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Colonel Neville's Weekend in Hell presents: Geert Wilders charged with noticing the harsh and hideous facts of the "filth of Islam" etc.

Hamass getting into UN ambulance.

"Holland's national suicide note. By Ezra Levant on January 21 2009.

Excerpts: "The Dutch court of appeal has ruled that Geert Wilders, the Member of Parliament and anti-terrorism activist, must stand trial for hate speech.

You can read the English page of the court's website announcing the decision here.

It is a national suicide note, a white flag of surrender flown by a once-great empire in the face of illiberal fascists and hoodlums. It is a homicide note, too announcing the murder of freedom of speech and freedom of religion. And it is a warning note to other Western democracies. The warning is this: liberal democracy, multiculturalism and immigration, pick any two.

Holland has picked multiculturalism and immigration, and has heaved liberal democracy overboard.

The announcement is so eye-scratchingly stupid, it really must be read line for line. Here goes. (The spelling, punctuation and grammatical errors are from the court's own English translation):

Amsterdam, 21 january 2009. On 21 January 2009 the Court of Appeal in Amsterdam ordered the criminal prosecution of the member of parliament Geert Wilders for the incitement to hatred and discrimination based on his statements in various media about moslims and their belief.

Did you catch that? It's just like the execrable section 13 of the Canadian Human Rights Act. Incitement to... what? Violence? Murder? Riot? No. Incitement to hatred.

Hatred is an emotion. And apparently in Holland, "making" someone feel that emotion is a crime. And inciting "discrimination" is, too. Not just discrimination itself, mind you. But inciting someone to discriminate.

...The Court of Appeal has considered that the contested views of Wilders (also as shown in his movie Fitna) constitute a criminal offence according to Dutch law as seen in connection with each other, both because of their contents and the method of presentation.

Again, you must admire the honesty of the court to describe their self-destructive, amoral attack on Wilders so clearly and without euphemism.

There you have it: his "views" were unacceptable in content and presentation.

Apparently critics of Islamic fascism must be inarticulate and ineffective; or articulate and bold communicators must only be supportive of radical Islam. Now we know the ground rules in Holland.

This method of presentation is characterized by biased, strongly generalizing phrasings with a radical meaning, ongoing reiteration and an increasing intensity, as a result of which hate is created.

Stop. Just stop for a moment and realize the amazing gulf between this court and reality. This case is about Islamic radicalism. And yet it is a critic of that radicalism who is charged with "radical meaning"; it is a critic of the relentlessness of radical Islam who is charged with "reiteration". Who knew that one could only make an argument in a wishy-washy -- not radical -- way? Who knew that one could only make an argument once -- not to reiterate it?

The court is clearly making this up as they go. That is not law; it is politics masquerading as law. It is merely the court's mewling disagreement with Wilders and his effectiveness".

British Police run away from Muslim loon rampage to the screams of "Allah Akbar!" and "Run, cowards!"

Same thing on Utoob.

The reality of the surreal Hell that is Hamass.

A Hamass kitchen renovation with all modern appliances.

Mark Steyn on the GREAT Geert Wilders.

And again.

Excerpt: “I think we're approaching the point in much of the west where Islam is simply beyond discussion in any meaningful way - de facto at the London School of Economics, de jure in the Netherlands, but, either way, the Muslim lobby groups achieve their objective: to make serious open debate about Islam too costly for anyone who attempts it. Apropos "speech-curtailing" laws, Miss Eaves says:

"Here's a good litmus test for whether a law makes any sense: If the "crime" in question can only be described using the word for an emotion, like "hate" or "phobia," then we have wandered into thought-police territory".

With that in mind, I was interested to see this pop up at the White House website on Obama Day One:

"Expand Hate Crimes Statutes: President Obama and Vice President Biden will strengthen federal hate crimes legislation, expand hate crimes protection by passing the Matthew Shepard Act, and reinvigorate enforcement at the Department of Justice's Criminal Section".

Elisabeth Eaves at Forbes com:

Excerpts: “Salman Rushdie was our canary in the coal mine: He first felt the effects of suffocating gasses that would start to envelope us all. Rushdie was forced to live in hiding and under guard for many years and eventually moved to New York.

In 1989, I was struck by the singular strangeness of the whole story. Riot-inciting thought police? In England? In the modern era? Two decades later I'm struck by how encroaching this story has become...

Consider Rachel Ehrenfeld, author of Funding Evil: How Terrorism is Financed and How to Stop It. Israeli-born and resident in New York, Ehrenfeld has made a career of following money trails to their murkiest sources and been threatened and sued multiple times for her efforts...

