Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Al Gore lies like a fourteen year old girl.

Gee Al, you cheating bastard, I believe you have uber-lied and continue to lie right now, so that your personal wealth could go from 2 million dollars of flab in 2000 to 100 million mega fattening dollars today. And plenty more to come, eh? Yummy. Hey Fat Albert! Gobble gobble up that thick rich gravy from the Super-Sized Global Warming Gravy Train! Free money. Yay!

"Mmmmmmm, tastes like taxpayer!" Al Gore.

Dear sports, here's the thing:

Science IS scepticism. War is Hell? Nope, warming bullshit is Green Hell.

I liked these so much I just had to put ‘em up without much padding. This is what happens when one's idea of Quality Control and honest motives come via once washed up political transvestites like Al 'give me more' Gore, coke head juvenile movie stars, dumber than dog hair celebrities and eternally tenured leftard academics after a nice fat PC grant or two. Via the fabbo Andy Bolt at the Herald Sun and Tim Blair at The Daily Telegraph. Lotsa Gore.

Andy on when GW alarmist bullshit doesn't freaking happen, in fact largely the reverse. And oddly this is depressing and upsetting to the True Gore blimey Believers. Always with the negative waves, man. Nevermind. Of denial, of denial. Smells like leftard teens dispirited.

"I couldn't leave her if I tried!"

But first, Dr Sanity on why the left lack manners and charm:

"When it comes to a discussion of National Security, this histrionic post demonstrates exactly why it has been impossible to engage members of the political and consistently lunatic left in any sort of rational discussion.

It's like trying to discuss responsibility with a self-indulgent and overly dramatic adolescent girl.

The angry teenager who just hates it when she doesn't get her way, is particularly enraged when Mommy (usually on her side) goes along with Daddy; and we see that same dynamic rather frequently these days, as the narcissistic left raises the decibel level of their pouts and whines whenever their will or their world view is thwarted.”

And Bill at eject eject eject on logical fallacy and cognitive dissonance a la leftard liberal.

At last, House Speaker Newt Gingrich and his slam du jour expose of Gore's bullshit control freakery. WE HAVE PLENTY OF OIL AND GAS for over a century. But that would destroy Islamic killers blood supply, while powering the economy and enhancing massively Western security and it would vastly limit Al Gore making lottsa ca$h. So no.

Al Gore and his kind would kill America for money and fame.

Tim Blair on the ma$$ conformity of Global Warming fraud$ and liar$.

How Gore invests a billion or two.

So many questions with no clear answers from Fat With Ca$h Albert.

“1. You are a partner in the venture capital firm of Kleiner-Perkins and a co-founder of the United Kingdom-based investment firm of Generation Investment Management, each of which stands to gain financially from greenhouse gas regulation. Please describe any other financial interests that you have in any other businesses that stand to profit from greenhouse gas regulation.

2. In October 2008, the New York Times Magazine featured a cover story on how Kleiner Perkins had invested $1 billion in 40 companies that would profit from new environmental and energy laws and regulations. What will be your share of any profits from these ventures?

3. How much of your own money have you contributed to Kleiner-Perkins, Generation Investment Management and other businesses that stand to profit from greenhouse gas regulation? If you have not contributed significant amounts of your own capital to these businesses, what, then, is your role in them? Are you a lobbyist? Are you the face of their public relations efforts? Is your job to run around scaring politicians and the public into enacting greenhouse gas regulation?

4. Is Kleiner-Perkins’ business plan to have you press for legislation and regulation favorable to its clients in order to make them more attractive and available for sale to the public, at which time Kleiner-Perkins would cash out, leaving the public invested in not-ready-for-prime-time companies that have dubious financial prospects and that are dependent on taxpayer subsidies?

5. Your co-founder with Generation Investment Management is former Goldman Sachs partner David Blood. Goldman Sachs is lobbying for global warming legislation and is a part owner of the Chicago Climate Exchange, where carbon credits from cap-and-trade legislation would be traded. Do you or Generation Investment Management stand to benefit in anyway from these relationships?

6. Generation Investment Management’s web site says the firm provides investment advice to clients. Who are Generation Investment Management’s clients and how do they stand to profit from upcoming environmental and energy legislation and regulation? Will these clients share their profits with you and/or Generation Investment Management?

7. When you left public service in January 2001, your personal net worth was perhaps $2 million. In 2007, your personal net worth was reported to be on the order of $100 million. How much of this fortune is related, directly or indirectly, to your advocacy of legislation to reduce “global warming”?

8. When you testified before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee in January, why did you not disclose to the Committee and to the public your relationships with Kleiner-Perkins and Generation Investment Management? Generation Investment Management’s web site says, “Integrity and honesty are the bedrock of our business. We demand the highest ethical standards in our work and in our personal lives.” In light of this statement, how to you explain your failure to inform the Senate Committee of your financial conflicts of interest?

9. You travel all over the world in jets and limos, own a houseboat, use 20 times more electricity than the average American, and stand to make a fortune that most millionaires would envy. Yet you tell Americans to downsize their lives, such as by limiting their travel, using less heat and air conditioning, and drying their clothes outside on a clothesline. Describe for us, in detail, your personal “carbon footprint.”

10. If you are wrong about humans causing catastrophic global warming, will you give all the money you “earned” from your alarmism back?”

Al Gore’s Carbon Empire: Cashing In on Climate Change.

Heaven and Earth book exposes global warming bullshit.

Glow Ball Warning crap crushed.

Here's a groovy old post of mine on Gore called Triumph Of The Al.

Gee, Gore's illuminating performance reminds me of another leftard liberal hero and profoundly stupid, embarrassingly addled and phony as a fudd bastard, it's that House Of Wax moonbat Helen Thomas.

Helen Thomas, the creme de la creme of senile, babbling, pro-Hezbollah circus geek Democrat MSM tinfoilheads. The dailygator on how the MSM has awarded Helen Wheels an award for, wait for it, "journalistic excellence..." No, really. It all makes sense.

Michelle Malkin gives the Helen Thomas Award to Helen Thomas.


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"Al Gore lies like a fourteen year old girl."