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Colonel Neville the Political and Cultural Bower Bird Attempts a Clear Out of Hell.

Colonel Neville: Iraqi Christian Assyrian children murdered by Muslims. Via Islam Monitor org. These are two photos that always haunt me, literally. Are they not beyond the super desolate and despair? It's the end. I note the ordinary domestic scene and why the boy was on the coffee table, with his sister on the floor etc. And the terrible, terrible damage that so bubbles up my rage...

And what I know is that I will never see these photographs or their like in the MSM, nor the backstory ever referred to. We mustn't be rude to the false volcano God of multicultism whatever the cost, eh?

The entire free Western Canon is being relentlessly sacrificed to it.

Yep, authentic Muslims are doing this kinda thang 24/7 all over the world to every religious, ethnic and any other group, including in the Muslim world to other Muslims, and have been for around gee, about 1300 years. Go figure. That's Mohammad, the Koran and Islam for ya.

It's the nihilist totalitarian political project from the screaming abyss.

Well dear sports, I won't have much time to devote to blogging for a few weeks or who knows how long. Yep, things are a real riot. So I've decided to post the enormous backlog of articles I've collected over the last months. Each day I'll put up a Himalaya or two. These are the oldest and I'll work forward to the latest. All the best from Colonel Nevile.

“Baghdad, Iraq - Two Assyrian Christian children have been killed in Baghdad. Raneed Raad 16 and her sister Raphid 6 were slaughtered in their home.

The family who are well known Assyrian Christians had been threatened. While the family was out terrorists entered and shot the two Children at point blank range.

We are doing our best to get out to the world the simple message that the Assyrian Christians who are the indigenous people of Iraq are being intimidated, threatened and killed simply because they are Christians. The world must not stand by and watch. The last time this happened during the Assyrian Genocide nearly 2/3rds of our population were killed` says Amir George from Baghdad.

We appeal to the world to help us at this critical time so that we can attain autonomy in our homeland as guaranteed in article 53 of the new Iraqi Constitution as the only way to for us to survive. We urgently need help in moving back to our villages from where we were forcibly uprooted by Saddam.` he continues.

The European Union in a recent report concluded that aid and infrastructure assistance was not getting to the Assyrian Christian community in Iraq in spite of massive amounts of support being distributed throughout the country.

MEP Albert Jan Maat believes elements of `religious favoritism` as the reason for help not getting to the Assyrian community in Iraq. `International. aid is mainly distributed through regional and therefore moslem leaders and seldom or never reaches the Assyrians.` he said."

Jewish World Review: Protect your friends know your enemies.

Via Israeli Policy Forum:

"The terrorist was able to surprise the children who were then playing in the settlement's center. He arrived suddenly and struck them with an axe. Shlomo Nativ (13) sustained a critical blow to the neck. [...] he was able to make it home bleeding. There he collapsed and died. Yair (7) sustained a blow to the head.

After this the terrorist ran into Avinoam Maimon, a resident of the community. "I turned towards the terrorist and then he jumped me.

I didn't get that he was a terrorist until he swung the axe. Then I realized this was a life threatening situation. He tried to strike me, but I caught his arm and we struggled for a few moments. At a certain point I brought him to the ground and was able to get the axe out of his hand. I prayed to god and cried out for people to call for help.

The terrorist escaped Maimon, who then began attending the injured Yair. He then realized that Shlomo had sustained greater injuries and attended him until the medical team arrived. But by the time this happened, it was too late. After a few minutes of resuscitation, he was declared dead."

Via Frontpagemag: Phyllis Chessler on the bullshit of Most Wanted regards the true Islamic face of the murder of the Said sisters by their gee, Muslim Father and Muslim family of co-conspirators to murder.

Via Timesonline:

"Our armchair jihadists. After being shot, Sami Yousafzai fled Pakistan for London, thinking he was escaping Islamic extremism. He was shocked by the menacing support for the Taliban he found here. Many immigrants were blatant, vocal and unquestioning in their support for what they imagined to be “jihad”.

Few seemed troubled by the brutality that had characterised the reign of Mullah Mohammed Omar, the Taliban leader, or by his banning of music or of education for girls.

Indeed, many looked back on Omar’s rule as a kind of Islamic utopia and eagerly snapped up the Islamist leaflets handed out after Friday prayers at various mosques.

