Thursday, 28 June 2007

Your Paradigm Is Making Me Nauseous.

More and more school Principals in the Government Education system are finding the combination of excessive responsibilities and the lack of discipline to be extremely stressful. Many just burn out.

(This is my pathetically ignored reply to leftard creep Catherine Deveny’s column in The Age newspaper, [sure it is] for the 23/05/07, where she candidly wrote about suffering from Private Education Aversion Syndrome, [or PEAS: an irrational and rancid hatred of Private Schools and an unhinged disgust for all those who dare to be involved.]

I’ve wanted to write to a newspaper for well, never actually until today. Now writing for a newspaper, that’s a completely different waste of time. Why don’t they hire me to write instead of Old Puddin’ Face? I’m smarter, funnier, more interesting, better looking and will work for less. Or does being good looking work against a journalist much like cool clothes?

Hey, don’t get me wrong. I enjoy a Saturday morning coffee with a dull and entirely predictable spreadsheet, the same old names or even new names from central casting, and all the usual angles, as much as the next person. And I’ll probably need a lot of caffeine to stay focused on an even half-hearted response to the 'Hatred of Private Education' thing after looking over Catherine wheel Deveny’s sensitive, insightful, inspiring Miss Ann Thropic spread. Oh yes and her horizontal column of scribbling as well.

Where do you begin though? Do I start with the mean and meaningless assumptions? What about the creepy, smug and glib intolerance? What about the Cat’s religious experience regarding the size of Shane Maloney’s testicles? This was after Catherine read Maloney’s callow, startlingly rude, crude and plain old mean inner-city radical bore diatribe he made at Scotch College, incredibly after a cordial invitation to speak there. Apparently Shameless Maloney thought they were deluded jerks.

Reading his hideously low and meagre opus caused the Dev to bang upon her kitchen table with a downward thrust of a clenched appendage while shouting Hallelujah at the, “sheer brilliance and balls of Maloney”. At a later chance meeting with the brilliant balls she said and I quote: “Maloney had me gush”. Quite. Use a towelette.

It’s a crazy old world in Hacktown. How could so many write so little for so long and not get fired? I know, let’s start at The Devs' dress that she wears in her fetching column photo. Right on sister! You’re wearing a Cheong Siam!

All of which shows the beauty of her multiculti cred. You don’t actually need to know anything about another people at all, just wear the ethnic top and feel warm about it while swearing perversely at white people like yourself. If Devon cake did know anything about say for instance, the people who came up with that swinging little number she's wearing like er, Asians such as Chinese, Vietnamese or even Japanese like my wife, she’d surely know that they are a large part of private school enrolments. They’re not all white at all bein' the convenient and curiously self-loathing colour of your common Age journalist or newt for example.

I know, I know, unlike Dev, those private school folks are all real phoney jerks and parasites. At least I presume Dev was talking about the parent’s? Yet another of 'er outstanding pieces of rib tickling literary journalism or like Father like son or like a real mother for that matter.

Oh no, I’m rushing ahead like a blazer wearing foolish young school girl. I do believe Dev's far more comprehensive list deserves to be re-showcased as it were.

What were those nasty Private School people again, according to old, old Cathy? Aah yes, that’s right. "Insecure, nauseating, child programming, status glutted, spoon feeding, segregating, ghetto building molly-coddlers", whom I presume from what is surely a reprinted pamphlet, foolishly and mistakenly want their children to be all they can be. Even if this does not mean as Deveny reccommends with admirable cant stopping at the endless fun and good times of blue collar work and the trades.

And if Christian like me which she more than infers is somewhat regrettable and so many Asians are regrettably Christian, we can confidently add her sub-epithet delivered slander of "divisive, discriminatory, reliant on hand-outs and", now let me get this right, “they implicitly teach children that some kids deserve nicer playgrounds than others”.

Now Miss Deveny, may I call you that? You must forgive me for being remiss but I must have overlooked that particular part of the syllabus when I went scouting for a suitable school for my four year old and distinctly Eurasian looking son.

