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The Beyond Belief and Dangerous PC Pantomime of the Australian National Security Site.

The senior staff of the Australian National Security website denying the empirical connection between terrorism and Islam. Quite. The Four Stages Of Islamic Treachery.

First up, READ ONLINE NOW Terror at Beslan by John Giduck. No really.

Beslan was the largest mass literal kidnapping in history ending in around 375 murders, 176 of them children who were assaulted, raped, forced to watch humiliations, torture, murders and mutilations. [Gatewaypundit.] But don’t worry love, according to the Australian National Security website it’s nothing to do with Muslims or Islam! So good news, eh? And if you suggest otherwise you’ll be arrested. We must after all, be polite to Islam Murder Inc.

“Well I won’t back down, no I won’t back down. You could stand me up at the gates of hell, but I won’t back down”. Tom Petty.

Happy New Year. Ah, mere rhetoric. The ONLY religion that can be relentlessly and empirically connected to terrorism and indeed IS terrorism, [as it was founded by a terrorist] is called Islam. Almost the entire sane and non-PC, non-leftard, non-boob world knows that Islam is a threat. A death threat.

"I am made triumphant through terror". Mohammad.

Try this simple test or better still, don't. Go to a public place and shout out “Hare Krishna!” or “Hallelujah! Jesus be praised!” or “Ching ni ‘n qui ler!” [Happy New Year in Mandarin!] and see the reaction. People will either ignore you, look around amused, bemused, embarrassed or just take the old piss. Now shout out “Allah Akbar!” and watch everyone freeze, jerk, scramble, duck and try to hide anywhere, all with their eyes wide open while screaming and running like Hell. The Australian National Security website is a terrifying semi- joke, non? Non. Nope, merely a politically correct, ineffectual and incompetent disgrace. The apparent jerks who put NS together would fail TV detective school. Sherlock Holmes would kick their ass! “We deal only from the facts Watson. The game is afoot!”

Hey, now Colombo would cock his one good eye and say “That’s great, but er, just one more thing if I may Mr Garran...” Sir Garran: "Yes? What is it now, Detective?"

Colombo: "I know you said not to and that there was no problem with er,  a certain religion and I believe you, honestly I do. But somehow I just can't help thinking about Islam and that it's somehow connected to this terrorism thing. It just doesn't add up when you say it's not connected, Mr Garran, sir".

As per Colombo,“Keep an eye out for anything suspicious” says one of the headings on the official government National Security website. The first thing I noticed is the VERY SUSPICIOUS and apparently TOTAL ABSENCE of the word ISLAM.

The word used instead is terror and only terror as far as I saw. "Terror" merely describes the tactic of millions of jeepers, golly[!], Muslim terrorists worldwide who act out this tactic 24/7. According to NS, everything and in fact the only thing we should be aware of, is “terror” and the consistently UNNAMED people who commit er, terror. Being at war with terror is a little like trying to stop the act of bank robbery but not wanting to say that certain kinds of people rob banks for fear of "offending" armed criminal BANK ROBBERS.

WWll was not about apprehending blitzkriegs or stamping out aerial suprise attacks on Hawaii. It was about killing and destroying German Nazi's, Imperial Japanese Bushido freak militarists and Italian Fascists, as well as the many, many others who supported them. Including many Muslims such as the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem and his Muslim SS Division. Here's that swingin' "Palestinian" ex-Muslim, ex-PLO terrorist and now Christian exposer of Islam and said terrorism, Walid Shoebat.

Now if one had just arrived on planet of the dhimmies and had read the entire NS site, one would not know in the slightest that over 95% of terrorist acts are committed by gee, Muslims and in the name of jeepers, Islam! And all by following exactly the explicit directions of the Koran as proscribed and acted out by Mohammad. You know Mad Mo? The well known false prophet, paedophile, rapist, mass murdering bandit and Jew hater hallucinating in a lice ridden cave, the “filth of the Koran” as Christopher Hitchens correctly called it.

Chris Hitchens exposes in 7 parts, the raw historical detail of laugh a minute Islam. Plus Hitch proves beyond a doubt, that the Krazy Koran is utterly mindless murderous rubbish.

Robert Spencer speech via Michelle Malkin's Hotair.

At NS as far as I could find, at no point are Muslims or Islam named, nor are the goals, drives, motives or how we should view this at all, beyond some contradictory and convoluted logical fallacy of “be suspicious!” but never use any judgement!

