Tuesday, 12 June 2007

Radical Shmadical.

Leftist indoctrinated university and private school students pictured helping 'the people' - by intimidating, vandalizing and burning down the places where the people work, shop and generally live - the people who coincidentally either created and built everything, and or pay for an alleged education that enables many a brat to 'live in a fantasy life completely supported by the system they despise.'

“Few people are capable of expressing with equanimity opinions which differ from the prejudices of their social environment. Most people are even incapable of forming such opinions”. Albert Einstein.

Man, being a liberal used to be a noble and beautiful thing, [kinda] for many the decent thing to be, like Gregory Peck as the lawyer Atticus Finch, in ‘To Kill a Mockingbird’. [Actually a ridiculous cardboard character ridden book and thus film.] Or Sidney Poitier in just about any movie he made. I think of Martin Luther King marching on Selma and speaking at the Washington Monument. [King was actually a Republican.] The joy on peoples face as Nelson Mandela goes walking and smiling in the sun. [Mandela actually was a Marxist who admired Che the child killer, also a Marxist. Mandela amassed thousands of explosives and rounds of ammunition with which he helped to regularly commit such acts as blowing up shopping centers, tearing black and white people to shreds. The reason why he was not let out of jail for so long, is that he refused to renounce doing the same actions again.]

Being liberal was being hip to the wonderful Marx Brothers instead of the horrible Marx - or was it? What the hell happened on this road to hell paved with laughably unproven and narcissistic good intentions? Ah, they're actually progressives meaning leftist and Marxist sodden frauds without limits. Well, they're only movies and the rest often seems, just imaginary projections by a too eager audience. A difference is that in the past, liberal minded people were mebbe oft strong people as they well, had to be.

Today, liberals are mostly at core, progressive control-freak weaklings, who invariably side with the bully and gangster and lack the courage to tackle a real target or challenge and lack all required humility and intellectual rigor for pre-digested slop of whatever current leftist trope is floatin' by.

Nick Cohen, in his book 'What's Left? How modern Liberals lost their way', says how for the left, post modern shmodern European Union, their Euro Paradise had a "fatal weakness: it wasn't prepared to fight for itself or its values. Indeed, its post modern condition rested on the belief that it had no absolute values that were not open to negotiation".

Apart from Europe's auto anti-Americanism, moral vanity, nihilism and push for our cultural suicide. There is no consistent conception in the circular EU politic and the left that you should always support anyone, anywhere at anytime and in anyway that believes in individual liberty and economic freedom.

The left are now permanently not interested either in solutions. By default, they oppose those that do by always ascribing the worst of motives to everything. See how one EU state after another has acquiesced to terrorist attacks? No defiance, no finest moment speeches about what they believe in or stand for, because in the end, they don't. As for Mandela, what has he done for South Africa post apartheid exactly, beyond the symbolic and attaining his living Sainthood? Hey, calm down. I’m just asking. Not a lot of talk from ‘The Man’ about Zimbabwe, Darfur or the three million dead in the Congo etc, etc, He forgot to mention about perhaps improving the accountability of venal, corrupt and violent African non-civil governments or putting in place economic systems that work and deliver effective living standards and the rule of law to ordinary Africans. And what's with Mandela, the forever deeply corrupt, rotten and stupid Marxist ANC and their ever-growing alliance with Islamofascists?

It's a riot, but with all it's faults, South Africa and a hand full of other African states with the rule of law and working economies are exactly where a lot of Africans want to go. Either that or out of Africa away from Robert Redford.

This lack of civilian accountable governments and free market economic systems under the rue of law and contract are the core of Africa's problems, beyond the ruin of foreign aid, tribalism, cronyism, nepotism, misogyny, a continent wide desire of men to gang rape children to shreds, superstition, tribalism, slavery, child soldiers and inferior cultural practices such as child brides and genital mutilation etc, etc. I must have missed Mandela's memo's on these lesser subjects. Hey, mebbe Africa is not a 'special' case as it likely has just as many smart, talented, educated, ambitious and enterprising people as anywhere else, as well as more natural resources than most anywhere else. But none of that is a damn bit of good if there is nowhere to go that is reliable.

Economic systems beyond the ones that are efficiently oiled enough to put the majority of foreign aid into Swiss and Caribbean bank accounts and build endless massive vanity projects for the local rapist, killer cannibal King. Not a lot of straight talking about the endless waves of majority black violence, the greater part being black on black, in his own country. I detour, but do you know that 94% of murdered black men in America are murdered exclusively by other black men? Well, at least ya know they ain't racists.

Mandela was a lousy Prime Minister and is a generally superficial statesman who riffs on platitudes along with the international platitude set such as Bono the shallow pop poser and tax shelter specialist, Geldof the very successful businessman and jabbering twit and Naomi Campbell the Enlightenment philosopher cum narcissistic dimwit. Hey, mebbe you don’t need to be any good and actually achieve much if you are already an awe inspiring larger than life figure like Nelson Christ.

