peace while Hamass et al, run Islamic fascist murder states. Hamass should be treated like the SS and other rabid rats and psychopathic totalitarians. They should ALL be killed ASAP, and their ENTIRE structure, finance and PR machine etc, eradicated totally.

And the current long-standing piracy, terror, sedition and treason laws should be enforced on ALL who support them in the MSM, academia, celebrity and our own government. No, really. But they won’t be and thus the Jews have to do all the fighting for us, while many people merrily prance and lie to the free West’s inevitable dhimmitude, death and dishonour.

Ah, the MSM are beyond belief evil, bankrupt and lying frauds and incompetents. Israel and the Jews are a great country whose only fault is the same affliction everywhere in the West, the self loathing, stupid and treasonous Left. EVERYTHING negative said about Israel is invariably a lie and deliberate anti-Semitic manipulation.

Everything laughably “balanced” about Muslim terror is by default, a monstrous trick. In the vid the Hamass guy and his body language are that of a nihilistic mass sadist without any limits. Hamass have the power of life and death over “Palestinians”. Then he picks the poor boy up like a dog and puts him with the other human beings, not for “protection” in the fucking street, but as a shield.

Jews do NOT target civilians or they would just flatten Gaza in a day. Muslim terrorists ALWAYS target civilians. That’s their whole purpose. The purpose of Left activists is to use anybody and anything to further their Marxist agenda. That’s why the Left do not care if Muslims murder Muslims. There is no political money in it.

Not one Leftard geek puts a single demand on these freaks. The only demand I have for Hamass is that Israel kills every one of them. The reason why the PA or Hamass etc have not spent a dollar of the billions they have received, is because they WANT Palestinians to die. That’s why they ALWAYS fire from among the people.

Free the Palestinians from Hamass and themselves.

Sadly, 80% voted for them not out of “desperation”, but because they want Hamass to murder every Jew and destroy Israel. There are normal people in Gaza, who have not been executed for wanting a normalised life, or not letting Hamass and Hezbollah train all their children from two and up, to murder via their own suicide, or for not paying ca$h and homage to Hamass etc, etc.

It’s easy to figure out Hamass, the MSM, theLeft, academia, celebrity and even the government etc. Simply invert everything they say unless it’s evil mindless crap. Then they are being honest.

The Herald Sun published Thursday January 08 2009, a piece of Taquiyaa spouting Jew hatred by a Muslim fuck called Taimor Hazou, from gee, former Deputy Chair of the Australian Arab council. Big ‘effing surprise. I may Fisk it later. The Herald Sun without Andrew Bolt, the classifieds and the supplements is consistently mostly mediocre rubbish.

Hazou the baboon and his disgusting wack job of standard Islamic Jew hatred, couches his sub-journalistic and I imagine well paid fraud, in absurd logical fallacy, cognitive dissonance uber-lies and moral equivalence. He says hey, it ain’t so bad for Jews to be rocketed, cos so few have died anyway.

Hey, Taimor, you are a mass produced pro-terror lying Muslim twisted fuck.

I bet this toilet candy can’t be thrown out, and not just because Australia is deluded and culturally suicidal, but because such Sharia Creeps are often born or grew up here. Check out the classic neo-militia look he’s got going there.

A real kindergarten aid. Oh, wait, in England one the bombers was a kindergarten aid.

I never met a Muslim association that wasn’t a front group for stealth Jihad. You better believe it.

Robert takes a cheery look a the UK's Orwellian "Islam is Peace" campaign, which is actually designed to fight critics of terrorism, not terrorism itself. “When we say innocent people, we mean Muslims”. Anjem Choudry. Major Muslim Cleric Circus Freak. Here's Bob.

Full evidence of Muslim civilian shield tactic as it's fucking written in the Hamass tactical book, you dumb bastards!

PJM Washington editor Richard Miniter interviews Robert Spencer about his book, "Religion of Peace? Why Christianity Is and Islam Isn't."