Most recently she became a victim of so-called libel tourism. In Funding Evil, she wrote that a wealthy Saudi Arabian, Khalid bin Mahfouz, had financed terrorist activities. Under U.S. law her well-documented accusation doesn't qualify as libel, so bin Mahfouz sued her in Great Britain.

The book had never been published in Britain or sold in book stores there, but a few copies had been obtained via online sellers. A British judge imposed a fine on Ehrenfeld and said her book should be destroyed.

Through cases like these, U.K. laws, which have a chilling effect on the country's own publishers, are affecting foreign publishers and writers, too. Recently the government came close to clamping down on free speech even further.

Former Prime Minister Tony Blair, in a sop to Muslim constituents upset about his support for the 2003 invasion of Iraq, urged the criminalizing of "religious incitement"; the law failed by just one vote. In one of the great crucibles of democracy, this is where free speech is heading.

Then there is Ayaan Hirsi Ali, the Somali-born Dutch parliamentarian, author of Infidel, and one of Europe's most vocal critics of militant Islam".

More on Hamass default tactics and thus largely ignored by the MSM.

Here's Militant Islam Monitor on what Muslim "leaders" and Imams across Melbourne etc, really think of 9/11. It wasn't Muslims at all etc, etc...It's as they say, a fucking classic and all you need to know.

Classical values on Hamass and their usual methods of er, "rule" being theft and murder.

"The urge to save humanity is almost always a false face for the urge to rule it." H.L. Mencken.

Romeo Mike on the Marxist invasion and indoctrination of our culture. Via Tim Blair.

The Origins of Political Correctness.

Romeo Mike with the whole hog of cultural Marxism:

"The posit: Cultural Marxism is an intentional, chronic agenda to destroy the cohesion of Western society, readying it for revolution. Where economic Marxism was fought against for decades by capitalism, and was ultimately vanquished, its cultural version has come to dominate our elite institutions, importantly including psychiatry. It was seeded by academic philosophers that moved to the US from Germany in the 1930's. It infiltrates broadly by attaching to legitimate movements and skewing them in its favour, invalidating opposition, and reinforcing its ethical superiority.

It's a mass psychology that its adherents accept as self-evident truth. The aim is a philosophical utopia, which is unachievable in reality. We know it as political correctness.

What it is:

"you should be quite concerned that our future naval officers are being subjected to psychic intimidation and indoctrination by behavioral psychologists and clinicians whose methods descend from Wilhelm Wundt"; Dr G. Atkinson CDR USN (Ret.)

"It was the destructive criticism of the primary elements of American culture that inspired the 1960s counter-culture revolution. As the name implies, this false 'spiritual awakening' by the idealist Boomers (possibly the most dangerous [27] generation in America's history) in their coming-of-age years was an effort to transform the prevailing culture into an inverted or opposite kind of culture that is a necessary prelude to social revolution. Now that these elite Boomers are in positions of power in the United States, they are completing their work of destroying every institution that has been built up over 200 years of American history.

Their aim is to destroy any vestige of the Anglo-American path taken by Western Civilization in forming the unique American culture. Most Americans do not yet realize that they are being led by social revolutionaries who think in terms of the destruction of the existing social order in order to create a new social order in the world."

"...history identifies a small group of German intellectuals who devised concepts, processes, and action plans which conform very closely to what Americans presently observe every day in their culture...

They were the forebears of what some proclaim as 'cultural Marxism,' a radical social movement that has transformed American culture. It is more commonly known today as 'political correctness'...and 'critical theory'.

This group in 1923 founded the Institute of Social Research at Frankfurt University. The Institute, modeled after the Marx-Engels Institute in Moscow, became known as the Frankfurt School. In 1933, when the Nazis came to power in Germany, the members of the Frankfurt School fled to the United States. While here, they migrated to major U.S. universities (Columbia, Princeton, Brandeis, and California at Berkeley). These intellectual Marxists included Herbert Marcuse, who coined the phrase ' make love, not war' during the anti-Vietnam War demonstrations."

Tim Blair on the Leftard fantasy of being on par with Solzhenitsyn:

"With George W. Bush gone, it’s safe for liberals to emerge from hiding and tell their horrible stories of repression. Victor Davis Hanson urges full disclosure:
Please list, cite, name just one instance from 2002-8 in which you lost your freedom, or you were censored on the library internet, or you were followed around by the FBI, or your letter to the editor earned a wiretap, or even one instance of the loss of any freedom under Bush—and if so, just one example of how the election of Obama has once again restored your lost liberty. Nothing in the abstract, please—something concrete, an example both real and personal".

