Sunday, 10 June 2007

Donald Trump has a ridiculous kind of Bush on his mind.

Recent military reaction to Trumps plans for 'defeat at any price' and his hair.

Now a long time ago I thought I liked Donald Trump, but then I only really knew him from his products and a largely fawning media. The media do so love rich and powerful celebrities per se, however mutually incoherent and out of their depth they both often are. Especially when they so often step out of their particular specialties. Yes, I thought I liked Don but now? There are still many things I like about him. But what does he care? He never writes.

Yep, I have noticed that he’s a little more successful than I am. I could accurately sum it up by saying he’s a huge success and I’m not. In fact, I often console myself by going to the bathroom mirror and running my fingers through my full and lush head of hair.

Hey, he can seem to some, a bloated, repulsive and tasteless personality but then you should see me in the morning, plus I'm broke. Nonetheless, here's fifteen truly great and impressive things Trump has done of his own choice.

And yet I find his 'high class style' can appear mostly expensive and loud with all the subtlety of a German jazz band. His wacky ideas of style often look like a 1990's version of the 1980's. All that conspicuous and ostentatious non flair is like being trapped in an eternal Dallas re-run with a vast set budget. You can see the fingerprints of perhaps rather high maintenance women all over his 'taste'.

Now Trump like much of the celebrity elites, has aired a few of the despicably careless opinions of the rich, the product of a lifetime of privilege. Yep, he's a hard-working self-made man who started with a mere 30 million dollars.

Yes, he's come back from massive debt and loss where as I've come back from failure to mediocrity or more failure. This is one of his great skills and talents and the nature of opportunity in high business and especially real estate. I’ve studied some of his books and so on and there’s many an insight to be had there regards real estate, business and political world, the executive work ethic, plain business smarts and his very effective methods and disastrous ones. He seems kind of boyish and naive and entirely sober, though with some rather odd habits, especially the kicking of puppies thing. Oh no, that was me.

How could Trump say such bunk on a national Network regards Iraq, Saddam and so on? How can a Network generally say most of the things they do on a Network? Well, easy. That's him and them and what they think. But often rotten media narratives and opinions of celebrity are in perfect harmony.

It shows we all have our limits and this is so even for a high level real estate developer like the King of Brushover Gardens. But unlike us Plebes, celebrities have free rein on a vast media platform. But what if he's right.

Christ, the hair. It goes very nicely with his haywire opinions I guess. They're a set! Trump doesn’t notice what almost everyone else probably notices first? Of course he does. But where are Carson Kressley and the Fab Five when they are so sorely needed? What went so wrong in the hairdressing department and for so long? Celebrity geo-political pronouncements. Now there's a funny thing.

I did like Doodle and I did dig Don, and still do in more than several ways - despite noting an unappealing blankness. For all his abilities and achievements, if you observe Donald, outside of his specialty, he seems kind of naive and clueless. I mean he's always had real money, or been around it, or could always make it, so he’s been strangely and uniquely sheltered per se. It really is quite a life but not as most of us will ever know it, Jim. As he has said, "I don't read". And it shows.

Donald is a little lacking in subtle taste or an understated sense of style. Can I say that, being just a humble guitar player ‘neath his mighty colossus?

I wouldn’t probably go to Trump for say physical fitness, martial arts training, foreign languages, advanced music lessons, ranching skills, or avoiding high maintenance, demanding women, or to learn witty Noel Coward repartee’, or for any deep historical, religious, cultural and geo-political analysis. So what exactly happened that turned me off a little regards captain fluffy head?

Well, I was digging the happening YouTube scene away from the square Nowheresville of television news, man. They were bringing me down with their corny trip and while on the Net, I espied a Trump interview. The particular and slightly grueling incident of which I speak, gave me an image of Trump as having the light touch of King Croscius plus the humility of a Roman Emperor vomiting on a servant.

