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Three thousand holes in Bradford Yorkshire or anywhere.

No sane person can deny Islamists in Britain today are not "inclusive". They want to kill us all.

“I read the news today, oh boy,
Four thousand holes in Blackburn Lancashire.
And though the holes were rather small,
They had too count them all,
Now they know how many holes it takes to fill the Albert Hall.
I’d love to turn you on”.

‘A Day in the Life’. The Beatles.

I read the news online Thursday, three thousand Muslim girls and boys have disappeared from Bradford and across England. And though the children were rather small, they had to ignore them all. Now we know how many souls it takes to be dismissed by a Dhimmi City Hall.

Quite frankly, many of us bloggers should be recognised global columnists. I’m as good as many in the embarrassing MSM and better than most, which ain’t really saying anything that much, I grant you. And man, I’d make a few more things a little more er, recognised. Oh yes I would, sports. So in this spirit, I dedicate today’s post to the great site Stop Honour Killings.

“A crowd of people turned away, but I just had to look…”

Dear sports, there’s a thousand reports and facts either under-reported, badly reported, or deliberately and criminally hidden from most, by a mediocre to criminal MSM, our PC Leftard Socialist infected, incompetent and weak minded governments and by our often naff, ham strung and plodding PC Police, all the time.

A particular hideous fact is how thousands of mostly female children, though with around 15% of the estimated number being boys and all from Asian families, but read as predominantly Muslim, are ‘disappeared’ from school by their social retard folks. They are in fact kidnapped, threatened, assaulted, detained, “penalised with rape” and taken overseas for forced marriages, in some of the fifty very odd Islamic Monkey Houses or other Muslim, Asian, Carribean and Indian sinkholes.

“…shocked when she met her husband for the first time. "Her in-laws used unimaginable violence to force her to consummate the marriage...” Der Spiegal.

And gosh, what do you think the sterling British authorities and Police are doing about it? Er, cutting funding to a group that has been fighting this very thing for over thirty years unless they vow to be more um, “inclusive!” I kid you not.

“Every year, 3,000 British schoolgirls vanish. One day they are in their classroom, the next they are gone, forced by their Asian families into marriages abroad. Yet despite this shocking figure, which was revealed this month, few question the girls' absence.

The police and teachers are often reluctant to intervene for fear of being seen as racist. The real racism, however, is in denying these young people help. Political correctness and a desire to respect so-called cultural traditions are no excuse for inaction.

One charity has been supporting these and other black and Asian victims of domestic brutality for 30 years. Southall Black Sisters, based in West London, has not flinched from voicing uncomfortable truths about forced marriage, so-called honour killing or mental, sexual and physical violence in the home. But not for much longer, it seems.

The London council that funds the charity has decided to pull its finance, unless it can demonstrate it is more "inclusive". The Daily Mail.

And as per usual, sixteen, fourteen and twelve year old girls and boys and all the way down, who have grown up in a normal, healthy and free West, or even in the current England, are forced to marry for example, a retarded six year old, a thirty year old pedophile or a seventy year old goat rapist. Or some other toxic and diseased variant of what passes for relationships between and within the sexes, in the dysfunctional and profoundly perverted Hall of Broken Mirrors, that is the er, Islamic world. Hey, it's their world.We just throw up or are murdered in it.

“She flew with her parents to Pakistan for a vacation. Once there, her parents forced her to marry a man who only married her so he could get legal residency in Great Britain”. Der Spiegal.

Sure, there’s a bad side too. The entire Middle East has published less books in the last 1300 years than Spain translates into Spanish in any twelve month period. Hey, it’s not just the good cheer of Islam that is involved like Pakistan, the Middle East and North Africa, but other sub-continent back pack tour destinations, plus the Carribean and so on.

But then, it’s easy for a school to hide or ignore such things, if they are their own cultural bubble and thus part of the problem. 17% of Bradford is now Muslim with an average birth rate of 3.5 children, so things can only get better. Got to!

‘David Ward, Bradford council's executive member for education, is not convinced. To put it mildly, he feels frustrated and constrained because he can have no say in which pupils are accepted by aided schools such as Feversham.

"You feel as if you are fighting with both hands tied behind your back when dealing with segregation," he says. "We are trying to desegregate in Bradford but we are powerless when we have schools dictating their own admissions policies. To break down some of the problems caused by residential segregation, you need some control over admissions policies. We have 26 secondary schools in Bradford and 11 of them have their own admissions policies".

Ward looks at figures that tell him that a decline of 20,000 white children aged up to 17 will be matched by an almost equal rise in the number of Pakistani and Bangladeshi children in the same age range’. From The Guardian.

'Southall Black Sisters has campaigned vigorously against forced marriage, which is different from arranged marriages where both partners consent'.

'The figure of 3,000 forced marriages a year, revealed in a Home Office-funded study, may be the tip of the iceberg. Three hundred young people are missing in Luton alone. Yet the Government's Forced Marriage Unit deals with only 300 cases nationally in a year.

Is this because of a lack of funding or awareness, or does it simply not take the problem seriously? Often parents take their girls out of school and coerce them into marriage because the children have become, in their eyes, too westernised and opinionated. Sending them "home", say to Pakistan, to marry is seen as the solution to teenage hormones and changing aspirations.

Many children are held hostage and their passports taken away. Girls, and sometimes even boys, are told they have shamed their family and ignored religious teachings; sometimes parents fake illness to emphasise their distress. Parents say it is their daughters' duty to go along with the ceremony, even if that marriage begins with rape followed by years of mental and physical abuse.

Such appalling treatment is not acceptable in the modern world, where all women should expect State protection from abuse”. The Daily Mail.

