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The Rocket Launcher Wasn't Mine. I Just Wanted Osama to Sign it For a 'Friend'.

A neighbour of David Hicks observing the wonderful jihadist at a get-together to wish Dave a big 'Welcome Home Foiled Killer!' "Gee, thanks mate. Could you just write "To Dave, sorry, to Chunky, my favourite apprentice killer and junior sleeper cell member, the Big O. Lots of hugs and kisses! PS. Keep up the cheering and remember, a day not making a bomb or beheading a kidnapped civilian is a day wasted. Lots of love from your pal, Osama".

With the Islamist freak letters to home of David dirtbag Hicks being published in the otherwise largely dhimmi Australian press, I thought hey, it'd be sure worth dusting off some kind thoughts too. [A massive treasure trove of OFFICIAL Hicks facts has just been released. Via Andrew Bolt.]

As they say, wait long enough and every aspect, non-idea and phony non-hero of the left is utterly discredited as the frauds they are. But fear not! The left soon have another entirely predictable mental gymnastic apologist lie up and running. Alternatively, they'll just dump a useful turd like Hicks as quickly as they adopted Him, and just as per usual. Cos' gee, activists really care, especially about the truth an' all. Er, no.

Hicks was and is an eager and fully trained terrorist in most everything global jihadisty and on apparently four separate occasions. And gosh, right up to one month before 9/11, which he gleefully cheered on as you do if you're a sack of crap. Yes, let the right kind of patriot meet that boy on the street just once, and he'll get a damn good frowning.

From the AAP: 'In a May 2001 letter to family, Hicks wrote: "By the way I have met Osama bin Laden 20 times now, lovely brother, everything for the cause of Islam. The only reason the West calls him the most wanted Muslim is because he's got the money to take action".

Delightful, eh? Finally some sincerity from Dave, one of the worlds few fully trained bogan terrorists. The dumb, venal phony yet cunning liar David Hicks, is apparently a victim, their hero and worthy of massed resources for his er, whut? Sainthood? I guess now that the fantasy of Mother Theresa and Mandela are vacant, eh?

"Nurse! The sheets!"

All along, Dave was apparently just a foolish and likely young lad. He was merely like a schoolgirl in love. All in a dizzy tizz with an endearing crush on the zany antics of the horrible in every way yours truly in a cave somewhere, the very unlikely Laden. "He loves me, he loves me not. A toodle toot".

The Hickster trained for extreme and brutal acts for use against almost everybody and I wonder, yes I do, how exactly that training was conducted and with the use of what equipment? Don’t terrorist groups sometimes like to train with like er, dig it, live prisoners? You know in a kind of dry-run. Unless of course the blood starts spraying everywhere. Is any of this, I dunno, of any serious ah, consideration for anyone, say in the media? Nah, guess not. How zany and madcap then!

According to Dave's cretinous letters, the allegedly happy little Master Mindless Plan was merely to bring down Western Civilisation. Uh right, ok, and after lunch? "Well, contestant number one plans to train with Al Qaeda, make a lot of money and be supported by local leftards! What a swell! Why you’re the cat’s pyjamas!"

Hicksy or Mohammed Dawood as he was known, [or maybe Dagwood?] was detained for several years of his rather pointless life along with many other Islamofascist psychopaths. "I bin mistreated!" says Mr Honesty. Balls. It's kind of hard to see Dave and the Muslim Brotherhood et al as reliable sources of the truth. Yes, apparently so badly treated that he put on 20 kilos. Maybe misteatment means no choc mint ice-cream. All this while he received more benefits and concessions than such men er, deserve. And better room service than Al Qaeda provide to their prisoners, I imagine.

"Hello, Room Service? Could you send me up a head? I seem to have lost mine. Thanks".

So far, over thirty formerly released G-Bay prisoners have turned up in later fighting. I guess fighting for those principles, eh? Sadly, since checking out, none have been thoughtful to give a four star rating for Guantanamo. Try getting back from anywhere else in much of the world if you allegedly do something that’s a teensy weensy bit naughty, like training to murder lots of people.

Many an unkind chucklehead peacenik distrusts a strange beast like the military to be just like them, but the armed forces often do get things very right of course. Thus we can all enjoy our fluffy cushioned lives. Somehow I trust our troops a lot more than the average mission statement at Islamic Militant camp. YouTube Bill Whittle on the professional facts of Gitmo. [Sadly acting out government and military leadership policy and orders, means that marines must nauseatingly dhimmi and fawn over jihadists. No, really.]

"Our Islamic Jihad Mission, just kill, kill, kill then laugh and love again and still get great room service".