Catherina, the reason Christians, Jews, Muslims, Mormons, Hindu’s and every other group of neurotic and pretentious private school loving weirdos often send their children to the appropriate denomination of private school is because well, they probably would wouldn’t they? Maybe a secular, public education doesn’t float their boat.

Perhaps a curriculum set by the Big Red Ed of the currently fashionable and undeniably leftish ideology courtesy of the many layered vegetable that is the Teachers Onion, just doesn’t automatically inspire cultures who have often little or no confusion about what they believe in and need. And naturally they aren’t about to change for the latest leftish white bread suicidal nullity on the blind and merry road to Western cultural suicide. Go figure.

I can dig that your life as a cruelly affluent journo is possibly fraught with far more deprivation, less choice and more trouble than a guy that arrived here from the Mekong Delta, illiterate and wearing a pair of toy shorts and you are happy with that. Bravo for that brave choice. You may be up for a medal, perhaps a George Clooney for Service to the Fortunate.

These immigrant nuts have so easily let the thrill, adventure and novelty of having little or no education slip through their malnourished fingers. Now all these deluded people from Asia, Africa and the Middle East, Europe and working-class Australians want to pass their snobbery of a good life onto their children. This includes what they believe to be the oh so easy to look down on materialistic benefits of a Degree or a Masters that can be parlayed into good dental and medical and bacteria free food.

Cathy, it’s just that a lot of my shorter and ethnic friends come from places where you only get what you pay for. They see it the same way with education and with their own children’s future. And they’re damn sure that it will be better than their own past. Crazy, eh? I know it can shake a comfortable progressive tree, but if any shrivelled shrub needed a good whack, that would be the one.

"The maniacs! They blew up all my shibboleths, my beautiful ideology and assumptions! Oh damn you, damn you all to Hell!"

Now private schools or otherwise don’t always mean as much as they’re supposed to, but in the end they do. We spent a lot of time looking and man, even with variation, private IS different to public. A better education means a better life. That's a harsh fact of life. People are not stupid or shallow because they disagree with your logical fallacy. No, really.

While being a tradesman is as noble endeavour as any and you do get that magnificent medal at the end, I do feel that you have exaggerated the heights of nirvana that can be reached with power tools though in your private life, who knows. Perhaps due to the shortage of said tradesmen, it’s that they now get paid well and have a kind of stability due to demand and demographics. What do I know?

Perhaps it’s the cash and not always the joy and fun of hard, hard, HARD work. Not so joy filled for my Father who was an English working-class miner, carpenter, plumber and builder guy. He died badly, his once truly mighty frame crippled and bent from over fifty years of the kind of work you should perhaps never, ever get to enjoy. He ended crying and screaming while riddled with cancer from the now banned chemicals that were in wide use at the time. So no, not always a lot of laughs there.

I’m actually sending my son to the local Government school. Strangely, I feel no surge of contempt for anyone who doesn’t. It seems a good school when they stay within the eight core subjects they are trained for and not when drowning the extra-curriculum with largely PC ecofascist leftard tosh. So it could just as easily not be so er, good. I went to four government schools myself as a boy. Not one was worth a damn.

Things have changed a lot since then and many things are better, some are not and some are soooo much worse. Ideology is mostly for those without a true centre that anchors them to who they truly are as a human being. That’s why there is really no place for ideology in boxing or real martial art. It’s just mostly thinking skills, effective action, friendship, philosophy and the beautiful redirection of energy. But I digress.

Regards the very suave Shane, not the movie but the loudmouth, his losing submission to 'Great Speeches of The Twentieth and Twenty First Centuries’ was actually not “sheer brilliance” as that would leave little head room for Winston Churchill and Reagan or Wilma the Bag Lady.

It was sheer ugly and deluded junk. Anyway, I love your work! Just don’t lose that light touch. Keep on mixing the frivolous with both the hatefully unread mindless nihilism and the crudely thoughtless. It’s nice.

Dear Sports, here's my wonderfully dismissed reply to a follow up by one of Kathy's Aged comrade. Plus a nice one on the strange bi-polar and fashionable Jew hating leftard ultra-parody that is Michael Leunig.


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