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Lies and wilful delusions so factually absurd, that only professionals can believe them.

Senior lecturer in strategic studies, Clinton Fernandes, brushes up on his Islamic studies. Rest assured sports, Australian security is in intelligent hands, however hairy the palms.

Dig. You know in Pakistan, the ‘Stan brimming with nukes and diahorea, they sell mobile phones freely with pictures of 9/11 and Osama Bin Laden, the shit of the desert, printed on them? Pakistan is an unstable, sinking abyss of Islamism and a terrifying madhouse where thousands go to fully train for their Jihad franchise, ready for export and infiltration. It seems that the very people we should be able to trust and turn to for muscular and intelligent security attitudes, are curiously lacking.

Speaking of myopia and counter clockwise spinning eyes, I went to my optometrist and spotted the latest edition of The Bulletin for September 04 2008. That’s the Australian publication that imagines it cuts it but doesn’t really, much like the long time gone and negligible, Time Magazine.

Two bits from an article titled The Dark Web, on cyber Jihad etc, grabbed me by some utterly beyond belief statements. I'll Fisk the second bit in the following post, sports.

From The Bulletin: “Clinton Fernandes, a senior lecturer in strategic studies at the Australian Defence Force Academy and a former Army Intelligence officer, says auto-radicalisation begins with a sense of loneliness and alienation from mainstream society. On the Internet, such people can fall victims to perverted Islam”.

Colonel Neville: Hey, "...perverted Islam?". Right on! I hear ya. Can I quote you on that? At least Clint got something right. One is not a victim if you choose something like Islam Murder Inc.,because you like and enjoy it.

Au contraire, it's the other people that Islamist Muslims behead and blow up everyday that are clearly to the non-deluded and sane, the empirical victims here. And they probably didn't even ask for a bad case of sudden death via the religion of peace.

We and the dead are the true victims and don't you ever forget it. Maybe that's something to remember at those all important strategic meetings? Gee, maybe that's why Dante cast Mohammad the stratospheric pervert into the 9th Circle of Hell...

Yes, "lonely" like Osama the 200 million dollar ex-playboy with 76 siblings? Islamist radicalisation begins 99% of the time with that essential ingredient, a Muslim. How so? Because Islam is a radical and total doctrine of perpetual war. Hence the screaming and rivers of blood.

One is not alienated from mainstream Muslim society in an Islamic state if one is an Islamist. You are most likely to be the government or a government employee, an alleged spiritual leader, wealthy or one of the average Ummah Muslim masses. It’s the dumb monicker of “moderates” and the minority voices of modernity who are the alienated and “lonely” ones.

Clint, your premise is empirically wrong. It’s a perfect fit for phony PC wishful thinking though, and thus is entirely bogus and useless. How crap and how many light years off exactly? Let’s see, shall we?

Clint: “Australian Muslim community leaders are correct in saying that Muslim radicals aren’t reflecting Islam’s teachings,” he says. “Just as you wouldn’t try to understand violent revolutionaries by reading Karl shouldn’t try to understand Muslim radicals by reading the Koran”.

Mohammad: “I am made triumphant through terror”.

Colonel Neville: I know. Re-read that last bit of Clint's again. It's slightly surreal the first time around. What is an Australian Muslim community leader exactly, anyway? It means precisely nothing as there are no standards that must be met that I know of, only fraud that must be tolerated. Anyone can be a "Muslim Community Leader" apparently, as long as they don’t actually behead anyone live on an SBS chat show.

I have not seen an alleged "Muslim Community Leader" yet, that was not revealed by startlingly easy research as completely full of shit.

“...aren’t reflecting Islam’s teaching?” Really? Well, that would make those alleged leaders either absurdly clueless about their own er, faith, or classic Islamist taquiyaa pushing liars in hyper deception overdrive, wooden tit?

What are those teachings exactly and who came up with them Clint? It was Mohammad. Have you heard of him? You know, the 7th century warlord, mass murdering Jew hater, rapist and paedophile. It was in all the papyruses.

