Tuesday, 2 September 2008

Griffith and Melbourne Universities announce their wonderful Hamas Studies.

Just follow the signs to a politically correct Islamic indoctrination! Pictured are contemporary "Muslim values" in Saudi Arabia where Muslim control is at 100%. Hamas Studies? What are the electives? Well. there’s Urban Improvised Explosive Devices or Money Laundering for Jihad 101. Maybe Infiltration, Deception and Flight Training is more up your skyscraper? Or maybe just do journalism, then write for the Age newspaper, work at the ABC or SBS and thus, cut out the middle man.

Dear sports, as per usual all over the still free West, our Leftist sodden Universities just suck up Islamic propaganda by the drain full. Here’s a regular chuckle fest, [article via Michael Burd] on how your tax dollars go toward spreading the insane word of Mohammad and the er, religion, that always brings a smile to any face, especially at a beach party, Islam.

"Melbourne University Griffith University. NCEIS. National Centre for Excellence in Islamic Studies. Issue 1. August 2008. Researching Islam and Politics.

By Associate Professor Shahram Akbarzadeh Deputy Director, NCEIS.

Professor Shahram Akbarzadeh: “What makes Muslims tick?”

Colonel Neville: Damned if I know. The timer on explosive belts? Wait, they use mobiles or self detonation triggers and so on. Um, the hyper irrational? A well founded fear of other Muslims? Logical Fallacy? Cognitive dissonance? Blame shifting? The heat? Emotions? Conspiracy theory? Anti-Semitism? A deep sense of inferiority? Profound ignorance? Lies? Self-delusion? Revenge? Mediocrity? Petro dollars? Wahhabism? Insane dreams of a global Caliphate? Macramé?

Professor Shazzam: “Especially in societies, such as Australia, where Muslims constitute a small minority”.

Colonel Neville: Then why are they such a problem, unlike say Scots, Japanese and Hawaiins? Especially after they reach 10% or over…

Professor Shizzle: “To ask this question is to assume there
is something inherent about Muslims that makes them different, something that is true of Muslims but not of the rest of society”.

Colonel Neville: No, we must never notice any differences. We must never use any discriminating thought process, the basis of rational thinking. That would expose Islam, wouldn’t it? There’s your answer. We ask this of almost no other culture but Muslims, exactly because they are different. Islam is different. You are apparently different.

Professor Swizzlestick: “This is a highly problematic assumption”.

Colonel Neville: Gee, well, um, Islam is by definition, problematic. Thus Muslims protesteth too much methinks. Er, this and much more are not mere assumptions, but on every count, empirical observable facts.

Professor Shahram Akbarzadeh: “This kind of assumed Muslim peculiarity has been at the root of the debate on Australian values and multiculturalism”.

Colonel Neville: No, Islamic terror and the general Muslim mentality is at the er, "root" of the feeble and censored er, "debate" in the naive dreamland of Oz. Gee, “Muslim peculiarity”. Why do I only hear peculiar Muslims complaining about being thought of as peculiar? Maybe stop worrying about your image and change your behaviour? Hey Presto! I bet your image would then miraculously change...how about it?

Professor Sham: “The assertion that Iraqi refugees would sacrifice their children overboard to force their way into this lucky country has been truly discredited now”.

Colonel Neville: Ah, a classic canard. No it hasn’t been discredited cos it ain’t what happened really. First of all, haven’t thousands of refugees of every nationality and religion settled in Australia with full rights of citizenship? Name a Muslim country that does the same. There are exactly zero.

There was no Master plan by John Howard to commit any malicious act, no matter how much millions of Muslims and Leftards love conspiracy and need them apparently like oxygen. As far as I can feebly recall, John Howard merely went on the Navy’s intelligence and then clumsily commented in his cardboard way, that if anyone had done such a thing, it would be naturally largely alien to our culture, and it would. And um, I seem to recall than many, many Muslims train their children from two years old to er, “sacrifice” themselves for Islam with a belly full of plastic explosive.

And what were the refugees fleeing from? From other Muslims and not coalition troops, which is a common inference, or they would not head for the West really, would they? But then much of our media are excellent enablers of every Left activist and Islamist.

Professor Shapeshifter: “But the children overboard claim was used effectively by the Coalition Government to drive a divisive and ultimately damaging message: Australian values are unique and Muslims present a challenge to them”.

Colonel Neville: This is an interesting run of shite. See how Islamist and Leftard radical views are fundamentally symmetrical? Id’ say your message is “divisive and ultimately damaging” making the massive slur that a great civil servant and moral man as Howard was up to amazingly evil plans, curiously identical to what anti-Semites say about the Jews, eh?