Now it may be entirely correct to care about any wrongful detaining of the innocent, so no problems at Gitmo then. Violations for no purpose in a position of extreme responsibility is a serious crime, so again, this has never happened at Gitmo. Au contraire. The disturbing opposite actually.

Yet there's consistently no sense of proportion or a shred of investigative honesty in the ideologically driven media reporting of a tiny percentage of offences committed by a very small number of military personel. All breaches of military law are punished as policy.

There is no armed forces policy of doing anything to anyone, anywhere and at anytime across the world to achieve a global Islamaic Caliphate.

Dig this. I agree with interrogation and waterboarding of people like Khalid. I'd love the job myself. I've not found a convincing argument to let such mass killers just sit around smoking and ignoring polite questions at their leisure. Only three people were waterboarded at Gitmo. All three were Al Qaeda operations chiefs. One was 9/11 mastermind Sheik Khalid, who beheaded Daniel Pearl with two knives as the first one became blunt.

A classic left tactic is the gross and absurd lies that Guantanamo is some kind of set piece for the most evil prisons in the world. It is nothing of the sort and I’m glad I don’t have the job.

"Steely jawed Marines wanted for Maitre d’ and restraint duties at the charming but hostile, Guantanamo by the Bay. This position can involve sudden attack at any time, insane ingratitude for every decency and endless abuse and threats by our fanatical guests with a cocktail of blood, urine, sperm and excrement. Uniform supplied".

The left are not in the habit of admitting the mepirical fact that the army takes the strict adherence to its rules very seriously. Re, the smooth running of said beasty. The military and our often wavering idiot authorities are dealing with a mortal and determined enemy, that clearly and repeatedly speaks of how Western law and due process are merely easily used tactical advantages.

Guantanamo Bay is the only "Hell on Earth" that has regular dental and medical appointments, an extensive menu including Halal, vegetarian, Italian and Chinese etc, and where bookings are not essential. But I hear there’s a bit of a rush for the Chef’s Special after Ramadan.

The prisoners receive clean sheets and clothing daily, courtesy of the Yankee Infidel Laundry and Mosque Service. Sure, not the same as Mohammads Koranic Catering: "We cater for any anti-Western rants and even group beheadings. All cutlery is supplied".

The G has fully functioning modern plumbing, air conditioning, is supplied wih ample reading material, has regular visits from Imams and a ready supply of Korans wrapped in plastic cover[!]. This is so that when they are handed to Muslims by gloved guards, the Holy Book of the religion of peace or else, is unsoiled by the hands of the filthy all volunteer Infidels.

I kid you not. The support for David the Hick is unfortunately so deluded, bankrupt, misplaced and perverse that it doesn’t exist on any rational level at all, at least not in this dimension. And allegedly there's country wide and mass support! Whether it’s two thousand or two million suicidal moonbats, so what? It ain't a good thing that any policy should ever be influenced by such unhinged and irresponsible boobs.

"Davo for Minister of Understanding, Peace and Love, Now!"

Hickey’s supporters, the Rockettes Launcher Chorus Line, come over like a cross between the fluffy minded fund raisers of a parish cake stand and the most venal and disgusting of Marxist infiltrators.

And all for Dave, the non-innocent protégé’ of mass murdering head slicing arsonists, bomb makers, bogus charity thieves, rapists and uber-perverts. If this is Liberalism today, are the crazy pills that come with it available on Medicare?

Oh, that’s right. Hick's didn’t actually "do" anything. He just trained for it. That’s alright then. Just dandy. What a laugh. What a prankster! When is Herr Hicks next available to visit my son’s kindergarten? The kids would love it! ‘

"Ok children, this is called ‘plas-tic ex-plo-sive’ and this is a ‘but-chers knife’. Now all repeat after me, Allah Akbar! Excellent".

And the rocket launcher photo is a er, "prank?" Sure it is. You don’t know how many seaside and holiday snaps I have of my Mother holding a sub-machine gun, a flame thrower and other assorted ordinance she just "borrowed".

"Look! There’s one of Aunty Doris with a Glock pistol. Hmm. I don’t think I got the light right in that one. Too much exposure. And the screaming threw me off".

My wife and family are all Japanese. In Japan, if there was an unlikely Hicksy-like situation there, the first and automatic reaction would be shame, embarrassment, profound apology, an acute urge to hide away and avoid any media spotlight at all followed by a subsequent suicide. Sadly, not here, eh?

Instead we have the creepy and startling spectacle of Dave’s not too bright hypocrite and tragic, miserable, dreary old Dad, carrying on the family’s tradition of deep, perceptive analysis by endlessly parading around the world as a Leftist show pony, a fantasy Dave. Dave the misunderstood and cheated victim of an unkind government. Dave, supported by the asshats of the Left and their handy fancy dress of moral turpitude as moral outrage.

