Saturday, 12 April 2008

Death by Activist.

Dr Sidney Freedman: “I wonder if we could shoot the breeze a little and talk about why you feel the need to despise the system of Capitalist Democracy that you are obviously and completely supported by? Perhaps you can tell me a little about your folks and any unresolved parental issues? Where do you think this urge to be a faux rebel comes from? Sure, feel free to have a cigarette if you want to.....”

Updated request of the week from Wednesday 12 September 2007.

The Doctor is in. Here’s a poser, sports. What percentage exactly, of the alleged ‘good intentions’ of Leftist activists when translated into their non ‘ideas’, and then put into their kind of actions, scientifically result in their stated and loudly claimed outcomes? By what empirical degree can this be objectively shown if at all? Exhale of breath....

I would say that all of the above can definitely be shown but almost entirely in the negative.

Almost none of the non-ideas of the Left, Socialism or Liberalism have resulted in anything much but failure and fiasco, especially when taken to their logical ends as they almost invariably are. That's Liberal as it is today, and not Libertarian. I'm a Conservative Libertarian, at least I was the last time I looked at the labels on my underwear.

Leftism has been nothing but a disaster for any of the world’s people who have been unfortunate enough to be touched so very heavily by the dead hand of Leftist, Communist, Marxist, Socialist and Radical Revolutionary ‘dreams' of mass mediocrity, via mass conformity and mass murder.

Now dig, the discredited book 'Silent Spring' by Rachel Carson, based on faulty method, evidence, analysis and conclusion, resulted in the banning of DDT. With the use of DDT, deaths from Malaria etc, dropped from millions to thousands, to hundreds and even zero in places where it was used, like Africa, Latin America and the Southern States of America.

Here's some more of the great Michael Chrichton on environmentalism as a religion.

Since DDT was banned by the West and the efforts of it's control freakery and nosey activists, who um, tend to live in places that are not malarial zones, such as L.A, New York, Melbourne, London and San Francisco, malarial deaths have soared back to millions of people. It's estimated that around 30 million and perhaps as high as 60 million people have died, who absolutely would not have died.

Think about that. [Even with the fact of possible resistance to DDT. In the West, we have the same resistance strain problems, and yet I notice that we don't get rid of everything that makes our lives, er, continue.}

Millions deliberately killed in non-Western countries by a preventable disease, virtually now non-existent in the West due to our demands and efforts at erradication and developement, via the economics afforded by er, electricity, oil, roads, dams and modern cities etc. All the things actvists continually attempt and succeed in denying the poor of the world.

Activists are directly responsible in this one instance, for perhaps the same amount of people as died in WWll, and all without a ripple. Sure, Ugandan Ministers have begged the West for DDT to save their people from misery and death. And so has The World Health Organisation. There is not a single record of a human death proven to be caused by the use of DDT. Not one. But no dice from those who er, "care" so Left Liberally. Sadly, they neglect to hang around for empirical follow through. Nope, so many other poor people to experiment with.

Imagine a vast outbreak of malarial mosquitoes and the endless list of other hideous diseases they carry, breaking out in downtown Berkley say, or at Colmbia University Campus Imagine the folks concerned being happy with nets and other pitiful methods and if this was enforced by Africans?! Er, no way.

Every cracker protester would want the government to nuke every pointy breeding ground with hardcore insecticide, baby! In short, activism in the third world is eco-imperialism. It's for the third world to bear the most terrible of fashionable burdens, not for activists.

Imagine what effect the stopping of the building over 300 dams has had on the third world powerless, poor and voiceless? The millions doomed to no fresh water, no electricity to run hospitals, factories, repair cars, light homes and no clean air cooking etc, etc? Yep, more beautiful activism by our heroes and the saviours of the world. Er, no.

The Left today mostly despise real individuals, especially successful ones. They prefer fancy dress faux rebels who attack easy targets that won't hit back. They seem to like individuality as long as it's approved of by the group. Sadly for these saviours of the working class, real individuals surprizingly don't have to be pre-proscribed Central Casting clones and irritating twerps! Frankly, the Leftist idea of diversity mostly works out to be the opposite of diversity.

It's creepy, boring and downright peculiar to adopt the wooden, supremely dated, irrelevant, limiting stance of the Lefts mechanical package of non-thinking and then try to use this to take a measure of the world. Seeing everything through its distorting prism should start to taper off around the age of seventeen. It would fail in boxing, martial arts, any profession or philosophy and just about anything else you can think of.