...His vehemence surprised me. Now 23 years old, Jan had been born in eastern Afghanistan and attended a madrasah in Pakistan. The Taliban were still ruling Afghanistan when his parents paid a people-smuggler to sneak him to England at 14.

There he applied for political asylum, claiming the Taliban had persecuted him and his family. Now, of course, he’s a legal resident yet openly cheers for his supposed oppressors to defeat troops from his adopted homeland. The irony seems lost on him.

In London he prowls the streets as a one-man, self-appointed morality patrol. He castigates any young Muslim couples whom he sees holding hands in public and he criticises acquaintances for shaping their beards into what he disapprovingly calls a “French cut” that frames the mouth.

His diatribes can be frightening. Several young men told me they were afraid Jan had friends who could create problems for them or their relatives in Afghanistan or Pakistan. Some feared they might be disowned if Jan got word to their families about their “immoral” lives in London.

At a neighbourhood restaurant one day, I noticed that my waiter looked miserable. Khalil, a clean-shaven, broad-shouldered young Afghan who wears a gold ring in one earlobe, told me that he’d been dumped a few days earlier by his girlfriend, a beautiful young Englishwoman.

They’d been out walking when Talib Jan marched up and began denouncing Khalil, threatening to let his family back in Afghanistan know that their son was having a forbidden affair.

The girl was frightened by Jan, but more than that, she was furious at Khalil for lying to her: he had told her he was Turkish. She told him they were through.

...The shop’s 35-year-old owner, a Pakistani from Peshawar, loves to show them the latest Taliban videos on his mobile phone, featuring beheadings of alleged anti-Taliban “spies” and ambushes of US forces.

The shopkeeper disturbed me: he is relatively well educated and a former banker, yet makes no secret of his Islamist leanings. Giving change, he avoids touching a woman’s hand.

He also claims that in his days as a radical religious student in Peshawar in the mid1990s, he and a group of friends murdered several prostitutes in what he calls a “moral cleansing drive”. (This may or may not be true.) He warned me about speaking against the Taliban, even in London: people’s loved ones at home could get hurt, he said darkly.

...One 50-year-old engineer told me he worries constantly about his four children – particularly his two sons, aged 19 and 20. They seem addicted to internet porn, he says, but what scares him even more is the amount of time they spend on jihadist websites. He worries as well about extremist operatives who hang out at local mosques, trying to recruit young people to the Taliban cause.

...In Britain he applied for political asylum, thinking he had finally escaped the Taliban’s wrath. Then the phone woke him one night at 3am. “Death angels will soon clutch at your throat,” an Afghan voice warned. “Remember, we have Islamic brothers in the UK. Your family should not rest easy in Kandahar, either.”

He says he could only listen to the voice, too scared to say anything himself.

Now Alokozai worries all the time. Too many Afghans in London sympathise with the Taliban, he says. He thinks many recent asylum seekers, especially those from southern Afghanistan, have ties to the Taliban and remain under the sway of extremist ideas. “They will create trouble for Britain in the near future,” he predicts.

...”These people are as narrow-minded and have as much hate in their eyes as the Taliban do in Afghanistan,” he says. “I cannot understand how these Afghans and Pakistanis can wear western clothes, dance and drink and then condemn me and see the Taliban as their heroes.”

Neither can I. On a train one day I met Owais, a 27-year-old Pakistani from Kashmir, who began praising the Taliban and talking seriously of going to live in Afghanistan after Mullah Omar returned to power.

“My fervent wish is that, next winter, we may be able to breathe freely in the restored Islamic state of Afghanistan,” he declared in Urdu. Here you can breathe freely, too, I told him.

At this point his travelling companion butted in. “No, only in a true Islamic state can we be free,” said Ishaq, a 25-year-old Afghan immigrant who was wearing a long white tunic over his jeans. “The West is destroying the spirit, soul and values of Islam. Muslims should avoid contact with the West.”

As I go home to my family, I too wonder and worry about such men. There is too much of Peshawar in them – and in London.”


"Media spin isn’t matching Muslim reality. “The ruling politically correct narratives about pirates and American empire and about Islam and women will doom western civilization and all those who share its values if we refuse to understand the difference between civilization and barbarism; if we continue to falsely accuse Israel of “apartheid” and fail to condemn Islam for its gender and religious apartheid.

Finally, the concept of a “narrative” is an armchair philosophy. When the brave Navy Seals rescued Capt Phillips they were acting in the real and very dangerous world, they were not safely narrating a tale.”