Tragedy on a grand and idiotic scale. Sadly for us and bad luck for even a mythical "moderate" Muslim. In the dictionary, moderate means "flexible and without ideology." So not Islam then. If said Mohammedan el moderatos say terror is Islamic, they in turn would be in the words of the NS, "discriminating". Such as the courageous er, "Muslims", non-Muslims and ex-Muslims at stophonourkillings. We must conform to the Glorious People's Paradigm Comrades, conform to the paradigm!

Such is the irony of the PC fraud that they profess to care about Muslims and make it impossible for any Muslims who dissent from the Ummah of Jihad Inc, to be heard. cognitive dissonance at the NS on behalf of our mortal enemy and elephant in the room is the drill. They are wacky guys and dolls at the NS and are seemingly unwilling and incapable of protecting us in the end. And the end is coming. Hey, I still can’t believe the scene at the NS site and yet what did I expect? An Intelligence Agency that was truly intelligent? If you trudge through the often obvious, corny to plain absurd advice on NS, you are told to look for ANYTHING suspicious except for that one thing rather glaring in its absence: anything to do with the harsh facts of Islam.

Now dig. The NS are grossly incompetent and clearly lying to us about a total threat to our very lives, culture and society and that ISLAM IS NOT the mortal foe of the Western Canon and of the free West itself. Does anyone sane believe that Bin Laden et al, would not have used nukes if they had them on 9/11?

They will as soon as they get 'em. The NS dodges and bullshits to us in a way that no government agency would on any other public safety or service announcement, such as the dangers of smoking say, or fire prevention etc. Er, or do they? The government lies about many things though now on a rather industrial ideological scale. And of course the NS do about Islam Murder Incorporated and so we should er, trust them? Hell no! Now the clowns at the NS maybe don't really believe that Islam doesn't have everything to do with terror. No, they don't per se. They just want you and I to believe it, or at least pretend we believe and thus say the exact opposite of what we know to be true.

THIS is the definition of the PC: Always saying the opposite of what you think. It's pure moral vanity, the character flaw and deadly sin of the current age. It is an enforced mutual wank. Ah, dig this masterpiece of PC death sentence weasel word sorcery. “Respecting our community”.

Colonel Neville: PC code for every community except our own, but please drivel on. Also it means that whenever Muslims relentlessly demand, assault, oppress or murder people etc, never complain and never criticize. Nope, while "Muslims fear a backlash from tomorrows bombing", simply book in interfaith dialogue number 7,672. Here Derek and Clive misunderstand fucking Islam.

NS: “Australians are friendly, decent, democratic people, and we’re going to stay that way”.

Colonel Neville: Tell it to the Muslims, baby. Muslims are the main offenders everywhere in the world that don't er, "respect" any "community". What an insulting inversion of the facts on the ground. The NS need to see a fucking psychiatrist or two and ASAP. Dig the not so subtle threat that hey, it’s really all our fault if when we are threatened with death, Jihad and Islamisation, that we dare to get upset! Of course, Muslims don’t have to change really. Carry on as usual. Just don’t blow up anything please? Wait until you have a more significant majority.

NS: “Our community embraces people, religions and languages from every corner of the world”.

Colonel Neville: Moral equivalence. If all cultures are the same and they clearly are not, then why bother to learn the non-existent differences? I don’t embrace the totalitarian fascism of Islam in the slightest and most Australians never will, even under threat of death. Yes, for the NS twerps, Eurabia and Londonistan and the rest of the European, British, Scandinavian, South East asian and US etc disaster of Islamisation and socialism is invisible. And these bananas are in charge of our er, cultural and security ah, suicide.

NS: “Now more than ever, it is important that we all respect our different backgrounds and beliefs”.

Colonel Neville: The ONLY er, religion NOT respecting “different backgrounds and religions” is gee, Islam. So dig yet another not so subtle dig at us as the unpleasant ones. This is the venality of PC Cognitive Dissonance. Attack those who are being attacked instead of the far more problematic Muslim Jihadist. Check and nuance.

NS: “Terrorism affects us all and no community or religion should be made a scapegoat for the actions of extremists. If you see harassment or discrimination, do not turn your back. It is the responsibility of all of us to prevent it".

