Monday, 24 December 2007

Gore Undergoes Water Boarding To Prove Torture Allegations. Al Confesses “Yes! I’m an obscenely rich, overweight lying phony and I’m boring!”

Al Gore’s many fans watching the premiere screening of his documentary “A Very Convenient Political Career Saver, an Enormous Money Spinner plus Completely Undeserved Credibility and Kudos”.

“Faith may be defined briefly as an illogical belief in the occurrence of the improbable”. HL Mencken.

Al Gore drivels about rising sea$ while he buys a $4 million dollar beach-front penthouse or two, but oh, this is just too damn good. Now numbers of people having an opinion about anything are meaningless in themselves, 400 major scientists, including defectors from the current Club of Rome Version 11, AKA the IPCC, have now put out a profoundly evidence-based Senate Report debunking the global mass hysteria, orthodoxy, phony baloney and giant taxpayer funded gravy train that is er, The Global Warming Express. It’s an absolute delight of Glaobal Cooling Warming Climate Change Clean Energy etc ‘Fisking'. And about damn time. Now see how little if any, MSM exposure it gets.

“There are two kinds of light; the glow that illuminates, and the glare that obscures”. James Thurber.

Al Gore is not an accidental fraud; he’s a deliberate fraud and a natural incompetent, just like Paul Erlich with his preposterous book of 1968, “The Population Bomb”, which in turn, was just like the book “Silent Spring”, the disgusting bunk book and utterly discredited, deeply flawed rip off, that led to the total banning of DDT, that has since resulted in the deaths of millions from resurgent malaria.

Gore’s Big Lies if implemented, will result in the prolonged misery and deaths of millions as activist’s slow, stop and even reverse development in the Third and Developing Worlds. See ‘Eco Imperialism’. Time magazine, the now largely worthless waiting room filler, publishes unchallenged and journalistic standards free hagiography’s to Gore, Suzuki et al. Why? Ask Pink Floyd. “They call it riding the Gravy Train”.

There is no such thing as Global Warming. It’s not true. ALL Left, Liberal and Radical ideas are discredited if you wait long enough. Just don’t expect an apology, a retraction or a refund. The eagerly deluded fools, conformists, ideologues, gravy train ticket holders and modernity haters who follow Gore, make me think of the mutants in Planet of the Apes.“Oh my God! They’re worshiping a bomb!” Or in Al Gores case, worshiping a bum.
“May the Heavens declare the Glory of the Bomb and the firmament showeth his handy work. He decendeth from the outermost Heaven and there is nothing there hidden from the heat thereof.
There is neither speech nor language, yet his voice is heard among them. Glory be to the Bomb and the Holy fallout, as it was in the beginning, is now and forever shall be and the world without end. Amen. 
Oh Almighty and Everlasting Bomb, that came down among us to make Heaven on the Earth and lighten our darkness. Oh instrument of God, grant us thy peace. I reveal my innermost self to the Sacred Bomb and the Holy Fallout”. Mutant Preacher in Beneath The Planet Of The Apes.
Yep, keep worshipin' away at Al’s cobalt tipped head as it sets fire not to the atmosphere, but to billions of tax-dollars, kids. Al's completely stage-managed jet-setting fraud is all so outrageously out there with its incredible lack of quality control, that nothing Gore has said stands up to any serious scrutiny. Nothing. Like the venal manipulator and grotesquely obese conman Michael Moore, there is nothing they would not say or do, no damage too great to not make masses of money and to up their hideous profiles. People who follow Gore without checking his political history of rank opportunism are either lazy, slaves, thick, dopey or just want to follow someone, anything to avoid looking at real and empirical problems. Or, my God! They actually believe it! They're left liberals. They are worshiping a bomb!

Activist rabble merely rent-seek wholly undeserved legitimacy clinging desperately and hysterically to a new and totally bogus cause. Freaks after the usual gee, cash, power, opportunity and status etc. Hey, let’s all focus on Global Cooling Warming Climate Change, if the current name-change lasts long enough to focus. Beyond token, self-$erving to useless and pointless behavior, deep down or shallow down, they don’t really believe it, but it’s something they can all conform to and hey, it’s easier to deal with than something that can't be ignored, like something relentless such as the Islamic Apocalypse.

Yeah, using cotton bags is apparently better than plastic bags. Er, no. Cotton is much more expensive to produce and takes far more of a toll on resources and the old environment. Plastic bags are relatively cheap to make and have less environmental impact, especially if disposed of in landfill. And there is no shortage of places to make holes in the ground, just a surplus of activists who stop the digging of said holes. Try using green cotton bags instead of plastic in a hospital...

