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A Review of the Krazy Koran AKA the Gravediggers Joke Book.

Just some of the sophisticated events held at the recent Science and Serial Rapist Fair held in Gaza. Pictured holding a flag bearing the blowfish-like visage of the worlds favourite embezzler, child killer and closet gay terrorist Yasser Arafat, is Mohammad Mohammad Wilson, the inventor of nothing at all. Said Wilson in this months edition of Beards and Bombs:

"Very soon, Allah willing, the world will tremble at the power of my superior Islamic invention! I call it the "shoulder ride!"

Sadly, not long after this photo was taken, Wilson was shot for "un-Islamic piggy backing".

Islam: What the West Needs to Know.

But first the good news! Farrakhan the circus freak head of the Nation of Islam admits he luvs Barry Obanana.

Dear sports, here's a rather swingin' and succinct review of everyone's favourite barbecue starter, the Krazy Koran. It's by someone that goes by the moniker of Sparkles via Amazon Books.

"A couple of years ago I decided I needed to become informed regarding Islam, so began. All told I guess I've read about 40 books and now have a pretty good idea about what it is. The first book I went out and bought and read, was the Koran, because I thought l may as well go to the source and get the info straight.

Contra earlier reviewers - `Ehab M. Omar "Newman"', `Dr Saleem Ahmed', `Sky Lion "SkyLion"' - reading the Koran did not convert me, nor was it a magic bullet, knock over evidence in favour of Islam.

In fact, to quote Thomas Carlyle as quoted in the excellent book `Secrets of the Koran' by Don Richardson, the Koran is "A wearisome jumble, crude, incondite [with] endless iterations [and] longwindedness...

Nothing but a sense of duty could carry any European through the Koran.' And so it was with me. I slogged through it, not because it was brilliant, gripping, diverse literature - it most certainly is not, rather drab and uniform from beginning to end - nor because despite its hell fire and damnation on virtually every page, it had the ring of truth and the divine about it - it most certainly did not.

It is the most turgid, boring, incomprehensible writing I have ever read. And according to Richardson, it is even more incomprehensible in Arabic!

It is more comprehensible in translation because at least in a translation, the translator tries to make what is being translated comprehensible! But then of course, a translation is not THE Koran, as only the Koran in Arabic - the holy tongue - is the Koran, so I never really read the Koran did I, and no one who does not know Arabic can do so!

(Saleem; where did you get that ridiculous statistic that 3 out of 4 people who read the Koran accept Islam? I'm sure that huge numbers of Westerners have read the Koran in the last few years, though have not been converted but repulsed by it. I imagine like me they read it so as to become informed.) my reading I came to cut through all the baloney being put out by idiot PC Western leaders who to this day keep assuring us that Islam is a `religion of peace', and that it is only a few disaffected Moslems who have hijacked the `great religion' who are a threat to the West.

It became abundantly clear, that it is Islam itself, built on the explicit teachings of the Koran and Hadith's, and on the example of the Islamic `perfect man', Mohammed, which is the threat. 1400 years of these explicit teachings and example being followed has wreaked death, destruction, and slavery on an mind numbing scale, over vast areas. And today the same is occurring all around the world. When a bomb goes off somewhere, you can almost guarantee, 99 times out of 100, Moslems planted it.

The talk today about moderate/peaceful Moslems and radical/jihadist/terrorist Moslems, is I think a false dichotomy. Rather what you have are inconsistent Moslems and consistent Moslems - and the consistent, orthodox ones are the radicals/jihadists because they follow the Koran and example of Mohammed, and the others, for whatever reason, don't.

The only place it appears you can have `reformist' Muslims is in the West because in Islamic countries, reformists end up dead as heretics. But then in the West you have the out-working of `taqiyya' - Muslim lying to further the Islamic cause. At the end of the day, can any Muslim in the West be trusted? With taqiyya as a Mohammed established/authorised doctrine, I don't see how they can be.

So...when I heard that `Islam: What the West Needs to Know', was available, I purchased it immediately, and it confirmed what I had already discovered. It is not entertainment, nor can be called a nice dvd, but never the less should be required viewing.

It has no razzamatazz or glitz whatever, but is solid information from beginning to end. The juxtaposition of Western leaders making their starry-eyed public statements, with blunt statements of Islamic authorities contradicting them was most enlightening. (Where do Western leaders get their information from? Muslims practising taqiyya?) The technical quality could be improved, but that should not get in the way, nor be allowed to.

The content is clear and unemotional, coming from people who know the subject inside out. And, with it simply examining the actual words of Islamic authorities, and avoiding second hand or adversarial sources, it plays the strongest hand possible. I highly recommended it.

[I would suggest to the makers of it - perhaps they are already planning or working on this - that they put out a second version with upgraded illustrations and more of them. When anything can be illustrated it should be. This would make it more accessible for more people and be more visually interesting.]".

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