Anne Coulter on the beyond belief MSM treatment of the one-legged terrorist shitbag.

"After being captured fighting with Taliban forces against Americans in 2001, Abdullah Massoud was sent to Guantanamo, where the one-legged terrorist was fitted with a special prosthetic leg, at a cost of $50,000-$75,000 to the U.S. taxpayer. Under the Americans With Disabilities Act, Massoud would now be able to park his car bomb in a handicapped parking space!

No, you didn't read that wrong, because the VA won't pay for your new glasses. I said $75,000. I would have gone with hanging at sunrise, but what do I know?

Upon his release in March 2004, Massoud hippity-hopped back to Afghanistan and quickly resumed his war against the U.S. Aided by his new artificial leg, just months later, in October 2004, Massoud masterminded the kidnapping of two Chinese engineers in Pakistan working on the Gomal Zam Dam project.

This proved, to me at least, that people with disabilities can do anything they put their minds to. Way to go, you plucky extremist!”

The Spectator: Obama's war against Christians:

“The more illiberal a religion, the more liberals tend to like it. Western liberals who propose no place for God in the public square can usually be counted on to excuse non-western religions that impose a false and dangerous one upon it.

The explanation for this apparent contradiction goes beyond the childish and self-hating affinity of western liberals for all things non-western. The deeper reason is western liberalism's attachment to irrationality. Having ruptured a once-harmonious relationship between reason and religion in their own culture, western liberals can't seem to stop themselves from championing similar ruptures in alien ones.

By different routes of irrationality, western liberals and militant Muslims arrive at the same spot. Western liberals reach it by a distorted "reason" without faith, militant Muslims by a distorted "faith" without reason, with each imbalance producing its own culture of death: abortion and euthanasia in the west, jihad in the east.

An old-style liberal like Oriana Fallaci found it amazing that Enlightenment liberals could defend so enthusiastically the gross illiberal tendencies of militant Muslims and puzzled over how two seemingly different groups could turn up on the same side in debates. But it is not surprising if one considers their shared rejection of reason properly understood and the common enemy that rouses them -- a lingering Christianity in the west.

But, says the day-to-day watcher of politics, who cares? What does any of this have to do with Barack Obama's speech in Turkey earlier in the week? A lot, actually.

Behind the speech is the above-mentioned phenomenon; it contained a deep sympathy for Islam that Obama would never extend to traditional Christianity.

As Obama gears up to abolish the conscience rights of Christian pro-lifers at American hospitals, as he uses executive orders to force Christians to finance abortions at home and abroad, as he places Christian opponents of gay marriage in the moral category of racists, he tells Turkey that "America is not and never will be at war with Islam" and accepts the moderation of Muslims without question.

Never mind that self-proclaimed moderate Muslims in Turkey, Sufi-Shia Muslims, have been persecuted by the Turkish government; never mind that Turkish Christians have been persecuted too, banned from opening churches or running seminaries and thrown into jail for insulting "Turkishness" after giving open witness to Jesus Christ.

No, none of this is worrisome to Obama. His enemy is not Islam abroad, but Christianity at home. Indeed, if he treated Muslims the way he treats believing Christians in America, Muslims would call it a holy war.

As far as Obama is concerned, the only religion to be "reformed" -- which is to say destroyed -- is not the west's historic adversary but its progenitor. Islam is peaceful, he pronounces, while traditional Christianity is bigoted and dangerous.

Islam is a friend to America, while traditional Christians are, as Obama supporter Tom Hanks described Proposition 8 supporters, "un-American."

Obama has in effect declared to Christians in America: either bring your understanding of Christianity into line with my liberalism or don't bother entering the public square. You want federal money? Well, then perform abortions, distribute condoms, hire homosexual activists, etc., etc. He would never dare talk to Muslims in those terms. He will give back ancestral swords to freed Muslims from Guantanamo Bay and hand forceps to Christian doctors.

If Muslims had to endure patronizing and lying secularist drivel from him like "Democracy demands that the religiously motivated translate their concerns into universal, rather than religion-specific, values," they would riot. Cowed and secularized Christians just nod and offer him an honorary degree.”

Via Hotair:

“Two European companies — a major contractor to the U.S. government and a top cell-phone equipment maker — last year installed an electronic surveillance system for Iran that human rights advocates and intelligence experts say can help Iran target dissidents.