So it’s damaging and divisive to say Australian values are unique or that we have any at all? So Muslims don’t? Then why learn about the non-existent differences then? Why be a Muslim? Because Bub, Islam is different in every way that counts and then some. Well, obviously Muslims do present a challenge to our values or we wouldn’t be here talking about it. Oh I forgot, we don’t have any values. What a clever way to create a cultural vacuum. Deny the local culture, undermine it and then fill the nullity with gee, I don’t know…Islam? Just like in Eurabia and Londonistan!

Professor Shahram Akbarzadeh: “So what constitutes Islamic values? Muslims are just like any other people. This should not come as a surprise to anyone with a bit of common sense”.

Colonel Neville: Er, no they ain’t. No other fifth of the worlds population follow a doctrine of perpetual warfare via Jihad, founded by a 7th century paedophile rapist and mass murdering madman Jew hater. What are Muslim values? You tell me, because we so seldom see the positive results, if ever. Personal and individual values and choices have zero to do with Islam which sees individuality and democratic choice as blasphemy.

Mohammad and Allah have laid out everything including all the possible “choices” and for all time. There is no room or place for debate in Islam. You can disagree sure, but then they kill you. Muslims are often and mostly not like other people at all. When they have the appearance of normality, they can drop it all in an instant for the operation of Jihad. This can include murdering their neighbours and taking their own babies on a mission as a cover. Sorry, but I don’t know anyone like this. Maybe you do.

What are Muslim values? Nothing overrides the Muslim Ummah, or Muslim masses. And interesting is it not, that anyone who objects or disagrees with Muslim views is a fool and wrong? No criticism or question is ever the right kind.

Or maybe like this one. A tangle of mouse plague proportions. Lucky there’s the er, “justice” of Sharia to add to the maddening crowd. Islamic law apparently limits a man to four wives, as you do. How ah, perversely sensualist. At least there’s no death involved. Oh wait, there is. Damn, man, and eveything was going so well...

“An 84-year-old Nigerian man with 86 wives and 170 children has accepted a decree issued by Islamic authorities that he must divorce 82 of them.

The BBC, quoting a local emir, reported that Mohammadu Bello Abubakar agreed to the mass divorce at the weekend. Abubakar, a former teacher and preacher, faced the death penalty under Sharia law, which was reintroduced to the Muslim-majority Niger state in northwest Nigeria in 2000”.

Professor Shahahaha: “Muslims send their kids to school with hopes for a better future, they look to better their employment prospects and social status. They look after their families and try to keep their faith and traditions alive. That some attend mosque to achieve this is of no consequence”.

Colonel Neville: I’m sure many do. I know some regualr Joes myself, as far as one can tell.

Sadly, many Muslims ironically storm schools, bomb schools and cafes, shops, pet markets, places of employment and value the nihilistic status of martyrdom. In fact, millions and millions do. What does “keeping traditions alive” mean? Is that always ipso facto a good thang?

Is it not so that true Islam accepts no equality of any other faith? It cannot. This would be a blasphemy against the word of Mohammad, wouldn't it? I’d say that whether Muslims go to the Mosque is entirely of consequence when you research what goes on there. Try Finsbury Park Mosque or Lakemba or a hundred others in France, Scandinavia, America, Britain and Asia etc. It’s more than just a Mosque, innit?

Professor Shagpile Abracadabra: “A current study has found that socio-economic objectives related to education and employment are the top issues of concern for Muslims, regardless of the levels of religious devotion”.

Colonel Neville: "Socio-economic is so pre-Noodlestein. Er, so even the most rabid fanatic and head slicer cares about his University course and living in a nice suburb above Islamic duty? Riiight. Give me a fucking break.

Professor Sha Na Na: “It is this mix of perceptions, assumptions and questions which has been an area of research for me in the past few years.

Colonel Neville: Yeah, every criticism based on actual experience of Islam and Muslims and any fact whatsoever, is always just a nasty misunderstanding of perception naturally on our part, whenever it involves the relentless global violence and deception of Muslims. Nothing it seems, is ever the fault of a Muslim. Always the blameless and innocent victims of misunderstanding and bigotry by the nasty free West and those awful immensely successful Jews…

Professor Shahram Akbarzadeh: “In addition to researching Islam in Australia, I have a keen interest in the political manifestations of Islam”.