Via faustasblog, Hamass firing mortars from crowded UN school, plus great posts on Chavez loves Hamass and a cool Humberto Fontova interview Podcast.

Muslim terrorists training in er, Pennsylvania. No, really.

Norwegian Jihad doco.

Wafa Sultan classic on clash between Western civilisation and Islamic beasts.

New Wafa Sultan on terrorism and Islam.

The oxymoron of Muslim education.


HAZE said...

hey colonel zionist propagandist!
Taimor Hazou is from a christian family of "Hazou".
Genesis 22, 22."Hazo"
Hazou's who were forced from their homes in 1948.
these palestinian lives are worth less to you and your fucking "death cult", than the poor israeli lives.
no justice no peace...

Colonel Neville said...

Dear Haze. Er, riiight. Excellent Cognitive Dissonance fraud! The only "conspiracy" is where all the Islamic freaks and Marxist toilet candy heads like you come from.

Ah, the urinal of the radical mind...

So five stars for your phony and irrational Taquiyaa spouting.

One things for sure dear boy, your immature, unreadable scrawlings are an appalling, mediocre, 2nd hand pastiche of Jew hating bunk, fit only for the sub-levels of Youtube drivel comments .

As they say, a talentless drone.

Can you put a single original, empirical, coherant and honest sentence together? Nope.

Can you form a paragraph? Nope, guess not.

Oh, the boredom of your total lack of humour, scholarship and grammar/spell checking etc.

Still, excellent Leftard cred. Pure gold, dear dullard.

Colonel Neville.

Colonel Neville said...

Dear sports:

Haze the spinelss geek will have to do better than the old radical retard classic of "Zionist Conspracy", to make it in harsh reality, I'm afraid.

This is er, the "vurmin blogspot".

Oh, what a provocative and ironic blog, no.

Gee, ya reckon "Haze" is a bit of a slacker dude, like totally sick/wack/cool/doodle/poodle mediocre? Or maybe he's just a slimy Islamist Jew hating Muslim?

Bedfellows yes, but nya, sounds like a suburban College/Uni twerp...Ya never know.

"No justice no peace". Meaningless piffle. Why don't the Israeli's just carpet bomb you all and nuke the rest? Cos they ain't like Muslims.

Bye. Colonel Neville.

HAZE said...

hey, 'er' colonel, 'nya', 'er', duh, 'gee'...
colonel of what? cleverness? brainless cuteness?
all of your criticisms and concern for a proper
paragraph and grammatical correctness and you end up misspelling "conspiracy"?

well, your clever and witty little ego got you SO puffed up that you got caught up in hurling insults and attacking. the world has seen how you zionists can attack. and i am afraid the sympathy toward your kind seems to be unravelling. because the world witnessed the blatant disregard and violation of relevant human rights and humanitarian obligations as prescribed in the international laws of the fourth geneva convention. Convention (IV) relative to the Protection of Civilian Persons in Time of War. Geneva, 12 August 1949.
( 1,300 deaths so far. 700 civilians, many of them children. i am only one witness of the world to this truth. argue all the clever rhetoric you like. hurl all of your insults. and playground name calling.- it all proves the point. it is unravelling.)

and so, of course you attacked as well, and came off like a snide fat prick trying to pick a cyber fight? who's the "dear BOY" you fucking tool?
with all of your fancy words, a critic of "talent".?
and with your "five stars" you sound like a movie critic as well. a fucking tv head. a tool with the herd mentality.

you eluded the untruth that you typed into your little page of importance here.
which was the FACT that Taimor Hazou is NOT of muslim birth, nor heritage, nor blood. that was the point being made in my "comment" on your blog.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Neville, dear boy, Calling names and throwing insults at people (that you know nothing about) does nothing for anyone or anything. This is the reason that all of this will never end...It seems Haze was only trying to bring something to your attention... "original, empirical, coherent and honest" sentences...? is that what you think you have here? you will lose but that is not why I pity you. need to reply,(i won't be back) so insult away!!! don't spare any adj. on me, 'dear boy':)