Nokia Siemens Networks (NSN), a joint venture between the Finnish cell-phone giant Nokia and German powerhouse Siemens, delivered what is known as a monitoring center to Irantelecom, Iran’s state-owned telephone company.”

Oliphant's Jew hating cartoon now used by Hezbolla, Muslim, Nazi groups.

Mark Steyn on how Kofi Annan got his kickbacks from rooting Saddam for six.

Five Years Ago Monday, 13 April 2009:

"Judging both from the President's Apology Tour of Europe and from some of his judicial appointments, America seems to be moving in a more transnational and multilateral direction. Nothing wrong with that, as long as we're talking about real allies with shared interests. But if, instead, we mean simply deferring to corrupt transnational agencies it's as well to understand where that leads. This piece on the disgusting Kofi Annan's "supervision" of the corrupt UN Oil-for-Food program comes from The Sunday Telegraph:

"War without the UN is unthinkable," huffed The Guardian's Polly Toynbee a year ago, just before it happened. For a certain type of person, any action on the international scene without the UN is unthinkable. And, conversely, anything that happens under the UN imprimatur is mostly for the unthinking.

No matter how corrupt and depraved it is in practice, the organisation's sunny utopian image endures. Say the initials "UN" to your average member of Ms Toynbee's legions of the unthinking and they conjure up not UN participation in the sex-slave trade in Bosnia, nor the UN refugee extortion racket in Kenya, nor the UN cover-up of the sex-for-food scandal in West Africa, nor UN complicity in massacres, but some misty Unesco cultural event compered by the late Sir Peter Ustinov featuring photogenic children of many lands.

So the question now is whether the UN Oil-for-Food programme is just another of those things that slip down the memory hole, and we all go back to parroting the lullaby that "only the UN can bring legitimacy to Iraq/Afghanistan/[Your Basket Case Here]". Legitimacy seems to be the one thing the UN doesn't bring, and I'm not just talking about the progeny of UN-enriched Balkan hookers in Kosovo...

Where did all the other billions go? According to Kofi Annan himself, some $31 billion went on other "humanitarian" spending for Iraq. Such as? Well, in 2002, the Secretary-General expanded the programme to cover other "humanitarian" categories such as "sport", "information", "justice" and "labour and social affairs".

In Saddam's Iraq, "sport" meant Uday's rape rooms, and "justice" meant a mass grave out in the desert, but that's not to say there weren't attendant expenses involved.

So Kofi himself directly approved such "humanitarian" items as $20 million for an "Olympic sport city" (state-of-the-art rape rooms) and $50 million for Iraq's Ministry of Information.

As the US Defence Contract Management Agency's report put it after the liberation, "Some items of questionable utility for the Iraqi people (eg, Mercedes-Benz touring sedans) were identified". The Jordanian supplier of school furniture had to be let go on the grounds that he didn't exist. At the UN they were taken aback by this impertinent auditing by US government agencies.

True, he approved some scrutiny. All Oil-for-Food shipments into Iraq had to be inspected - initially by Lloyd's Register of London, but in 1998 they were let go and replaced by a Swiss company, who had on the payroll a consultant by the name of Kojo Annan, son of Kofi. Hmm. In other words, Oil-for-Fraud is everything the Left said the war was: it was all about oil - for Benon Sevan, for the UN, for France, Russia and the others who had every incentive to maintain Saddam in power.

Every Halliburton invoice to the Pentagon is audited, but Saddam can use Kofi Annan's office as a front for a multi-billion dollar global kickback scheme, and, until it was brought to public attention by the tireless Claudia Rosett of The Wall Street Journal and a few other persistent types, the Secretary-General apparently never noticed.

Mr Sevan has now returned to New York from Australia. The lethargic Aussie press had made little effort to run him to ground because the notion that lifelong UN bureaucrats could be at the centre of a web of massive fraud at the expense of starving Iraqi urchins is just too, too "unthinkable" for much of the media.”

Nationalreview: Obama’s fashionable leftard teenage apology tour.

Mark Steyn on Subprime demographics.

How jihadists get mountains of MSM support via the last almost a newspaper standing in Oz, The Australian:

“IN July 2005, al-Qa'ida's chief strategist Ayman al-Zawahiri outlined a critical element of his organisation's war against the West.

"We are in a battle and more than half of this battle is taking place in the battlefield of the media. We are in a media battle for the hearts and minds of our umma (community)."

