Tuesday, 11 December 2007

The Doc is out to lunch.

Hey sports! Great news!

Apparently there is absolutely nothing about Islamism that's Fascist, creepy, depressing, conformist, dark, boring, dreary, Superweird, perverted, murderous, problematic, unreformable, useless, deceptive, evil, frightening, oppressive, dumb, 7th Century, brainwashed, utterly humourless...

Stops for breath.

...unaware, deluded, ignorant, marauding, vengeful, psychotic, mentally ill, total bullshit, repellent, ridiculous, insane, 2,000 years out of date, plain crap, sickening, terrifying, Totalitarian nutso cake, out on the Rings of Venus and get the fuck away from me, at all. Phew!

No, not about Islam or Islamism. Naah...You're imagining things, sport. Nope, it's a complete delight and Gigglefest from beginning to end, and it's great for kid's party's too!

Ok kids, the following a classic piece of Taqiyaa whining and blame shifting by Dr Mohamed Elmasry. He’s from the CIC, or the Canadian Islamic Congress. They’re the current bunch of boring Islamist propaganda frauds and loons who are now trying to sue our man in the real world, Mark Steyn, regards an excerpt from his great book 'America Alone: The end of the world as we know it', that was posted on MacLean’s. These Taqiyaa pushers are attempting to do this, and I kid you not, via an alleged Human Rights Commission!

In Canada! Big as they say, 'effing surprise.

Doctor Moreau Elmasry and his many states of malformed freaks, are in leaning quotes. The rest is me, being my usual carefree and breezy self. Dig it, my fellow freedom loving and hopefully still-armed Infidels. And remember, never give an inch. Oh, we have? That's right, about a hundred kilometres actually. Hey, Viva Steyn and the wonderful power of empirical ridicule! Er, gee, about the only power we have left. Still.

“Freedom of expression and the offending cartoons by Dr. Mohamed Elmasry. A talk given at the annual meeting of the Canadian Association of Journalists, Halifax, Nova Scotia, May 14, 2006

“First I must say that I have four personal reasons for advocating freedom of expression: I am a Muslim”.

Er, gee. Case closed then, eh? Yep, everywhere that’s an Islamic wonderland is just bursting with a vibrant free press and laughter. Er, no. How does siding with Democracy and free speech, which you clearly are not, help with the expansion of Islam an’ all? Islam is at core er, um, gee, gosh, kinda totalitarian is it not? Both throughout its history and everywhere and anywhere it controls the state. Hey, maybe you mean the old Taqiyaa deception technique, and how the institutions and freedoms of Democracy are ideal tools for Islamist geeks to use against the West? I get it.

Or you mean freedom of expression to say how wonderful Islam is. Ok. Islam is wonderful? In fact, it’s so wonderful, that people all over the world are exploding with the wonderfulness of it all.

“Islam, more than any other religion, makes it one's religious duty not only to support, but also to protect, the rights of fellow human beings to freedom of expression, freedom of conscience, and freedom of religion”.

Er, no. But hey, change ‘to support’ to ‘destroy’, and then change ‘to protect’ to ‘crush' and 'obliterate’ and there’s your required accuracy. You know very well, even with your seemingly high dosage of crazy pills, that ones religious duty in Islam, is to spread Islam by any means necessary. And I do mean by any means. Know what I mean, you meaningless meany? The Koran and Mohammad show that anything and everything is permissable, as all is merely Allah's will.

“I am an academic. Academics are paid to speak, to use their voices as teachers and researchers. Any compromise to their freedom of expression, any silencing of their voices, adversely affects their own academic freedom, and ultimately that of their peers. Academic freedom is the basis for their social and economic contributions to the well-being of this country”.

Er, rubbish. Academic, eh? Big as they say, effing deal. Are you describing school teachers or Saints? Academics are paid to teach the syllabus and curriculum. They work in compromise, both to budgets, institutional requirements and the law, the students and even their own peculiar attitudes etc.

Academics whether they are intellectual's or not, are not particularly better than anyone else and can often be worse, living in an often privileged, detached, abstract, irresponsible and theoretical world, stuffed with standard dull Left and Radical extremist ideology, group think, venal posturing, lies and mediocrity. Sure, there’s a negative side too.

And as David Horowitz has clearly shown in ‘Dangerous Professors’, the rarefied atmosphere of academia is populated with quite a few bigots, racists, child molesters, Communists, Islamists, Jew haters, convicted criminals and right up to murderer too.

Academic bankruptcy and a collapse of professional teaching standards are major contributors to the social sickness and economic ignorance of many people in Western countries. Also, considering the entire Mid East outside of Israel, doesn't have one up to standard University, I'd say any 'academic' claims by a sandyside trained Muslim is er, pretty academic, sport.

“I am a writer who addresses religious, national, and international issues.
I am a Canadian activist, not only a Canadian activist but a Canadian Muslim activist”.

Well, that says it all doesn’t it? Canada has virtually achieved full status as a hollowed out corn stalk vacuum of a Left Liberal Dhimmi advocated multicultural nullity. Phew! Everything has been up for grabs and at the whims of fashionably spineless PC bunk pushers for decades.