Sadly, real life for the ordinary and non charismatic is in the dull little details like the economy, employment, business, food, education and living without the constant threat of violence and murder. For a long time, Mandela has been half the man he’s supposed to be such as when he spoke sickeningly of the moronic mass-murdering Marxist coward Guevara. “Che's life is an inspiration for every human being who loves freedom” platted the half Nelson. Balls. He’s right though in a way. Freedom from the facts about your murder sprees ever interesting in the slightest your mindless shallow fans, freedom from accountability and consequences and no need for any concerns about the majority of said idolaters doing any research on your actual achievements. Just get an appealing t-shirt image out there and sit back smiling.

He said nothing when South Africa’s worthless Prime Minister Thabo Mbeki put his deeply ignorant view that AIDS is not spread by HIV. Mbeki is another fan of Fidel and a member of the absurd and profoundly awful Blame fests that are Cuba’s Group of Non-Aligned Nations ‘failed states’ summits. How rad! Nelly was more effective in jail when he couldn’t do anything.

The trouble with Harried.

Apart from the mass midnight arrests, the firing squads and gulags, the trouble with left ideology always was and still is the basic foundations, if you can call them that. I wouldn’t build my house on them. The problem is the middle-class left often alternatively romanticise or despise the working class and like to engineer what is 'good for the' from on high, just as activists do in third world countries, stopping the development that they and West take for granted. Activist environmentalists have stopped over 300 dams in the developing world. None of this effects a Western protester in the slightest as they already have electricity and everything good and essential to a decent life that comes with it.

The removal of the ‘head-Head case dictator of a sovereign police state used to be virtually the main priori of the liberal. If they don’t stand for this anymore, what exactly do they stand for? Oh, that’s right, for Al Gore when he enters the room. Now there’s a template for a phony opportunist if I ever saw one. Research his dismal history and weep but do keep a bucket handy for the vomit. Just don't read mine.

It doesn’t matter whether there’s alleged good intentions or not on the left, socialist or communist blurred vision of a highway to hell or expressway to disaster. In the end it’s like all collectivist ideologies: a series of closed, mechanical packages of proscribed non-thinking that start and end badly. Ain’t nothin’ but the unreal thing, baby. Wooden, randomly assembled orthodoxies unfit for any spontaneous, liquid, complete and natural human being. It stinks! In truth, the left doesn’t always care so deeply about the subjects it seizes upon like a spoiled child. That is why it’s happy to sell out any and all hard won gains like rights for women and gays, freedom of expression and religion and so on, to the extremes of multicultural abasement and an endlessly neurotic political exactness re: Islamism etc.

Just try this as an experiment. Say to any earnest wheat grass fanatic that you think it’s all crap and not just the wheat grass. Your right to disagree with any of his shibboleths will be respected and all with good humour...no it won’t! You must accept the whole package however it twists, turns and convalutions. Whatever today's peculiar transformation is, so ya better keep up with the revolution.

A little different to say the humanities or real martial arts, but then martial arts are based in a physical human reality first and the beautiful philosophy comes from that, while the humanities are about understanding people as they are and bringing out the best in them, not about imposing a machine system on to how you think they should be.

Dream an ugly little dream with me.

The leftist saviours of the working class build their Utopian dream almost exclusively from the sky down and it’s an ugly little dream at heart, full of envy and spite wrapped up as virtues. The left always theorises the abstract merely in order to destroy the actual. While being liberal may still have something of value, the left have nothing you need and can’t get better somewhere else. So why bother? Why go for the whole Turd Pie no matter how cleverly polished, or how many say it’s actually an apple pie? A new set of rags won’t improve that zombie frame. With leftist cliches you don’t even need to be there but simply fill it in by numbers or over the phone. It’s a system that easily defaults into anti-thought requiring really no input from you. In the end and sometimes it is yours, collectivist ideology is incapable of any healthy modification, adaption and customising. It sure ain’t gonna modify or become interactive for you.

The horrible freak birth of each ‘new’ left non-idea and diversion is invariably born dead. Its B grade horror movie quality may be part of why it’s so appealing to the immature and those desperately in need of narrow certainties, an identity and a cause. It’s requires almost no responsibilities beyond parroting pre-packed non-statements and non-sequiturs while affecting excited and empty poses. This is hardly a celebration of the uniqueness of the individual human being. Just be against things and you know which ones. It’s all so cosy and easier to assemble than Lego.That’s because it’s not about people really, that’s just a cover. It’s about the primacy of power and a stupid and contradictory ideology.

It’s about how the protagonist wants to be seen. It’s the ultimate system for wanting credit where none is due. That’s why in Communist states they always kill those who just can’t seem to see the greatness of the ‘Beloved Leaders’ wished for projections of himself. ‘I am the Sun King. Behold my enormous golden and vegetable like head!’ Of course for spoiled or neglected brats in the West, right up to those of late middle-age, hating your parents or exclusively Western politicians, is the easy part. Read that as mostly the Anglosphere unless there is a non-left non Socialist win in Europe.

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