.. Al-Qa'ida used the Qatar-based AlJazeera television network as a regular forum. Senior al-Qa'ida strategist Mustafa Hamid, also known as Abu Walid al Masri, who was married to Australian woman Rabiah Hutchinson, was a correspondent for Al Jazeera in Kandahar at the same time that he was a serving member of bin Laden's advisory Shura Council.

...Richardson cites an article by an al-Qa'ida operative, Abu Ubeid al-Qurashi, which was published in the group's online magazine al-Ansar, which described the Palestinian massacre of the Israeli Olympic team at the 1972 Munich Olympics as
"the greatest media victory".

"Four thousand journalists and radio personnel and 2000 commentators and television technicians were there to cover the Olympic Games," al-Qurashi wrote. "Suddenly they were broadcasting the suffering of the Palestinian people. Thus 900 million people in 100 countries were witness to the operation by means of television screens."

Al-Qurashi went on to observe: "The September 11 (operation) was an even greater propaganda coup. It may be said that it broke a record in propaganda dissemination. It is accepted wisdom that the jihadists' aggressive media offensive is a key reason their movement continues to flourish and why the terrorists' freedom-fighter narrative has proven so enduringly potent for millions of Muslims.

Yet the intelligence and security agencies with the task of countering terrorism remain stubbornly reluctant to join the media battle, typically refusing to answer media questions, engage in public debate or explain and justify their actions and policies."

UK = soft totalitarianism. Or not so soft...

"Hal G. P. Colebatch says Britain is "evolving into the first modern soft totalitarian state":

“...there are thought police with unprecedented powers to dictate ways of thinking and sniff out heresy, and there can be harsh punishments for dissent.

Nikolai Bukharin claimed one of the Bolshevik Revolution's principal tasks was "to alter people's actual psychology". Britain is not Bolshevik, but a campaign to alter people's psychology and create a new Homo britannicus is under way without even a fig leaf of disguise.

The Government is pushing ahead with legislation that will criminalise politically incorrect jokes, with a maximum punishment of up to seven years' prison.

A 14-year-old schoolgirl, Codie Stott, asked a teacher if she could sit with another group to do a science project as all the girls with her spoke only Urdu. The teacher's first response, according to Stott, was to scream at her:
"It's racist, you're going to get done by the police!"

Upset and terrified, the schoolgirl went outside to calm down. The teacher called the police and a few days later, presumably after officialdom had thought the matter over, she was arrested and taken to a police station, where she was fingerprinted and photographed. According to her mother, she was placed in a bare cell for 3 1/2 hours.

She was questioned on suspicion of committing a racial public order offence and then released without charge. The school was said to be investigating what further action to take, not against the teacher, but against Stott.

Headmaster Anthony Edkins reportedly said: "An allegation of a serious nature was made concerning a racially motivated remark. We aim to ensure a caring and tolerant attitude towards pupils of all ethnic backgrounds and will not stand for racism in any form..."

Hate-crime police investigated Basil Brush, a puppet fox on children's television, who had made a joke about Gypsies. The BBC confessed that Brush had behaved inappropriately and assured police that the episode would be banned.

A bishop was warned by the police for not having done enough to "celebrate diversity", the enforcing of which is now apparently a police function. A Christian home for retired clergy and religious workers lost a grant because it would not reveal to official snoopers how many of the residents were homosexual. That they had never been asked was taken as evidence of homophobia.

This is why the U.N.'s "group defamation" protection for Islam will have a real impact in the "free world." In important ways, the OIC and the advanced western social democratic state already the same lingo.”

Forthardknox: Phyllis Chessler on a Palestininan Feminist state of mind.

"I am perpetually stunned by how successfully the propaganda about Palestine-the-occupied-country has swept through the minds of educated western people and left nothing else in its wake but false images of Palestine besieged by Israeli “Nazis.” The “humiliation at the checkpoints” and the faux “murder of Mohammed al-Dura” burn brightly as eternal mental images while the relentless barrage of Kassam rockets against the civilians of Sderot remain non-existent images."

Phillis on Muslim charity front group. Is there another kind? No.

"Dallas “Palestinian” terrorists/funders of Holy Land front charity found guilty.

According to M. Zuhdi Jasser, founder of the American Islamic Forum for Democracy, prosecutors triumphed because they were able to “connect the ideology of political Islam and the overriding mission of Islamist organizations like the Holy Land Foundation to their desire to contribute to the efforts of terror groups, like Hamas. When this connection is made we will see the return of a guilty verdict. In future [terrorism financing] cases DOJ will not only have to connect the financial dots but [will have] to demonstrate an overarching common Islamist mission.”