Colonel Neville: Your research is either laughably superficial, incompetent or an utter fraud of standard Islamist propaganda then, Prof. "A keen interest?" I'm sure you do.

Professor Shovelin' Akartload: “I feel that the debate on the challenge of Islamic radicalisation, which is often covered in the media, misconstrues the situation and tends to collapse the international and national categories into a homogenous whole”.

Colonel Neville: Yes,the “situation” is always ah, “misconstrued” innit? Especially the beheading videos. Happens to no other group on such a massive scale though, eh? It kind of is a homogenous whole: the black hole of Islamism. Of course there’s the natural infighting of the last 1300 years...

Professor Sharkbite Avabanana: “There is no denying that in some parts of the Middle East, there is a difficult relationship between Islamic political groups and ruling regimes”.

Colonel Neville: Yes, difficult... Riiight. Meaning they all want to be head totalitarian bastard freaks.

Professor Shahram Akbarzadeh: “Various political groups have often used Islam to gain legitimacy for their claim to power”.

Colonel Neville: Yes, “used” Islam. Check. Islam is the political group. Nice diversionary tactic though and attempt to separate nice old Islam from alleged naughty and nameless political er, “groups”.

Professor Shahram Akbarzadeh: “In return, most governments have utilised Islamic symbols and frequent references to Islam to counter claims to their Islamic credentials. Given that both camps operate in Muslim-majority states, this is understandable.

Colonel Neville: Yes, “used Islamic symbols”. Amazing really. Check. “Both camps?” Nice bullshit. Where is this alleged duality? There is none.

Professor Shureham Azbadforya: “But this does have a far-reaching ratcheting-up effect with Islam increasingly entrenched in the political culture of Muslim majority states”.

Colonel Neville: Yeah, since about the 7th century, Fluffy.

Professor Shahram Akbarzadeh: “Ironically, a good number of Muslim migrants to Australia, have chosen to leave their home countries in part due to the above experience”.

Colonel Neville: And then often to establish their own version of it here, where this time, they have the same power.

Professor Shahram Akbarzadeh: “ My work on Islam and politics has taken me to Central Asia, where the newly independent states of Uzbekistan and Tajikistan have tried to grapple with the challenges of sovereignty. The ruling regimes have quickly settled for a form of neo-Soviet authoritarianism, which is endorsed by the United States,”

Colonel Neville: Really? Er, no. Soviet yes, US support for Sovietism, no. Tragic support for reform, yes. It may have something to do with the Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan.

Seems the old ragheads want to replace said Soviet shit pile totalitarianism with an Islamic shit pile. And it may have something to do with the growing threats of Russia and China and gee, Iran etc? Could be.

Professor Shaboom Askyafather: “...perhaps ironically, as it has helped coalition building in the ‘war on terror”.

Colonel Neville: Yes, “ironic”. It is to laugh. There’s no terror threat then? It’s all in our heads, even when decapitated.

Professor Shahram Akbarzadeh: “This point brings me to another area of interest, ie. the implications of US policy toward the Middle East. In a major joint project, I am involved in the examination of how the articulated US policy on democracy is actually driving the Middle-East further away from the core values of popular will, public accountability and transparent governance”.

Colonel Neville: I think you need and “examination”. Call a Doctor now! Er, where do the er, “core values of popular will, public accountability and transparent governance” exist in the Middle-East or any Muslim state? Virtually nowhere. Zilch, nada and zero.

Cheap shot, but adding “articulated” before “US policy” is superfluous, and rather indicative of bad writing and cover up by those who have nothing authentic to say. Read Orwell. I think you’re in it.

Professor Shampoo Aboobie: “Indeed, the constant erosion of public trust in the proclaimed notion of democracy,”

Colonel Neville: Ah, “proclaimed notion”, eh? You ain’t really interested in democracy except as a convenient ploy then? You don't believe in it...so what have you got worth a damn then, pal?

Professor Shahram Akbarzadeh: “...when Washington says one thing about the importance of elections and does another when US-unfriendly parties win them, should be an area of concern for any observer of the Middle East”.

Colonel Neville: Hey, I just remembered a core Muslim value! Saying one thing and doing another is a fundamental Koranic belief. Any deception or taqiyaa is permissible for Islam. Er, “when US-unfriendly parties win...” Meaning Hamas, right? Now we’re getting somewhere. So you’re just another dirty Hamas lover? Congratulations then, matey! You’re now a runner up in our Islamist bore and Jew hater of the week, for next week!

Keep the pure Islamist gold coming, champ! I know you can do it. I believe in you. No, really. Now would I taqiyaa to you?


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