Colonel Neville: It has not effected the NS folks enough, as far as I can see. They still manage to keep their heads comfortably in ass. See the clear fucking fraud of that mealy mouthed NS statement? So we're talking about Islam right?Why did they mention religion then if none are connected to the “actions of extremists?” And to be extreme, one needs a point from which to start from is that not so? And that vanishing point of nihilistic threat is Islam via the Koran and Mohammad, innit.

Yes, like everyone else, whenever I’m in a public area or travelling anywhere, I’m just as concerned about that blue haired Scottish pensioner, the Japanese guy and his family and that group of Hare Krishna’s, as I am about the two intense Middle Eastern looking guys who speak in monosyllables and are carrying backpacks. Er, no. Hey, the NS has the same “inclusive” non religious singling out views as this geek. From littlegreenfootballs: “MOSCOW, March 4 (Reuters). Plans to build a memorial to the 333 hostages killed three years ago in the Beslan school siege have sparked a row between Christians and Muslims in Russia.

The local Russian Orthodox diocese says it will build a church in the grounds of Beslan’s school No. 1 to commemorate the victims — half of them children — killed in a clash between insurgents and Russian troops. But one of Russia’s leading Muslim clerics has accused the Orthodox church of trying to hijack a national tragedy by building a memorial that he said would exclude the more than 20 million Muslims who live in the country. “It is not acceptable to present this tragedy as the tragedy of followers of only one religion,” Sheikh Ravil Gainutdin, chairman of the Council of Russian Muftis, said in a statement.

“We need a monument on this site that symbolises a national tragedy, without any religious undertones, where everyone can come and shed their tears.”

Colonel Neville: How very sensitive, you cheating lying taquiyaa spouting bastard. Now die.

NS: “How you can help protect Australia”.

Colonel Neville: Get the NS to close down their laughable silly security NS site followed by their subsequent resigations and suicides? The NS rules make it impossible to seriously help Australia defeat Islamic terror.

NS: “Keep yourself informed “.

Colonel Neville: Yes I will and in doing so I will know you are lying incompetent asshats. Ah, I can help protect Australia? Clearly not as that involves thinking honestly and empirical analysis. “Keep yourself informed?” Just not enough to actually know and understand any facts. Got it, creeps. Yeah, so don’t study Islam, Mohammad, the Koran, global jihad, the PC Marxist left dominated media, academia, celebrity or hell, any of the ESSENTIAL non-leftard books, sites, films, government statistics or anything that would connect the most simple A to B in all of freaking history: Islam with terrorism.

NS: “The Australian Government will use television, radio, newspapers and the Internet to provide critical information and advice on protecting our nation against terrorism. It is important that you try to keep up to date with the news”.

Colonel Neville: Big ‘effing deal with the TV, radio and newspapers advice. They're mostly biased and censorious hack junk. What part of the Internet pally? I suggest Jihadwatch org and Atlasshrugs et al. How 'bout choo? Ah, they mean the leftard wilfully clueless PC dhimmi parts. I myself prefer the afformentioned conservative and libertarian sites which are consistently and empirically correct, open ended and thus self-correcting. I also dig the many best selling authors on Islam and exposers of the Marxist sodden indoctrinations of the left etc. Thus I know what I'm damn well talking about. So there.

If these fools have by some miracle read any of the said essential sources regards the Islamic world and history, why is this not reflected in the NS site at all?

People like second U.S President John Adams, third U.S President Andrew Jackson, General Pershing, Robert Spencer, Bernard Lewis, Bruce Bawer, Brigitte Gabriel, Bat Ye’or, Winston Churchill, General George S. Patton, David Horowitz, Jonah Goldberg, Norman Podhoretz, Faithfreedom org, Michelle Malkin, Wafa Sultan, prophetofdoom net, Walid Shoebat, Melanie Phillips, thereligionofpeace com, Humberto Fontova, Raymond Ibrahim, Hirsi Ali and many, many more.

Just a small selection of must read books would be Podhoretz's WWVl, Mark Steyn's America Alone, Jonah Goldberg's Liberal Fascism, Bruce Bawer's While Europe Slept, Raymond Ibrahim's the Al Qaeda Reader, Robert Spencer's Stealth Jihad, Brigitte Gabriel's Why They Hate, David Horowitz's Radical Son and Unholy Alliance [about the common and very natural bedfellowship of Islam and the Left], Robert Spencer's The Politically Incorrect Guide To Islam and Mohammad and Humberto Fontova's The Real Che Guevara and the Idiots Who Idolize Him etc.