For a long time Canada has been whatever you want to think it is, except for its actual heritage. So seeing it as nothing is just as equally valid as anything else. Why believe in something that the local people don’t? Well, that’s the merry PC waltz to security and cultural suicide for you.

“Living in a post 9/11 era, marked by dangerously high levels of Islamophobia and the threat of further erosion to the civil liberties and human rights of the Muslim minority right here in Canada”.

So, all you have to say about the mass murder of 3,000 people of all races, ages and religions by 19 Saudi Muslims is the date? What a surprise, Dr Doolittle. Gee, that's really in depth stuff, Creepy. I can see 9/11 really touched you, eh?

There's no such thing as Islamaphobia. Just like there's no such thing as Naziphobia, an irrational fear of Nazism.

The people who are allegedly suffering from er, Islamaphobia’,may just be accurately judging Islam by its cheerful history, including that of Mohammed, the krazy old Koran and the daily actions of er, gee, millions of Muslims. Could be? Sadly, maybe people have plenty of damn good reasons to fear Islam and more than a few Muslim's, because they’re often and obviously either a general pain in the ass, a bore or extremely dangerous. Islamaphobia, meaning an irrational fear of Islam?

Er, it’s entirely irrational to not fear Islam. It's entirely irrational to be indifferent to it, or to think it's actually really somehow all positive, fun or about er, peace. Maybe Rest In Peace? All any truly free person needs to know is that Islam wants you dead.

“I agree with the notion that in Canada anyone can say almost anything, but the sad reality is only those with money can print or communicate it”.

Er, no you don’t and no you can’t, as Canada is diseased with the mental illness of PC Leftist ideology and now Islam.

“Journalists constantly make decisions about what other people will read, hear, or see. They are guided by their backgrounds and values. Factors such as standards of taste and judgments of importance also play a role. No editorial choices to publish, or not to publish, are value-free”.

Er, actually most of the MSM is values free. Having entirely no values are their values. That’s why they give a largely unchallenged platform to a mediocrity and phony such as er, you, Doc. Oddly, the same dhimmis are entirely happy to mostly kow-tow to the freakish non-values of Islamabama ding dong.

“Editors are trained professionals who are supposed to strive for excellence”.

Yep, supposed to, but those days are long gone for about 90% of the MSM.

“They should rise above personal views and follow basic principles of balance and fairness”.

You mean never giving any voice to any criticism of Islam, as no criticism is ever the right kind for many Muslims and Western Liberal's, is it?

“For example, cartoons glorifying the Holocaust, making fun of Jews, or violence against women; or those which ridicule gays, lesbians, the disabled, the mentally challenged, etc., are usually not published”.

Hey, terrific. But um, you’re gonna do that anyway ain’t cha, right?

“But the case for Islam and Muslims is different”.

Yes, it always is.

“The offending material is usually published. This is because:”

Let’s stop you again, right there, Dr Zaius. The cartoons were published in an obscure mag in a small European country and were then ignored for six months until a group of Muslims went overseas to whip up er, the usual Islamic Rage Boy style offense. An easy thing to do with a few Muslims it seems, as the list of things that offend you are indeed endless. But they can be summed up as everything and nothing. Include the very existence of a list too.

The reason they were published by an immeasurably small section of the Western press, is because that’s a free press, such as it is, in a nutshell, or in your case, a nuts Hell. Don’t worry though, most Western MSM fell into the fraud of the Dhimmi and backbone free line, as they usually do. But please, do drivel on Dr Crippin.

“1. There are too few Muslim journalists in any senior editorial or corporate positions in Canada”.

Just wait a little longer, eh? You’ve waited 1300 hundred years so far. In the meantime, just make do with the mass of the clueless, Left and Dhimmied PC MSM. It’s working great for you, because if the MSM ever could shake of its stupidity and ignorance and actually showed the empirical, historical and daily hideous onslaughts of the truth of the Islamic, it’d all be over for you and you know it. But please, do Taqiyaa on, Dr Mengele.

“Islamic groups representing Canadian Muslims are not as powerful as those representing Jews, gays, lesbians, women, the disabled, the mentally challenged, and so on”.

So, it was the Jews all along! And aided by cripples, gays and crazy people. Check. Yep, you never have to wait long for far too many a Muslim it seems, to burst out of the closet as the full blown Islamist and anti Semite that they really are at core, and are so eager to be. Just like Mohammad the pedophile, rapist, bandit and mass murderer, it's a joy. To me, the greatest concentration of crazies appear sometimes to be in the Middle East AKA God’s monkey house. Or any other region unfortunate enough to be touched by the dead hand Mohammad.

Dig, 75% of women in Pakistani jails are there for the er, "crime" of being raped.

”2. There is a general hostility towards Islam and Muslims which stems from political conflicts like the ones resulting from the occupation of Iraq, Afghanistan and Palestine”.

Er, no. It stems, Dr Cyclops, entirely from the facts of Islam, Mad Mohammad and the crude, unreadable and turgid insanity of the peculiar Koran itself. Aah, but for the eternal loser, victim and denial blame freak Islamist, it’s always someone else’s fault. Islam has waged a 1300 year assault on the entire world and the goals of Islam are very clear.

