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Islamisation is here now. Clinton and the MSM massively lied about Kosovo while delivering it to global jihadist mujahedeen and narco-state gangsters.

And they’ll do the same to us. Above is the 10,000 Muslim Jihadist psychopaths of the Boznia Zenica El Mujahadeen Unit. Their motto is "Our path is Jihad." Catchy. AND these are just a fraction of the kinds of freaks that NATO and the West helped to build an er, "independent" narco Islamic state of Kosovo. Go figure.

Yep, there IS a continuing mass murder of Bosnian Christian Serbs and many other minorities in the Balkans, including Gypsies other Albanians and Muslims by often Muslims. And as per usual they all feed off drugs, crime, jihad and the phony U.N cover of legitimacy. Guess whose coming to dinner? And all this is spreading through the EU, and the West. Ah, the infecting vampire of an Islamic state in Eurabia.

Islam is no longer just "over there", but is EVERYWHERE and GROWING rapidly just like The Day Of The Dead. Islam is next door to me and you. No, really. And we all know how Jim Dandy Islamisation has worked out for people all over the world.

Where is Islam and lotsa Muslims not a wonderful success? People love it! How do we know? Because their governments, media and education system says they do, silly. Read Stealth Jihad by Robert Spencer and see politicalislam com

Dear sports, I’ve put off presenting the massive Himalaya of complicated beyond belief, calculating to raving evil and insanity that is the Balkans for a long time, cos it’s all so hideously connected and impossibly difficult. It takes a damn long time to even sift through much of it. And Milosovic was a Commie dictator, so not a lot of laughs there.

Let me say that if there was no Islam in Eastern Europe, the home of bad taste knick knacks and appalling pop music, there would likely be little to no fighting there. Or in the 95% of the world experiencing similiar conflict. Go figure.

Jihadists poured into Bosnia from Egypt, Pakistan, Syria, Saudi Arabia and everywhere to destroy and murder non-Muslims and anyone else they felt like and NATO, the U.N and the West under Clinton helped them. And Muslim killers still do mass there. These are terrible facts that can be proven not just with the historical record, but by the situation as it is NOW, what is happening NOW and what is planned...

The Arabisation of Africa.

“We Will Islamize America and Arabize Africa.”Dr Hassan Abdallah Turabi from Darfur, Sudan.

It was Turabi, who exercised power in the first half of current Sudan President Bashir’s rule, who pursued a deliberate policy of implanting Islam in north America, whilst Arabization was spearheaded in Africa.

It was Turabi who sent some two thousand post-graduate northern Sudanese students to the US with instructions to form friendships with African Americans. Many of these graduates are now in the public service of Sudan.

As it happens, the Nation of Islam, led by Louis Farrakhan in the USA, grouping Black Muslims in north America, has pursued a policy of support for the Khartoum regime, having taken material assistance from Khartoum.

Farrakhan has gone so far as to say there is no slavery in Sudan, opposing the Writ issue against Bashir. This has affected African-American understanding and concerns about matters in Sudan. So that those demonstrating in the US against genocide in Darfur have been noticeably white.

In Africa, Arabization proceeds apace and now endangers African overall security. This we see in Somalia, where Sharia Law is being introduced."

Anyhoo, I digress and will for the necessary and vast background. Now you may find this massive freight train of jihadist and other Euro-Mafioso stripes interesting. See if yo can spot the common denominator! Yes, it's their shoes! None are wearing Florsheim two-tones!

Fort Dix Six were Albanian Kosovo jihadists, the same people that are waging a large scale and determined jihad for a completely Islamised Kosovo and Balkans etc, and right under the watch of the evil bankrupt U.N. and the media.

Kosovo is a crazy scene that see’s all ethnic minorities liquidated, from Gypsies to even Muslims. Yep, it’s complicated insanity. They are after all ultra-nationalist racists high on mountains of drugs ca$h.

Strip it down to this. Albania is infected with Islamic jihad and super nationalist gangsterism. Like Commies, they use those they can and mass murder the rest. Their goal is a Greater Albania and an Islamic one, and have the same claims towards parts of Greece, Montenegro and Macedonia and remember: the only limit to the global caliphate is the entire world under Islam.