I also recommend Michell Malkin's number one NYT's best seller, the massively footnoted and empirical book Culture of Corruption: Obama's administration of tax cheats, crooks and croney's.

[The Che book is a great way to see how stupid, phony and TREASONOUS the MSM, academia, celebrity and our own politicians can be. And how they can not only shape public opinion and perceptions with their big lies and fraud and hide utterly, a massive crime for half a century, but champion it and invert it as a good, and present the good that opposes totalitarian Marxism as evil.] Have the NS crowd ever been to any of the crushingly surgical sites on Islam that I and millions more ordinary citizens and many major journalist's have and often run? I can’t see it.

In fact, that would be either impossible, or these people can only be either incredibly stupid or agents of Islam! Ta dah! Hey, hey. Or are they merely so incredibly stupid they don’t even know they’re useful idiots for Koranic taquiyaa, kithman and dawa infiltration? An interesting excerpt from the best selling book by Bruce Bawer, While Europe Slept: How Radical Islam Is Destroying The West From Within.

Page 179: “ The General Manager of Al-Arabiya TV admitted that while “not all Muslims are terrorists...almost all terrorists are Muslims” and asked “Does this tell us anything about ourselves, our societies and our culture?”

Colonel Neville: Apparently it says nothing to NS.

Bruce Bawer: “In the Arab News, Dr Mohammad T. Al-Rasheed compared Islamist terrorists to vampires: “The madness of theological elitism has caught up with us, and what we have silently nurtured over the decades has tasted blood and will not cease until you put a stake through its heart”.

Colonel Neville: We in the free West and many others are at war. Or more correctly, global Islam is conducting an asymmetrical relentless war of aggression against its own people, Israel, the free West and Hell, everyone. Thus the Middle-East et al, should be seen and dealt with in the same way as Nazi Germany, Imperial Japan and Fascist Italy. All Islamic states must eventually be utterly and completely defeated, their totalitarian structures dismantled and destroyed, their freak leaders put on trial and executed. Then Islam, like Nazism, Bushido, Fascism and Communism must be crushed eradicated and converted to avoid a vacuum of belief.

THEN you rebuild as normalised societies. Impossible? The alternative is waiting for our own current massive infiltration by Islam to conclude, whereupon we all sink into semi-civil war. Total defeat via Global Islam is entirely possible and in Europe and Britain etc, the necessary preparations are already well underway. Unless one finds some part of a doctrinaire and total fascistic ideology founded by a paedophile, rapist, mass murdering, bandit and Jew hating psychopath appealing, useful and something we can “work with” or “accommodate” to? I don’t, but then each to his own relative drivel I say.

“Keep an eye out for anything suspicious.

Small pieces of information from members of the public can help keep Australia safe from terrorism. Police and security agencies are working hard but you could help them complete the picture. If you see anything suspicious call the 24-hour National Security Hotline on 1800 123 400. Trained operators take every call seriously and you can remain anonymous”.

Colonel Neville: I have and I find your entire site suspicious. Ok, I'll send a link to this article. But I want to talk to someone at the wacky NS, just to see if yo all are real an' all, dig? Are you all card carrying pinheaded Marxists or just plain garden variety PC Left Liberal multiculti Euro weenie style assholes? Yeah, I find it “suspicious” that the Al Age can publish Islamist Jew hating Taquiyaa spouters and Marxist fellow travellers that support, aid and give comfort to the Islamic enemy. And the same creeps think that the man fully trained by Msulims to be a child murderer David Hicks, is somehow a hero...

Here's 20 Islamic Tactics of Infiltration.

That our Universities are stuffed with venal Leftard pro-Islamist and anti-Semitic academics, [tenured and even given grants to do so!] And that the wilful and incompetent MSM manipulates, censors and lies and gets so little laughably right day after stupid day. That many celebrities and government officials follow suit.

That virtually every major and very successful figure who contradicts The Current Truth is ignored, marginalised or slandered with PC nonsense. That we have a population that is mostly therefore ignorant and misinformed about what we are facing.