They are conversion, Dhimmitude or death. You know it and I know it.

And one day soon, everyone will know it. Anyone who wants to keep living that is. Yeah, you must dig the old Taliban if you dissaprove of liberating Afghanistan? I gotta say though, poopy, the Taliban kinda lost me after they started blow torching children. Hey, but maybe that's what won you ever, eh? Who knows? Each to his own utter madness and venality, I say.

Yeah, but Dr. Frankenstein, you're also in favour of murdering every Israeli over 18 years old as per your Coren Show interview, ain't cha? And Dr. Shipman, you also gave Islamism your best Taqiyaa shot, when you said that the classic Islamist psycho killer in Canada who murdered his daughters, was merely dealing with the typical teenage years! Er, bollocks, Doc.

“3. The rise of fundamentalist Christianity and extreme right wing politicians, especially in the U.S”.

Er gee, so you don’t approve of Christianity. Big as they say, effing surprise there, bub. So, it’s nothing to do with the rise of fundamentalist Islam? It’s all those Mormons, Baptists and Catholics eh? Gee, Islam really is so innocent and pure, huh? I'm afraid nothing will ever change the repulsive history or facts of current and global Islamism.

There’s no “rise” of “fundamental Christianity” outside of the fevered head of a Leftist loons hyperbolic imaginings. America and the West are simply and historically Judeo Christian, like Australia and the UK etc. 'Fundamental' in Christianity, simply means the teachings of Jesus. Christian religious loons are marginalised and have no state power. And there are no Christian loons in the West on any equivalent exalted level of Islamic state supported will to power and apocalypse.

The idea of active and effective mass Christian extremism is a fantasy of fashionable moral relativists. Islamic extremism is a relentless, daily and global reality.

Nope, in Muslim states, the biggest religious crazy's often go straight to the front of the soft headed parade and then it's onto government, usually running on a "Death to Infidel's" platform.

Islam is fundamental. There is in truth, no other kind of Islam.

The teachings of Jesus generally mean truth and decency and not er, beheadings and child brides etc. You know Jesus? He was in all the papers. He’s the spiritual leader guy that was not a killer.

“4. Few Canadian journalists have ever met a Muslim or lived among Muslims”.

Maybe, but I doubt it, being so terminally PC inclusive and all.
But again, just wait for those birth rates to make the adjustment. Um, but sadly it seem's. mucho MSM journalists are clueless weaklings and Left enough to make them highly sympathetic to your line of cant, fraud, deception and subterfuge.

“5. The high concentration of Canadian media ownership in the hands of a few families or corporations, none of which are friendly to Muslims”.

Er, who knows and why should they be? Like the majority of the non-Muslim world, most people are uninterested one way or another regards Islam. And that’s why Islamist's invent the fiction of a conspiracy against them, when much of their ills are self inflicted, all while declaring a global war in daily word, doctrine and deed.

“In cases where objectionable material appears in a Canadian publication, special interest groups usually protest in a number of ways by using:

1. Professional persuasion (e.g. meeting with editors);
2. Political activism (e.g. asking elected politicians to condemn the publication's lack of sensitivity);
3. Emotional involvement (e.g. public expressions of displeasure, such as writing op-ed’s, letters to the editor, phone calls to complain, etc);
4. Economic action (e.g. boycotts, picketing); and
5. Legal or semi-legal responses (complaints to press councils, the CTRC, hate law enforcement agencies, civil suits, human rights)”.

God ya boring! But I'll persevere. Er, you can do all that now, so what’s your beef exactly, or pork? Aah, because you will never be satisfied until all is Allah, Islam and Sharia, right? The truth now, poo poo face.

Gee, aren’t you happy with Sharia creep as it is, oh Sharia creep? Ya doin’ pretty damn well. You have no right in a Democracy to not be offended, even a fool. But you either know that and are merely practicing your Taqiyaa skills, or you really are thick as a brick. As I said, looking at the often bizarre standards of a laughable Islamic education, the latter is highly likely.

“This multi-dimensional form of protest has been used, and will continue to be used by special interest groups, seeking to prevent the publication of objectionable material.

But when Canadian Muslims tried to use the same methods in the case of the offending cartoons reprinted in Canada, months after appearing in a Danish newspaper, they were labelled as "extremists," "Fascists," "Islamists," or "idiots," and dismissed as "not subscribing to Canadian values," or that they were "against free expression," they "have no sense of humour," and so on”.

Gee Doc, I don’t think I can really improve on your own confessions there. And congratulations! Admitting you have a problem is the first step to good mental health.

“Their reasoned and peaceful objection to the publication and republication of the Danish cartoons was called "bogus" and those editors who ethically chose not to republish the cartoons were taunted as "cowards."

Again, yes. They were cowards and no Muslim has yet given any ‘reasoned’ objection yet. And er, peaceful? Riiight. Get professional help, mate.

“Now any publication which incites hate, or which spreads negative stereotyping about a Canadian minority is morally wrong, because it negatively compromises or erodes the well-being of all members of that minority”.