But aye, there's the rub, boyo. They're enchanted with a theory and not a reality. All of it lacking the required, connecting grey areas and absent any definitive evidence in the positive. At the same time, they want you to believe in jumping of this bridge constructed entirely in the abstract and often perhaps without their esteemed company.

"Oh, it's a miserable failure, everywhere and everytime?! Oh, that wasn't the real deal, then."

It never is. No matter how horribly real it is for those involved. Yep, never mind the quality, admire the width of vision! Er, quite frankly, you can blow ya vision, mate.

Contrast this with how the Left are always confident that Capitalism and or Democracy has been tried in some dysfunctional wallow and failed, when it so laughably hasn't. Um, private property, civil government, economic literacy and freedom, free press, freedom of movement, freedom and security of capital, free markets, rule of law, accountability etc, etc, etc. They empirically do work, chum, but you have to have them permanently in place and functioning.

Still, never mind. Being wilfully disingenuous is the Leftist tactic of choice.

Do people really believe that after millions of years that life could just happen to fit into a random theory, a stupid alienated dichotomy that began pretty much with Karl Marx the Creep and only came into a fuller vogue in the 1960's?

Karl Marx misunderstood almost everything about the world, life and people. He knew next to nothing about real human beings because he was so completely uninterested in them.

Not for him, boring reality. It was an intellectual life on a comfy strato cumulus cloud for Marxy baby. For the prototype head in the clouds Leftard ideologue, the deal was strictly pointless, meaningless, inhuman and complicated abstract theorising and crude postulating. What a miserable and dirty old bastard he was, just like the freak baby's arm growing out of his forehead that was Vladimir Lenin.

The Left likes 'the people' or the working class in roughly this order: as either victims, as passive and having no opinion or in total agreement with the stupid goals of Leftism.

The Left does not really like 'the people' such as the working class in this order; those who dare to ridicule and criticize the Left at all, those who strongly disagree entirely with Leftist politics, seeing through it's contradictory fraudulence and are also happy and successful because of this, or those with their own opinions of almost any other kind, and of course, the indifferent.

The Left hates working class people who are now middle class! Just like the Left often are.

The Left regularly seeks to discredit the desires of the ordinary people as "meaningless consumerism". Apparently economic dysfunction and poverty has "meaning". Riiight. Well, actually only to those who have experienced it and it means shite.

And after around 100 years of the Left and various other Radicals saying that Capitalist Democracies can never, ever provide for the common people? Well, now that Capitalism and Democracy have done exactly that and so spectacularly, the Left now have to make the absurd claim that it's all not really worth having anyway.

"So there. Nya, nya! I didn't want my parents Trust Fund after all!"

And this phony baloney from the predominantly University educated and affluent professionals that are the most likely to be Leftist instigators, theorisers, leaders, promoters and propagandists. Anything to regain a rapidly fading sense of legitimacy, eh? Just get that faux rebel badge!

See any of a dozen SBS or ABC TV 'documentaries' or stupid broadsheet columns, showing that a high standard of living and income, security, freedom, health, dental care, education and enjoyment, consumer goods, holidays, having an incredible reduction in infant mortality and a more than doubling of life expectancy etc, etcetera, is wait for it...all a sham!

There is an example currently on SBS TV called 'Decadence'. Naturally I thought it was about the current crop of hideously spoiled, ignorant, deluded and traitorous Hollywood stars and shakers. But no. Lots of mood music and long shots showing the ants and peasants lost in the emptiness of um, living without the novelty and innate truth of poverty! It's the awfulness of freedom!

One of the hardest and singular facts to grasp is that real life is relentlessly Conservative. This is what every parent knows unless they could easily swap mentalities with their own kids. The proven methods of civil governments, Capitalist economic institutions and their required natural actions only, have made the world the vastly improved place it is today, and on almost every count.

Those that look to the absurdity of forcing ‘perfection’ onto people, government and all institutions, actually don’t like the ‘bent timbers’ of real human beings and have no faith in them. They are essentially egotists who believe that they know better than the peasants beneath them.

All ideologies that try to reach some kind of crazy Utopia, fail utterly because they put their entire warped efforts into violently coercing real people into artificial and abstract boxes. And of course, the people can never fit to it or measure up, so they smash them harder and can just never murder enough of them.

Consider the primarily and ultimately useless, hateful, inhuman, merely superficial and insanely unworkable 'Master Plans' of Leftist Marxist crap, bunkum and junk.

Crap, Bunkum and Junk? Who'll ever forget them!