That the United Arab Emirates and Saudi’s, who are the major funders of terror and the main suppliers of Islamist Jihad curriculum literature globally, can buy up the Melbourne Cup and hundreds of other pieces of Australia. That NOWHERE in the Western world has there ever been a successful integration of a Muslim percentage. Link shows what happens at entirely predictable Muslim immigration percentage via Dr Peter Hammond, author of Slavery, Terrorism and Islam: Historical Roots and Contemporary Threat, via Frontpage and atlasshrugs.]

That our government are going to import even more Muslims and that hey, we even encourage them to stay in their own bubble of dysfunctional and alienated “diversity”. That the CRudd government is backing the anti-Israel changes pushed by the UN and their largest voting block of the 52 Islamic fascist states of the UIC.

That people like Anthony Lowenstein can give aid, comfort and support to the terror groups of Hamas in Gaza and NOT be charged with treason, and under existing US and international piracy laws. And Tony Balony can be published in the Age and give speeches and that there are thousands like him. That over 2,000 Muslims can gather in a Sydney park and call for the destruction of Israel while waving the black flag of Islamic Jihad. That a typical SBS reporter can spin it freely as per usual a kind of positive for Muslims. And that the same Islamofascist and Marxist left creeps did the same in Melbourne on January 18 2009.

That an art gallery in Footscray can display an agitprop icon to Chavez on which are the names of major journalists and politicians from the Greens' and the Labour Party who have said that they want Chavez here. The banner reads "Chavez Is Welcome Here". Chavez the totalitarian Communist who supports and trains Hamass and Hezbollah terrorists and in training local Indians and others in his own country. Chavez who has signed profound mutual support with Iran's Ahmadinejad, the murderer of over 4,000 gay people, many of them minors.

The Iranian President who says he will wipe Israel of the map and believes in the return of the 12th Imam, signalling the rise of Islam and the apocalypse. The very Persian Prez who sees light and visions when he speaks of murdering Jews and destroying the West. Chavez who is the the worlds number one fan of Che the child killer Guevara outside of academia and Hollywood. We conservatives and liberatarian rationalists know the left liberal mantra of "diversity" well. It means everyone can have an opinion but us unless it's entirely PC leftist.

That all through the working class suburbs there are a growing number of Mosques. That everywhere there are Mosques there is invariably proselytising for Jihad, anti-Semitism and techniques for infiltration, deception, fund raising through organised crime and so on. That our tiny PM seemingly made entirely of ear wax, is considering bringing in Guantanamo freaks and that the Greens have done a 180 degree turn around and saying it is all America’s responsibility. They would not want to interfere NOW! Oh, they rejected the idea? Great, so just through Jihadist immigration and David Hicks then. Excellent.

That Premier Anna Bligh who called ex-Minister Andrews a racist now wants an apology for the phony Haneef. Haneef would be perhaps the first Muslim in history to not know what his close cousin was up to. Hey, tell any lie to an eager to PC infidel and they swallow it whole. Anna Bligh: "I don't think that it would be unreasonable for him to receive an apology," she said.

Colonel Neville: Does she mean her to Mr Andrews?

I repeat, a Muslim who is unaware of the activities of his close relatives is quite incredible to imagine. Just as I find it hard to believe the taking of the SIM card on a one way ticket etc was er, innocent behaviour. Gee, now he’s linin' in the um, er, gee, United Arab Emirates.. Ah, the Gulf states like Saudi Arabia are the largest financiers of terror and supplier of Islamic How-To Jihad! literature in the world. Then there's Iran, Syria and so many more. "It is a very good life here in the UAE, a very good environment to live in", said Dr Haneef, who has been living there with his family for the past six months and works at a private health clinic".

Colonel Neville: Quite. The good life. In the Arab Emirates. And now you want lots of ca$h? And they were happy to hire him before or after he was found er, "innocent" due to lack of er, evidence? Mere concidence my boy. Mere coincidence. Nurse! Yeah, I find ALL that sooooo much more, beyond belief fucking suspicious. And gee, ya reckon any of that could be a freakin’ problem security wise? What cha’ doin’ ‘bout it? Nuttin’. Oh I know. “Closely monitoring the situation”. Of the sales.

What am I suspicious of? Gee, widespread and accepted as the norm venal PC idiocy, incompetence and Marxist leftardism? I guess fraud, lies, treason and deliberate manipulation of the truth by the MSM, academia, celebrity and our own government too. Yes, of all that.