Baloney. Sadly, it’s the criticism of many a Muslim that is usually entirely right. It’s the papering over of the dysfunction and utter incompatibility of the Islamic mindset and normal modern society that is usually bogus.

“The issue here goes beyond the boundaries of free expression; it is about the power of "free speech" to dehumanize fellow citizens and depict them as "not like us." Unfortunately, that consideration did not deter publications like the Western Standard.

Er, it doesn’t go beyond free expression at all. It's entirely about freedom of expression. That's ya beef at base really, innit? Take your lumps like everyone else, Stinky. Grow a spine, balls and some maturity. Get a damn sense of humour and proportion. You’re talking about some damn pencil drawings. What wouldn’t offend you, exactly? I don’t care if you’re offended. If ever a freak scene needed ridiculing, it’s Islam.

If we can't ridicule religion I want to know why? What's the agenda? Hey, I don't want or need Christianity to be beyond criticism or ridicule. I loved Dave Allen.

“Unless you believe in freedom of speech for those you find loathesome,
you don’t believe in freedom of speech at all.”
Mark Steyn.

And Doc, you're as loathsome as they come, but I'm happy to let you drivel on forever even if no one can get you to qualify said drivel. As Chuck Heston said to Dr Zaius in Planet of the Apes, "What are you afraid of, Doctor?"

Also, the Western Standard online, crushes any feeble and stupid offering I guess you’ll ever come up with, mate.

“In modern Germany, there are museum exhibits covering the period leading up to the Holocaust. Among those displays one can see "cartoons" depicting Jews as thieves, cheats, fools, liars, misers, etc.

The message was clear: "Jews are not like us, they are therefore not worthy to live with the rights and respect that we have."

In May 1934, the German newspaper, Der Sturmer, ran the headline Jewish Murder Plan Against Gentile Humanity Revealed. The newspaper ran also cartoons with captions like: "Jews are our misfortune," "The Jew is our greatest enemy," "Beware of the Jew," "Defend yourself against Jewish atrocity propaganda," and so on.

In February 1943, the same newspaper depicted a bearded Jew wearing a skull-cup, with the caption "Der Satan", the Satan.

The stereotyped image of the European Jew showed him dressed in black, with dark eyebrows, a big nose, an evil or furtive expression, and usually hunched over, whispering anti-European conspiracies to his co-religionists.

All of these were caricatures meant to grossly exaggerate the physical features and perceived mannerisms of a targeted group.

I believe it was this sort of "free speech" that led to increasingly violent acts against Jews, culminating in events like Kristallnacht, and ultimately the horrors of the Holocaust. It was a gradual intensification of hate, with deceptively "harmless" things like cartoons helping pave the way for the evil that happened under the Nazis”.

Er, gee Doctor Proctor, all very amusing but a ridiculous, outrageously disingenuous and plain stupid comparison. So let me see if I get your pointless point. Apparently, the Jews were setting off bombs, crashing planes into buildings, organising violent Jihadist cells to kill as many German civilians as possible, while a deluded and soft bellied Third Reich stood helplessly by, er, watching? Are you nuts or just an embarrassing serial liar?

My guess is with deep therapy you could work yourself up to the level of insane. Ya being persecuted? Nobody is really doing any such thing, are they? You're mostly being PC pandered to, I'd say. You just want it all and will never be satisfied until you have total control, and not even then. Mohammad is a historical figure, Islam is only a religion, and Islam is not a race, Poopy. To the faithless, religion is merely ideology and an idea.

And um, last time I looked, the Danes were not the Third Reich. And Islamist's are not on the same moral plane as the Jews. They're just sometime's on a plane.

"Look out! He's got a knife, a bomb, a gun, a Koran, B.O, haliotosis or all of the above!"

It’s a significant percentage of Muslims throughout Europe, the UK, the US, Asia and even Australia etc, who are doing the threatening, attacking and murdering. Boy, when some Arab's and Muslim's bullshit, they have less limits on their exaggerations of reducto ad absurdum than a four year old. Are you retarded? I mean, actually? Childhood accident? You can’t be a full grown adult, surely?

My advice? Everytime you see Depends daipers on special, grab 'em. Ya gonna need 'em.

“The Danish newspaper's offensive cartoons depicting the Prophet Muhammad as a bomb-wearing terrorist, or a ridiculous fanatic, fall into the same divisive and dangerous stereotypical category as slogans like, "Jews are Christ-killers," "Christians are savage anti-Semitic Crusaders," "Blacks are drug-dealers," "Aboriginals are lazy drunks," etc”.

All your quotes are easy to objectively disprove, whereas Mohammed as a terrorist and a ridiculous fanatic is easy to show, because he was, just like many of his his fanatical followers.

“Ever since the news media broke the cartoon story from Europe, numerous Muslim and non-Muslim Canadians have objected to the publication of these drawings, especially in papers and magazines originating from within our own country.

One does not have to be a Muslim to feel the pain and betrayal these pictures convey. It is the same kind of pain felt by descendants of Holocaust survivors when confronted with the illogical ranting of those who deny it ever happened; or the pain of Black citizens faced with the spectacle of white supremacists marching down the main street of their town”.

