Friday, 17 April 2009

Mo Quish: my darling, blood of my blood. Million Dollar Maybes.

“Sometimes there’s just nothing you can do. Cuts too wide, too close to the bone. Maybe you got a severed vein”. Scraps. Million Dollar Baby.

Dear sports, here's a request that I'm very fond of, from Tuesday 04 November 2008.

“There’s some things people just don’t want to hear”. Million Dollar Baby.

“People love violence”. Million Dollar Baby.

My dear friends of the still Free Western Canon, I just watched Clint Eastwood’s masterpiece Million Dollar Bay for the 9th time I believe. Great film and art always reflects some greater truth, eh? I have Gaelic family. My darling. My blood. Mo Quish. All we have and the thought of it being infiltrated, Taquiyaa'd, blasted and beheaded... How do you really feel about that? Don't wait for it to come alive as some horrible movie that won't end, like 9/11.

The enemies of humanity and values can rationalise ANYTHING to oblivion. Step into them, deflect and counter-punch, baby.

Their milk is treason, thus the endless Hollywood slander junk against our great serving troops that bomb consecutively. Lionel Chetwynd on Woody’s latest tedium and Hollywood Liberal dystopian nightmare as dreams.

But let me say this, I’m not going to let all that I value to be touched and destroyed from within and without, whatever form censure might take. Not while I’m alive. Yeah, I'm gonna do something really er...ineffective!

“Courage is not merely one of the virtues, but the virtue at the testing point”. C.S. Lewis.

“You’ll be damned in Hell before I’m gone”. Jim Morrison.

I digress. All us conservative libertarian rational hipsters can peruse the MSM anytime and be soiled with their standard acceptable bigotry, fraud, mediocrity and genuine heartfelt incompetence. Thus the wifey puts on the largely pointless 60 Minutes where a local hack is reporting on the US elections. I’ve seen this format a hundred times since I was twelve.

You know the drill. Discredit Republicans by going South, mid-West or Texas to interview the working-class or wrong kind of middle-class white people and then make them look as bad as possible. Reminds me of a sub-genre of how Goebbels the Nazi vampire stick insect, filmed the Slavic races and the Jews.

The average MSM hack never interviews black Republicans or Latino Republicans, or Asian Republicans or show an ounce of honest respect and decency to white Republicans. But the MSM always remember the two-faced condescension, while feigning "I'm listening to you, so please, take me into your confidence".

This monstrous manipulation and out and out bigotry would never be tried on black or Asians, black Republican groups or individuals of which there are many. Hell, the MSM ain't gonna interview them. They assume that all blacks are Democrats. Unlike the fabulous Alfonso Rachel.

“Boxing is about respect: getting it for yourself and taking it from the other guy”. Million Dollar Baby.

“Some people think a fighter is all about heart. Show me a fighter that’s all heart and I’ll show you a man waiting to get beat”. Million Dollar Baby.

As in Londonistan, in Australia too we have Police, government officials and many others so incompetent, retarded, deluded, suicidal and wilfully disingenuous, made plain stupid on multi-cultism, that they can say crap like the following via the relentlessly fake Al Age newtpaper:

“Assistant Commissioner Stephen Fontana said Victoria Police was developing a new set of terms to describe terrorist-related crime and planning to drop words with religious connotations from official statements. He said it was important to emphasise the criminal nature of terrorist activity and not link the action with a specific community or religion”.

Colonel Neville: Yes, definitely not linked to Islamic religion based on eternal warfare, mass murder and deception founded by a psychopathic bandit, pedophile, rapist and Jew hater called Mohammad. Yep, nothing to do with the fact that Muslims commit 95% of all global violence and terror acts. Amazingly cowardly, intellectually bankrupt and lying bastards, ain’t they?

“Since 2002, 29 people have been charged with terrorism offences in Australia, with nine convicted and a number of cases still pending. An opinion poll last month showed 72% of Australians rank combating international terrorism as a top priority.

Mr McClelland said recent cases in Melbourne — with seven men convicted of terrorism-related offences in September — should give the public faith in the legal process. "The fact the jury didn't carte blanche convict all defendants on all charges should reassure the Australian community that the way the laws are framed does have appropriate balance," he said”.