With little variation, they have atomised and bankrupted dozens of cultures and societies while snuffing out the potential of some 100 million viciously and even casually murdered individuals.

Think about what all those lost lives, really think about it. North Korea, Cuba and many other total failure and non entity run states, are still very actively doing the monumental mass murder thing. And with virtually zero criticism from the Left, in fact if any comment is made at all, it's usually praise.

For the Left, criticism is kept exclusively for the victims of these dispicable regimes.

One of the Lefts dominating and self justifying lies is the propagation of the idea that the world is getting worse when on virtually every measure, it’s getting markedly and rapidly better.

This is merely a deceptive tactic to discredit Capitalist Democracy, the most triumphantly effective dual system for improving the lives of the mass of the worlds peoples, ever devised. The progress we have today via real solutions would have happened even quicker and much wider, without the last and current century of distraction via the murderous vortex of Leftist revolutions, and their closed psychopathic and sovereign states of madness.

I believe this falsely based and wilful Leftist negativity is a major source of what is triggering a kind of learned helplessness, fatalism and depression among many people, especially the young, who are mostly told that the world is probably doomed, worthy only of an entrenched, heightened sense of paranoia and the dead-end of their dreary “...whatever, Bush is Hitler!” disdain.

Activism and protests are primarily about the activists and protesters.

At core it’s deeply narcissistic, and like all people who admire their superior reflections, anything that distracts them from their narrow focus quickly brings out a flare of sudden anger. For an obsessive return to their sickening mirror gazing, the Leftard has to mask it with a bogus claim of it all being about "...the people!"

Sadly, this consideration and sensitivity is hard to actually witness in action one on one, especially if it involves you.

That’s maybe why their annoying, narrow, predictable and tedious range of hobby horses are picked up so suddenly, loaded up and burdened with more rhetoric than they can possibly hold and just as suddenly, discarded and forgotten. Like a platitudinous Don Quixote tilting at the windmills of a mediocre mind. Pretty corny, eh? I couldn't resist, but it's all true.

Quick as a flash, it’s being wheeled and pushed down a default tunnel view with the protagonists proclaiming shrilly and earnestly, their ‘deep’ concern and connection to this or that pet cause. Before you can say, “And what’s the government doing about it?”, the object of temporary and mercurial fascination are unloaded, and without pause for accountability. Then it’s on to the next er, ‘cause’.

This applies whether they are actual human beings who are the mere grist for an ideological mill, or just some earnestly grabbed upon stupid abstraction. Leftist politics are at core an emotional position. It’s how you feel about something and no deeper. That's because it's not about doing anything practical or constructive yourself at all.

It’s a pose of whining and fake caring when in practice they are some of the rudest, intolerant, glib and dismissive bastards you’ll ever meet. It’s a sort of neurotic impulse, seizing on a feeling about something, anything, without the slow, hard and incremental work of actual research, understanding and achievement.

It’s quite a wank really. There’s a sweaty eagerness and intense focus that blocks out any other non-reinforcing information.

“Must ..devour ..the latest bit of ...horrible, crass ..obviousness”. A rush towards tension and then, release. That’s why you can’t question these people at all really. They gotta get off and high, and don’t get in the way of their self righteous jerk and hit! After all, ya can’t step on a dream can you, eh? A wet dream that never arrives.

“Get ya hands off a my dream, my toys, my candy, my stack and my self-abuse! Oh, my, my, my Sharona!"

Clearly, most activists and protesters quite clearly don’t really give a damn about the actual people involved in what they narrowly grab upon, or else they’d make the effort to damn well know something about them. People and their concerns are merely ciphers for a selfishness so profound, that the maintaining of the image of being better than everyone else is everything. No uncheery little ripples of self reflection are allowed to disturb its limpid surface of self regard. What a bummer.

Thus the absurd and extreme hyperbole aimed at those the Left hates and boy, they do, don't they, eh?

The worse that those in disagreement can be made to appear, the better their own shabby case that just can’t seem to stand on its own merits and meagre evidence of "sometime in the future".

There is entirely no room for the human face of George Bush, John Howard and any Conservative or even Liberal voice to test any proposal, any statement. All ya mostly get is subject change and inane shouts of “Fascist!”, “Right Winger!”and “Imperialist!” by people, who are so habitual, insulated and deluded in their 'right on' politics, that they are unaware that they are likely to have never met the latter or to have experienced either of the former.

These bastards leave themselves little to no room to manoeuvre in the real world. It’s all fantasy. When you say “Bush is Hitler!”, you are not only a robotic bore and mass parrot, but who the Hell was Hitler then? Not Hitler?