Next you’ll compare the moon with a block of cheese or your ass with your elbow. Pain? And yet you and far too few other Muslims it can seem, are not offended enough if at all, by photos, film , documentation of oppression, beheading, homicide/suicide bombings murdering children, women, men, child brides and rape, genital mutilation, torture, whippings, corrupt Theocracy’s and indeed any daily atrocities all committed by er, Muslims and in the name of Mohammad and Islam.

And what happen's to Muslim dissident's? They live under constant threat if they continue to live at all.

You are a goofy fraud. So full of self pitying shite. How do ya get on a plane with all those kilos of crap?

“The editors of Canada's largest-circulation newspapers made the right ethical and professional decision not to republish the Danish cartoons and the government of Canada expressed regrets that they were ever published in Denmark and republished in Canada.

They realized that those cartoons are not about a so-called "clash of civilizations," or the collision of Islamic and Western worlds.

The real issue is about a Western Muslim minority, struggling in a hostile post 9/11 environment to live as normally as any other group in our multicultural society. It is about a minority at a crossroads in their relationship with the Muslim world of their former home countries.

As such a community, Western Muslims have much to learn from Jewish history in both Europe and North America. Canadian Muslims know they must not stand apart from their fellow citizens, but must actively move into the concept of smart integration as the ideal model for social unity and cultural coherence”.

Um, you're not Jews. Your dear little chum Mohammad, spent a large part of his miserable existence on earth trying to murder as many Jews as possible. Islam stands apart like no other group or religion. Why is that?

Maybe cos' Islam is kind of inherently hostile and finds it problematic in fitting in anywhere that’s normal? It’s designed to conquer, vampire and overtake all opposition, period, is it not?

“One of the Danish cartoons, which depict Prophet Muhammad as a terrorist, suggests by inference that all Muslims are terrorists”.

That’s right. Most Muslims are not terrorists, though most terrorist's are empirically Muslims.

“This is not merely offensive or insulting, it is enticing hate, pure and simple. And those rogue Canadian publications that insisted on reprinting it are therefore knowingly promoting hatred against Muslims. To condone such an explicit depiction of the Prophet of Islam as a terrorist, one has to be at the very least wilful, in not acknowledging that such a depiction vilifies and discredits all Muslims, creating a dangerous climate for Muslims in Canada and everywhere else”.

Actually, the vast majority of people don’t care about any cartoons, Islam, the Koran or Mohammed and especially never as much as you obviously do. And why do you obsess and abscess over cartoons? Cartoons! Ha, ha! I haven't thought so much about comics, since I was about twelve.

Why don't you buy a copy of The Adventures of Spiderman? Have you ever considered that people simply don’t like whiners, like you? And it seems that apart from oppressin' and a' killin', that's the favourite past time of far too many a Muslim.

“Canadian Muslims are a minority, often a highly visible one, and the vast majority of non-Muslim Canadians have grown up with stereotypical views of Muslims, no matter how well-intentioned they may be. The republication of the anti-Islam cartoons has served only to further stereotype Muslims as dangerous and threatening”.

It’s not a stereotype. It's a statistical reality. If there were just two of you, we’d just have you arrested by a single squad car and taken to an asylum for the criminally insane. Many Muslims fit into what is actually a multi-type. There are millions of you who feel the same Jihadist way, pal.

“Canadian Muslims do accept and acknowledge that extremists exist and must be dealt with”.

Er, that’s the exact opposite of what you’ve said so far. And no you don’t think anything should be done, if you're easily ground to a humourless halt by some bleeding cartoons, fer Christ sakes.

“But when the ideologies and actions of a very few are used as the basis to judge an entire people, distortion and unfairness are the inevitable result. Extremism is not in any way, shape, or form, the essence of Muslim life. Extremism, in fact, is no more a monopoly of Islam than it is of any other faith group, whether it be Christianity, Judaism, Hinduism, or Sikhism”.

Er, bullshit moral equivalence, fluffy. The world is not living in fear of Jews, Christians, Hindu’s, Sikhs, Buddhists, Taoists, Animists etc. But many people are frightened by Islam and Muslim's, even with the apologist overdrive. There’s no violent global movements connected to any other religion but Islam. Last time I looked, only Muslims wanted to bring about a world wide Caliphate.

“The vast majority of Muslims, though conservative, are moderate in their political views. Islam has long been regarded among its adherents as "the religion of the middle way." The Prophet himself, so misconstrued in the infamous Danish cartoons, repeatedly denounced extremism”.

Again, bullshit. A significant proportion of Muslims in virtually every survey in Western migrant community’s, shows clearly that many do want Sharia law, an Islamic state and support wholly any violence, including Al Qaeda's to achieve it. Check out the latest Pew Report, mate.

“We Canadian Muslims share the same common values: a deep respect for knowledge; a passion for justice; compassion toward the sick, elderly, needy and underprivileged; devotion to the values of family life, including respect for parents and elders; and acceptance of the "other," the strangers and travellers in our midst”.

Hold all that up to the mirror of research and you’ll soon see that the opposite is sadly often true on many counts.

