Monday, 6 April 2009

Jason and the argue noughts.

Jason Mattera helps Charlie Rangle to remember his Democrat tax free angle. It's true. Why should a left liberal have to pay tax? Being morally superior to everyone else and having those marvellous and loudly stated "good intentions", is more than enough.

Here’s the thing. In Melbourne, there's a kinda similiar guy to the swingin’ value for money Jason Materra [from Hotair] called John Safran.

But the groovy and fun John Safran is not apparently around the MSM so much anymore and anyway, in Australia there’s no effective MSM platform for pro-Zionist Jewish individuals with intellectual wit like John, especially of the non-leftard and non-jihadist variety. Go figure. Everyone of these set-ups are a prize of exquisite purity, and the very rare spectacle of such rotten phony and lying bastards, ever getting a straight and serious question about their many crimes against the American people.

So dig this as one Washington embezzling phony after another, shows why they often get off so easily in most of the MSM, while having a decades long free run in Washington. Ah, love that fresh faced Jason approach and then POW! Har dee hah! And yet Rangel, Kerry and Kennedy et al, can and will pretty much carry on as the untouchable and corrupt creeps that they are...

Jason Mattera reminds John 'Jane Fonda in drag' Kerry, about his as yet unprosecuted but very well paid Marxist Wintersoldiers uber-treason.

Jason Mattera reveals the profound cognitive dissonance of student Marxist brats as usual. Ah, affluent white teenage girls as er, crack troops...the mind boggles.

Jason Matterra confronts Ted ‘let the bitch drown’ Kennedy.

Comment by agingcynic: "Bottom line: When Rose Kennedy, (who hadn't left Hyannisport in 10 years), died, she was declard a resident of Palm Beach, FL to avoid MA taxes. Gotta love MA liberals, they would give you the shirt off MY back...."

Comment by Joesmoe71: "And all that horseshit is supposed to make Kennedy a wonderful person? Did I miss something or is it not written anywhere that in order to say something bad about a Kennedy you have to pledge undying loyalty to the Republicans and defend them no matter what they do? Ted is a pompous, cowardly, quasi-Marxist whom left a young woman to die to save his own pathetic political career, and no matter how much hate you hurl at Republicans nothing you're going to do is going to change those facts.”

Jason asks William Jefferson for ethical you do.

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