Saturday, 15 December 2007

Extra ordinary.

"It isn't that [Left] Liberals are ignorant, it's just that they know so much that isn't so". Ronald Reagan.

The number of people that Che 'the child killer' Guevara, the Dalai 'Meet my relations the Tibetan Government' Lama, and Sean 'I love dumb Commie Dictators if they like me' Penn, have made free, is zero. The number of people made free by Ronald 'Soviet Destroyer' Reagan, Pope 'The real deal' John II and Margaret 'last time the UK was successful' Thatcher, is almost one billion.

The number of University students who wear Reagan, Thatcher or the Pope non ironically and with pride on their T-shirts, is about zero. The number of University students who've worn a child killer called Che Guevara on their T-shirts with pride, is perhaps millions.

Last week I did some extra work on ‘The Pacific’, being filmed in Australia and nearby atolls by Steven ‘I think Castro and the Cuban Miracle of Firing Squads for nearly all, is pretty neat and impressive' Spielberg, and Tom Hanks.

Now, as I mentioned to my fellow anonymous drones, myself maybe being one of the most anonymous and droning; "We’re extras and extras are scenery, and no more important than parsley". We’re just barely the side salad, all to give the appearance of a backdrop, back-story and landscape to Tinsel Towns often phony ideas of reality. Just be pleasant and follow instructions. And remember, you never know, but this could really lead to nothing. It's got me where I am today. Prahran.

But hey, the Wardrobe Department really did do a truly great job and the Marines were terrific. The outfits and details were very effective. As one of the very talented and young actors put it, “We did a kinda boot camp out in the semi-jungle, plus real weapons and support training. We’ve been acting like Marines for four months now. It seems natural”. And they were. This means they’d lasted longer at being Marines than many real Marines did in the appalling Hell of the Pacific Theatre.

Their clothes were ragged, beat and filthy. The expressions of exhaustion, surprise and dog faced bewilderment mixed with ‘old head on young shoulders’, was quite authentic. I mean as far as I would know, being a guitar player. Great stuff, and all these young guys could likely go onto bigger things. Bigger than WWII!

Myself, I was dressed like a gangster of some type. I believe someday very soon, I’ll go on to bigger things such as shoe repair. Musician, heel thyself. I would best describe my long hoped for acting career, and my agent would verify this, as non existent, but with a spirit of relentless anonymity. I know that if the other 5,000 anonymous actors ahead of me ever all die suddenly within a single 24 hour period, I’ll be the one that Casting Agencies come crawling to, like the Fascists they are.

Hey, of all the places to have an alleged obsession with being “more real”, Hollywood seems the least likely place to have any grip on any current experience of any of the five dimensions.

When I watch a film, the extras often look like extras. Milling around acting like er, extras, or parsley, doing that 'just started crossing the scene grid walk' thing or they're relegated to 'out of focus'. There’s also the 'two people talking and both nodding their heads at once while gesticulating like speed heads', or just perfunctory live mannequins and so on. Though when extras are good, it’s really noticeable and therefore I don’t notice.

Anyway, I still naively imagine bein’ neo ‘actors’ an’ all, that I’ll meet some interesting, cosmopolitan, bohemian auteur and artists, you know, swingin’ groovers with some spunk, intellect and inner city groove. Nope, never seems to work out that way, exactly. No, we’re decked out as generally forgettable blended in stereotypes for a damn good practical reason and it’s not just type casting. So, whenever I make the fatal mistake of engaging in conversation beyond small talk, I mostly get the same inverted and second hand bilge views I can get anywhere. Must remember; stay microscopic and bland. Let me explain.

"The most common of all follies is to believe passionately in the palpably not true. It is the chief occupation of mankind".
H.L Mencken.

So, the scene is we’re welcoming US Marines who’ve just fought on our perhaps unworthy behalf, defending the Western Canon, civilisation, freedom, Australia and Central Casting from the Japanese. So ya gotta be grateful for that, huh? No dice. Seems the current accepted bigotry is always anti-Americanism. As we line up to get little flags to wave, they asked which one do you want, Oz or the USA? The woman in front of me hesitated for a moment as I could see her sadly deluded and somewhat diluted mind clicking over…

“Gee, what a choice! Should I go for the self loathing and hate my own country, or despise America? Hmmm?”

She took the popular and easiest default position available at any dinner party, and said as if she really believed she was making a stand on a profound principle, “I don’t want the American flag!” Big as they say, ‘effing surprise, sweetheart.

So, let me get this right. You hate blacks, Chinese, Italians, Jews and Laplanders, eh? They’re all Americans…Oh, you mean white people like you? So you hate yourself? Or do you hate white Americans as a race and nationality? Hey, so basically you’re a bigot and a racist? Or just an irrational bore or loon? You can go on in this fashion forever, with virtually zero fear of meeting up with a cohesive or coherent or checkable counterpoint. Virtually never happens, Bub.

"There is no nonsense so gross that society will not, at some time, make a doctrine of it and defend it with every weapon of communal stupidity". Robertson Davies.