'Hey, it’s cool, the next one will be worse and more wild boar!'

Aah, the pulling of the rug from under the cheap magic and illusion show that has been the mainstream media for well, ever since the vomiting Romans actually.

'Emperor Nero, we may have found a way to minimize the public fallout from the burning and fiddling thing. But you’ll have to work with us, ok?'

Well, perhaps no more. The golden hair wave was being interviewed on said Tube regarding Iraq, George Bush and so on, by a parody of a journalist. Sadly, I have been unable to trace the vid, but he's repeated pretty much the same drivel ad nauseum a dozen or more times elsewhere.

'Ok, Donald. You’ve found yourself on another Planet, much like this television network. You’ve found that everyone is as stupid as they are here tonight. You’ve got six months to make Planet Geeby-Fleeby fully bench-marked to outer space best practice and make it the market leader in anal probing. What would you do?'

The actual question put to the military mastermind that is General Douglas MacTrump, was basically What would you do in Iraq? Well, golf is out.

I noted that the format was under the rigorous journalistic standards of  we will agree to agree, with maybe a slight hint that I may get you to qualify even a single you say, but I won’t follow up on it at all. Ok?

El Donablo then answered graciously and humbly, with a sub-Caesar like flourish, that he would just announce victory, and pull out in the physical and military impossibility of ninety days! Brilliant! Oh hail Junior Sun Tzu sans hair. Hey, come on. Maybe he did his research while he was waiting in the Green Room beforehand, while contemplating a plate of Creamo cookies. And maybe I can climb through a Fruit Loop.

So Mister Trump wants credit both ways, eh? The crafty old minx. He cares so, so, so, so much about Iraq and its people, just as many people say they do, do, do do, but don’t at all, not with all the platitudes in the world. But then, what do I care.

"Leave these people to the civil war they are going to have anyway", sayeth the Don. He maintained his comfortable and self-satisfied mega-rich guy posturing while smiling frivolously, resplendent in the golden narcissism of media exposure. Hey, maybe he's right.

He continued that Iraq will get another dictator that will be much worse than Saddam, and all with a cheeky smile from under his hair hood that now rivals the techniques used in the waved roof of Spencer Street Station. Thus Spake the Don, while pretty much inferring in his trademark nuanced way, that a total implosion of chaos for all of Iraq was of course the best outcome and anyway, what does he care? Not at all it seems and that's exactly what he said. Nice.

The giggling and giggle a minute Don, then recommended the thoughtful and fully Trump endorsed fate of absolute apocalyptic nihilism for Iraq and its twenty million people. What a terrible and bankrupt line of non-thought.

Don casually made the insight that he’s "...not saying he’s an angel", meaning Saddam! Yep, I know, I know. You thought he meant John Belushi. Would that be while Saddam was torturing the upside down twelve year old that he later shot?

Don then reckons after 9/11 "...the world loved us!" Really, really loved us! Er, no. Which world? The culturally suicidal Europeans, the venal, stale, static and decadent elites of France? Perhaps he’s referring to the bombed but still uncomprehending intelligentsia of Great Britain? Maybe he means the dysfunctional seventh century theocracies of the Middle East? Maybe the love you could feel was beaming from Pago Pago?

Man, I can get Trump's brand of default position bilge water and useless insightlessness at any student union meeting, plus I get a can of Coke.

Maybe he means the people who rammed the planes into the WTC? Who the hell knows. Too much of what he says outside of real estate and business is too often an awful blizzard of incoherence.

He said of Condoleezza Rice "...she's a very nice lady but doesn’t do much". That's 'nice lady' as an insult. So she doesn't have a real job, just like my Aunt Doris? And maybe he''s right. She doesn't do much.

Trump was wrong about why Tony Blair had to go. Even with Blair's level of naiveté, Tony the toothless tiger just couldn’t seem to accept the whole Western package of denial and cultural suicide per se, including prostrating in a grovelling, automatic apology for anything and everything while at war. Blair never fully recognized the enemy fully as Islam, nor did he state this clearly, harshly and publicly.

