Monday, 14 April 2008

Alice doesn’t live in her head anymore.

In the poverty stricken and moral wasteland of the deluded Leftoid mind, there is no difference between good and evil because there is only the thrill of ones moral vanity, all else being shadows. Perversely, Che the child killer Guevara and Osama the bin lid and mass murdering freak, are both equally valid and er, therefore good.

(This is a groovy piece of mine that appeared on the great Copious Dissent site almost two weeks ago. It's updated so dig it, swingin' hep cats.)

Dear sports, I live in inner-city Melbourne, with a large Jewish population close by. To have all the allegedly "open minded" and bigotry free, (What? Me a bigot?) PC Left Liberals, unravel and unmask before my eyes as the phony swine they truly are, I simply wear my 'Israel' badge, or my 'I dig Zionism!' T-shirt. I must get a 'Jew Lover' hat too. All I need is a Jew lover!

I tell ya, it’s enough to make me want to become Jewish. It couldn’t hurt. Israel and the Jews, and the basically bog standard anti-Semite views there of, are a wonderful and disturbing way to get the true measure of many a schlub, putz, schlemiel or schmuck. Virtually every true Conservative blog I like and diggeth, has an 'I support Israel' logo on their site, just like I do. Not that common on Left blogs though, eh? I find this er, illuminating.

And er, don't get me started on the many self-hating Jews, appeasers and enablers of terrorists like Hamas, various other extremist groups and pals of many a Leftard and radical anti-Israel collective. This creepy phenomenon exists within Israeli society, the government and Jewish media. Amazing, but true. The local Melbourne Jewish press often has an often curious, oddly accommodating, clueless to spineless response to put it mildly, to many a problematic challenge.

Should the gangster umbrella vortex of Gaza and other Palestinian territories have their own independent rocket launching and terrorist training camp? Er, nope. The Palestinians would first need to be interested in and possess a normal culture, society, government, media, education system and economy etc. They have none of these things, nor the beginnings of such. The majority would appear to have little to zero interest in these things, especially above and over their death culture, to a seeming natural antipathy to them. Thus the wishful thinking of the naive, clueless and disingenuous Leftism will always translate perfectly, into security and cultural suicide for Israel.

Man, if I ever get a public profile, I'd dig showing my total pro-Israeli form, acting all righteous gentile and so on. Love it! Without supporting Israel, one can't seriously support any freedom, not in this reality, Bub. Otherwise, it's all pose with a profound ideological flaw. You know the one. Leftardism, the cruelest of all mental illnesses.

You and all your friends think you’re completely healthy! But of course you never get help and die an ass hat. The truth is, every er "critic" of Israel is now by default, a neo-Hamas scumbag, but they just don't want to admit it. Instead of admitting to being a mere boring anti-Semitic geek, one uses the pseudonym of er, "anti-Zionist!" A bogus bullshit Left tactic as per usual.

"Oh no, I'm just being constructive by attacking Israel and the Jews with identical language to Hamas and the Al Aqsa Brigade! I'm progressive. It says so on my bathroom mirror".

Here's the very groovy Phyllis Chessler with a great piece on Left feminist Jew hater's.

Regards old Alice Walker the alleged writer, is she ill, or just kiddin' me? Could she be anymore er, 'Berkeley?' Alice recently wrote one of her usual style of idiot and by the numbers columns on that great sage, Barry Obama.

The list of venality was as expected. Cuba good. Check. Palestinians great. Check. Israel and the Jews bad and are to blame for everything. Check. Obama is the cat’s pyjamas. Check. Her drooling Code Pink approved pamphlet style article, comes with a classic scatter gunning of new ageisms. Check. Ad nauseum. Check. Here’s as much as I can stand of Alice the deluded earth mother and ineffective clown Walker, and her dumb as a brick scribblings.

Alice: “On any given day we, collectively, become the goddess of the three directions. ..” Er, whut?

"...there is not one person I wish to see suffer". Then stop writing.

"I want a grown-up attitude to Cuba, for instance, a country and people I love". Hey, don't leave out Fidel the gangster pig or Che the child killer Guevara, Alice! Does she love Cubans being in over 300 jails across Cuba, around 290 of them built after the er, 'Peoples Revolution?'

"I want an end to the war immediately, and I want the soldiers to be encouraged to destroy their weapons and drive themselves out of Iraq". Er, you are insane, right? Hey, moon bat Heaven then! Here I come! Round ‘em up! Ride ‘em out! Drive ‘em out!

"I want the Israeli government to be made accountable for its behaviour to the Palestinians..." Well, she would, because Israel still stubbornly insists on existing and most Jews are still alive. Poor pro-Hamas by default, Alice.

"I want the people of the US to cease acting as if they don't understand what is going on". Alice for one is not pretending. How clueless and retarded can a grown adult be and still be able to tie their own shoe laces and not be wearing diapers?

"But most of all I want someone with the confidence to talk to anyone, "enemy" or "friend". See, there is no real difference between a friend or an enemy, or good and evil, or anything once you free float associate ya little mind in moral equivalence loon land. Oh, except for George Bush. He’s “Bush Hitler!”

"...and this Obama has shown he can do". Sadly yes, all he will ever do is talk and talk and lie and lie and hate, but in the approved and 'right on!' way.

I suggest having a look at this column by Anne Coulter on a little known earlier book by Barry Obama called “Dreams from My Father”. It shows that Obama is a long time Pastor Wright influenced, race baiting grievance obsessed neurotic bigot and racist. In short, an unhinged nut job bore, mediocrity and middle-class hoodlum in waiting. Thus the Leftoid accolades and moon bat style worship of the latest Democrat er, ‘Messiah’. Anne calls the Manchurian Candidate’s er ‘book’, “Obama’s dime store ‘Mein Kampf”. Pretty apt as you’ll see. Buy it and keep a bucket handy.

Good Grief. Alice is merely a mass produced, bog standard dishonest Jew hater and as per usual Leftard boob. And yet she get's paid money for her phony and undergraduate drivel. Why? That's the MSM today, folks! It’s a gold mine of idiocy.

Colonel Neville.

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