Friday, 8 June 2007

So tell me a little about yourself?

Preparation is the key to any successful job interview.

Did I tell you that I went to a job interview wearing only my mother's underwear and they said no? The Manager had fifteen employees speared to the wall as an incentive for workers to kill themselves. They asked for my experience and I replied that I have no experience in chemical engineering, but I have known chocolate addicted Carmelite Nuns with their terrible habits.

It's a strange fact that due to the rather coarse material they use, these habits are so terrible that they must be fed, satiated and abated with vast amounts of fabric softener.

If they are not, they will attach themselves permanently to the bodies of the nuns, forcing the poor women to prostrate themselves before an image of the Messiah, pleading to have all their clothes ripped off.

He said you're not really what we're looking for, and I answered quick as a flash, either are you, but I try to keep an open mind.

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