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I am leg end in mouth.

Hitler and friends celebrate Adolf waking up with a happy and kind thought for the world. "I vant to kill everybody! Including all of you! Germany doesn't deserve to live!" chuckled the Fuhrer, as the breakfast nook at Gestapo Headquarters erupted into riotous laughter.

'Smart, friendly and funny, you have to wonder if anything ever upsets Will Smith's good nature.

"Well, if I understand the problem then I don't get annoyed", he explained. "People driving past in the car and giving me the finger annoys my wife but it's because they think you did something to them. They think you're driving too slow and keeping them from getting to their daughter's birthday party, or you cut them off and didn't see".

Remarkably, Will believes everyone is basically good.

"Even Hitler didn't wake up going, 'let me do the most evil thing I can do today", said Will. "I think he woke up in the morning and using a twisted, backwards logic, he set out to do what he thought was 'good'. Stuff like that just needs reprogramming.

I wake up every day full of hope, positive that every day is going to be better than yesterday. And I'm looking to infect people with my positivity. I think I can start an epidemic. As a teenager, I was too focused on sex to think about any other vices. I still am"

I Am Legend is out now.

From, December 22 2007 by Siobhan Synnot.

Will Smith, casual Hitler analyst. I like Will Smith and if every hideous, stupid, repulsive, embarrassing, repellent and very wrong thing many other celebrities and stars ever said on record was noticed and spun around the world, the news services would grind to a halt. Yep, Hitler is one of the few non Democratic swine you can’t praise as a celebrity. Will should have stuck to Chavez, Che the child killer, Castro, Irans Monkey King, Mao, Ho Chi Minh or even Stalin. Then it’d all be just a bit of a laugh really.

He said he didn’t mean how it was taken. Er, how was it supposed to be taken exactly beyond hey, that's a bit odd? But hey, he does think Hitler is a poo poo face anyway, which is a lot better than most stars who relentlessly applaud some of the worlds biggest killers and most rotten regimes. I guess the problem is that whatever stars say can be so extremely amplified, unlike the words of say a lesser being like er, me.

But it was a weird thing to say, wasn’t it, eh? Smith is obviously worldly and not a fool.

After reading the actual interview in which Will talks briefly about Hitler’s mindset and motives, at least according to how Smith sees ‘em, I thought how reflective this little bit of thinking is. I mean, it’s doesn’t seem based on any real and easily available research. Maybe Will should add a nice little section in his bookcase on the Fuhrer of Nuts, and read it.

Look, Will wasn’t saying he thought Hitler was a good person. What he said reminds me how many simply cannot comprehend or have not really tried to understand, what drives such evil and what it means to those who are the victims. Many have an inability to discern, grasp and face historical reality or the idea of what a real threat is.

Hey, I’m not always crazy about reality myself, especially the vacuuming, but the old let’s be positive thing, can merely end in irrational denial of anything too unpleasant.

In the interview, Will talks a lot about being positive and about his achievements, and he has done a damn lot. Especially when compared to my meagre efforts. But then the guy who collects tin cans compares pretty well to my long list of fiasco and non-starters. Hey, they’re all ‘learning experiences!’ Er, right.

And Will was pretty humble this time, not saying he was a God or anything. That’s his PR agent’s job.

Man. I loved him in ‘The Pursuit of Happyness’ and I’m looking forward to seeing him in ‘I am Legend’, being Colonel Robert Neville, an’ all. He’s a great entertainer and I like his ‘Switch’ song. It was very fresh, authentic and sexy because of it. And he's a positive and energetic guy. Maybe that’s why he said it, stupid sod. It was a small bit in one of thousands of interviews, and in a way, why pay attention to celebrities anyway?

He’s not actually done anything terrible, and that’s an important point, to have such focus on a few paragraphs, however naff, as opposed to a million terrible realities by actions. Celebs will babble on and it's appropriate to challenge them, but they hardly ever are, really, eh?

There's an old Peter Cook and Dudley Moore piece where Pete says "did you see that thing on Hitler on the telly last night? Hitler only had one flaw...he was horrible".