Colonel Neville: Funny, but it gives me the opposite feeling to er, “confidence” in any system. Perhaps in part because with all the accused being total Islamists, they were by default, intent, nature and actions all as guilty as Islamic Hell.

“If she keeps hitting like that, she’s gonna break her wrist”. Million Dollar Baby.

“Hes constantly moving, moving towards you. He’s moving around ya, and movin’ away from you”. Million Dollar Baby.

“Winners are only willing to do what losers won’t do”. Million Dollar Baby.

“In a prelude to the largest criminal trial in Sydney's history, Commonwealth Crown Prosecutor Richard Maidment, SC, told potential jurors the case was against a group of men who allegedly "strongly adhered to the Islamic faith and were each motivated by a particular religious, political and ideological cause - that being the pursuit of violent jihad.

Each wore a full beard and they were dressed in plain shirts with the exception of one, who was wearing a green prison tracksuit”

Colonel Neville: Full weirdy beards? Ya don’t say?

News com: “Mr Maidment said the act of terror the men were allegedly planning involved the detonation of an explosive device or devices and the use of weapons.

He said between July, 2004, and November 8, 2005, the men allegedly sought to obtain large quantities of firearms, ammunition and chemicals, including acetone and hydrogen peroxide, which would have enabled them to build devices "capable of causing substantial damage and loss of life."

Mr Maidment also said written instructions on how to build explosives and a large amount of literature supportive of Osama Bin Laden was found in their possession.
He said the accused men allegedly believed jihad - holy war - was founded in the teachings of the Islamic faith.

"That meant that each of the accused men were motivated to carry out violent activities against members of the Australian community in pursuit of their ideals."

Colonel Neville: The mens “ideals” eh? Funny how few Buddhist, Taoist, Anglicans and Animists have the same “ideals”, innit?

News com: “Justice Anthony Whealy emphasised the mens' right to a fair trial and urged potential jurors with prejudices against Muslims not to participate: "If any of you feel that you in any way are biased towards Muslims, there is no place for you as a juror in this present trial.

"Similarly, if you are of the Muslim faith and harbour resentment towards non-Muslims, you shouldn't offer your services." News com.

Colonel Neville: So you want beyond belief pig ignorant Infidels or Muslim apostates. Gotcha. Check. Nuance. Still, Amrozi the wonderful smiling Indonesian Muslim fuckwit leaves little room for shades of grey. Though for many of our Head Police, authorities and MSM, living in a grey and fuzzy PC idiots fantasy land is automatic and no trouble at all.

Here's the Bali loons: “Amrozi declared in his letter that every "fellow Muslim" needed to raise his hands "to offend the infidels and Thagut [non-believers] that wronged the Muslim, by cutting their necks [beheading]".

This, he warned, would be the only way to stop "their cruelty to us".

Samudra directed his letter to people in the West, suggesting they should not be surprised "if America, the so-called superpower, is beaten, almost dying," and it would lose "the war against the mujahideen".

"You, the little people, will be easy to 'smack down' by the mujahideen."
"You will be defeated in this world and will be taken to hell."

"Who doesn't know that the toothless giant, the US infidel and their allies, are now dying.

How can it be, Andi Matalata [Indonesia's Human Rights and Law Minister] … and all the judges from Bali do not understand this? Don't understand that America is 'klepek-klepek' [a slang word used to describe the death throes of an animal as it is slaughtered]...

I feel that killing infidels isn't a mistake because they don't pray."

Colonel Neville: There’s the short and tall of it. And here’s the core of it. Islam is the psychopathic way.

“...what Islam advocates and its attitudes is a very streamlined way of behaving in a psychopathic way. I say 'psychopathic way' because in reality, the brains of psychopaths are different from those of others - in not responding to emotion, not having a conscience, not having empathy, not showing remorse, enjoying the thrill of creating havoc and destruction. The thing is, that brain scans show that those areas of the brain which should function when matters of emotion, empathy and conscience are concerned - simply do not do so, or do so minimally.

Psychopaths are more or less born that way and can do no better - they have some excuse for their appalling behaviouurs.