Pirates are political, on the University of Bradford Islamic Society hosting known Islamic terror groups. “By tomorrow there is likely to be an article in the Yorkshire Post that makes reference to the activities of Hizb ut-Tahrir at the University of Bradford Islamic Society. The University and the Union are likely to put out a bland press release smoothing things over.

If the Islamic Society has anything to do with it there will also be a section saying how the society is non-Sectarian and has a diverse range of viewpoints. It may even deny any links to HT at all. Fortunately I know better however and can certainly prove strong ties between HT and the I-Soc and give specific examples of how they operated in the years 2003-06. There is still good reason to believe they continue to operate in this way”.

From British MP Paul Goodman's who almost gets it right in the accompanying article, if you ingore the default bogus apologia that Islam is at heart a delight, that has been somehow ‘er, 'corrupted’. Yeah, like how Goebbels, Eichman and Goerring corrupted Nazism.

"George Orwell once wrote of the ‘deep, deep sleep of England, from which I sometimes fear that we shall never wake till we are jerked out of it by the roar of bombs. ‘On 7/7, we heard the roar of bombs in London.

I sometimes worry that the deep, deep sleep that Orwell described in the 1930s is still here in relation to Islamism in sections of the Government, parts of the political and media establishment, the House and the country. This is one of the most urgent problems facing us, and if we are in that deep, deep sleep, it is time for all of us to wake up".

Ah, the Brits do so enjoy a wide, rich tapestry of imported social corruption ending in large scale violent crime, gun crime and so on. Disproportionately kids, coming from the same few groups. Muslim Pakistanis, Bangladeshis, Africans, Morroccons, Algerians, Jamaicans and so on ad nauseum. What’s even better, is that they can now add Russian Mafia, various Balkan funsters and many other kinds of Euro creeps.

It really is a “fascinating” and “vibrant” cultural mix, eh? All the time I meet Brit ex-pats who are so excited about living in such a progressive Left Socialist dreamscape, that they just had to leave the right on fun of it all, never to return. It was just too much fun!

“As usual I find an author trying to dilineate Islam, Islamism radical Islam and others such, without giving any reasons. There is only one Islam, founded on the cananonical texts of Islam, the Koran, the Hadiths and Sura. OBL understands them well enough, and so do the imams, and it is the reason why so called "Muslim moderates" do not appear in any significant numbers, or have any sway with the Muslim public". DaveP, Beverley, UK. From Times Online in response to a Martin Amis piece on Islam called ‘9/11 and the Cult of Death’, now removed.

England has finally achieved the PC Leftard dream of a diverse culture of crime and social decay. Bravo. And as this latest report shows, with little to zero to negative benefit, to the ordinary British people themselves.

For an in depth report on race relations in Bradford, dig Pub Philosopher and click on ‘’Race Relations in Bradford’. Catchy as they say, eh?

From the Pub Philosopher: "Immigrants come to a country expecting to change their lifestyles. They can and often do maintain key elements of their culture for generations, particularly their religion, but in many ways they adopt the dominant culture in such aspects as work, dress, leisure, housing and family composition. Colonists do not, they come into a country to displace the existing culture and establish their own. Colonists impose their language and customs. Once these facets are established, further incomers become immigrants accepting the society they enter.

This is a useful distinction. The European colonists sought to conquer and impose their way of life on their countries. Once they had done so, they reinforced their position with further waves of immigrants from the mother country. The immigrants to the USA, by contrast, kept some of their customs but on the whole, accepted American culture and values.

Mahony continues:

From colonist to immigrant is the dominant pattern historically, however, this process seems to be thrown into reverse in Bradford. The Pakistani and Bangladeshi communities now expect to recreate the environment of their country of origin. They have settled in village patterns which reflect their origins and they constantly reinforce this by bringing in new members from the country of origin.

This, in turn, leads to spatial and social immobility, communities which are internalised on themselves and are relatively self-sufficient in social and cultural terms although reliant in many ways on the economic and government resourced infrastructure.

So the Pakistani community in Bradford is behaving more like a colonial outpost than an immigrant community. It is establishing its own area and then bolstering its position with new arrivals from Pakistan. Once you understand this, a lot of other things start to make more sense".

“He wasn't sure if the police in Bradford were even looking for the children. According to Brennan's report, the statistics look similar in an additional 14 communities with a high percentage of immigrants. All told, hundreds of children have disappeared from the school registers in Great Britain, whereabouts unknown". Der Spiegal.

What does this all mean eh? Beyond the profound social, cultural, security suicide and collapse of Great Britain? All this due to the rotten workings of decades of PC Left Socialist multi-cultism mega-lies, free form radicalism and the filth of Islamism? What it harshly illustrates, is that the standard Left accusations of “Racist!”, “Bigot!” and “Roger Whittaker fan!” are an utterly bogus, phony pose and a diversion.

If such twerps honestly cared about the various groups they actually use as mere handy ciphers, well, they would damn well want to protect the clear victims: the women and children within those cultures. But hey, dig. The real and only thing they want to protect is their fake image and their ever useful ideology. And bad luck if the Britain that they perversely hate dies along with the triumph of their sickening self-loathing. I say, God damn them all, sports. They are certainly out to do it to anyone who dissents.

Which dooms us all in the end I'm afraid, the many decent and productive immigrant citizens included. But even here, Islam is er, problematic, to put it mildly. As many British, European and American born third generation Muslims have empirically shown. That's not including the jolly bands of converts. So I'm back at "...dooms us all in the end". What have you got? Anything?

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Colonel, it warms the cockles of my heart to see you dedicate your blog post to the dedicated folks at the International Campaign Against Honour Killings. Bravo!

Ellen R. Sheeley, Author
"Reclaiming Honor in Jordan"