Pete goes on to talk about the power of the media, saying how after he had watched the documentary, he went across the park to the shops to buy a packet of cigarettes, and before he realised what he'd done, "I'd murdered 15 million people. Which just goes to show the power of television".

A common way of seeing the world today it, is to be completely ignorant and wrong about whole areas of history and be utterly predictable in your views on anything current. What should be basic concepts can seem to be beyond many people. You can say the most outrageous things and act upon them, just make sure it's the currently accepted bunk.

Thus folks state clearly that they trust any of our declared enemies over our elected representatives… I mean, any of them! Thus a Totalitarian psychopath child killer like Che Guevara, or an Islamist freak like Iran's nuclear Chimp Leader is always and automatically more valid and reliable than any Democratic leader, merely because such monstrous contrary illogic supports a current and default posture. Odd, innit? So many lack any judgement worth a damn at all.

But not if you look at it as extreme, narcissistic wishful thinking and naiveté, pushed through the prism of Left mental illness. Evan Sayet has said that the Left Liberal always sides with evil over good, and what ultimately leads to failure over success.

It’s this total inability to recognise anything, to see thing as they empirically are, to tell good from bad and to be able to discriminate at all. Sometimes, evidence of rational thought in the public, can seem as an evaporating and fast disappearing lake of reason.

Will's perhaps limited ways of expressing serious issues are much like many ordinary people, politicians, Hollywood, the entertainment industry and celebrities in general etc. Many folks just 'feel' things and think this is close enough to reality. Er, no.

Celebrities nearly all love the same corn politics almost to a person. It’s all just emotional posturing, the narcissism of immature, irresponsible, extremely rich and relentlessly unresearched stars, living scoop dee doo in a highly privileged and abstract stratosphere.

Now while Will is an otherwise nice guy and family man who is kind, thoughtful and goes to extraordinary lengths for his many fans and the people who hire him, he is perhaps a little um, out of his depth on the mentality of 20th Century Dictators and tyrants. He is an actor after all. Many actors believe that the often mediocre Logical Fallacy's they routinely spout are of value, because it sure feels intense and pretty urgently of import to them. Maybe it’s the drugs?

When in fact beyond raw material for satire, their words of wisdom and non-insight are often daft, profoundly worthless and curiously juvenile opinions.

Will’s views on old Adolf and his modus operandi are sadly misplaced and way off the mark, as in light years, but a lot of celebrities are clueless, useless and far more ignorant, so he shouldn’t feel too bad and probably won’t too much. Yep, a little of your standard absurd ‘Movie Star’ reverie really.

Hitler was completely driven by his hatred of really all human beings and life in general. He had no errors of judgement that were allegedly “for the good” at all. There are no “errors” in the monstrous historical facts of Nazism, Communism and Socialism etc. If it’s awful in every way, then it’s entirely authentic. I hate to tell ya, Will, but um, Hitler was a Nazi and as such, completely believed, thought and acted like one. Zero shades of grey there, old boy.

Hitler only liked sterile and dead things. He was a Totalitarian sadist and deeply neurotic bore. Sure, he had his bad side too. Every day Hitler did indeed “wake up” with only his decade’s long evil plans of mass death and control on his mind. That’s what people like Adolf do. Nazism was based just like Communism, on murder, lies, conformity, envy, spite and madness. At the core of Nazism was not order, but absolute swirling chaos.

Now, if you read Will Smiths interview, it’s a good one if soft, but that’s showbiz and he makes a good impression, except for the pointless Hitler tangent. Maybe it’s just hard to come up with something to say after interview number 1,845. But you know, how many people do you meet who know much on what used to be thought of as pivotal figures, events and concepts? And good luck findin’ ‘em in Tinsel Town.

Nuance, subtlety, perspective, proportion, harsh facts, rational thought, depth of research and a mature, objective attitude to a subject are essentials for any true and worthwhile understanding on a serious topic. You need none of these to be an actor or any kind of celebrity. The average celebrity 'interview' is mostly entirely predictable and can be done by numbers and usually is. Sadly, those numbers can more often than not, add up to precisely zero.

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