“We live today in one world, a global village continually connected via instant communication. Our world economy is an interdependent entity, where a ripple on one continent can cause a tidal wave on another. Consequently, the selfish and irresponsible publication of hate literature, even if some consider it "funny," damages the world we live in. We need to stop, think, and care -- after all, it's the only world we've got”.

What would you find funny exactly? Not much methinks. Only a losers with a chip on both shoulders, ulterior motives and an inferiority complex the size of the Gulf, that's been aging without maturity for 1300 years, would concentrate on some bloody cartoons. You got a problem, Doc. See a Doctor! One is either a fool or psychopath with a plan.

Yes, we have only one world and Islamism wants that world in its entirety. Islam is inherently problematic. The true face of Islamism loves death and total power. It's always hated the million things that make life decent and the reality of real human feelings. It is apocalyptic, anti-human, fascist totalitarianism taken to the 9th degree and beyond.

The Islamist mindset is so self focused and crippled, it’s quite hard to believe. Anyone who can’t take any criticism has no real confidence. And that’s because your pecular Prophet of nothing, was wrong about everything. You even know it sometimes and deep down it maybe fills one with a rage and frustration, that lies and self deception don’t always cover. Mohammad said you were chosen for unique greatness, yet Islam has delivered nothing but failure and mediocrity supported by the luck of oil.

Remove the oil, and Finland exports more goods than the entire Middle-East. Cultures that cannot tolerate the free flow of ideas simply cannot progress, ever. Islamism is full of passive aggressive blowhard hyperbole, with a phony front of morality when underneath is often perversion, weakness and bankruptcy.

No Arab and Persian state could beat Israel militarily, or much any other way. Because of how Islamic states have spent the last 1300 years, and how the Jews have spent their time, the Israelis are now superior to any Club Medieval and state of hopelessness in almost every way sport, and you know this too. But you try to deflect it with absurd conspiracy that you amazingly actually believe! Stuff that even an inbred hillbilly from Deliverance wouldn’t swallow.

Oh boy, what have you done to yourself? Regards your local media, I've seen better results in a petri dish.

Middle Eastern armies are almost uniquely stupid. That’s maybe why so many dig terror, the assassin and invasion by immigrant stealth and treachery so much. It’s the best one can do, eh?

You blame the Jews, hey, tell me the news! I always picture “It’s the Jews!” shouted with a Loony Tunes style foaming rabies mouth. It’s America too eh, and Hell, everyone but you.

The Jews, the British and the Americans of 300 million people of every race and religion are infuriatingly for you, the greatest achievers in history, contributing more to the world than everyone else combined. And in the end for two reasons only; they’re truly free and that freedom is protected. You see, Islamic states have the ultimately useless and creepy luxury of being the only kids on the block in their neighbourhood. No competition, dig? But then, so many are such long term basket cases that they may know nothing better. So sad.

The opposite of normal ambition often applies in states that are not free and open places, but closed societies that do not value work, innovation or individual expression. You have 20 odd of these paralysed piles in the Middle East, and all without a single world class University. You have vast oil wealth and no real economies to show for it.

Islam has to be enforced by not allowing any other religion in any Islamic state, and making the punishment for leaving the contradictions of Islam, death. The West needs nothing from Islam per se. Islam has only the abyss. Even if Islamism took over the world, it would collapse into infighting by lunch, just as it did after old crazy shoes Mohammed croaked. The only decent and useful thing he ever achieved and all by himself.

The main exports of most Islamic states are oil, terror, Wahabism, people and complaint. Why is the West successful? Because of Judeo Christianity, Greek, Roman and Celtic influences, Capitalist Democracy, the free flow of ideas, the Enlightenment, science, the Renaissance, the Industrial Revolution, free markets, the free flow of ideas, freedom of expression, art, music, fun and courage etc.

Why are Islamic states not successful? Because they are Islamic states.

All in all, the Doc’s open lettuce is just baloney, logical fallacy, diversions, excuses, classic Muslim conspiracy theory and whining and all sans any rational logic. But that’s what makes him so endearing.

Why do Japan, Germany and Italy not have a grudge against the USA after WW11? Because for the most part, their militant cores were utterly crushed, and sooner or later for militant Islamism too, this is entirely what must be done.

The catch is sports, Islam itself is a militant core.


IMAN said...


Colonel Robert Neville said...

Er, Iman is it? Or Mr Wonderful? Fantastic. Now, while I don't normally work with people who suffer from "CAPS LOCK SYNDROME", I may be able to recommend someone.

I suggest either a professional with extensive experience in treating boobs that can't express themselves with any, charm, nuance or vocabulary. Now while this is not a high crime, you should still get help or go see a damn good voodoo Doctor, even a taxidermist.

Er, which race exactly? Islam's a religion, don't cha know? I never said anything about the nonsense of race and the stupidity and boredom of racism.

Race, dear boy, doesn't really exist, as there's no scientific basis for it at all.

We're all merely gradients with much wider variance within a "race" than between "races". And this 'race' phantom has almost zero to do with anything, anyway.

It's actually all culture, religion, background, experience, class, intelligence, personality, character and so on.

Nor did I say that I disliked Muslims.

I just don't like quite a few of the Muslims that I have seen, and sadly, that's a damn lot. Nope, I guess it's Islam, Mohammad and the Krazy Koran that I don't respect at all.