Clint, have you actually read the Krazy Koran? Start here at Faith Freedom Org. It's run by ex-Muslims. If known, all ex-Muslims face the permanent threat of death. Then buy a few best sellers on Islam and Mohammad by that great scholar Robert Spencer over at Jihad Watch.

If you read the turgid, crude and almost unreadable pages of the Muslim holy book, you can clearly see that it is stuffed full of explicitly and clear instructions for deception, oppression, murder and warfare on a permanent, massive and apocalyptic scale. The Koran is a total doctrine for Islamic life and death, and a hideously effective manual for how to wage war and the art of deception.

Clint: “ wouldn’t try to understand violent revolutionaries by reading Karl Marx?!”

Colonel Neville: Actually I would, and most valid historians would too. Gee, we better let Cuba, North Korea, China and remnant Communists in Russia know that they weren’t really inspired by Karl the pervert. Sheesh.

Are you kidding me or are you more deluded than General Custer when he said “Men, when we get to Little Big Horn, we’ll get out the picnic baskets?”

Violent revolution is Marxist. Marxism is violent revolution.

That’s the point. Communism is based on mass murder, lies, conformity, envy, spite and insanity. Marx had most of these attributes, apart from never conforming enough to normality or decency, to give a damn about anyone else, and being limited to not being able to actually murder anyone. But he did abstract about the method, and how to experiment to one’s heart content on millions of living people. What a matinee idol he was. A real sweetheart. No.

Clint: “ shouldn’t try to understand Muslim radicals by reading the Koran”.

Colonel Neville: Er, why? He doesn’t really say evidence wise. But he's right, we mustn't. Because then the awful, awful truth would be terrifyingly revealed for all to see. And for the PC infected, the truth is always the wrong thing to say about Islam. So maybe let me go through such classic Logical Fallacy.

So you should never seek to understand anything by going to it's source? Check. Gotcha. Balls. Tell it to Norman Podhoretz, P.J O'Rourke, David Horowitz, Mark Steyn, Jonah Goldberg, Robert Spencer, Churchill, General Patton, Oriana Fallaci, Christopher Hitchens, Socrates, Isaac Newton, Einstein and Stephen Hawking.

How do I understand you? Addled er, thinking is it? Good luck then. Maybe I should read Advanced Psychiatry 101? Or Dhimmi Boobs for Beginners? These look good:

Wilful Stupidity in the Military and Government: Its Sources, Effects and Solutions.
Sanity On Three Crazy Pills a Day: I’m Sane, You’re Insane, and It’s All Good!
Accidental Treason by Pre-Surrendering: How We’re All Doomed.
Are You Mediocre Enough to Join Today’s Army Intelligence?
Islam and Loving It: How To Cut Off Your Own Head Before They Do.

You cannot understand Muslim radicals without reading the Koran. It’s their How To Manual. The Koran/Mohammad and Islam, [they are all one] state clearly and for all time, that anyone who questions the Koran is a blasphemer and must be killed.

Do you seriously think that the massive Muslim global enthusiasm for Jihad, the only purpose of which is to spread Islam by war all over the world, is somehow energised by a few odd lines allegedly “cherry-picked” from the Koran? Are you nuts or jiving me, man? Share your opinion with Islamist loons regarding what motivates Islamist loons to be Islamist loons, and they’ll kick your ass.

Clint: “In fact, radicals aren’t theologians, and they don’t respect community leaders. They practice a do-it yourself vision of the little that they do read. This is akin to youngsters who don’t buy a whole music album, but cherry-pick the songs they like and download only those”.

Colonel Neville: Good grief and Jesus H. Christ. Actually, with that attitude, radicals and moderates will never respect you. You seem to know millions of radicals personally and apparently they don't add up to much, according to you. So nothing to worry about then?


Add the dysfunctional culture and hey presto! And not the alleged petro trillions poverty, bogus history, the Jews or any thousands of blah, blah excuses. How come Japan and Germany no longer fight or hate the West? Why don't England and America fight and hate each other? Why don't the French, the English and the Spanish still go to war?