Outstanding French speaker on Kosovo etc, with English subtitles. The Serbian dilemma is that 80% of the worlds heroin trade goes through the Islamic narco project state of Kosovo, and that the world is uninterested in Serbs. In Sicily, Albanians are a major part of the Mafia network. Dig the 70’s Turkey connections a la natural violent Leninist Commies and so much more too.

Hamass and PA present a Muslim kindergarten graduation. Awwww. How cute!

Nazi Muslim SS Division. "Great" Nazi doco most likely shown after the cartoons I imagine.

OBSESSION movie excerpt: Islam and Nazism have identical ideology except that Islam is hard to imagine even worse, in countries successfully invaded, body count, apocalyptic nihilist methods and that Islam is still around and doing very well. Golly, and Islam is even aided by our own governments, media and so on. Go figure.

“New South Wales Australia: Royal North Shore Hospital has banned crucifixes, Bibles, and other Christian symbols from a chapel when it is not being used for services. The chapel contains a separate Muslim prayer room.”

Nato’s illegal war against Serbia/lies about the Kosovo War Part 1. See how NATO under Clinton, "ran out of targets" in Yugoslava, so they then attacked everything. From "little bridges on a Sunday afternoon", to schools, hospitals, water, electricity, food factories and petroleum refinery's etc.

In one of the many terrible cases NATO jets first knocked out the power of a fully packed passenger train, then returned to destroy it and the people on board. See how NATO's high altitude bombing was an obvious fraud and criminal madness. This is NATO. They do nothing or the shockingly wrong thing. And how British troops forced out Serbian troops from Kosovo, but let in the KLA to do as they please! How the Brits let 800 jeering Albanians stone buses of terrified Serb civilians etc.

See how the U.N backed a war criminal general who as reported in the media committed "a reign of terror" in Croatia, to oversee the er, "protection" of Kosovo! No really.

Dig how the 19 NATO member states stick together. Understand how major events were manufactured by NATO, the media, the Albanians nationalists, Jihadists and Clinton etc. It goes on and on...

John Bolton on how Kosovo will spark Islamic extremism in Europe. Note: Eurabia IS Islamic extremism now.

How Serbs were butchered for their organs by Albanian freaks, apparently for geeks in Turkey.

Bill O’Reilly on Albanian Islamic terrorist anarchy in the USA.

History of Albanian Muslim Nazis.

More Hitler and the Mufti.

Google list under "Kosovo Albanian jihadists."

Kosovo newspaper endorses Nasrallah and Jihad.

“Carol Gilligan became famous in the feminist circles in the 1990s with her powerful analysis of voices: the tenor, choice of words and images used in speech are gender differentiated and that tenor and choice conveys intent and determines outcomes. What one learns from this feminist hypothesis is that voices matter and listening, often taken for granted, is a powerful indicator of intent, personal and social.

If we are to extend this feminist voices hypothesis to the mainstream Kosovo Albanian media and start listening for patterns in tenor, choice of words and images, the emerging intent is radically Islamic, implied and never direct, occurring in the midst of daily devastation of Christian heritage that is occurring in today’s Kosovo.

As the imagery of voices, patterned Islam shqiptare, implied and never direct, attempts to hide the Kosovo Albanian anti Western ethical undercurrent, the flirtatious jihadist tenor and imagery indicates rather clearly that independent Kosova would seek to integrate itself within the islamesque orientalist cultural milieu despite overt claims otherwise.

“Albanians got to know about hadith [islamic tradition] since early days of Islam in Albania. The content of the Prophet’s (p.b.u.h) traditions has strongly influenced their moral and awareness,” writes Dr. Ramiz Zekaj, a professor in Tirana, Albania, and the author of The Development of the Islamic Culture Among Albanians In the XXth Century. Among other things, the work cites an example of a text by Ahmed Kondo that “enlightens in an indirect and direct way the activity of an orientalist for the good of Albanian culture.