The conspiracy is grand, great, and deep and involves both the Muslim Brotherhood and the Council on American-Islamic Relations. All called for a “jihad to destroy Western civilization from within.”

Andrew McCarthy, who prosecuted the blind cleric Sheikh Omar Abdel Rahman and others for conspiring to blow up a series of New York landmarks, including the World Trade Center, had this to say about the decision in Dallas:

“This is one of the most significant victories the Justice Department has won in the war on terror. Financing is the life-blood of jihadist organizations like Hamas.

With the assistance of willing co-conspirators, they conceal their activities and use the Muslim obligation of charitable giving to mask support that is actually channeled to their murderous agenda. Today’s verdicts say, loudly and clearly, that Americans aren’t fooled and won’t tolerate it. As a former federal prosecutor, I am especially proud of the assistant U.S. attorneys who persevered through some real travails in securing justice for the American people.”

For those who are open to facts, there are many floating out there in the universe. You can choose among American, European, and Middle Eastern sources. I’ve chosen one article and have summarized it. And yes, it is from a Zionist source which means that it can be trusted. The Israelis neither exaggerate nor lie, they don’t doctor photographs, sacrifice and hide behind children in battle, seek to dominate the entire world—and project their own criminal intentions onto another group.

Islamic terrorists, and those who support them with money, do that."

Pajamasmedia on the Muslim thugocracy of Gaza:

"The Palestinians living inside the Palestinian Authority have been given far greater international financial support than most other suffering peoples. Since the signing of the Oslo Accord in 1993, the U.S. government has committed more than $1.3 billion in economic assistance to the West Bank and Gaza Strip.

Since the end of 2000, Arab states have transferred to the PA monthly financial aid of $45 million (since April 2002 this sum was increased to $55 million). The EU transfers to the PA approximately $9 million monthly. By the end of 2001, the Palestinians had received $4 billion (the figure is now closer to $5.5 billion) since the 1993 Oslo agreements. This is the equivalent of $1,330 per Palestinian.

By comparison, the Marshall Plan to rebuild Europe after World War II provided $272 per European (in today’s dollars). These PA revenues do not include the $8-14 billion in assets the Palestine Liberation Organization is believed to have accumulated over the years through drug trafficking, illegal arms dealing, money laundering, fraud, extortion, and legal investments.

In 1996, $326 million disappeared from the PA and the Palestinian Legislative Council established a commission to investigate the loss. The subsequent report concluded that nearly 40 percent of the PA’s $800 million budget had been lost through corruption and mismanagement. The PA’s comptroller wrote: “The overall picture is one of a Mafia-style government, where the main point of being in public office is to get rich quick.”

Dailygut com: "Punch Chavez in the face:

“I now see Obama regularly engaging in dialogue with bullies - who for years have been crapping all over America. I hope Obama knows that "dialogue," and friendly handshakes mean nothing to them. Because if there`s one thing I`ve learned: you can`t rehab a bully. Bullies cannot afford to change, because their power exists only through fear, not through competence, confidence or popularity. I mean, things are so bad for Chavez at home, that shaking a fist at America is all he can do to keep the spotlight off his own corruptive incompetence.

But what`s even worse: Chavez is a turd-shaped bully we could destroy in our sleep – which is precisely why he keeps bullying. He knows that being the David to our Goliath guarantees victimhood if we decide to shut him up.”

Peter Cook World Domination League.

Anne Coulter on Obama the non-genius, Bush the non-partisan to death."

A classic from February 2008 and all of it has rung entirely true:

Beatifying Barack at noleftturnz com.

"Beatifying Barack:
Many years ago, William James said that all you need is the will to believe. Today’s liberals are agog and thoroughly marinated in the hollow symbolism that is being offered up as political palaver, to be forever known as the vacant rhetoric of the next deity in the liberal pantheon, Barack Hussein Obama.

It is still humorous when the liberals recoil in terror at the thought of religious belief. They snicker at the image of an amassed congregation listening in rapt silence to the ruminations of a preacher. The left, when they assemble for a flag burning or other such convulsions of liberal patriotism, portray themselves as atheists when it comes to the topic of belief. Once they skulk back to their hovels, the hunger pains of “belief” begin to rumble within the vacuum that is their conscience. Today they quench their thirst for “belief” by listening raptly to the breezy sermons of Pastor Obama who is being billed as the next “JFK” by the wrinkly old Democratic vanguard, assorted apparatchiks and a bevy of bloated Bolsheviks.

