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Islamisation Now. Clinton,the MSM et al massively lied about Kosovo while delivering it to global jihadist mujahedeen and narco-state gangsters. Pt 2.

The Real Srebrenica Genocide. All about the Bosnian Mujahadeen Islamo fascist mass murdering psychopaths and how they have spread Islam in Serbia.

Dear sports, here's the rest of Fridays miserable post.

In an honest and curious world based on empirical reason and moral values, Clinton would be charged with perjury, aiding the enemy, accepting criminal bribes, sedition, high treason, gross incompetence, dereliction of duty and serial rape.

Instead these classic er, "progressive qualities" of Bill the Slime and like Ted 'let the bitch drown' Kennedy, make them Democrat Party leftard liberal elitist heroes. Much as Bill 'balls out' Clinton's uber-narcissistic bookend wife, the brilliantly incompetent and sub-par henchwoman in crime, Brillary Pad Clinton. Go figure.

The Balkans, Yugoslavia, Croatia, Bosnia and Kosovo etc, etc, are one vast tangled mess of vipers and global super-lies.

To those most responsible for aiding and abetting the narco death Islamisation and Marxist product sodden dhimmitude of Europe and beyond, such as the bankrupt EU, the the spineless, deluded PC Socialist Euroweenie's of NATO, the Islamic and Communist geek dominated U.N, avid Oval Office wanker Clinton, the half-blind, self-abasing Blair and the doomed French and so on ad nauseum, I would never say fuck 'em all, cos we can't touch them; while they do as they please and not just to people far away but to us, America and the Anglosphere in general.

I hope to appear live on stage again as soon as possible to er, expound on just such topics a la P.J O'Rourke, Mark Steyn and Peter Cook etc. I should be so lucky. We shall see, sports...

"You'll be damned in Hell before I'm gone." Jim Morrison.

Croation Muslim soldiers murdering Serb civilians.

The True and Terrible History of Croat Muslim Nazi Ustashi Jihad crime and the SS Divisions of the Grand Fucking Mufti of Jerusalem..

BBC4 doco on the siege of Srebrenica, the fraud of U.N “forces” and the massacre of Muslim men and boys etc, Pt 1. The BBC? Are they reliable? Hahahahahaha. But one must be open without being like a sieve, to terrible and awkward truths as they often find us out, eh? And we're often dealing with ordinary people from all sides trapped in the middle of the nihilist madness of those with the power. Is this not so?

Sadly, the BBC and Muslim sources involved, lie and manipulate and continue to do so as a matter of policy, ideology, culture, tactic and strategy 24/7. Go figure.

How much of their product is pure bullshit? Clearly most of it so far, and yet...

Warning: Links to graphic hell.

Via israpundit: “The Real Srebrenica Genocide:

[NOTE: About 18 months ago Nathan Pearlstein, Robert Peter North and Felix Quigley began educating Israpundit readers as to the truth about the fighting in Serbia. As a result we came to understand that the US was at fault and the Serbs were innocent.]

Introduction by Nathan Pearlstein:

Why are the mainstream Western media, the US administrations under George W. Bush and Bill Clinton as well as the governments of NATO and the EU covering up this monumental crime against humanity?

Why are the Serbs - whom apart from the Jews were the major victims of the Holocaust during World War 2 - being cast as the perpetrators of genocide while the real perpetrators of genocide - the Islamofascists loyal to Alija Izetbegovic - are being cast by the corporate media, the US, NATO and EU governments as “the victims”?

Why was Naser Oric - the Islamofascist commander of Srebrenica and perpetrator of a massive genocide against Serbian men, women and children in Srebrenica from 1992 to 1995 - given only a 2 year sentence for this monumental crime against humanity and allowed to walk free from NATO’s Scheveningen ICTY prison: the former Nazi SS dungeon for patriotic Dutch resistance fighters against the Germans during World War 2 in The Hague, Holland?

Our dear friend and colleague at 4International, Peter Robert North, has graciously allowed us to reproduce in full his outstanding work here on what really happened in Srebrenica and Gorazde from 1992 to 1995. A revelation of truth which is of enormous historical significance and importance to all good people across the globe but especially for all patriotic Jewish people in Israel and the diaspora.