Tim Blair's posting of my report and photos on the Sunday Jihadist festival in Melbourne CBD.

My feeble comments at the very swingin' Israellycool:

"Dear Israellycool: Hey, thanks for the comment on my shabby blog. I see you run a tight and very worthy ship here. You are a wonderful Australian/Israeli insight. Loved the dear neighbours letter, the Arafathead/Obamessiah mug and BBC as per usual trope. Excellent range and coverage. All the very best and welcome anytime. The photographer of the kid NaziMuslim photo writes at a great Oz site called islammonitor org".

"A letter to the citizens of Gaza from a concerned neighbor.

Dear neighbor:

My name is David and I live in Israel, thirty minutes (or one minute rocket time) from you, in a beautiful house by the woods. I hope someday to have you over for a cup of tea. We have a lovely view from the balcony. On a clear day we can see our jets bombing your neighborhood.

I think it’s time we had a heart to heart. It’s time you knew the
truth. After all, what are neighbors for? You might have wondered why both you and your parents were born in a refugee camp. Why is it that even though we live only 30 minutes apart, I live in prosperity and you live in poverty and filth? Why you live in despair and hatred while we live in hope and love.

Here is the truth, neighbor:" Continue reading at Israellycool.

Via Yahoo news: "Castro brothers speak highly of Obama.

Fidel Castro watched the US inauguration on television and said that Barack Obama seems "like a man who is absolutely sincere", Argentina's president said after meeting with the ailing Cuban icon.

Colonel Neville: "Icon?" Not a mass murdering Commie fucker then? Check.

"Fidel believes in Obama," Cristina Fernandez said.

The meeting with Fernandez, just before she ended a four-day visit to Cuba, dispelled persistent rumours that the 82-year-old Castro had suffered a stroke or lapsed into a coma in recent days.

"I was with Fidel about an hour or more," she told reporters at the airport as she left. "We were chatting, conversing. He looked good."

Hours later, Castro issued his own account of the meeting in a brief essay that called Obama "honest" in his ideas.

Fernandez said Castro wore the tracksuit that has become his trademark since he fell ill in July 2006 and vanished from public view. A spokesman said the two met alone. "He told me he had followed the inauguration of Barack Obama very closely, that he had watched the inauguration on television all day," Fernandez said. "He had a very good perception of President Obama."

Fernandez said Castro called Obama "a man who seems absolutely sincere", who believes strongly in his ideas "and who hopefully can carry them out".

Posted on a government website, Castro's essay was his first such writing since December 15".

Classic Melbourne Muslim circus freak plus PM Rudd's auto apologia for Islam:

"Wife beating metaphoric says Melbourne Muslim cleric.

Prime Minister Kevin Rudd and Islamic leaders have condemned a Melbourne Muslim cleric who told followers it was permissible to hit their wives and force them to have sex.

But Coburg mosque cleric Samir Abu Hamza has told a confidant his message has been taken out of context and that he was referring to hitting wives in a metaphorical sense.

Mr Rudd told reporters Mr Hamza's comments had no place in modern Australia.

Colonel Neville: Nope. It has ample, welcomed, supported, apologised for, rationalised and subsidised places throughout Australia. Rudd is a technocrat mediocrity and either wilfully sub-ignorant, deluded or a liar.

"During a 2003 lecture also posted on the internet late last year, Mr Hamza told followers that under Islamic law, men could demand sex from their wives. Despite Australian law requiring consent, it was impossible for a man to rape his wife even if she refused to have sex, he said.

"Under no circumstances is sexual violence permissible or acceptable in Australia - under no circumstances," Mr Rudd said.

Colonel Neville: Unless you're a Muslim and you don't mention it.

"Under no circumstances are other forms of violence, physical violence, acceptable towards women in Australia nor are they acceptable in my view to mainstream Muslim teachings.

Colonel Neville: Islam is allowed into Autralia is it no? Thus that list of crimes are by default entirely permissable, if one is a Muslim.

"Australia will not tolerate these sort of remarks. They don't belong in modern Australia, and he should stand up, repudiate them and apologise."

Colonel Neville: Yep, hide it away. It's not so much the crime that troubles Rudd and others, as the upsetting and exposure of the multiculti fantasy house of cards.

"The President of the Islamic Council of Victoria (ICV) Ramzi Elsayed said he had spoken with Mr Hamza about the lecture, titled The Keys to a Successful Marriage. "He told me he was speaking in a metaphorical sense," Mr Elsayed told AAP. "In regards to hitting your wife, his position is that it has always been metaphorical - it's not a whack, it's not a slap, it's a wake-up call."