It’s recycling that uses resources inefficiently and is mostly a taxpayer subsidized fraud. It mostly makes people feel good. Why don’t you see many drink cans laying around? Because they’re worth money. Why does the government have to spend your money telling you and forcing everyone to recycle? Because it’s mostly an inefficient use of resources and a mostly worthless activity. Look up an excellent Penn and Teller piece on YouTube under 'Recycling', or go to their website. Hey, just for laughs, Google 'Al Gore is a fraud' and then dig the vast amount of factual sewage that bursts forth on King Rat Gore. Hey, Al used to be a good looking guy. What the Hell happened? 'The Picture of Dorian Grey? Except the good looker is in the attic and the sins are walking around.

Gore has his vast vortex of a house sucking in twenty times the average person’s electricity consumption along with its heated pool. Then he get’s in his private Gulf Stream Jet, when there are 112 perfectly suitable First Class flights available to the same place, and after stretching his legs, get’s into his chauffeured Limousine, while checking his dividends from his stupid and massively successful carbon credits company.

The list is so long of Gore’s empty hypocrisy, I could type for days and not finish. It’s like Muslim's and Islam...they put out a shingle on Main Street, stating clearly what they think and then follow it up with correspondingly explosive action and the left go into hyper dhimmi denial apologia cum mental and moral gymnastics that should feature in the Ringling Brothers Circus Big Tent. Gore is supposed to be the smart guy. Gore actually failed at university, and in the very subjects he is now lecturing the world on. He was a mostly F, D and C student. Gore is very overweight and talks about control and restraint, and drivels about greed. Er, right. George Bush is apparently the moron, albeit an evil genius moron. Bush is just sometimes inarticulate like many people, perhaps how we nearly all are in public speaking, especially say when talking to a billion people and if like George Bush, one has mild dyslexia. No, he does. I thought the left were for 'empowering' those with disabilities? Become all you can be! Just not a conservative or a Republican or disagree with the left...on anything.

George has an IQ of 125 according to Harvard and Yale. He graduated from both with a fairly common C average. C average means a little more at these joints a' learnin' than at other brick piles. George is a fully qualified jet pilot and flies them. See Bill Whittle at ejectejecteject on this. He's also very fit. These are facts, not mere MSM generated impressions for a sleepwalking public.

Gore’s conman act and charade of enviro-saint is evil, because it’s a lie and with it, he damages the fabric of the body politic. He effects especially young peoples psyche’s over a mere phantom when George Bush could actually fly a Phantom jet. Al causes a loss of confidence and belief in our Western culture, achievements, freedoms and traditions, and this is a large part of what adds to depression among the young, as indeed most left ideology does. It's essentially morbid at core. Leftism is so naturally inward looking, and about scarcity and envy. Marxist critical theory indoctrinates people to hate their own society, culture, history, traditions, institutions and themselves and believe they are not worth defending,  making folks think they live in hell, no matter how empirically free and prosperous they are. It's how radicals get civilizations to commit self-loathing suicide.

And when Gore ultimately fades away and is fully discredited along with the embarrassing hysteria of Global Warming, what kind of long, dark shadow will such a prolonged and deliberate betrayal of trust and high position cast? Al Gore, Michael Moore, MSM journalists sans almost any journalistic standards, academic ideologues, celebrities, the merely opportunistic and the mediocre politicians are all rotten to the core criminal fraudsters riding  the group non-think of anti-human mass brainwashing that's at the core of ecofascism. It's a 'phenomena' much like the face of Jesus on a pizza but with millions seeing the face of Al and Suzuki and buying the lousy pizzas. Remember folks, it's your money.

You are being had, tricked to the tune of billions of dollars in actual money, in actual lost potential in absolutely misdirected time and resources. Conserving resources? Ain’t that what it’s supposed to be all about? Merely conserving is a ridiculous non-concept in itself. Wealth is not a single packet of cookies. To save resources, simply totally ignore and give no validity to people like Al Gore. Overnight you will save billions to trillions and the wealth creation it takes to generate these vast sums of mostly, your money.

“Everyone rises to their level of incompetence”. Laurence J. Peter.

Arise, Al Gore, you rotten, venal, criminal and stupid man.


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Beautifully said.

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Merry Christmas, Colonel. Thanks for the laughs this year. You have some unique, informative and hysterical rants here.