Why would I? What's it done for me or anone lately? I mean in the last 1300 years? Nothing. Nada. Zip. Zero.

Um, your religion, let me guess...is Islam, and it teaches you to entirely have no respect for any other beliefs at all, only to pretend to, until it reaches critical mass. That's Taqiyaa for ya.

Aah, you doubt my mental state? I don't live in an Islamic state, you're probably thinking I'm from Iran, Syria, Saudia Arabia or Indonesia etc. Nopee, I couldn't stand the screaming mobs of government sanctioned loons.

Aah, yes, Islam has taught you it's message of love and peace very well. I feel your warmth, Bub.

Hey, if you were unarmed and alone, I doubt there would be any "breaking" of digits, but hey, drivel on. Gee, strangely I feel no shame, sadly only the tedium of ya feeble straight man comic relief.

Please feel free to write, Crazytoes, as soon as you learn how to.

From one of the cheaper Gods, Colonel Neville.

The Spook said...

(*If I ever knew U I wud have broken ur bloody fingers so that they may never go typing shit again.)

-Why that's not a very peaceful way for a 'peaceful muslim' to talk. It seems to always come down to threats from muslims against people who don't agree with their ideology. Deep down they're just not peaceful at all, it is as they say...just talk.

*We obliterated the people who bombed Pearl Harbor in 1941. We destroyed them, made them suffer, and then made them our bitches. We must do the same to the Islamic Death Cult.

Colonel Robert Neville said...
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Colonel Robert Neville said...
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Cassandra. said...

good joke: “Islam, more than any other religion, makes it one's religious duty not only to support -- but also to protect -- the rights of fellow human beings to freedom of expression, freedom of conscience, and freedom of religion”.

Try telling that to Salman Rushdie, the Danish Cartoonists, Ayaan Hirsi Ali, Wafa Sultan - the list is endless.

They'd die laughing. Tragically, they probably will.
So will all the rest of us if we don't put an end to this barbaric death cult.

First step is to shame and totally discredit Islam's enablers. This includes many opportunistic academics and clerics, Mal, many opportunistic lawyers, Mal, and many opportunistic communal figures.


Dude said...

Academic bankruptcy and a collapse of professional teaching standards are major contributors to the social sickness and economic ignorance of many people in Western countries.[/quote]

Too true!!
What really gets me that academics these days mange to smuggle socialist political content even into their cooking classes.


Cassandra. said...

Yes, Islam's record stands for all to see - no achievement, no caring for its own citizens, no progress. Just oppression and violence.

So why are we fostering this totalitarian system? Why is the Australian government contributing millions of dollars to the Palestinian jihad, just one feature of the Islamisation happening in Australia?

Remember, Islamists are in our once-fair country for one reason only: to Islamise our society. We already have sharia finance, halal food in supermarkets, special facilities for Muslims on our campuses, Islamic departments in our universities, to mention but a few.

We must urgently start to roll back this Islamisation. That means TALKING about Islamisation to anyone and everyone. It doesn't matter if they don't like what you're saying, which from my experience, they don't. Something will sink in.

This Christmas, when you are enjoying time with family and friends, talk about Islam, distribute some AIM cards (available for the asking - just write to vic-branch@islammonitor.orgThis e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it )and urge people to read our website.

You might seem like a party-pooper. But remember, in the long term, by raising awareness, you are helping to strengthen our Judeo-Christian culture and preserving Christmas for future generations.

18 December, 2007

Cassandra. said...

Thanks for a great article. You certainly demonised Islam, but justifiably so, as it is uber demonic.

One of AIM'S "favourite" Islamists is Waleed Aly, whose veneer of civilisation only thinly disguises his contempt for Western values. He is a master of taqiya, which has many in Australia being taken in by his rhetoric.

Waleed is an avid supporter of Hezbollah terrorists, as shown by his statements during last year's Lebanese war. Remember Nasrallah, Hezbollah?s leader, stating: ?If they [the Jews] all gather in Israel, it will save us the trouble of going after them worldwide?.

Nasrallah and his fellow Islamo-Nazis have made no secret of the fact they want to finish Hitler?s holocaust. In fact, the Muslims were Hitler's greatest allies and it was them who suggested to him the Final Solution. So they outdid Hitler in their virulent Jew-hatred.

So it seems the height of chutzpah that the Muslims dare to even suggest they are the new Jews -
"I believe it was this sort of "free speech" that led to increasingly violent acts against Jews, culminating in events like Kristallnacht, and ultimately the horrors of the Holocaust. It was a gradual intensification of hate, with deceptively "harmless" things like cartoons helping pave the way for the evil that happened under the Nazis?.

What is even more astounding is that this outstanding example of moral inversion is taken up by many on the left.

It is a question of freedom-loving people standing together against a genocidal regime that publicly hangs teenage girls, abuses children, tortures and murders its critics while planning the mass extermination of Jews. That Waleed remains mute on these matters explains why he chose to condemn Israel while ignoring Hezbollah?s war crimes. (Perhaps this brilliant legal thinker does not know that it is a war crime to use civilians as human shields).