Colonel Neville: Hey Hamza baby, ya creepy bastard, here's a er, "wake-up call" for ya. Go fuck yourself; your political ideology masquerading as a religion; your repellent psychopath prophet of nothing and while you're there go fuck your Krazy unreadable Koran too. Wakey wakey from the 7th century bub.

"He said Islam did not condone violence against women or making a wife have sex with her husband against her will.

"He believes he was taken out of context insofar as he was talking about people who censure their spouses - it was not so much a physical hit as a metaphorical one to say wake up, we're heading for a divorce kind-of-thing," Mr Elsayed said. But the senior honorary legal adviser to the Australian Federation of Islamic Councils, Haset Seli, hit out at Mr Hamza, calling him a lunatic.

"His lecture was absolutely ludicrous, unIslamic and highlighted the ignorance of the man," Mr Seli told AAP.

He said anyone who thinks he can force his wife to have sex with him is a lunatic and certainly not a Muslim.

Mr Seli said he went through a similar episode with the former Mufti, Sheik Taj Aldin Alhilali, who caused a national uproar in a 2006 Ramadan speech when he likened scantily clad women to uncovered meat, suggesting they were to blame for sexual attacks on them.

He also claimed at the time that his comments had been taken out of context".

Colonel Neville: Yes, apparently even live film of beheadings can be "taken out of context". Gee, don't they know millions of Muslims lie as a Koranic directive known as Taquiyaa as par for their crazy course? Guess not. Too unpleasant to contemplate.

Gran Torino film review. I must see it for my birthday. "Get off my lawn!"

Glenmore Canada Gaza Geeks, same as the Muslim Marxist Jew hating freak fest in Melbourne CBD.

Ezra Levant on Leftard self-loathing Jews.

Dr Sanity on Left Liberal firestorm of projection.

Stil crazy after all these years. GREAT Fisking of massively inverted Leftard Paul Auster via rovianconspiracy.

Incredibly good classical[?] Liberal blog. “Villagers with Torches:

An outside agitating, former ACLU, Vietnam protesting, ACTUAL LIBERAL and as of August/08 a FORMER registered dem, asks the question in righteous indignation. WHAT HAPPENED TO THE REAL DEMOCRATS HERE? WHO ARE THESE PEOPLE AND WHERE DID THEY PUT FDR AND HST?

"We have not journeyed all this way across the centuries,
across the oceans, across the mountains, across the prairies,
because we are made of sugar candy."

BTW: We are sarcastic and caustic so if this is offensive,the oatmeal is on aisle 3”.

Islamic dress is creepy and dangerous. Daniel Pipes with a Himalaya of global evidence on how and why the nijab and burqua ARE used to commit crime, and not just fashion crime.

Whites are a minority. Warning: Links to spooky National Front Nazi styled nuts. Sadly, the vid is still rather true, innit?

Phyllis Chessler on how the lies of Gaza travel fast in a largely Leftard Marxist and pro-Islamist MSM:

“More important: Will the world media note that Shifa Hospital, in Gaza City, is now Hamas HQ? As reported by Amir Mizroch in The Jerusalem Post, Hamas War Council terrorists are masquerading as doctors and are ejecting real doctors from rooms when Hamas has to meet. In order for Israel to get through to these “non-state actors,” they would have to get through the one-half million Gazans who live around the hospital”.

A writer ponders the Cognitive Dissonance of Muslim loons across the world:

“I am unable to reconcile in my mind two aspects of this situation. The first image is the various Islamist groups (including HAMAS) and their supporters, screaming bloodcurdling venomous hate at Israel and the United States, claiming they will destroy both entities. The second is these same people screaming “they are conducting a massacre” and “we are innocent victims”, when Israel strikes back. It really is high time they made their minds up as to which they want to be. Éamonn, Dublin, Ireland”.

"O.J Simpson is a sociopath”. His lawyer.

"We shouldn't be surprised: O.J. Simpson is a psychopath. He fits every textbook description of a psychopath; he is a man without a conscience who feels the world revolves around him. And why not? After all, we made him think it did.

Celebrities and sports figures in our society are given special treatment by other people all of the time".

A majority of black Americans think O.J is the innocent victim of a whitey conspiracy. And 94% to 100% of voting blacks voted for Obama. See Dr Sanity.

Plenty on rabid Marxist fraud and pro-terror Dr Mads, pro-Hamass run UN Gaza school and they even hire them...

"The United Nations agency that administers a school in Gaza where dozens of civilians were killed by Israeli mortar fire last week has admitted to employing terrorists to work at its Palestinian schools in the past, has no system in place to keep members of Hamas or Islamic Jihad off its payroll, and provides textbooks to children that contain hate speech and other incendiary information."