“Some things to look out for”.

Colonel Neville: But don't tell us. As the old joke goes, when literally millions of Muslims around the world say they are going to “Kill the Infidels!” that “Islam will triumph!” and “Israel will be destroyed and all the Jews will be annihilated!” the first thing to “look out for” is to think gee, which part of “Kill the Kaffir!” don’t I understand? But remember kids, don’t look for ANY connection between Muslims, Islam and terrorism, cos the National Security website says there isn’t one. Why does this not fill me with confidence? Hey, apparently terror is being funded and committed on a vast and organised scale 24/7 for NO reason, goal or purpose whatsoever and nothing drives it. That’s a big relief! Oh, that’s right, they’re extremists. Extremis of what exactly?

NS: “Terrorists rely on surprise, so we cannot predict every possible situation. However, local and overseas experience has given us some possible warning signs to look out for”.

Colonel Neville: Won’t the NS twits and the people of Australia they have drivelled disingenuous nonsense to for decades, be SURPRISED when they realise that terror has EVERYTHING to do with Islam and Muslims? In fact, Islam and Muslims have the terror market cornered. Here’s something to look out for. What about the fact that our mainstream media, academia, education departments, celebrity and our own government is complicit in lying to us about the harsh Himalaya of facts about Islamic terror? How does that help? How does being addled by relentless PC delusions prepare or even ENABLE anyone to perceive, analyse, understand, grasp and report reality to the government if they cannot even recognise reality?

NS: “Contact Us”.

Colonel Neville: How? With the aid of a very good proctologist? You’ve made it clear with a monumental piece of insane Catch22 Cognitive Dissonance, that anyone who recognises REAL TERROR and the people who obviously commit it, would be guilty of er, "Discrimination?” The basis of rational thought is the ability to discriminate between two very different things, say good and evil, rational and insane, truth and lies, Islam and Judeo Christianity or shit and clay. I the words of the great Evan Sayet you, as a modern Left Liberal see having no discrimination whatsoever as a “moral imperative”. You are charged with facing a real and existential threat to the entire free Western Canon and what do you do? Hide, obfuscate like you’re on some kind of PC PCP dust!

NS: “The National Security web site is administered by the Attorney-General's Department, Canberra:

If you wish to report suspicious activity, please contact the National Security Hotline. If you wish to make a comment about the National Security web site, please contact the Department at:”

Colonel Neville: Yes, I’d like to say that you naturally sicken me. The definition of treason from Longmans Dictionary: “The crime of being disloyal to your country or its government, ESPECIALLY by helping its enemies...” Call me an old stick in the mud, but refusing to NAME or define the enemy which is by an empirical Himalaya of evidence and fact Islam, or in any way to declare that we are under attack by Islam which is followed by er, 1.2 billion Muslims, is gonna be a damn BIG help to our enemy, innit?

A Pew report showed that around 7.5 percent of Muslims supported terror totally. That’s over 93 million Muslims.

40% of UK Muslim males aged 15 to 45 supports the goals of Al Qaeda and want Sharia law.

80% of Palestinians say that their lives will not be improved until Israel is destroyed and all Jews are dead. Etc, etc, etc.

“TREASON: This word imports a betraying, treachery, or breach of allegiance. The Constitution of the United States III, defines treason against the United States to consist only in levying war against them, or in adhering to their enemies, giving them aid or comfort. This offence is punished with death.

From Wikipedia: The Australian Criminal Code defines treason as follows: "A person commits an offence, called treason, if the person:

(e) engages in conduct that assists by any means whatever, with intent to assist, an enemy:”

Colonel Neville: Islam is the enemy. The PC actions of National Security will greatly assist that enemy. This can only be intentional or incredibly incompetent. These are facts. The NS is thus by default, treasonous under Australian Law. Global Jihadists and Islamists can rest assured that the engine of their asymmetrical war for a worldwide Islamic Caliphate, will never be spoken or discussed seriously by perverse fools who refuse to even NAME our enemy:

“at war with the Commonwealth, whether or not the existence of a state of war has been declared; and”

Colonel Neville: We are at war whether we like it or not. Islam is waging a global war of aggression against the non-Muslim world and within, but no current spineless and clueless administration will declare it, yet.

