Friday, 8 June 2007

Dear Fred, please send one Fred.

One Michael Jackson on display stand.

Dear Fred:

Please send one Fred and a Ready Rubbed Johnny Mathis as I just smoked my last one. Also find enclosed the Full Sized Michael Moore. I’m returning it as I don’t have the storage space, having only a single car garage. I have sent 673 margarine containers as required for the Michael Jackson Special Offer, Still in Box.

I need the new price lists for the Instant Kevin Spacey, the New Improved Hillary Clinton and the Easy to Assemble Jackie Kennedy. Please forward the Pack of 3 Harvey Keitels and the Pocket Sized David Letterman, one Matt Damon Kit, an Inflatable Pavarotti and a Reinforced Marlon Brando.

Yours simplistically:
Larry Homes 12 Tuba Place
Tiny Tokyo Town.

PS. Please send the Cardboard George Clooney immediately.

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