The only alleged facts that such people seem to have, come straight from the MSM, or their own opinions that are formed by mere chance, or the gossip of their friends, who’ve got their non-facts from the same bleeding sources.

Nope, the problem is sport, they've been indoctrinated with around four decades of Leftoid and PC flop, that when taken to it’s logical end is always the opposite of clear rational thought and any decent behaviour. This is now so unquestioned, unresearched, utterly unaccountable and so repeated in virtually every level of public discourse, that all the rhetorical junk of Leftism is now mainstream.

Logical Fallacy, Cognitive Bias, False Argument and other non thinking is now er, ‘common sense!’ Every lie that’s been thoroughly and empirically ‘Fisked’ and discredited in the blogosphere, in print and online if one cares to look, still remains to these folks pure gold, untouched by a Himalaya of contrary and stark facts.

"Every man, wherever he goes, is encompassed by a cloud of comforting convictions, which move with him like flies on a summer day".
Bertrand Russell.

And old Bert should know, having more flies on him than the average nut.

Another dame said she was a film maker. Hey, great, neither am I.

Er, a harmless and affable girl, she did indeed spoil it by showing me that she knew entirely nothing about film or story telling beyond lazy, predictable and entirely useless neo Bohemian opinions. She was confounded why anyone would make "another war film" because it's "been done" and it "only perpetuates war". Er, riight. So ah, WWII was caused by all those WWI films and so on...Yes, she was "into" film, but knew nothing of either the names or work of Sturgess, Ford, Huston, Welles or anyone. Oh, because they're American, even Hitchcock!

"Whats the story in a war film?" she said. Um, life and death, love, courage, sacrifice, loyalty, heroism, bravery, values, survival, triumph, ingenuity, cowardice, fear, hunger, hate, love, time, loss, ordinary people and the awful destructiveness of ideology etc. Ya right, nothing about the human condition and drama story wise, there at all.

Aah, but she was eager to trundle out the old better than Plebeian thou, "I prefer European films, especially French".

Sure ya do. Who doesn't? Apart from almost everybody. Yes, the French make three kinds of films, all about French people. French people in the city, in love and unhappy, not in love and unhappy or plain ridiculous. French people in the country that are unhappy or boring or both. Or French people lost in the jungle.

Another classic. “Were running out of water! We’ll have to recycle it!” Er, ALL water was created several billion years ago. They’ve made none since. All water is recycled. Every molecule has been through millions of systems countless times. Etc. In fact I've got to recycle some now.

There was another guy on the set who still believed Erlich’s book ‘The Population Bomb’ was right. In 1968 Erlich the Population Bum, said that the birthrate of the West and everywhere would explode, and all food stocks would collapse by the 1970’s causing mass starvation etc. Er, no. Gee, what a bummer, man! Western birth rates have mostly collapsed. Food production has more than quadrupled and so on.

Aah, what a surprise. It was just the standard 'sell more books if you drivel alarmist crud'. And 39 years later, no follow up correction or apology as usual, but he sold over 30 million books.

But then the guy that still unbelievably believed this shite, had three inches of nose hair and matching owley eyebrows and really still believed he looked great. Such judgement is to put it mildly, unreliable and based on a dweeb’s very foggy sense of self awareness in direct proportion to his very clear for all to see, super spazziness. He also thinks Climate Change is right on the money. Hey, why not put your life savings into such a sure thing? Al Gore has. Oh, that’s into his large slice a pie of his carbon credits company…

“I’d trust Saddam before I trusted Bush!” she said. Riight. Was it Saddam's forty years of mass murdering children or the rape of twelve year old girls by his two psychopathic sons that won your trust? People who think there is no difference between a President of a free Democracy and a life long Totalitarian Dictator deserve almost nothing. Nothing.

"The conventional view serves to protect us from the painful job of thinking. John Kenneth Galbraith".

This is the deal sports, I’ve changed my stripes. I'll try to never, ever take any of these mediocrities and babbling sheep seriously. They deserve nothing but being completely ignored and dismissed or absolute ridicule and humiliation of the Peter Cook variety, taken to the 9th degree. When I see how pervasive and accepted these ultimately cultural and security suicide views are, it can be truly daunting and a little bit sickening.

It’s not just an occasional passing dullard or snooty Uni twerp, it's almost everywhere; it’s the local corner store guy, my son’s teacher, a major politician, much of the MSM and so on.

“George Bush is a moron!” And everyone who says this is a genius, right? Yes, they should be President and run everything and then it’ll all be AOK. Er, no. George Bush is a fully qualified jet pilot. George Bush has an IQ of 125. They tend to want to know these things at Yale and Harvard. He’s just inarticulate like er, many of his critics who have never spoken publicly in front of the world. He graduated with a fairly common C average from both Yale and Harvard. Al Gore failed and was an average C, D and F student, failing at the very subjects he’s now lecturing the world about.

"He was one of those men who think that the world can be saved by writing a pamphlet". Benjamin Disraeli.

There is nothing that Al would not say or do to advance his position and income. After all, it’s trade up time for his Gulf Stream jet, that unlike George the idiot, Gore can’t fly, even when there’s 112 commercial flights available to where Big Al’s going.

