Monday, 31 December 2007

This is not the end.

Total victory is all you need. Love comes easily to the the worthy victor.

It’s a lark, innit? I mean the old end of the year thing… Nothing is real and nothing to get hung about? Er, nope. Try telling that to a couple of colliding and collapsing planets and grinding tectonic plates. Hung up? Yep, it's a drag. But then, hanging can focus the mind wonderfully. Everything is real enough for us.

"In Summer we shiver, in Winter we sweat". Chinese proverb.

It’s that sudden grab at the heart and soul that happens on the entirely random compromise that is the artificial end of a year. Colliding hearts and collapsing souls. Absolutely everything is important except for most of it, and that’s not always true, except right now. And all the people and events that have passed and floated by and caught in the spirit and punch that is you. And you can leave some folks and a lot of it behind if it’s time and if it's right.

You know there’s a trace somewhere and somehow, or it’s all gone, and that’s the way it is. There’s a Cuban saying that a man is nothing without a family. So it is and sometimes a family diminishes. I have an unshakeable core and so do you, that's endlessly reinforced by reality and dreams. Reality being just like a punch to the head, or a blue note and my five year old son, and everything is happening all at once and right now, always. Dreams are like fruit that can be picked and eaten hungrily in a big piece or left to rot.

Just like Bruce Lee and Brandon Lee, I believe in sleeping and eating. I like waking up in a Judeo Christian Capitalist Democracy. My feeble and simple advice is to first master the ordinary. All else comes from this.

If I do my research, I’m right every time, and then I can move onto something sublime and be more than simply correct, which is limited and in error. My further advice, for what it's worth, is I listen to you and learn, my online friends and compatriots.

The Beatles are on TV in spectacular colour and the remixed ‘Love’ album. And never was the whole so triumphantly superior to the sum of its already wonderful parts. Yet, I have no sentimentality as I equate nostalgia with claustrophobia. Curiously, I find many traditions and heritage freeing and propelling into the future via a dynamic present.

I love my strange, smart and beautiful Japanese wife and my wild child son full of energy, love, thoughts and warmth. And 2008 they say, will be different to 2007, for maybe no reason at all, except that we run out of time.

Time is the fire in which we burn.

To all the beautiful and thoughtful human beings who have read my shabby blog, who have put my writings up on their sites, I salute you, I do. You don’t realise how much such connection has meant to me and how very much it’s helped to develop my skills and connect neurons in stronger ways, such as they are. I thank God for the Internet, Destroyer of MSM Worlds.

I’ve just seen the first ten minutes of 30 Rock. Who would have thought? Any comedy at all finally making fun of the current Himalaya's of Left bilge, eh. I mean publicly and mainstream... Still, it’s a laugh innit?

“Are you going out for New Year?”
“Er, no. We’re getting it home delivered and we get a discount”.

And when I’m connected and gym energised, with an idea and determination, I can feel everyone, all of you out there in the world, even if I’m alone, or surrounded by a party scene, I do, I know you.

I’m not sure why I like this tune. It’s great to shout a la Jimmy Barnes. It’s the weight of the words really and that they seem to convey a catharsis and an urgency. It’s weird and cool anyway.

Shamans Blues. The Doors.

There will never be another one like you.
There will never be another one who can
Do the things you do, oh. Will you give another chance?
Will you try, little try?
Please stop and you remember.
We were together, anyway, all right.

And if you have a certain evenin', you could lend to me.
I'd give it all right back to you, a how it has to be with you.
I know your moves and your mind.
And your mind. And your mind. And your mind. And your mind.
And your mind. And your mind.

Will you stop and think and wonder? Just what you'll see.
Out on the train yard, nursin' penitentiary.
It's gone, I cry out long. Go head, brother.

Did you stop it to consider?
How it will feel, cold, grinded grizzly bear jaws, hot on your heels.

Do you often stop and whisper? It's Saturday's shore.
The whole world's a savior.
Who could ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever,
ask for more?

Do you remember? Will you stop? Will you stop? The pain.

And there will never be another one like you.
There will never be another one who can,
do the things you do, oh

Will you give another chance? Will you try, little try?
Please stop and you remember.
We were together, anyway, all right,

How you must of think and wondered.
How I must feel.
Out on the meadows while you run the field .
I'm alone for you and I cry.

The sweat, look at it. Optical promise
Heh, heh, heh. You'll be dead and in hell before I'm born.
Sure thing. Brides maid.
The only solution. Isn't it amazing?

What’s it all about, Jim? None of it is about being amorphous, a newt, a vacuum and a nullity. This is the opposite of flexibility and a solid core. It’s about the here and now, a sense of humour, technology and getting laid. It’s about what you and I see in the mirror right now. And damn right you’re somebody. The Western Canon protects us all and has the power to bring the light of God into an indifferent natural world and deliver total victory of the personal and worldwide kind.

Zira: “What will he find out there, Doctor?”
Dr. Zaius: “His destiny”.

Now here’s maybe the greatest piece of lyric ever, and this is all there is. Eight lines. And it still rises out of a fifty year old often swamp of cheese.

Moon River by Henry Mancini.

Moon River, wider than a mile,
I'm crossing you in style some day.
Oh, dream maker, you heart breaker,
wherever you're going I'm going your way.
Two drifters off to see the world.
There's such a lot of world to see.
We're after the same rainbow's end, waiting 'round the bend,
my huckleberry friend, Moon River and me.

I hope you all had a Merry Christmas and have a very Happy New Year. Colonel Robert Neville.


Jeremy Jacobs said...

Deep stuff!

Anonymous said...

Just one question: Pot, alcohol, cocaine or steroids?