We all remember the Western media hoaxes and fakery concerning the events in Jenin and Qana recently and how these media frauds were used to demonize Israel and the Jewish people.

So it is absolutely crucial that we also expose the Western media fraud concerning the events in Srebrenica, Bosnia in July, 1995, in order to reveal just how corrupt and dishonest the Western media, the US, NATO and EU Imperialist governments are when they turn the world upside down by demonizing the victims of a massacre in order to prop up the Islamofascist perpetrators, thereby creating new independent Islamist states for the Islamofascists (as the US, NATO and EU are doing right now in Kosovo on behalf of the Islamofascist terrorist group: the KLA).

The following article, my dear readers, is the horrific truth about what happened to the Serb civilians of Srebrenica and Gorazde - a shocking truth which the Fascist Left supporters of Hamas and PLO/Fatah, as well as the pro-NATO Imperialist cowards on British website “Harry’s Place” - especially Oliver Kamm and Marko Attila Hoare - are so desperate to hide from the people of the world.

The following is a dire warning to us all! We ignore this at our own peril”.
The Real Srebrenica Genocide: The mass murder of Serbs in Srebrenica and Gorazde from 1992 to 1995 by Alija Izetbegovic’s Islamofascist terrorists.”

Colonel Neville: Ya wouldn't know the Balkans have been crawling with Arab and other Muslim scumbag psyhcopath jihadists for over a century or more now, would you? They are currently in plague prorportions and right in the heart of Europe[!], fully armed and in charge of the major EU drug conduit drug states of Kosovo and big juicy pieces of Croatia and so on. It's a delight. Oh yes, and fully aided by er, the Islamic and Communist dominated U.N, the Euroweenie decadents of NATO and er, our suicidal dhimmi alleged representatives.

This is what is known as supplying the rope to your own hanging.

My edit via hirhome com: "The exhaustive definition of the Islamic Order is: the unity of religion and law, education and force, ideals and interests, spiritual society and State...the Muslim does not exist at all as an independent individual...

The education of the population, and especially those media which have an effect on the public such as newspapers, radio, and television, must be entrusted to people whose good Islamic reputation, moral attitude, and intellectual ability are unimpeachable.

[...the very existence of non-Islamic systems is a violent affront:]
"It is not in fact possible for there to be any peace or coexistence between ‘the Islamic Religion’ and non-Islamic social and political institutions..."

If there can be no peace or coexistence, then Islam is at war with all non-Islamic cultural and political institutions. And since 'institutions' do not exist apart from the people involved with them, this translates into a war against 'infidels', i.e. against non-Muslims - a jihad, or holy war.

"And combat on Allah’s path those who combat you, and don’t disobey. True, Allah does not love the disobedient! And kill them where you will find them; chase them from where they chased you: association is a graver sin than murder. But don’t fight them near the sacred Mosque unless they fight you there first. And if they fight you there, kill them then. Such is the retribution against infidels. Should they cease, Allah is, surely, forgiving and merciful."

Alija Izetbegovic, leader of the Bosnian Muslim faction backed by the US and NATO during Bosnia’s civil war. And the book he wrote, and from which all the lines quoted above were taken, is entitled "Islamic Declaration". (This is sometimes translated, "Islamic Manifesto").

He "heard" that some call Mr. Izetbegovic a fundamentalist? Was it a vague rumor? Remember, Izetbegovic reissued his book in 1990. There is no question that the diplomatic corps was aware of the book's contents. Moreover, as seen above, Izetbegovic had been famously imprisoned in Yugoslavia for several years precisely because of his writings and other activities meant to incite Islamist violence. None of this was a secret; everybody in Yugoslavia knew it, and it is stated in the preface to the French translation of his book (the one I have been using here).

And note Zimmermann's argument:

1) Fundamentalism is bad;

2) If Izetbegovic were a fundamentalist, that would be bad;

3) Therefore, Izetbegovic is not a fundamentalist.

This Alice-in-Wonderland logic translates:

1) The American public would rebel if the US government told them it was backing a fundamentalist (whose great hero, by the way, is the Ayatollah Khomeini);

2) It would be bad if the American public rebelled;

3) Therefore we will simply say that Izetbegovic is a moderate, and the truth be damned.