The progressives are far too intelligent to worship God so they worship themselves. When they become introspective, they understand that their individual weaknesses, and the impulse to believe/follow, inevitably consumes them. The left has an overwhelming desire and proclivity towards devouring and digesting the fictitious and the empty. Their need to be seduced is an addiction. Therefore, with that as the rococo backdrop, the stage has been perfectly set for the Socialist Svengali, Barack Hussein Obama.

What is important at this point in the charade is for Obama to continue saying absolutely nothing. Details are of no consequence to those so hypnotized. Those who are mesmerized ignore the details but those same details are systematically disassembled and their nonsensical nomenclature is grist for any political opponent’s mill. Therefore, the idea of “details” is a Democratic political minefield that the Senator should avoid at all costs. Having listened to a number of his homilies to this point in the campaign, he is doing a masterful job of rerouting his rhetoric to the dead end streets of the specious and the obtuse.

Imagery is what is of the utmost importance. Form over function. The less the Senator says, content wise, the higher his popularity keeps going. The left doesn’t want details, they just want to believe. They HAVE to believe. Specificity applied to the liberal mind gets in the way of the excitement of the “movement.” Tomorrow’s eventual direction, the results of that “movement”, (most often backward with the left.) are irrelevant. It is all about “change” today. Tomorrow is about “hope.” The liberals need to go to church, so they “believe” and worship at the altar of the corny carny sideshow of Barack Hussein Obama.

The “freak show” qualities of Democratic politics helped to create this campaign of ether. When the liberals actually say what it is they aspire to do, they end up with another McGovern or Mondale.. It is imperative to remember that the liberal political animal’s “intentions” are always “good”. If the practical application of their “intentions” ends up afoul (The Carter Presidency, for example.) the blame is always laid at the feet of some other, usually uninvolved, source. Their virtuous designs fail only due to the foibles and weaknesses of others. The Obama team has concluded that the most expeditious way for the Socialists to reacquire the throne of power is through this campaign of elusory and oily lullabies."

Unbelievable as per usual, Human Events piece on Obama’s New Fairness Doctrine, “localism”, Wright connection & how Obama digs it all. On September 20, 2007, Obama submitted a pro-localism written statement to an FCC hearing at the Chicago headquarters of Rev. Jess Jackson Sr.’s Operation Push. One month later, an insistent Obama sent a public letter to Chairman Martin stating, “The Commission has failed to further the goals of diversity in the media and promote localism.”

Question: What organization first used “localism” at the FCC in this fashion?

Answer: The United Church of Christ, Rev. Jeremiah Wright’s highly-politicized denomination. UCC has an entity called the Office of Communication, Inc., which successfully took a broadcast license away from a Southern station it felt was not covering the civil rights movement fairly.”

Via Hotair: Coming soon to a city near you. I copied this from a Commentor at Lucianne:

1990. I watched in helpless horror as a Saudi muslim man beat the living hell out of his public, and in front of his children. Her crime? Her crime was this:

She glanced over at me and the several Marines with me. This happened in a Safeway store...yes, even Saudi Arabia. We were shopping on-the-sly for anything other than MREs, when a fully shrouded Saudi woman glanced over her shoulder at us. Her husband saw her,and immediately back-handed her so hard that she fell onto her children and knocked over rows of canned goods.

As she was foundering on the ground, her veil pulled away from her face. The husband went into a purple rage and started kicking her and beating her with closed fists.

As an American, I was stunned beyond reason and filled with a shaking, violent indignation. As an instinctual action, I unlatched my pistol holster,and was in the act of drawing it out when the other Marines grabbed my arm and ushered me out of the store. As we moved away, I glanced back to ensure that he would see what was in my eyes.

As I did so, I saw the unforgettable look in his wife’s eyes. Heavy with tears, her eyes held the resignation of a life spent as a punching-bag. As I turned my head back, a man and his wife were standing at the end of the row. He was standing with arms crossed, and a smug expression on his face. She bore the same helpless and hollow look of a beaten dog."

Tony737 on November 26, 2008 at 9:48 AM.

"Or did they come here to learn how to disappear into the US?