It is ?clear that the loyalty question is about something else?, he said. It sure is, baby. The question is whether the likes of Waleed are loyal to those Western values upon which Australia is built or whether he is loyal to a bigoted and genocidal ideology. Assaf Namer deserves respect because, unlike Waleed Aly, his cause is inextricably linked to the survival of Western values.

Showing us just how sophisticated he is Waleed declared that ?[n]ationalism, though sometimes harmless, has occasionally provided cover for bigotry?. And we need look no further than Mr Waleed Aly himself. This is the same character who is viciously pursuing two Christian pastors for the heinous crime of accurately quoting from the Koran. And he is doing this to ? wait for it ? protect the right to free speech! (There is free speech, and then there is hate-inducing vilification, Herald Sun, 21 December 2004)*.

And this joker has the unmitigated gall to accuse ordinary Australians of being bigots. And speaking of bigotry, Waleed Aly?s Islamic Council?s website is linked to Islam Online. This charming bunch recommend death for those who abandon Islam. So what is this telling about Waleed Aly and his mates? Evidently he believes that making serious death threats against people who change their religion does not amount to ?hate-inducing vilification?.

Every democracy has the right to defend itself. It follows from this that Australia has the right to deport to their country of origin those who have aligned themselves with our enemies and who attack our fundamental rights. We can do no better than to start with the loathsome Waleed Aly. Here?s hoping: Hasta la vista, baby.

Note: How is this for chutzpah

17 December, 2007

Dude. said...

: Dude
Academic bankruptcy and a collapse of professional teaching standards are major contributors to the social sickness and economic ignorance of many people in Western countries.

Too true!!
What really gets me that academics these days mange to smuggle socialist political content even into their cooking classes.

Swallow. said...

If there is an explosion, all Muslims leaders in the West worry about is not to be connected in any way to this event. They do not worry about the victims, about killed and crippled infidels but abut their sorry arses (before anybody even attempts to kick them).

This works soooo well! We forget about the victims and rush to reassure poor, Muslims that we do not blame them for anything. Not even if they do kill and mame - for it is done as a response to U$raeli imperialism in fact it is desperate self-defense.
Even if the explosions happen to be in India, Thailand, Algeria or Bangladesh MUSLIMS ARE NOT TO BE ASSOCIATED with terror.

Sienna. said...


I defame islam by exsisting.

Anonymous said...

... : Circe
If Islam has nothing to hide, then surely it would welcome the full exposure of all its text/laws and the lovely example of Mo-mad's life for us all to copy...a few cartoons would be trivial and easily shown to be wrong!

In reality, we are gagged and threatened! We are the victims as Muslims use every loophole in our laws coupled with real fear to gag exposure of Islam's blatant supremist totalitarian ideology and its mass of perversions, sadisms etc. If exposed, no civilised person would follow it!!!

Europe should have fought Naziism before it gained such power. Islam makes the Nazis look like teddy bears yet the few who fight to expose its aims face constant abuse and violence!

Criticism of Islam is based on its text, laws, stated aims of worldwide control, Mo-mad's example and its history ie based on truth. This was not the case for the Nazi hatred of the Jews.
Even today the Jews are a tiny group of about 14-15 million people who don't prosletyse, or aim for world domination or seek revenge for their cruel treatment by others but instead have made the greatest contribution to modern society (winning many Nobel Prizes) including human rights. The claims against them by the Nazis were evil propaganda because they were false. The doc's analogy is false!

We have the right to expose evil ideologies and protect our society for our descendants. The fact that the mis-guided followers of Islamic evil exist in our society makes it more important to expose the truth of Islam. No ideology should have 'protected' status!

BrianFH said...

You forgot to mention that the most "offensive" of the cartoons paraded thru the ME to arouse Rage Boys were ringers, added by the imam. I suspect that the two mentioned by Elmasry are Prime Exhibits.

Also, while there is an un-fortuitous overlap of the economic desolation caused by reliance on The Devil's Excrement (oil rentier economies) and Islamic governance, they are distinct. Venezuela is heading fast down the rentier rathole, it is non-Islamic. Major oil producers like Finland and Canada that had robust non-oil economies prior to beginning exploitation can survive its jobless prosperity effects, but Russia and the ME and Latin American countries, e.g., cannot.

And oil-less Islamic states like Egypt and Somalia and Yemen are basket cases all on their own. They don't need its lubrication to slide down the slope of destroyed and debased human resources.

Blueheeler said...

eacool - as they say, "We hear you!".
There are obvious solutions, and I reckon many, many people, such as yourself (and me) are being pushed closer and closer to those solutions. Unfortunately, I cannot mention what those might be.
But I'm sure they'd come as no surprise.

eacool said...

I have been following websites like this for years and reading up all I can about islam. Unfortunately although I agree with most that is critically written, I have yet to see solutions put forward to confront this evil. I cant read anymore of this stuff because its demoralising but I am desperate to hear someone put forward some solutions. Islam is making advances everywhere in the western world whilst the rest of us sit here twidling our thumbs waiting for something to happen. We need answers, not anymore overwhelming evidence of the evil of this satanic religion.

18 December, 2007

Blazing Cat Fur said...