This became the position of the Western mainstream media, as I show in part 2 of this series. Almost without exception, the media -- and, I am afraid, many academics -- lied about the Izetbegovic regime, precisely as intended by US officials such as Warren Zimmermann.

Up next I show how the media went out of its way to paint fascists as victims, and their victims as fascists: the mainstream media turned Bosnia upside down”.

Via Historical and Investigative Research.

“NATO and the Western mass media told the public that the Bosnian Serbs had a racist and genocidal ideology, and committed atrocities. Did they?

But it was Alija Izetbegovic, the leader of a minority Bosnian Muslim faction, the one that NATO supported, who wrote a book calling for the slaughter of infidels so that a Muslim takeover could install an Islamist theocracy in Bosnia (documented in Part 1, below).

This Alija Izetbegovic may have participated in the extermination of Serbs and Jews during WWII. After all, he founded at this time the Young Muslims in Bosnia, in imitation of the Muslim Brotherhood, an organization that was closely allied with the German Nazis.

This Alija Izetbegovic may have participated in the extermination of Serbs and Jews during WWII. After all, he founded at this time the Young Muslims in Bosnia, in imitation of the Muslim Brotherhood, an organization that was closely allied with the German Nazis.

HIR does not have materials to positively document Izetbegovic's participation in the WWII Nazi massacres in Bosnia. What is well documented, however, is that in the 1990s Alija Izetbegovic proudly recreated the SS Handzar Division that the Mufti of Jerusalem Hajj Amin al Husseini had earlier created, for the German Nazis, out of tens of thousands of Bosnian Muslim volunteers (documented in Part 2).

This [Muslim] SS Handzar Division eagerly participated in the slaughter of hundreds of thousands of Serbian, Jewish, and Roma (Gypsy) civilians. It is not unreasonable to propose that if Alija Izetbegovic was proud enough of the WWII SS Handzar Division to recreate it in the 1990s, then perhaps he was a Handzar soldier during the World War.

Once you get to know Izetbegovic, you are forced to ask this question: Isn't it more likely that the one killing innocent people in the 1990s was Izetbegovic, and not the Serbs? Yes. Consistent with this expectation, every allegation against the Serbs evaporates into nothing the minute one investigates.

The overwhelming, crushing bulk of the evidence supports the view that in the Yugoslavian civil wars of the 1990s the Serbs behaved much like did in WWII, when they were the staunchest defenders of the persecuted Jews in all of Europe.

The portrait that was painted of the Serbs in the 1990s as "the new Nazis" is not only false, it is absurd. For this reason, the lies we were told about the Bosnian Serbs (repeated to this day) have required spectacular hoaxes, knowingly perpetrated by the Western mass media. These are easily shown to be false with a minimum of research, as for example the accusation that the Bosnian Serbs were running death camps (refuted in Part 3).

The documentation you will encounter here raises the sharpest possible questions about the integrity of the mass media, and concerning the intentions of the Western powers that destroyed Yugoslavia.

Introduction: by Jared Israel, Emperor's Clothes (21 October 2003).

A few days ago, the Bosnian Muslim Fundamentalist (or, for short, Islamist) leader, Alija Izetbegovic, died of heart failure. The Iranian Foreign Ministry issued a statement praising:

"...the late president's serious attempts to defend the identity and territorial integrity of his homeland as well as the unity among the residents and various ethnic races of the country."[1]

The US State Department praised him as well:

"President Izetbegovic's personal courage helped the Bosnian people endure one of Europe's greatest tragedies since World War II. His determined leadership was instrumental in Bosnia and Herzegovina remaining a unified multiethnic country."[2]
Note the similarity between the two statements. They might have issued from the same foreign office.

This may be surprising if you don't know that the Pentagon coordinated Iranian and Saudi military intervention in Bosnia, on the side of Izetbegovic, against the Bosnian Serbs and moderate Muslims. This included the importation of the worst Mujahideen cutthroats - they boasted that "we do everything with the knife" - to indoctrinate and train Izetbegovic’s army, and lead it in a campaign of terror.[3]

The State Department's reference to "Bosnia and Herzegovina remaining a unified multiethnic country" has one problem: Bosnia was never a country. It was an administrative unit within the internationally recognized state of Yugoslavia. Rather than protecting the multiethnic state of Yugoslavia, Izetbegovic’s fundamentalists fought to secede with the aim of creating an Islamist republic on this piece of Yugoslav territory. This was opposed by virtually all the Serbs and probably most Muslims. But it was backed by the US, Iran, Saudi Arabia and other Islamist states.