Having been among Somali men at MCTC during my college days, I wouldn’t be surprised if this was the case. I found the majority of them to be very unwilling to assimilate, and treated women like dirt. They were angry and suspicious of anyone not Muslim, and were the first ones to make a lot of noise if the college didn’t bend to their wishes for separate facilities for Muslims/Non-Muslims. MCTC built an area for them to pray in, but there was no such facility built for Chrisitans, Jews, Buddhists, etc.

The women, on the other hand, wanted to improve themselves and earn their part of the American Dream. They were generally very approachable and friendly, especially the younger women.

Yeah, I’m not very happy to see this happen, but surprised? No.
Blue-eyed Infidel on November 26, 2008 at 9:03 AM.

I’m wondering who or what that man blew up, besides himself. Is there anything left worth attacking in Somalia?"


Unbelievable! As per usual. Australian govt supports UN anti-Israeli resolutions.

Via Islammonitor org: Islam and Hitler: love at first sight.

“Respected” Somali “community leader” Isse Musse, says he “understands” why Somali pirates act that way.

Islammonitor: Interfaith reflections. Interfaith is pointless crap and a fraud.

Islammonitor: The problem with defeating Islam.

Islammonitor: The Parasites of the Middle-East.

Shaidle on CHRC and Steyn, Horowitz Hate America Left/Left Illusions.

One time head of the Indianapolis Human Rights Commission was mass murderer Jim Jones!

All about Emirates, the Sheik, child slavery and local asshat venal celebrities and journos.

Janet Shaw Crouse on Obama's real clothes are visible and scary.

What we won't read:

“Andrew Sullivan, one of the most prolific news junkies in the blogosphere, made that point last week. He expressed dismay at [the] missing the news of the beheading of Buffalo resident Aasiya Hassan Feb 12.

Muzzammil Hassan, founder of Bridges Television – a cable network created to enhance the image of Muslims - is charged with killing his wife.

"I learned of the case for the first time on Bill Maher, which means the MSM [mainstream media] must have been doing a very good job suppressing it," he wrote.”

"2 year-old Muslim girl beaten to death last week in Chicago...Where is the outrage?

“On the night of April 5, Orland Park police arrested Nour Hadid, 26 after paramedics rushed her 2 year-old niece Bhia to Palos Community Hospital. The little girl was unconscious and died from severe injuries to her brain and kidneys, which she sustained during four days of beatings.

Emergency room doctors said that her tiny body was covered with at least 55 bruises. Assistant State's Attorney Debra Lawler told reporters that Bhia had been beaten over and over with wooden spoons by Hadid.

The Jordanian national, who was apparently enraged because her husband accused her of stealing money from him. Hadid has confessed to the murder.

Orland Park Police Chief Tim McCarthy said: “She outlined in detail how the child was abused.” Of course, Hadid has been charged with the murder of Bhia Hadid and is being held without bail. Her next court hearing is scheduled for April 30.

While the cable and network news outlets have been filled with coverage of the tragic disappearance and murder of Sandra Cantu, along with the ongoing saga of the Caylee Anthony murder, and Haleigh Cummings abduction, not one minute of coverage has been given to the murder Bhia Hadid.

Volumes both in print and online have been written about the little Cantu, Cummings, and Anthony girls, but I have yet to see one article devoted to Hadid except for very brief statements on the case from Chicago-area media outlets (Orland Park is just outside Chicago).

In fact, the only outrage that has been expressed in this case is from the Muslim community, who are outraged not over the little girl’s brutal murder, but over the fact that Nour Hadid was not allowed to wear her headscarf for her mugshot.

Dr. Mohammed Sahloul, chairman of the Council of Islamic Organizations of Chicago, expressed his outrage to the Southtown Star by saying: "they should respect the modesty of the accused."

Hadid’s husband Alaeddin said the mugshot was an "insult against our religion." He has promised to sue the Orland Park Police Department for the photo. He has expressed no similar outrage over his wife beating to death their 2 year-old niece.

Why has the national media chosen to ignore the horrific murder of 2 year-old Bhia Hadid?

This poor little girl had no one to defend her during her short life, that sad fact has changed very little in death.”

Via gaypatriot: US gays and lesbians forced to move out of area by gee, practicing Muslims.


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Why didn't I see those photos on CNN?

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Vid of protest by Iraqi Christians and others perhaps. Colonel Neville.