Few leaders beyond Czech President Vaclav Klaus have stated that Islam is the problem. Add Islam's strange new bedfellow the left and there you have it. Imagine if when Pearl Harbor was bombed, FDR, Churchill and the rest of the Allied leaders said that it’s not The Code of Bushido, Shintoism and Emperor worship we are fighting, nor are they the problem. It’s those nasty militarists that have misinterpreted it all so wrongly and then cleverly used these things for their own dastardly ends. The cads! It’s the Religion of Peace after all, or else. But I digress boringly.

Donald seemed enamored with the idea of consensus. Why? Consensus is no guarantee of correct action. This apparently didn’t include in Trump's mind, the ultimate form of consensus of an election, involving twelve million Iraqi people, voting under fire for the current Iraqi Govt, with a Constitution and a Bill of Rights. However flawed, this means nothing? Maybe it does. It's kind of well, Sharia based.

To many in the West, important things do indeed mean nothing. And maybe that’s why our own right to free speech and our freedoms are under fire and then to be gone in the blink of a myopic eye. It's maybe a sick thing to glibly deny freedom for others because it's not up to standard, while you take your own freedom entirely for granted.

Islamism is here and more real than Global Warming which replaces the Global Cooling of the 1970’s. Remember how Governments just wouldn’t take cooling of the planet seriously, even when lectured to by a full dozen box of pseudo egg heads?

The big fans of plastic explosive, improvised devices and the insane followers of Mo, don't really need to hide at all when people are so wilfully blind, and well, they don’t bother hiding, do they? They state everything as plainly as Hitler reading his favorite passages from Mein Kampf and then acting accordingly.

A crazy coincidence, but Mein Kampf, one of the worlds top ten most boring and disgusting books’, means "my struggle" and ‘Jihad’ also means "my struggle" too and is apparently the most popular book after the Koran, in the Mid East. I think they may both have a connection with anti-Semitism, if I recall correctly.

Global jihad doesn’t need or care how many PC pronouncements are made that it doesn’t exist. Islam will keep on coming until stopped decisively or it's victorious. Maybe move 20,000 shares onto Jihad Corp for future growth potential.

Donald said virtually "nobody" supports the war. Maybe not, but er, no. Though people will get pretty hip to the consequences of defeat when it happens. It may take a little while to adjust to being asymmetrical warfare losers. Time is the fire in which we burn, and we are, my furry pals and jungle friends, burning. Of course, some of us are on fire more than others. Islam certainly is.

I guess the folks who make up the 2000 serving veterans who signed a letter in 2006 supporting their own efforts in Iraq just don’t count, cos' they’re nobodies. The "highest of prices" actions of military men and women get cancelled out by a bulky billionaires reckless talk. But then the front line troops have mostly zero publicity especially in fully featured or starring roles. Now Donald apparently puts them up at one of his places once a month but he then seems to infer they are are tragic or regretful.

What about getting a hundred of those serving military personnel on a TV interview when they're next on leave? It won’t happen. Ever. What will happen when the troops leave?

Donald was so upset that there is " much hatred now". Well, maybe a little hatred for the monstrously destructive and suicidal myths of the left and Islam is normal and healthy. Ironically, it's the left and Islam that hate.

With so many powerful and influential fools tootling away, the chances of halting the West’s death spiral can seem kind of slim, and that’s before the local rep for Jihad Inc either knocks at, or blows open your door. No, really, you’re gonna love it! It’s been a riot so far and it’s only been 1400 years. And yet, maybe he will change his position. Who knows? We all can. Sadly, I struggle to change my socks or improve at all.

I was finally tested watching Donald and as the clip ended, I stepped daintily to the side, avoiding the streams of vomit and set fire to Rome while I then fiddled on my guitar.

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