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Marcy Bloom Celebrates The Insane Hell Of Abortion!

How come demanding the murder of babies is not hate speech?

Hey, "normalize" this. Could it be any worse? No. If the left can $ell THAT, [and they do] they can $ell ANYTHING. And they DO! Abortion, the welfare soft slave state and grievance politics are the ONLY actual er, "values" of the left liberal today. Everything flows from golly gee whiz, this axis of evil. Oh, there's also collectivist smiley faced ecofascism. Here's more from antiabortionsigns com

Marcy Bloom, moonbat socialist and respectable child killer enabler [Excerpts and my edit]:

“When we normalize abortion as a fact of women's lives, and discuss abortion as an honorable and loving choice that helps women to become better mothers in the future, we are showing respect, understanding, and support for the complexity of women's choices...That is why the movement is ripe - more than ripe - for an Abortion Pride Movement...
...I passionately agree. I also believe that the framework for such a movement already exists and is quite powerful. Talking about abortion pride as a social change movement, destigmatizing abortion - and by extension, destigmatizing women - are concepts I have believed in and fought for all of my adult life...Appel refers to the stigma that abortion still carries:
In contrast to women who have foregone abortion, women who have chosen to terminate their pregnancies are rarely encouraged to take pride in their decisions. 

This is unfortunate...women who step up to the ethical plate and have the strength to say, ‘This is the wrong time,' or ‘This is the wrong fetus,' should hold their heads up high in the street... In fact, many women do feel goodness, empowerment, increased self-esteem, and pride in the wisdom and the awareness that they took control of a frequently chaotic situation - unwanted pregnancy - and made a moral and ethical decision that was beneficial for their lives, their futures, and, ultimately, was also good for society.
Of course, we don't live in that world yet. Like Appel, describing abortion as safe, legal, and rare" has always deeply offended me...the rare part, that is." 

Marcy Bloom is an Orwellian circus freak and morally inverted mad bastard. But I would never say that...Ah, but as the left and others, [even alleged conservatives!] have their twisted way, we will "live" in such a "world". Or is that hell? Yes, Crazy Mazy is "offended" by the lack of abortions, but is appparently and very weirdly, never really offended at absolutely anything about abortions. Nay, she's clearly joyful. We should all be so "proud" and find such happiness in our work. An abortionist always has their work cut out for them, eh?

Here's my post on Crazy Macy's crazy little article of unlove. I've modified it for here by removing some of the standard links to sanity that I always like to add, and making my mediocre writing so that I look even more fabbo. Do I want to ban abortion? Not exactly per se, [though for most cases yes it would be if the facts were presented as much as the state endorsed criminal availability is] but it's the massively freakish fact that abortion is now always the DOMINANT faux choice presented as not just as a "necessary" evil, [a phony and ugly phrase] but now unbelievably as a necessary good. And the harsh and hideous facts are now by default, usually completely hidden from nearly everyone. It's all shiny pamphlet$, immoral moral vanity and two-faced ideologue activism of a single stripe as per usual.

This is because left liberalism is in the very air we breath and they plan to control that at some point too. The other HARD COLD FACT is that Marxist product sodden left liberals relentlessly push their ethical vacuum of rational judgement, attitude and behaviour which guarantess that ever more millions of abortions are inevitable. And even with all the caveats, it's still hard to be for a just little bit of baby killing, know what I mean?

What's good about abortion? Nothing. So why pretend there is and repackage it as such? Whats the agenda? The spread of nihilist, Godless smiley faced fascism as the only choice, bub. So dig my feeble missive at Marcy Bloom's:

"Marcy Bloom Celebrates Abortion!

Bravo and five stars for the logical dead end of socialist eugenics freakville. Abortions are FUN! What part do you like best? The blood or the screaming? I already know you DON'T like that they're "rare!" Riiiight. Yeah, of course we need MORE abortions. Millions and millions more! We ALL need more dead babies. Day and night. Er, NO. Ah, the hideous brave new world of inverted nihilist immorality and without limits. The madness of equivalence, parading as an ironically single pushed "choice". Choice means more than one uber-dominating PC paradigm. Yeah, I can see ya really care. Balls.

Thus Margaret Sanger was a racist eugenicist admired by Hitler and was an avid speaker at KKK rallies, and thus a left liberal Democrat heroine! Since 1973 13 million black babies aborted out of a black population of 14 million! And a huge money spinner it is, at $70 million for one clinic chain. [PP clinics etc are often proportionately over-represented in poorer and black areas.]

"I'm proud to have aborted a million babies" said the male owner. If the rest of America had the same rate, that'd be around 280 abortions since 73! Yes, chopping up live babies that scream and wriggle is "normal?" Check and nuance. How "right on". How freakishly crazy.

"Exterminate the negro race". Margaret Sanger the very bad person and founder of the Planned Parasitism Planned Parenthood. A large proportion of PP funding comes from tax payers, so more abortions always equal MORE MONEY. Less abortions mean LE$$ MONEY. A simple profit motive equation. "Hi Honey! ave a nice day at the vaginal orifice? Darling, is that a tiny hand stuck to your neck?"

But then the leftover has ALWAYS been utterly pro-eugenics. Here's the best selling [Left] Liberal Fascism by Jonah Goldberg. Thus ALL left liberal "values" rest on support for the expanding eternal welfare state, abortion and identity politics. It pay$ off in a permanent voter base, eh? Are you an insane moral vacuum or just merely a perfectly indoctrinated Marxist creep?

Could your mentality be any more of a pure smiley faced void of Nazi-like indoctrination, fascist and totalitarian control freak rottenness? Your "values" are that you HAVE no values. Your core values are a narcissistic "normalisation" of violent death. Thus you have NOTHING. You are profoundly, willfully deluded. You are as sickening as you are terrifying. Hey, a "respectable" nihilist! Got it.

Colonel Neville.

[Other books are The Case Against Obama by David Fredosso. Hey, Bazza Hussein Obama is all for partial birth mutilation and murder of babies. What a guy! Ah, that creepy yet meaningless hoPEanDchaNgEytHang.

How [left] Liberals Think by Evan Sayet. A CLASSIC..

Ah, read any P.J O'Rourke. And that old favourite Give War A Chance. Ooh, Eat The Rich too.] [PS. I KNOW I've seen Marcy or her doppelganger army at zombietime com drsanity blogspot com, dissectleft blogspot com, bestobamafacts com, thepeoplescube com and roadsassy com. I know I have!]

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