The report goes on to say:

In 2004, former UNRWA Commissioner-General Peter Hansen told the Canadian Broadcasting Company, "I am sure that there are Hamas members on the UNRWA payroll and I don't see that as a crime." He added, "We do not do political vetting and exclude people from one persuasion as against another."

Though he cautioned that estimates are tricky because the identity of an attacker is not always made public, Halevi estimated that over 60 percent of homicide bombers were educated in UNRWA schools. By comparison, roughly 25-30 percent of Palestinian students in the West Bank, the origin of almost all homicide bombers since the start of the intifada in 2000, attend UNRWA schools, according to the agency's figures".

"U.N. Agency That Runs School Hit in Gaza Employed Hamas and Islamic Jihad Members". Via Foxnews.

If Fox reported that the earth revolves around the sun, the facts of gravity and the speed of light, Leftards would say none of that can be true.

Glenn Reynolds Instapundit with online freedom/media.

Pathetic and hilarious mental gymnastics of the confused and PC weasel.

Anne Coulter with great Iraq vet stats.

"Vets are 10 times LESS likely to murder than the national average and that the greatest indicator of future crime is the children of single mothers..

“What, for example, is the percentage of murderers among veterans compared to the percentage of murderers in the population at large -- or, more germane, in the general population of young males, inasmuch as violent crime is committed almost exclusively by young men?

Any group composed primarily of young men will contain a seemingly mammoth number of murderers.

Consider the harmless fantasy game, Dungeons and Dragons -- which happens to be played almost exclusively by young males. When murders were committed in the '80s by (1) young men, who were (2) Dungeons and Dragons enthusiasts, some people concluded that factor (2), rather than factor (1), led to murderous tendencies.

Similarly, for its series about how America's bravest and finest young men are really a gang of psychopathic cutthroats, the Times triumphantly produced 121 homicides committed by veterans of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars in order to pin the blame for the murders on the U.S. military.

Perhaps the Times' next major expose could be on how a huge percentage of murderers are people who won't ask for directions or share the TV remote.

Let's compare murders by veterans to murders by other 18- to 35-year-olds in the U.S. population at large. From 1976 to 2005, 18- to 24-year-olds -- both male and more gentle females -- committed homicide at a rate of 29.9 per 100,000. Twenty-five- to 35-year-olds committed homicides at a rate of 15.8 per 100,000.

Since 9/11, about 1.6 million troops have served in either Iraq or Afghanistan. That makes the homicide rate among veterans of these wars 7.6 per 100,000 -- or about one-third the homicide rate for their age group (18 to 35) in the general population of both sexes.

But fewer than 200,000 of the 1.6 million troops who served in Iraq and Afghanistan have been women, and the murder rate for the general population includes both males and females. Inasmuch as males commit nearly 90 percent of all murders, the rate for males in those age groups is probably nearly double the male/female combined rates, which translates to about 30 to 55 murderers per 100,000 males aged 18 to 35.

So comparing the veterans' rate of murder to only their male counterparts in the general population, we see that Iraq and Afghanistan veterans are about 10 times less likely to commit a murder than non-veterans of those wars.

But as long as the Times has such a burning interest in the root causes of murder, how about considering the one factor more likely to create a murderer than any other? That is the topic we're not allowed to discuss: single motherhood.

As I describe in my new book, "Guilty: Liberal 'Victims' and Their Assault on America," controlling for socioeconomic status, race and place of residence, the strongest predictor of whether a person will end up in prison is that he was raised by a single parent. (The second strongest factor is owning a Dennis Kucinich bumper sticker.)

…By 1996, 70 percent of inmates in state juvenile detention centers serving long-term sentences were raised by single mothers. Seventy percent of teenage births, dropouts, suicides, runaways, juvenile delinquents and child murderers involve children raised by single mothers. Girls raised without fathers are more sexually promiscuous and more likely to end up divorced.

A 1990 study by the left-wing Progressive Policy Institute showed that, after controlling for single motherhood, the difference in black and white crime disappeared.

Various studies come up with slightly different numbers, but all the figures are grim. A study cited in the far left-wing Village Voice found that children brought up in single-mother homes "are five times more likely to commit suicide, nine times more likely to drop out of high school, 10 times more likely to abuse chemical substances, 14 times more likely to commit rape (for the boys), 20 times more likely to end up in prison, and 32 times more likely to run away from home.”

Why millions of Muslims are inbred and irrational dysfunctionals.

“Saudi Arabia's most senior cleric was quoted on Wednesday as saying it is permissible for 10-year-old girls to marry and those who think they're too young are doing the girls an injustice.