...daily destruction of Christian heritage, and it is this simultaneous mix of flirtatious jihadist rhetoric and an ongoing destruction of Christianity that makes any discussion of tolerance mute.

In fact, to Kosovo Albanians, a Westerner and a Kosovo Christian Bishop who requires two armed UN bodyguards to protect him from Kosovo Albanian mob, deserves a discourse on resurrection of islamophobic fascism - Virus Fashizmus.

So, here is what the Islamic world towards which Kosovo Albanians seek to integrate thinks should the solution for Kosovo be: this audio, [Colonel Neville: GO to the link and LISTEN to the audio within the original article. Muslims telling us relentlessly 24/7, what they think and what they are doing and going to do, just like Hitler in Mein Kampf.]

...recorded by a jihadist spiritual speaker Muhammad Jamil - Kosovo Bosnia Lessons We Forgot - should be listened to understand what the long-term implication of an independent, a Muslim dominated Kosovo, will be.

For now, Wahabi mosques in Kosovo, built under the noses of NATO, is the sufficient prerequisite for the Islamic vision of the independent Kosova.”

And an Albanian string puller and killer in Washington is a Clinton pal. Gee, big 'effing surprise:

“Bexhet Pacoli, the richest Kosovo Albanian in the world from whose telephone, according to BND findings, a transaction in the amount of two million euros was arranged from a Swiss bank to one in Cyprus in the name of Kosovo special envoy Martti Ahtisaari, openly claims that he is paying 60 people just in Washington who are lobbying for the independence of Kosovo.

"In Washington I am paying a team of 60 people who are lobbying for Kosovo in the administration of President George Bush and in the U.S. Senate and Congress," said Pacoli in a recently published interview. He added that he is also good friends with former U.S. President Bill Clinton.”

Psychopaths of the Albanian Kosovo KLA and how NATO er, “soldiers”, “didn’t notice.” How Kosovo Alabanians, [many are gee, Muslims] harvested the organs of Serbs and sent them to Turkey.

You know, that nice Muslim state that want's to add around 70 milion more Muslims to the EU AKA Eurabia. Note the hijab of the woman at the house and the obvious lies she tells to the er, infidel. Taquiyaa is the Koranic doctrine of “deception” to further Islam. The Kosovo regime and culture is riddled with Jihadists and a Jihadist Nazi allied history.

Qemal Minxhosi local deputy in the Albanian of Parliament and local murderous scumbag: “...once again, the truth in evidence. So we are sure that nothing has happened and so, when you are on the side of the right, you are not afraid about that.”

Colonel Neville: The U.N mission chose to investigate nothing. Human rights groups call their track record lamentable. I call it dominated by the OIC, the Organisation of Islamic Countries and Communist states et al, and thus the U.N when it is not being the worlds most expensive guilty bystanders, are largely an organised global crime syndicate.

The U.N will never investigate the ex-KLA rulers of Kosovo for “fear of upsetting” them. No, an alleged army that costs billions to run must have as it’s first priority never upsetting the mass killers of aggression.

It's amazing the BBC is running this story at all. But they do still manage to avoid mentioning the words Islam or Muslims or Mujahadeen or the term Jihadist takeover. In the Balkans, who sided with the Nazis in WW11? Mostly Muslims and psycho type super nationalists.

Ah, the Serbs have their psychopaths who committed massive crimes too, oh yes they did. But funny innit, how much of what the MSM reported and that NATO said about the Serbs was massively exagerated or just pure bullshit. Why? [ In Part 2, I'll show that NATO, Clinton and the Brits under Tony Blair, backed a bunch of Muslim jihadist killers that they wanted to make out as moderate. As they do...]

Hey, remeber that 95% of global conflicts involve Muslim agression. [And a whole lot of Marxist bedfellow freaks in the rest and supporting the former.]

Hilarious too, how the Balkans is a major front in the Jihadic spread of Islam. I can't stop laughing. Hey, you can trust Clinton and the MSM. Of course ya can. No.

Thus thousand's of Saudi backed Egyptian, Arab, Gazan, Pakistani and Western immigrant Mujahadeen from Britain and Europe, have flooded into the Balkans for decades and still do.