“(ii) specified by Proclamation made for the purpose of this paragraph to be an enemy at war with the Commonwealth; or
(f) engages in conduct that assists by any means whatever, with intent to assist:
(i) another country; or
(ii) an organisation;”

Colonel Neville: Islam IS made of organisations. It is Jihad Org. The previous piece of legislation would make treasonous traitors of much of the MSM, academia, celebrity and many members of the government. The organizations would be the Palestinian Authority, Al Qaeda, HAMAS, Al Aqsa and thousands more, all defined as pirates by US and International Piracy Laws. It would also make old Premier Steve Bracks who introduced the shocking and unconstitutional ban on free speech and truth in the defence of one's country, life, family, faith and culture that is the Racial and Religious Vilification Law. This makes rational thought and patriotism a criminal act.

This insane, little known and understood law, disarms the citizens of the state,making it virtually impossible for them to communicate realistically about the empirical and harsh facts of the existential threat of now listen... ISLAM. Here's the info. Send a nice tie or maybe reccommend a psychiatrist for wee Bobby Garran, the head dhimmi at NS, where your tax dollars are at work helping to blind Australians with PC bullshit. ]More of the Colonel after the contact details.]

"Attorney-General's Department
Robert Garran Offices
National Circuit
Tel: +61 2 6250 6666
Fax: +61 2 6250 5900

The National Security Hotline
1800 123 400

The National Security Hotline is the single point of contact for the public to report possible signs of terrorism. It also provides information to callers on a wide range of national security matters. Small pieces of information can help protect Australia from terrorism. Australia’s national security agencies are working hard but members of the public can help them complete the picture.

Some of the best people to spot things that are out of the ordinary in a neighbourhood or workplace are those who are there everyday. As we go about our daily lives, we can keep an eye out for anything that may seem unusual or suspicious. Whether or not something is suspicious can depend on the circumstances. Look at the situation as a whole. If it doesn’t add up, call the 24-hour National Security Hotline.

Colonel Neville: Er, why? Why bother being judgemental an' all? Let’s all just get along. Here's a funny thing. On the way home I saw a man with a full beard, dark tan, wearing some kind of sheet and towel ensemble, and he was on is knees praying to an AK47, wailing “Allah Akbar! Death to the infidel kaffirs! God is great!” But I thought hey, “Australians are friendly, decent, democratic people, and we’re going to stay that way”. Damn it, I will. “Hello little multiculti friend” I said cheerily.

NS: “Our community embraces people, religions and languages from every corner of the world”.

Colonel Neville: So I gave him a big hug. Then I thought how the NS says “Now more than ever, it is important that we all respect our different backgrounds and beliefs”. Respect ‘em? Even if you don't? I respected old fur face so much it hurt! Hey, any belief is as valid as any other right? See, I learnt my APC’s. I even respect cannibalism.

NS: “Terrorism affects us all and no community or religion should be made a scapegoat for the actions of extremists. If you see harassment or discrimination, do not turn your back. It is the responsibility of all of us to prevent it’.

Colonel Neville: And I did just that. I warned Mr Sheets that he would most likely be discriminated against by evil white Christian Conservatives or Jews. He said thanks for the tip and that he’d “deal with it”. So I reported all the bigots that were discriminating against Mr Sandals by running away and screaming in terror as fast as they can.

NS: “Trained operators take every call seriously and you can remain anonymous. Information is passed on to Australia’s police and security agencies for analysis and further investigation. Remember, every piece of information helps”.

Colonel Neville: Are they trained by the NS or conscious and serious adults? If Graduates of the NS School of dimmiwittery, I’d be more confident talking to a squirrel. At least I know where he keeps his nuts and his sharp little effective survival instincts. Whatever way you look at it and I tried some advanced Yoga positions, the National Security website is some disturbing, zany and rather ironically treasonous dimmi shite, folks. God help us all cos they won't. “Here little squirrel forest friends. Have some nice pretzel pieces!”

“The National Security Hotline number is 1800 123 400. If you are travelling overseas you can call the Hotline on (+61) 1300 123 401. If you do not speak English well, call the Translating and Interpreting Hotline on 131450 and ask them to contact the National Security Hotline and interpret for you. For TTY users the number is 1800 234 889.

The National Security Hotline can also be contacted by mail or email.

National Security Hotline:
Attorney-General’s Department
National Circuit
Tel: +61 2 6141 6666
Fax: +61 2 6141 2553

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