Sheik Abdul-Aziz Al Sheikh, the country's grand mufti, said during a lecture on Monday that those who say women should not marry before the age of 25 are following a "bad path," according to the pan-Arab Al-Hayat newspaper.

Responding to a question about parents who force their underage daughters to marry, the mufti said: "We hear a lot about the marriage of underage girls in the media, and we should know that Islamic law has not brought injustice to women."

"For it to be said that it's not permitted to marry off girls who are 15 and younger is wrong," Al Sheikh was quoted as saying. "A female who is 10 or 12 is marriageable and those who think she's too young are wrong and are being unfair to her."

The mufti said a good upbringing will make a girl capable of carrying out her duties as a wife.

"Our mothers and before them our grandmothers married when they were barely 12," said Al Sheikh, according to Al-Hayat.

There are no statistics to show how many marriages involving children are performed in Saudi Arabia every year.

Activists say the girls are given away in return for hefty dowries or as a result of long-standing custom in which a father promises his infant daughters and sons to cousins out of a belief that marriage will protect them from illicit relationships".

Hotair com, on a retarded gay Bishop who is "horrified" at how Christian Christianity is. My advice to the Bishop is get the fuck out of the Church then, and join a Marxist blow lounge group.

"Bishop Robinson said he had been reading inaugural prayers through history and was “horrified” at how “specifically and aggressively Christian they were.”
“I am very clear,” he said, “that this will not be a Christian prayer, and I won’t be quoting Scripture or anything like that. The texts that I hold as sacred are not sacred texts for all Americans, and I want all people to feel that this is their prayer.”

Bishop Robinson said he might address the prayer to “the God of our many understandings,” language that he said he learned from the 12-step program he attended for his alcohol addiction.

Mark Steyn on how George Bush was not Conservative enough and 90% of the time, more like “Tony Blair with a ranch”. And most importantly of all, Bush never really lied. He stated his policy’s and carried them out, including the Democrat style ones!

"To his British hosts at Whitehall Palace in London in 2003, he put it this way: “We must shake off decades of failed policy in the Middle East. Your nation and mine, in the past, have been willing to make a bargain, to tolerate oppression for the sake of stability.

Yet this bargain did not bring stability or make us safe. It merely bought time, while problems festered and ideologies of violence took hold...

No longer should we think tyranny is benign because it is temporarily convenient. Tyranny is never benign to its victims, and our great democracies should oppose tyranny wherever it is found.”

...The west’s unreal “realism” in the Middle East brought us the House of Saud, the Baathists, Arafat, the Ayatollahs...and ultimately al-Qaeda, 9/11, and Wahhabi subversion around the planet. There’s nothing more pitiful than naïve cynicism:

To the old CIA line that he may be a sonofabitch but he’s our sonofabitch, the best response is that he may be our sonofabitch but in the end he’s a sonofabitch, as we should have learned by now in Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Egypt and elsewhere
in Iraq, where Saddam’s goons shoveled children into mass graves, and in Afghanistan, where women were prevented by law from feeling sunlight on their faces, 50 million Muslims live better lives because of George W Bush”.

A few weeks after the attacks, Bush had the highest approval ratings of any President in history. But he didn’t do anything with them. And the greatest mistake of all was his disinclination to take on the broader culture that, in the wake of 9/11, looked briefly vulnerable – in that moment when Americans opted for “Let’s roll!” over the desiccated Oprahfied chants of “healing” and “closure” and the rest of the awful lifeless language of emotional narcissism.

Bush had a rare opportunity to reverse the most poisonous tide in the western world:

He could have argued that western self-loathing is a psychosis we can no longer afford. He could have told the teachers’ unions there was more to the Second World War than the internment of Japanese-Americans and it’s time they started mentioning it to our children.

...while he had them, George W Bush could have used them for a “teaching moment”: If ever there’s a time for not being mired in civilizational self-abasement, wartime is it. Yet the President figured he could fight a long existential struggle against America’s enemies in a culture that teaches its children there are no enemies, just friends whose grievances we haven’t yet accommodated.

In years to come they’ll appreciate that, in a world of finger-in-the-windy trimmers and poseurs, George W Bush was the right man in office that day, as his predecessor and successor would not have been. He rose to the occasion, and he did so with a far-sightedness that belies his bumper-sticker image.

...but Nicolas Boileau-Despréaux put it well: “Honour is like an island, rugged and without a beach; once we have left it, we can never return.” It was an ever bleaker and lonelier island, but George W Bush never left it”.

Mark Steyn on how decades of Left Liberal welfare and chip on the shoulder anti-modernism has destroyed the Canadian Indians.