Al doesn’t need to drive his chauffeured Limousine either. George drives himself around his ranch and even into town apparently, followed by Secret Service men. SS men! Proof for the Left that “BushIsHitler!”

And yet, in the next breath, they always say how George has vast secret plans and is in cahoots with the Saudis, the Jews and the Freemasons. But somehow this moron has managed to keep this all hidden until Michael Moore exposed it. A grossly overweight millionaire Machiavelli who admits he’ll do anything to make his docos sell, and whose tight with Hollywood decadents is not my idea of er, objective and deeply moral Quality Control.

Oh, so George is just enough of ‘not a moron’ to pull off a conspiracy that would have to be so vast, that not even a battalion of Bond movie Masterminds of the Blofeldt variety could manage it. Yet, the “idiot” cowboy can? So, the moral gymnastics required for such High School level drool is no problem for these folks. It’s all just one subject change, reducto ad absurdum and contradiction or logical impossibility after another.

The truth is that George Bush is an ordinary man doing his best in an awesomely difficult situation. The true reason people get so shrill in their unhinged hatred for George, is that they don't want to face the harsher reality of Islamism, real life in general and so on. So one must simply and relentlessly make out GB to be some kind of absurdly cartoonish monster to stay focused on. Anything but look away and into the abyss of Global Islamism, or our own failings and limitaions.

Anything is possible in such a mind such as it is, as long as it serves the mental illness of Leftism. Leftism is constantly ill at ease and never really stops at any point in the present for long. Left 'thinking' is usually speeding ahead to the next good work of moral vanity and innate failure. It doesn’t matter that say, welfare, bigger government or collapsing birth rates are unsustainable. There’s always another destructive self defeating demand, rule and constraint to force onto ‘the people’ waiting in a golden tableau up there, on the horizon of a Brave New Hell.

Yep, quite a few of George Bush's policies are wrong to me, such as saying Islam is a religion of peace, and inviting Imams sans any sign of Quality Control to the White House, amnesty for 12 million illegal aliens and more. But none of that makes Left Liberal Bush Derangement Syndrome a valid and useful state of mind.

Sports, I sometimes get a feeling of foreboding. I get the impression almost everyday, that things are so far gone in what’s basically a form of long term programming, that even the most spectacular action by our enemies will not awaken people. It’s not a matter of being shocked, it’s a matter of hard, objective study. This is not going to happen really. You can’t be shocked into any knowledge with nuance and understanding. It requires real effort and method that takes the intellect in the required disciplined direction.

And yet, I'm pretty much a failure. Not a miserable failure as I'm a cheerful person. Go figure.

Yep, she was genuinely shocked when I said that Bush was a jet pilot, but she was never going to check it out. "Erk! This cannot be!" Just stay with the easy program. Why rock the Ship of Fools? Conmen and frauds on every level, like Michael Moore and Al Gore, freak opportunists such as Islamists and Leftist Radicals rely on you swallowing whole, their Big Lies.

"People demand freedom of speech as a compensation for the freedom of thought which they seldom use". Soren Kierkegaard

Gee, do ya think that people who want more money, power and status could just possibly realise that the best way to get it, is to wear the oh so easy facade of Left, Liberal and Political Correctness by numbers? No one has to ever think or say anything original and individual. You can phone it in. Do you think that it's more likely for reality to be based in a proven fact than a recently appearing politically motivated ego projection, however excitably fashionable? Even a six year old knows the Leftard drill, and they do exactly that at my son’s school.

“George Bush is bad and he wants a war and is making the world hotter! Is that right Mummy? I’ve done wee wee in my pants…”

Just because you don’t agree with the Presidents policy’s, it does not follow that talking almost exclusively in hyperbole will result in a logical conclusion. He’s a jet pilot and the President and you’re not.

“Er, I don’t know about that. That’s just your opinion!”

Riight. So you usually fly on airlines if you have an opinion that you’re happy with about the qualifications of their pilots? So, there are no verifiable facts about being a pilot then?

Yeah, she also hated Conservatives but had no real idea what they are, beyond some kind of Neo Nazi. Er, so you go to a radical Dentist then, eh? None of that Conservative Medical Establishment, developed by the dead white Western male patriarchy, with their proven methods and competent qualifications for you! And your parents and Grandparents, they usually spend Saturday night downtown torching a mini van?

“Free as the wind! I’ve got to be free! Free is when you don’t have to pay for nothing or do nothing. I want to be free!” Frank Zappa.

It can seem that every second person ‘thinks’ these things and drivels this way. Could this be? It is my friends, hard to believe. We’re living in a time when people are so fortunate, that they can entertain the most stupid and useless of fantasies while still supported completely by the system they neither understand nor appreciate. The details are unimportant if the foundations of thinking, understanding, education and research ain’t there.

Instead many fools and that’s what they are, see what sustains and protects them from the harsh and real world, as the enemy. In their eternal playtime sans any objective self awareness or analytical skills whatsoever, there is actually only one true and mortal foe. The enemy is thine own mind. And one day, our other real and ultimate Nemesis may cause our world to collapse like the breaking of the Continental Shelf.

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