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Cognitive Dissonance: our greatest resource.

'Repeat after me. There is no indoctrination here at Columbia U! You will answer whenever necessary, "Columbia University is a market place of ideas. We love America and support the troops. We think Che the child killer Guevara is bad. We don't side with Iran's President 'Gay killer' Armachimphead. We reject treason and betrayal. Of course it's clearly empirical that Hollywood mostly sucks". Now when you hear the word 'Alec Baldwin', you will kill the President. You will kill the President. Now relax. You're back at Gnome Chumpsky's and it is afternoon tea time. You are sipping tea and polishing your sniper rifle, er, teapot'.

There is nothing more subjective than journalistic objectivity. The mainstream media is Cognitive Dissonance codified.

And there’s so much of it. It’s a laugh that so many people get most if not all of their alleged information passively from the laughable MSM, and at the same time imagine they are simultaneously somehow rebellious of mind. Yep, I wake up laughing. I’ve experienced more cheerful realisations while reading Kenneth Cook's ‘Wake in Fright’.

“Oh my God! They’re all Dhimmies!”

Anyone who learns all their lessons only at school or doesn’t, or at work, or from the mainstream media, or the gossip and rumours of their friends who have the identical funnel of disinformation poured into them, is virtually by default, deluded and I’m sorry, but they're entirely brainwashed. I know I was for a long time…

“Tolerance becomes a crime when applied to evil”. Thomas Mann.

Howard Beale: “[Shouting] You've got to say, 'I'm a human being, God damn it! My life has value!' So I want you to get up now. I want all of you to get up out of your chairs. I want you to get up right now and go to the window. Open it, and stick your head out, and yell, ‘I’m as mad as Hell and I’m not going to take this anymore!

Things have got to change. But first, you've gotta get mad!” Peter Finch in ‘Network’, a whacky film that naturally made not a damn bit of difference and why would it? They’re movies.

A great dramatic device, yes, but hardly effective. I suggest serious study, analysis and research via the Himalaya of empirical worth to be sourced via the Internet, and the various great writers and their books that this will lead you too. That is for anyone serious about real change, insight and the truth of things. Reality is a punch to the head after all and facts do not cease to exist because we are ignorant of them, or deny their existence.

“In Winter we shiver, in Summer we sweat”. Chinese proverb.

But back to Cognitive Dissonance.

“…perhaps the most important way people deal with cognitive dissonance is to prevent it in the first place. If someone is presented with information that is dissonant from what they already know, the easiest way to deal with this new information is to ignore it, refuse to accept it, or simply avoid that type of information in general”. From Phil Barker at ‘Beyond Intractability’.

Now from the same website, you come upon the perfect piece of as per usual ‘Cognitive Dissonance’ of the very people who are writing about it. A classic PC Leftard Liberal fraud. Jimmy ‘the anti-Semite farter’ Carter and his millions in Saudi bribes would be proud and couldn’t have said it better. Or Brother Tariq Ramadan for that matter, or Hitler.

“…the conflict can be perpetuated by the fact that these people aren't open to new information that might dispel these false ideas about the other side. Thus an Israeli may not be willing to hear about the thoughts, feelings and family of a Palestinian, because these contradict the Israeli's view of Palestinians as inhuman”. Balls.

“The lion and the calf shall lie down together but the calf won't get much sleep”. Woody Allen.

So dig, out of all the enormous crimes against people through the dark tunnel of history, what an ‘effing surprise that the miserable angle of even these obviously ‘intelligent’ people, is a focus on the absurdly alleged evil of the Jews and not their factual eternal fight for survival. As I said, this Cognitive Dissonance is almost everywhere. And er, gee, it's now entirely fashionable and thus acceptable in er, "progressive" Left Liberal circles, to be a screaming anti-Semite. You just gotta "frame" it right, eh?

“…appeasement is merely fear disguised as peace”. I don’t know, but someone hip.

Sadly, Phil ‘Barking Mad’ Barker sinks into the quicksand of endlessly complex and bog standard relativism on all fronts. In a permanently dissonance filled reality, including his, Phil’s views in the end are entirely useless. Dennis Sandole on the same site explains that “transitions between paradigms is very difficult and is often fraught with an upsurge in violence”. Quite. Yes, especially if you’re Jewish and are forced to deal endlessly with the singular paradigm of Islamism.

What a shame that all that fatuous and beautifully constructed theory, with just the right kind of PC sheen and statements that criticise carefully only those who won’t cut off your head, collapses like wet bread when faced with the existential, entirely serious and determined threat of Islamofascism. What a drag. Thus is the untested and unproven path to theoretical Hell constructed by the eternal ass hat wearer.

“The road to hell is paved with adverbs”. Stephen King.

“What sort of disconnect does it take to see clips of Imams inciting violence based on quotes from the Koran…and then blame the person who put them in the film? Kids, this is what liberalism does to your brain”. Texas Dan on Hotair, April 11 2008, speaking about the standard Dhimmi reactions to Geert Wilders short film ‘Fitna’ about the “filth” of Islam, as Christopher Hitchens has rightly called it.

As Mark Steyn said “…how can anyone look at all the problems in the world and then say that Bush and Cheney are the problem? This is absurd”.

Evan Sayet: “I’ve have tried to understand how the [Left] Liberal mind works. Because I have dear friends, I have lifelong friends and close relatives who I know are not evil. And I know that in every other way, they are not stupid. And yet, they will side with evil, failure and wrong at every turn”.

Sayet talks about it’s the difference between seeing the world objectively and seeing it neutrally. He uses a great example of how at a baseball game, if the Jets win against the Giants, you would write objectively how "…the Jets were a better team, better coached and conditioned etc…” But if you’re neutral “…the Jets and the Giants are equally good, and you would spend the rest of your article trying to explain away the failure of the Giants. They were cheated! And that is how they see America”.

“Virtue is its own punishment”. Aneurin Bevan.

Evan states how there are only two ways to explain American success, “…prosperity, unprecedented ingenuity, creativity, productivity and strength. Either we are a superior culture; our Judeo Christian Heritage; our Christian Founding Father’s and their brilliant documents; our Protestant work ethic, combined with our culture. And we’ve earned our success. That’s what the objective thinker comes to.

But the neutral thinker, the multiculturalist cannot say that we earned it, that our culture is better. So the only thing left for them is that we stole it.

The only contradiction I like more is that “George Bush is the stupidest person who ever lived!” So how come so many Democrats voted for the war? Because he fooled them!

We’re creative… the freest market place in history…we use 60% of the worlds energy. Well, of course we do. We’re the people who have plugs. We have things to plug into those plugs… because I’m a Conservative I’ve learnt to be grateful. I say thank you Ben Franklin for the electricity...thankyou Thomas Edison for the light bulb…thank you boys and girls at IBM. Not thank you Al Qaeda or Hamas…but thank you Steve Jobs and Bill Gates.

We have these things because we have an environment that you can be creative in. Multiculturalists make excuses for the evil, failed and wrong…it can’t be their culture, it must be something we’ve done.

“The greatest of faults, I should say, is to be conscious of none”. Thomas Carlyle.

Evan has said that he would be happy to publish a book with on one side the Conservative Republican argument and on the other, the Democrat Left Liberal argument on an issue: “…for example, the war in Iraq. That Saddam Hussein was the single most destabilising force in the worlds most volatile region; a region that’s the crossroads of three continents and the very hub of Arab and Islamic terror that’s been spreading around the globe, not only for the last several decades, but for the last several centuries.

Then on the other side of the page, have the Democrats argument: You know “Bush is Hitler”...

“Nihilism is best done by professionals”. Iggy Pop.

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