“At Natuashish, 100 children show up for class in a school that cost $15 million. Lop that and a couple of other public buildings off the total of $152 million, and the 130 family homes cost on paper a million bucks apiece.

Would it have been any more expensive to put everyone up in the Ritz-Carlton in Montreal with an unlimited room-service tab? That way, their vices might have been the comparatively mild ones of club sandwiches and mini-bar Toblerones. And there's a small chance that, after a year or two of watching premium movies round the clock, a handful of them might have ventured out onto Sherbrooke Street, and taken the first step to becoming full participating citizens of a developed society.

The buildings were never the problem in Davis Inlet, only a symptom of it. There's a reason why certain ways of life - those taught in residential schools a century ago, for example-spread around the world, and others - the Innu's - didn't. When you isolate people from the system that's created the most prosperous, healthiest and longest-living communities in human history, when you insulate them from the impulses that drive most of us-to build a home, raise our children, live full lives-the result is the government-funded human landfill that is Indian Affairs.

Natuashish is a plantation with the government as absentee landlord, but the absence of work makes it, in fact, far more destructive than the cotton fields of Virginia ever were. How many more generations of the most lavishly endowed underclass on the planet have to be destroyed in the name of Canadian "caring"? We need to blow up Indian Affairs and end the compassionate apartheid that segregates natives from Canadians”.

Mark Steyn on state promoted abortion.

Mark Steyn on worldwide Jew hatred. Friday, January 9 2009.

"The 'oldest hatred' lives, from Gaza to Florida.

“In Toronto, anti-Israel demonstrators yell "You are the brothers of pigs!," and a protester complains to his interviewer that "Hitler didn't do a good job."
In Fort Lauderdale, Palestinian supporters sneer at Jews, "You need a big oven, that's what you need!"

In Amsterdam, the crowd shouts, "Hamas, Hamas! Jews to the gas!"

Mark Steyn on Prince Harry "racist" hyperbole.

The Daily Telegraph on same.

Steyn on multiculti Jew hatred.

“...what has a schoolgirl in Villiers-le-Bel to do with Israeli government policy? Just weeks ago, terrorists attacked Mumbai, seized hostages, tortured them, killed them, and mutilated their bodies. The police intercepts of the phone conversations between the terrorists and their controllers make for lively reading:

"Pakistan caller 1: 'Kill all hostages, except the two Muslims. Keep your phone switched on so that we can hear the gunfire.'

"Mumbai terrorist 2: 'We have three foreigners, including women. From Singapore and China'.

"Pakistan caller 1: 'Kill them.'

"(Voices of gunmen can be heard directing hostages to stand in a line, and telling two Muslims to stand aside. Sound of gunfire. Sound of cheering voices.)"

"Kill all hostages, except the two Muslims."

Tough for those Singaporean women. Yet no mosques in Singapore have been attacked. The large Hindu populations in London, Toronto and Fort Lauderdale have not shouted "Muslims must die!" or firebombed Halal butchers or attacked hijab-clad schoolgirls. CAIR and other Muslim lobby groups' eternal bleating about "Islamophobia" is in inverse proportion to any examples of it.

Meanwhile, "moderate Muslims" in London warn the government: "I'm a peaceful fellow myself, but I can't speak for my excitable friends. Nice little G7 advanced Western democracy you got here. Shame if anything were to happen to it."

But why worry about European Muslims? The European political and media class essentially shares the same view of the situation – to the point where state TV stations are broadcasting fake Israeli "war crimes."

As I always say, the "oldest hatred" didn't get that way without an ability to adapt: Once upon a time on the Continent, Jews were hated as rootless cosmopolitan figures who owed no national allegiance. So they became a conventional nation state, and now they're hated for that. And, if Hamas get their way and destroy the Jewish state, the few who survive will be hated for something else. So it goes.

But Jew-hating has consequences for the Jew-hater, too. A few years ago the poet Nizar Qabbani wrote an ode to the intifada:

O mad people of Gaza,
a thousand greetings to the mad
The age of political reason
has long departed
so teach us madness.

You can just about understand why living in Gaza would teach you madness. The enthusiastic adoption of the same pathologies by mainstream Europe is even more deranged – and in the end will prove just as self-destructive”.

Mark Steyn: "I want Hizb'Allah to wipe the state of terrorism off the planet..."

"The state of terrorism - Israel - will be wiped off the planet, Inshallah."

Teheran? Ramallah? Islamabad? No, a speaker at yesterday's demo in Toronto. And, for those who patiently point out that measured criticism of Israeli government policies is not anti-Semitism, check out the lady yelling, "Jewish child, you're gonna f—-in' die!"