Test any Left position and almost none hold up to any serious examination either immediately or historically. No, I mean really test them. Get ordinary people to buy these alleged ideas and pay for them with their own money and not the government’s cash via productive taxpayers. They won't in the market place. Thus they like to get the government to do it all.

How does any sane and decent person accept in any way a movement with such a bizarre, horrible and absolutely discredited track record of zero 'Quality Control?' If it was a cheap toy, you'd return it and demand ya money back. Actually, Left ideology is much less fun, use and value for money than a cheap wind up monkey.

In the beginning and in the end, the Left was and is now, entirely concerned with its own immature posturing, its high pitched intellectually bankrupt mental gymnastics and nothing else. Hard to believe, but Islamism is and will be, much worse than Left Liberal Fascism, Nazism, Communism, Socialism and the various brands of hideous Radicalism. But then of course, the Left has already linked up quite comfortably with Islamists and other mass murder based groups.

Islamism is totally Apocalyptic in vision. Islamists aim to destroy and supplant everything with their one dimensional, anti-human and anti-life Hell. In their wildest freak dreams, almost no Nazi, Imperial Japanese General, Communist Fruitcake or African Cannibal King etc, ever wanted to destroy virtually everything.

That's all the things that make up our real world of light and humanity, folks.

Islamism hates everything living and alive, normal, flexible, real and human. Islam hates the world, everything and everybody in it. Islamism loves only ugliness, hatred, madness and death.

Where is the serious resistance exactly to this spreading nightmare? Lord, I searched, but my search was all in vain...

Certainly not with the US Democrats and someone like Hillary clinical narcissism Clinton, Obama the Manchurian Candidate, the British PM Gordon Brownnose for Islam, or our own Kevin Rudderless, the ex-Diplomat but current Putz in waiting no longer?

God help us all, but get it engraved on your guns if you can get them, in the now unarmed citizenry of Australia.


Dan Zaremba. said...


The Left hates working class people who are now middle class!

Of course they do. They lost a perfectly good BAMBI to defend.

Still they have Muslims now, shouldn't complain for Muslims are not going to turn into another Middle Class.

From 17 September 2007.

GM. said...

Colonel, you have diagnosed the enemy quite well. I hereby promote you to Therapist in Chief with all the rights and privleges thereunto attached.


CS&W said...


A fine essay/rant from a newly discovered blogger, Colonel Robert Neville, on the Left’s preference for theory over reality.

From October 1 2007.

Ed Darrell said...

Your indictment of DDT is scientifically incorrect. Crichton's hysterical rants deserved to be carefully analyzed -- I've done some of the work for you here, at Millard Fillmore's Bathtub:

Ed Darrell said...

Since DDT was banned by the West and the efforts of it's control freak nosey activists, who um, tend to live in places that are not malarial zones, such as L.A, New York, Melbourne, London and San Francisco, DDT deaths have soared back to millions of peole. It's estimated that around 30 million and perhaps as high as 60 million people have died, who absolutely would not have died.

Think about that.

How could you have already forgotten about Idi Amin? Are you an Amin apologist?

Malaria's roaring back is not due to a lack of DDT. DDT was only used in three African nations prior to the end of the malaria eradication campaign -- that's a key reason the eradication campaign failed: There was a short window to make the program work, to kill enough mosquitoes that malaria would die out in humans, so when the mosquitoes came roaring back, as Fred Soper knew they would, there would be no malaria for them to transmit.

But in order to blame Rachel Carson for those deaths, you'd have to establish that people like Idi Amin, and Amin himself, were hampered in their efforts to stop malaria by an absence of DDT.

And now you can see the folly of the argument. Amin would not have hesitated to use a chemical that would destroy the environment, had it occurred to him. Amin did nothing to stop malaria.

There are real causes of the rise of malaria after 1970, including chiefly the malaria parasites' developing resistance and immunity to the drugs used to treat the disease in humans (and recent gains are attributable to the use of new combinations of drugs).

Absence of DDT was not, and is not the problem.

Also, it's highly ironic: Opposition to DDT's use in Africa today is led by conservative businessmen. Every major environmental group has endorsed the Rachel Carson-approved use of DDT in Indoor Residual Spraying (IRS) campaigns.

The issue is more complex than just demonizing environmentalists.

People are dying today from malaria. We can move to stop future deaths, or we can dither about making false claims about Rachel Carson and environmentalists.

A child's life is in your hands. What will you do?