Now where Islam is concerned - you have the actual teaching of a lack of empathy to Jews, Christians, non Muslims and so on - you have an inculcation of a lack of fundamental moral norms in regard to those one designates as enemies and then you get people cheering in the Muslim world at the site of wanton destruction initiated by suicide bombers.

Actually, while I have used the word psychopathic here - there is a case for using the word 'sociopathic'- something very similar to psychopathic - in relation to Muslims - the sociopath has all the psychopathic features listed above but tends to acquire them through validation of a soial group - i.e. may not necessarily be born with them. It is a vexed question.

However, in Islam we have a global belief system that has institutionalised sociopathic/psychopathic behaviours towards those it designates enemies - and has even claimed Allah told them to behave this way’. Wendy Larkson via Islam Monitor.

Colonel Neville: As you know, all these collections of Islamic crimes du jour, could be replaced with another soul searing collection, or another and another and all from among millions more. So dig the randomness of the deliberation of pure Muslim hatred .

Is 7 too young? Not in a distorted madhouse.

The sub-continent and hysteria. Is it a small dick thing?

Convert to Islam and you too can join a mob of madman and murder children with rocks.

Obama's PLO beheading Khalidi dinnertime entertainment.

Afghan women say fuck off to talks with Taliban killer freaks. As you do.

Emirates Child Slavery Islamic PR Melbourne Cup.

Bin Laden for Democrats. Get out of that cave and vote!

Around a year ago Walid Ali said the Maldives were a great example of a Muslim”Paradise!” Naturally he lied. The Maldives are a typical and natural Islamic shit pile. A lot of that merde came out of our Wal.

Police raid uber creeping out child wedding. Guess which er, "religion?" Angican? Watusi Orthodox?

More wonderful and beyond belief details on Khalidi and Obama via FOX & Daniel Pipes.

Now this is so insane it's almost beautiful. Scumbag Obama adviser calls for military invasion of um, Israel. No, really.

Obama’s Gaza Strip Support Army! Big ‘effing surprise.

The super venal Cynthia McKinney, the terrorist funded and completely insane Democrat.

Eleven year-old Indian Muslim girl set on fire by kindly old Muslim Uncle for wearing lipstick.

Great piece on Irfan Yusuf, the pineapple headed Islamist phony. His pro-Islamist lies about Daniel Pipes in the Australian. Retracts! PLUS links & numbers to Hindu Lawyer fighting in an Indian court for his book exposing Islam via outrageous FACTS.

Another non-story in our MSM, because they’re only white people.

“Loving Dad Muslim” in Sydney shootout crossfire. One of the few of the enormous list of Muslim crime that goes largely unremarked and unreported in Australia.

“If there’s a magic in boxing, there’s magic in fighting beyond endurance, beyond cracked ribs, ruptured kidneys and detached retina’s. It’s the magic of risking everything for a dream that nobody sees but you”. Million Dollar Baby.

Cool Jewish blog list. And all pro-Jewish!

"Boxing is an unnatural act, cos everything is backwards. You wanna move to the left, you you don’t step left, you push on the right toe. To move right, you push on your left toe. Instead of running from the pain like a sane person would do, you step into it”. Million Dollar Baby.

One of our great SAS heroes. Without these men and women of the military, we would have nothing.

“How to fight back in a huff so the other guy doesn’t want to come after you”. Million Dollar Baby. Australian Army Pay Master says thankyou to troops for only $30,000.

“To make a good fighter, you gotta strip them down to bare wood”. Million Dollar Baby.

Respect costs nothing. Wonderful Troops Tribute. Help ya stop worryin' about the grocery bill...

“Lie down and rest and we’ll talk about this when you regain your senses. It’s called the Knockout Mechanism”. Million Dollar Baby.

Clarence Darrow quotes.

Yid with a lid on CAIR, Sutton, Obama gets money from Khalidi etc.

“What’s the rule?” Frankie.

“Protect myself at all times”. Maggie.

“Good. Good”. Frankie. Million Dollar Baby.

John Wayne slaps Dern as the dirtbag in 'The Cowboys'.

“Are you gonna leave me again?” Maggie.

”Never”. Frankie. Million Dollar Baby.

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