Mark Steyn on Muslim and Marxist Leftard fascist Jew hating protests.

“...halfway through the Montreal video, you'll briefly see the demonstrators taunt the police, daring them to enforce their authority. For a clearer picture, look at this "pro-Palestinian" protest in London and the Metropolitan Police retreating in the face of a crowd jeering, "Run, run, you cowards!" and "Fatwa!" The west's deluded multiculti progressives should understand: In the end, this isn't about Gaza, this isn't about Jews. It's about you”.

Obama "emasculates" counter-terrorism intelligence via Townhall com.

"President-elect Barack Obama's new head of the Office of Legal Counsel in the Justice Department, Dawn Johnsen, called the legal reasoning which gave the president broad powers to authorize "rough" interrogation of terrorists "shockingly flawed…bogus…outlandish." She said it allowed "horrific acts" and demanded to know "Where is the outrage? The public outcry?"

This is the person who will decide how to interrogate terrorists. If she errs on the side of weakening methods of questioning, there's no chance her boss, Eric Holder the new Attorney General, will reverse her. He approved of the Clinton/Reno "wall" preventing intelligence from finding out what criminal investigators had found out and took the lead in pardoning the FALN terrorists.

What is Obama thinking? How could he weaken so dramatically our protections against terrorism? Doesn't he realize that without warrantless FISA wiretaps we could never have uncovered the plot to destroy the Brooklyn Bridge (how could we have gotten a warrant for conversations about the bridge when we didn't yet know that al Qaeda had it in its sights?) Has he forgotten that we only found the name of the operative who was tasked with destroying the bridge because we subjected Kahlid Mohammed, the mastermind of 9-11, to "rough" interrogation techniques?

Does he really mean to leave us vulnerable to terrorist attacks? Yes he does.

Not because he is callous or fiendish, but because the new president seems to carry the thinking that animated the decisions of the Warren Court on defendant's rights over into the battle against terror. When the Warren Court first ruled that all defendants deserved free lawyers, that they had to be explicitly told of their right to remain silent, that evidence not obtained through warrants was inadmissible as were any "fruits of the poisonous tree" it occasioned great controversy (enough to help Nixon get elected president).

Law and order types said that these decisions would lead to the release of thousands of criminals who would otherwise be in prison and would cause tens or hundreds of thousands more innocent people to become victims of serious crime. And they were right. The decisions of the Warren Court had exactly this effect".

Jews care for Palestinians while Palestinians love their own children to death.

“For those individuals -- such as nearly all members of the world news media -- who, in light of Israels invasion of Gaza -- see moral equivalence between Israel and the Palestinians, here are some clarifying thoughts.

First, it would be difficult nearly to the point of impossibility, to find Israeli or other Jews who celebrate the deaths of Palestinian civilians. Jews both within and outside of Israel cringe when they see pictures of dead Palestinian men, women, and children in Gaza. For thousands of years at their Passover seders, Jews have removed wine from their cups to ceremonially weep for the Egyptians -- their erstwhile slave owners for 400 years -- who died during the Jews exodus. Jews have never stopped weeping for enemies.

The opposite is the case with the large majority of Palestinians. It would be quite difficult to find many Palestinians who do not celebrate the deaths of Israeli Jews or non-Israeli Jews.

This is not only reflected in Palestinian polls that show majority support for terrorism -- and terrorism means killing innocent Jews -- it is also reflected in Palestinian media, Palestinian schools, and Palestinian mosques that routinely glorify murderers of Jews, and refer to all Jews as monkeys and the like.

Take for example, Palestinian reaction to the 2001 Palestinian terror bombing of a Jerusalem Sbarro pizzeria in which 15 Jews, five of whom were two sets of parents and their children, were murdered and an additional 130 people were injured, some permanently maimed.

As reported by the Associated Press, a month later, Palestinian university students opened an exhibition that included a grisly re-enactment of that mass murder. The students built a replica of the Sbarro pizzeria, with fake blood, splattered pizza, a plastic hand dangling from the ceiling, and a fake severed leg wearing jeans and a bloody black sneaker.

The exhibit also includes a large rock in front of a mannequin wearing the black hat, black jacket and black trousers typically worn by ultra-Orthodox Jews. A recording from inside the rock calls out: O believer, there is a Jewish man behind me. Come and kill him, paraphrasing a verse in the Koran. It became a popular tourist attraction for Palestinians, to which Palestinian parents took their little children...” Continued here.

Colonel Neville: Yes, I may have a nice piece of that blueberry pie I've been saving. Yes, I'll have some nice pie and a rest on the couch...

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