Monday, 4 February 2008

"Hey, we're all pals here, right?" The MSM.

The Editor of 'The Australian' newspaper, Roger Monte-Parke, prepares to dive into a glass of ordinary drinking water.

In the MSM nothing passively received is real.

I used to have dreams where I’d suddenly find coins, lots of coins just scattered in the grass that for some reason, no one else had noticed. They always seemed so real as I gathered them up. There would be hundreds of dollars worth in the end. Even though I saw them clearly and they seemed feasibly to have fallen out of a bag or something, none of these five hundred easy pieces existed. It was all in my fevered perceptions.

“It was all a nightmare. And now the nightmare is over, Neville!”

And just as it is in some claustrophobic dreamland of sweat and frustration and no cash, so it is in the waking and conscious hours, such as they are. There are endless scattered opportunities for the consumer via the media, to imagine they’re picking up something of real value, scattered over the day like so much counterfeit and plugged nickels. Sadly, when sleepwalking through the Dali and Kafkaesque wasteland that is much of the MSM, every next bit of information is usually melting with mediocrity, loaded with agenda or simply bogus.

Swallow whole what is often the swill that the MSM generally serves up to the public, and you'll be lucky to get out alive. Ah, but as Andrew Bolt from the Herald Sun reminds us, “Mussolini started out as a journalist for the far Left”. And why not? That’s Left Liberal Fascism for ya, kids.

Today I read a piece of ‘The Australian’ that I’d got from my blind, deaf and mute neighbour who has a subscription. Hey, regards the daily nooz, I generally read as much as I can stand, so these two pages were ample. Apparently German Chancellor Angela Merkel accused Robert ‘Hiding under a table wearing a human skin lamp shade’ Mugabe, of apparently “undermining the image of Africa!”

Er, the only way Bob the Non-Builder could change that er, “image’ and especially of his wretchedly self made part of Hell, is if he introduced fully accountable and competent civil governments run on Democratic lines. Plus a functional Capitalist economic system based on the rule of law and private property, with the finishing touch of his resignation and subsequent suicide. So I’d say there’s very little “undermining” by Bob the standard African Bastard Loser, really.

Oh wow! Gee whizz! When Mugabe went to Europe, that kingdom of stalwart, solid beliefs and values such as er, um… Well, anyway, some kind of Euro-erzatz “World Leaders” apparently gave Mugabe a jolly good “tongue lashing!” That’s gotta hurt! Er, no. Do they mean the previous porridge spined political elites of Europe? Europe has precisely zero “World Leaders”, just as Europe has zero “World powers”. In reality, most of Europe combined has marginally less geopolitical reach and strength than the Rotary Club.

When it comes to global action, the leadership vacuum of Eurabia is a distant solar void of mostly useless and dying satellites. The looped dance of death that is Africa, apart from a short list of exceptions, is also largely free of worthy leadership. At least those that live long enough or haven’t got the Hell out.

Hey! Tongue lashing is the forte of the top Euro blame shifters. “Talk, talk, talk”. Now, do, do, do. That’s mostly for America and its few true allies to do, do, do. I bet that admonishment really made a big impact on Bob.

“Mr Wilson Abobo, I want that same tongue and buttock lashing I got last time from Miss Nasty! Pick her up and I’ll be in my suite with the butter!”

So basically, another mess of shallow, depth and context free ‘reporting’ couched in the standard MSM faux ‘objectivity’ angle. Balls. In practice, this usually means objectively leaden, sub-PC and stupid. Mugabe should be taken out by a division of Marines and shot, along with much of his loathsome family and his Cabinet of Afro-Freaks.

Next lie on the menu. A ‘Friends of the Earth’ ad panhandling for free money, says as a matter of fact that “Climate Change will cause up to 250 million refugees by 2050!” Er, the predictive by definition are not facts. Oh, maybe they got a Time Machine at FOTE! That’s right! And while they were having a lentil soup feast, a man known only as ‘The Time Traveller’ burst in on their gas making party wearing a filthy koala suit.

“Water! Quick! Bottled!”

Yes, it’s always about a “sustainable future”. This is an utterly meaningless phrase like Climate change. Er, climate does change, that's why they call it climate, Jim. You mean sustain things as they are? Or how they will be in the future? Or apparently people should stop burning down theiir factories and homes and having bonfires of cash? Er, last time I checked, everyone aims to keep on living I believe.

Funny, but most Leftish chums seem to be pretty much against sustaining the population growth needed to sustain anything at all in any future. And add to that, almost every one is likely to be a card carrying abortionist by proxy.

“Come on, inconvenient little truth of a seven month old foetus, just hang half-way out this vagina while I stick a sharp needle on your brain and snap your neck. I’m afraid I just can’t sustain this or any relationship!”

Remember, trees and shrubs are precious, but a human foetus is not! Don’t cut down that plant but breaking the neck of an unborn child like a twig is OK. The left is filled with vegetarians who love vegetation, but hate meat cos' it's er, "murder" and "pro choice" means being a fan of abortion and pretending it’s merely a meaningless lifestyle choice delight. Nope, abortion is entirely horrendous. Name me one fun thing about the actual abortion procedure apart from the pineapple jello? There are none, I’m afraid. But I digress.

In the same paper, there are set standards on making false claims in advertisements, but Freaks of the Earth can say this bunkum sans any testable evidence whatsoever. Imagine if any other professional touting for your money tried this outrageous scare mongering and well, bullshit. Imagine a plumber for example.

“By the year 2050, Climate Change will have increased the cost of materials and the difficulty of doing business under six metres of sea water by 2,500%.

So, our members will need to prepare the required infrastructure in advance and regrettably pass on these costs now, to prepare the consumer for the Apocalypse which is absolutely, definitely, no two ways about it, yep, it’s coming. About 250 million bucks should do it. But hurry! There’s no time to waste! It’s the end, again!”

And the next lie is, oh no this one is true. In the same issue of 'The Australian' for Monday December 10 2007, is a boring and pointless rah, rah for PM Kevin Rudd story, about the Bali Kyoto pantomime. In an otherwise by the numbers PC piece, Minister for Peripheral Issues, Peter Garrett is called a “rock star”. Not any kind of political VIP, because this aging Kos Kid ain’t a leader and never will be. Now remember this, Peetie Carrot will never be any politico of serious note. Just like the Oil's music. Not without crazy pills and not the kind consumed while on tour.

Ok, here’s another bit of amazing truth according to said turgid article farticle. “Australia is a big player in Bali”. Yep, “in Bali” anyone bigger than New Guinea is a “big player”. Out of Bali, or the Solomon Islands, we perhaps have a little less dramatic proportions, I’m afraid.

I’ll end on the truth reported by William Kristol regards the lie that “International Pressure” made Iran allegedly get off the Nuke Express. International pressure means US power and raw US power in reality, needs no one.

International pressure and power doesn’t mean the collective farts in a bottle of the European Union. Nor does it mean the wonky fiefdoms of China or Russia etc. And neither is collective or otherwise power in the hands of the fish bowl birth rate disaster of Japan, the exhaustion of Germany or the bedlam and inertia of France etc. Power belongs to those who can deliver it, baby.

The only reason Iran backed down, albeit temporarily and that Libya’s Gaddafi disarmed his surprisingly well-along nuke program permanently, is because America smacked down Saddam’s Iraq. Like the central undeniable fact of a punch to the head, this is the truth, just as our parent’s told us. In the often bitter beginning and the inevitable end, action always talks louder than any words or ideology and beats all. Action is the money shot.

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