There are no unique Muslim gripes except for the sheer whining idiot loser extreme volume of them.

And hey, those "alienated" and "lonely" Muslim "victims" seemed pretty effective the last time I looked. Clint's posture of seemingly discounting our mortal enemy as rather pathetic and inherently inferior losers, reminds me of the fall of Singapore. Yes, those Japanese were spindly legged little weirdos who could never mount a serious threat, what?!

Ah, your theology canard. The Ayatollah Khomeini is considered a major spiritual leader, an Islamic scholar and a theologian. He was a true Muslim Community leader! He quoted the Koran and knew it well, like millions of Islamist Imams, who are the high command of Islam. Who the Hell do you think makes up the insanely violent Islamist theocracy of Iran? Fuller Brush salesmen?

Old Khomeini also was on permmanent violent Jihad. The only kind and he inspired and inspires millions and milions and millions, just like Osama, Hezbollah and Hamas etc. Among the Ayotollah's many colourful thoughts, were his detailed instructions for raping infant girls.

The theological is all these nuts often know. That and terror tactics. You on the other hand, seem to know next to nothing for some reason about the core facts of Islam. So it's PC shibboleths on the very subject you have taken an oath to protect Australia from? Can you see my point? I’m just a guitar player, but you get paid to be right everytime, all the time. Go figure. You must be good at something. Get professional help. Oh, you are professional? Too bad. Maybe I can show you some cool arpeggios?

Clint: “...akin to youngsters who don’t buy a whole music album,...”

Colonel Neville: Er, no. It ain’t. Nada. Comparing the music listening habits of regular teenagers to the mentality and behaviour of Islamist terrorist mega freak killers and perverts, is one of the most bizarre things you’ve said, Clint. And the competition for that prize is fierce. What did the average post-Napster kid ever do to you, exactly?

Clint: “Radical Internet forums are in a sense an internal discussion about Muslims, and Australian Muslims should be encouraged to participate in these discussions where they can challenge the cherry-picked version of Islam that gets bandied about”.

Colonel Neville: Yes, "...bandied about" and “ internal discussion?” Ya putting me on, right?

No one is discussing a damn thing. This is not a high school debate and there is entirely nothing to negotiate. Don’t you get it? Osama Bin Laden doesn’t want anything except our death. I guess you can't get more "internal" than slicing into someone's neck and murdering school children, eh?

Maybe we should encourage online discussions with rapists, murderers, peadophiles and bank robbers? Then we can "challenge" their er, "ideas!" Er, and isn't it entirely illegal or at least unethical to communicate in this way with such creeps? Give me a fucking break.

Osama is a simple man with simple desires. He just wants the whole world to be Islamic whatever it takes. As does Iran’s President Armachimphead, with the beyond belief caveat that he must of course first start a massive conflict that will then usher in the 12th Imam, who will then apparently return to destroy the Jews and Infidels etc, ad nauseum. You can visit a covered well in Iran, where the little guy is allegedly waiting for the big day...I kid you not. Take the tour.

Islamists only have one demand and that is that we die. And it seems that many in the surprisingly still free West are going to help arrange their own execution. God help us all.

Hey, a minority of courageous Muslims like on MemriTV org, do challenge Islamist freaks rather regularly. They are then mostly uniformly ignored, criticised and hated by the Western media and the Left etc. And in the Islamic world, they are routinely threatened with death, at least up until they're actually murdered.

Reading The Fernades Statements, gave me the feeling of standing on sinking mud in a Hall of Mirrors.

“This can’t be real! It’s all wrong yet familiar, and so strangely distorted... It’s a madhouse! A bloody madhouse!”

Nope, it’s just our far too often as per usual dhimmi security and cultural suicide courtesy of our stupid authorities, phony closed MSM and PC Leftard multi-cultism indoctrinating education system. So everything is steady as she goes then? Oh, and it will eventually.

[Stay tuned for Part 2 in the next post.]

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"Who the Hell do you think makes up the insanely violent Islamist theocracy of Iran? Fuller Brush salesmen?"

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