“The man spoke plainly as he explained the horrors he lived through in a Kosovo Liberation Army prison camp 10 years ago. He told me about how he watched people beaten with steel pipes, cut with knives, left for days without food, and shot and killed.

"What can you feel when you see those things?" he said. "It's something that is stuck in my mind for the rest of my life. You cannot do those things to people, not even to animals."

As the man talked, his mother paced nervously in the nearby kitchen. She was panicked and tears were streaming down her face.

"They'll kill him, they'll kill him," she moaned, clutching one of her grandchildren.

But her son persisted. We spent hours in the family's sitting room as our source detailed allegations of possible war crimes by KLA officers in a military camp in the Albanian border town of Kukes.

It was a crucial interview for a delicate story I have been investigating for years.

...mainly Serbs - simply vanished without a trace. There were no demands for ransom, no news of any kind.

I had met sources who spoke vaguely about secret camps in Albania where Kosovo Serbs, Albanians and Roma were interrogated, tortured and in most cases killed. I met another source who agreed to share important details about KLA prison camps.

He said the civilians were Serbs and Roma seized by KLA soldiers and were being hidden away from Nato troops. The source believes the captives were sent across the border to Albania and killed.

...another source spoke of driving trucks packed with shackled prisoners - mainly Serbian civilians from Kosovo - to secret locations in Albania where they were eventually killed. He recalled hearing two of the captives begging to be shot rather than tortured and "cut into pieces".

...It has taken these men 10 years to speak to an outsider about the dark side of the war. They were breaking a code of silence that has held strong in Kosovo. Very few Kosovo Albanians have publicly revealed crimes committed by their own side. And for good reason. Witnesses who have agreed to provide testimony for prosecutions of KLA commanders have faced intimidation and death threats.”

End of Part One.


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"Eurabia IS Islamic extremism now."


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There is no such thing as Eurabia except in the mind of conspiracy theorists and Europeans-haters AFAIK.

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Science question: "When a continuous supply of warm, moist air rises to a region of dry, stable air, what types of clouds will form?"

Answer: "Cumo nimbus."

Dear Nimbus Krebbs:

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You are welcome to provide counter evidence for your absurd dhimmi leftard denial alterno world, of an Islamist free happyland of non-Eurabia. Off ya toddle.

That's right, all video, [including by Islamo fascists themselves] journalistic, documentary, film, statistical, law enforcement and military facts and experiences etc, etc, etc are made up. Course it is. We all know that. Where's the studio?

As you said, it's a massive I imagine right wing "conspiracy". Er, no.

Er, rather ironically YOU are positing the laughable conspiracy theory right there, you illogical boob.

Is there any evidence you would not dismiss? Of course not. Fancy that?

Er, I'll take a wild guess and say you have a computer and know how to source information.

I gave a list last time, my little uber-disingenuous laughable fake, and what happened?

Are you seriously saying that the following people and more are "conspiracy theorists" and have been proven as such? You are! Hahahaha. Yeeesh...

Er, when did this discrediting of all these people happen? I must have missed it. Oh I get it, it's cos they upset your pro-Euroweenie leftard mlticulti house of cards...Got it. Nuance.

Robert Spencer has never been shown to be incorrect on a single serious point.

As I recall, Bob and Walid Shoebat, Wafa Sultan, Bat Ye'or, Bruce Bawer, David Horowitz, Norman Podhoretz, Diana West, Jonah Goldberg, Mark Steyn, Melanie Phillips etc, etc, etc, etc, etc, and law enforcement agencies etc, etc, etc were naturally beneath you and say, YOUR fabulous and well known presence, books, articles and achievements...

Oh, you have NOTHING AT ALL out in the marketplace of empirical analysis and ideas?

Ah, you have consistently excellent leftard troll credentials then.

Toodle ooh.

Colonel Neville.

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"You HAVE no question." (Colonel Neville)

Wrong. I tell you again: Do you have any evidence that "Eurabia IS Islamic extremism now"?

"As you said, it's a massive I imagine right wing "conspiracy"."

I didn't said that.

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