Despite the hype in the Western media, Izetbegovic was not fighting to affirm (let alone reaffirm!) some supposed Bosnian nationhood. Rather, he called for:
"...the implementation of Islam in all fields of individuals' personal lives, in family and in society, by renewal of the Islamic religious thought and creating a uniform Muslim community from Morocco to Indonesia. ..."[4]

In other words, the Islamist takeover of Bosnia was intended as a step towards the creation of a unified Muslim world-state.”

The documentation you will encounter here raises the sharpest possible questions about the integrity of the mass media, and concerning the intentions of the Western powers that destroyed Yugoslavia.

Quite the opposite of preserving the nonexistent 'Bosnian nation'! And yet the fiction of a Bosnian nation, threatened by supposed Serb secessionists (the Serbs were in fact the people who didn't want to secede from Yugoslavia) was sold to ordinary people in the West.

The Iranian statement refers to Izetbegovic as a unifier among "the various ethnic races". I wonder, what on earth is an "ethnic race"? Sounds like something from a Nazi's dream.

That aside, was Izetbegovic aiming for unity? And if so, what kind of unity?
Prof. Gil-White deals with those questions below.

1. Who was Alija Izetbegovic: Moderate Democrat or Radical Islamist?

Alija Izetbegovic is the Muslim leader whom the U.S. and NATO supported during the Bosnian civil war in the 1990s. The Western media and governments recognized him as President of Bosnia.

According to Newsweek magazine: "The government of Bosnian President Alija Izetbegovic...has always been committed to a multiethnic society."[5]

Knight-Ridder News Service stated that: "The Bosnian [Muslims] are struggling for democracy, human rights, and a multiethnic country."[6]

And Warren Zimmerman, former US Ambassador to Yugoslavia, wrote in Foreign Affairs: "Izetbegovic was...A devout Muslim but no extremist, he consistently advocated the preservation of a multinational Bosnia." [7]

But others disagree.

For example, various writers published on Emperor's Clothes have argued that Izetbegovic was an Islamic fundamentalist whose goal was to create, by all available means, a totalitarian clerical state, modeled on Iran.

Emperor's Clothes and HIR have argued that the NATO and Western media blamed the fighting in Bosnia on its main victims, the Bosnian Serbs. Our research contradicts the official -- and mainstream media -- story, which has Serbs as opponents of all Muslims, as if the latter were monolithic. On the contrary, Fikret Abdic, arguably the most popular Muslim leader, was militarily allied with the Serbs. There is plenty of evidence that Alija Izetbegovic, who victimized the Serbs, was supported only by a minority in the Muslim population, and that his fanatical followers victimized thousands of moderate Muslims.[8]

So who is telling the truth? Newsweek, Knight-Ridder, Warren Zimmermann, the rest of the Western media, and a slew of academics, all of whom claim that Izetbegovic was a moderate democrat fighting for human rights and multicultural tolerance?

Or are Emperor's Clothes and HIR telling the truth when we argue that Izetbegovic was always an Islamic Fundamentalist, or Islamist?

Why is this an important question? There are three reasons why it matters whether or not Izetbegovic is a fundamentalist.

First, because NATO intervened politically and militarily for Izetbegovic. For example, former US Ambassador to Croatia, Peter Galbraith, admitted in congressional testimony that the U.S. gave Croatia the green light to violate international agreements by letting Iranian weapons reach Izetbegovic's army.[9]

The US also allied with Iran in order to import foreign mujahideen terrorists into Bosnia, and this was all coordinated directly by Pentagon intelligence.[10]

And NATO repeatedly and massively bombed the Bosnian Serbs, including with bombs encased in depleted uranium. The US and NATO backed Izetbegovic with destruction and death.[11]

Second, because if we are right to say that Izetbegovic was an Islamist fanatic, and that this was no secret in Yugoslavia, then the media lied systematically. It is difficult to explain such uniform media disinformation absent coordination by the covert services of Western powers. If we are right about Izetbegovic, then this constitutes evidence that the West has a controlled media.”

That is all. Colonel Neville.

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