Gee, I wonder where Dave got his sense of decency, responsibility and his sharp sense of right and wrong from exactly? Not from me, that’s for sure. I did though, have the strength of character to pass up that Adult Education short course on 'Improvised Explosive Devises in Urban Areas’.

The last time I saw The Great Escape and Stalag 17, I seem to remember that under the Geneva Convention, you are only required to supply your name, rank and serial number. What are Davo’s again? When did he enlist? What rank did he obtain again? Head Cutter, First Class? And at what point was he going to reject his freely adopted and monstrous freak ideology?

Perhaps he was planning to after cheering at the 9/11 collapse? Nope, seems only when he was intercepted on his merry and irresponsible lark through radicalism.

"Gee, almost 3000 people of all ages, nationalities and religions murdered. Maybe that’s a little wrong, a bit out there. Hmm? No, guess not. Hooray for Al Qaeda then!" Dave ponders...

This is part of why Islamo-Fascism Inc, it’s affiliates, franchisees and useful idiots in the free West, can laugh at the flaccid, confused and complicated Western non-response, because the hideous boys and girls of Islam unlike us, are a little more determined and clear minded in who they are, what they believe in and what their ultimate goals are.

The West and those who get media time and the majority of the opportunities of influence appear not to be aware of their own cultural suicide. Most folks seem incurious, unaware, unfocused and oh so very not serious about their own survival. It’s all a big recent joke and apparently without a nightmarish 1300 year history that you don’t need to research in the slightest.

The Government and the public are largely wilfully clueless, which is a Hell of a problem. Our Government, unlike us daffy private citizens, must always conduct their responsibilities within an unkind global reality.

After decades of blind ignorance and denial, it seems like many want to make it more decades of blind ignorance and denial. Some authorities are kind of getting hip to the millions of Muslims who want to murder us all. Kind of. Er, no. And what a drag it is that our very real enemy just won’t play by the rules. The cads!

And it's balls that Hicks should have been charged sooner. This is not the nature of asymetrical and atomised terror.

Consider the limits of our bloated, lumpy Governments and MSM are to truth and competence, as the disingenuous freak duo of Dave and his shameless Father are, to the great musical song writing teams of Broadway.

"My boy Dave! I don't give a hang what he does, as long as he does what he likes!"

Many of the folks in positions of power and influence, and that we should apparently rely on, are incapable of seeing almost anything clearly. It's mass myopia, bub.

"My illusions and myths are of real value and I’m willing for YOU to pay any price for them!"

Gentle reader, you know that the bad, sad and mediocre things said about the Hicks Baby are true, and that the claims made in support of him and the outrageous motives attributed to the alleged tormenters of Dave the martyr are easily researched and revealed junk. Anyone who is cheering for geek misfits like Dave, can keep away from my children.

Apparently for the Dave Hicks Appeciation Society, there are no other worthy causes that involve innocents incarcerated in real Hell holes in the world. In Iran, try Evin Prison in Iran, the Towhid, Prison 59, Gohardasht or Prison 209 just for starters.

This is where there really is a policy of real torture and death of the burning, flaying, gang rape, flaying, breaking, ripping out, whipping with electric cables, hanging, strangling, and plucking of eyes, beheading, shooting and dumping in the street of the resulting mutilated dead body's kind.

This involves male and females from infants, children, teenagers and the very old. President Armadinnerjacket has murdered over 4,000 gay people, many of them minors, often by hanging from construction cranes in the street. The local kids are encouraged and forced to watch.

And there are hundreds of places like this around the world from Syria, to Saudi Arabia, Cuba, Zimbabwe, the Congo and many wonderful parts of Africa, North Korea, South East Asia, Pakistan etc, etc, etc. Clearly none are worthy enough to get the attention and avert the gaze of activists from the brilliant white light, emanating from the ascendance of the ass of Saint Hicks.

In much of the world where there's real oppression, the authorities there can rest assured, that there will be little chance of any deliverance for their citizens by the fatuous, vocal masses of the fashionable spineless activists of the West, resplendent in their inverted, golden stupor. Overcooked, eh?

The taking on of worthwhile causes by faux rebels would be very different to the phony fight with often flaccid, wooden and easily outmanoeuvered Democratic Western Governments. In the almost context and depth free MSM, public opinion and one trick protest groups, it would require courage, self-reflection and actual risk.

Try standing on a street corner in Tehran with a protest placard. Now that would show absolute sincerity.

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