Wednesday, 10 September 2008

There’s a lot of bullshit on the prairie.

Test audience reaction to the lovable new Muslim sitcom, 'Wanted Double Child Murderer' tested through the roof, of the Mosque! 45% of Islamist killers said they loved it and the other 50% said they wanted to kill the other 45%. The remaining 5% said it was a rip-off of Little Mosque on the Prairie. [No, this really is a show. Here's Mark Steyn on same.]

Nahahaha Mahoyhoyhee, pictured seventy third from the right, said she found it offensive to Islam. Not the show, but the actual word "it". "I will keel anyone who says it!", she said with a sparkle. "Oops! I must die!"

In the new Muslim drama, ‘Wanted Double Child Murderer’, Roger Mohammad Wilson plays the part of a devout Muslim Father struggling to shoot his two average daughters in the back of a car. Roger says he took the part to counter the stereotype of the wacky, fun loving and wry Muslim Father, fighting with a smile the natural intolerance of the Western host country that actually has an immigration policy.

This bigoted view of the cheerful Muslim always ready with a witty comeback to yet another stupid Infidel, has been unfairly promoted by government funded TV broadcasters who naturally feed off the long tradition of light hearted Islamic situation comedies and cuddly Hamas children's shows that love child killers. [No, really.]

Roger noted the enormous success and popularity of such shows with Islamic values and themes such as ‘Blind Date with a Blind Imam’, ‘Blankety Blank Mohammad’, ‘Dhimmi Celebrity Blow Up’, ‘Child Camel Jockey Race Around the World’ and ‘Kill That Jew’. Such programs have shown a more realistic and rounded Islamic reality, more so than the minority easy going one that is the usual image shown in the Western media.

Sadly, many in the Muslim community fear that naturally inferior Western infidels, kaffirs and blasphemers, especially non-Left Liberal Christians and Jews, still misunderstand Islam, with their unfair and "racist" criticism of tomorrow’s beheadings and bomb blasts.

“Improvised Urban Explosive Device detonations especially, are often taken out of context”, says Roger, who plays the lovable Mohammad Mohammad in 'Wanted Double Child Murderer'.

In the high rating Islamist comedy, Roger's character goes by the nickname Chuckles, as he attempts to highlight a more nuanced view of insane, low IQ killers on the run. The show revolves mostly around the comical murders, mayhem and other wacky daily Jihadist plots, that occur each episode in the colourfully named Death to the Unbelievers Mosque.

The series examines how the ignorant locals, mostly white Christians and Jews, regularly "misunderstand" their Muslim neighbours as they take the regular Islamist death threats and kidnappings "out of context".

'Wanted Double Childer Murderer' is set in the imaginary town of Delusion, Massachusetts. It originally began as a PBS program titled 'The Wonderful World of Yasser Arafat'.

Roger plays a typical everyday Islamist, who struggles to maintain not only a fake cover while secretly banking Saudi funds, but also the laundering of local money raised through organised crime and various phony charity organisations.

“What man doesn’t want to provide the best for his Jihadist cell? That’s where a lot of the great sitcom “misunderstandings” come in. There are some really great laughs there.

But seriously, I was drawn to this part because at last I could show the true face of Islam. It’s frustrating that when most people hear the word Islam, they smile and automatically say “Hey, I’d love some more of that Islam! Have you got a Koran on you?” If only people could see the reality of Islam as I do”,
says Roger.

I asked Roger exactly what he would like people to realise about Islam and perhaps take away with them from the show.

“I’d be happy if folks just realise that Islam wants you all dead, even your own daughters”, he said with a wicked smile.

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Anonymous said...

Australian Muslims fear our terror laws may stop them from being able to vilify Jews ,Christians, and non believers.Australian Muslims fear they may not be able to 'plan' [not carry out]] terror attacks against their fellow Australian hosts..
The Australian government is becoming far too tough on the religion of peace people!

Australian Muslims fear anti-terror laws
Reuters | Thursday, 11 September 2008

The conviction of an Australian Muslim on terror charges for writing a 110-page guide to terrorism has shocked the country's Islamic leaders who warn anti-terror laws make all Muslims potential targets for arrest.

The Forum on Australia's Islamic Relations said on Thursday the conviction of Belal Saadallah Khazaal, 38, failed to prove he had the intention or capability to carry out a terror act.

Khazaal was convicted by a Sydney court on Wednesday of knowingly making a document connected with assistance in a terrorist act. The book described methods of assassination, including shooting down aircraft and booby trapping rooms.

"These terror laws have specifically made every Muslim a potential target for arrest by police," Forum executive director Kuranda Seyit said in a statement.

"I think that what must be proved in a court of law is the intention and the capability to carry out the intention. I can say something like, 'I'm gonna kill you!', but if I do not have the intention or the capability then they are just empty threats made out in anger," he said.

"You have to understand that some people who are of Muslim faith and culture are very expressive and sometimes say things out loud that they do not mean. This creates the situation whereby every Muslim must be careful about what he writes or what he says."

The prosecutor told the jury during the trial that Khazaal's book was urging others to commit a terrorist act, but his defence lawyer said Khazaal was a journalist who compiled the book from material publicly available on the internet.

Australia has gradually tightened its anti-terror laws since the Sept. 11, 2001 airliner attacks on the United States. Its new terrorism laws allow police to detain and question a suspect without charge for extended periods.

Australia's Muslim population, which numbers only around 280,000, has felt under siege in recent years due to tougher security laws, several terror cases and community backlash against Islam.

In 2007, Indian doctor Mohamed Haneef was held for 25 days in jail on suspicion he was linked to a car bomb plot in London and Glasgow. Last month Australia's intelligence agency told an inquiry there was no evidence against Haneef.

An Australian judge has told jurors in the nation's biggest terror trial now under way not to let prejudices against Islam cloud their judgement when deciding whether 12 Australian Muslims were a terrorist gang and guilty of planning an attack in Melbourne.

"It is time to re-examine these laws in the wake of the Haneef case and have checks and balances to make sure that Muslims are not targeted or easily implicated in a terrorist charge, when it could be a simple case of someone having a rant and a rave," said Seyit.

"There have been many people who have had their homes raided and their passports confiscated and this is simply unconstitutional. These laws are not keeping Australia safe but in fact terrorising Australian Muslims," he said.

"What some of these laws in effect do is interfere with our fundamental rights of freedom of speech."

Australia has never suffered a peacetime attack on home soil, but 92 Australians were killed in bomb attacks on the Indonesian resort island of Bali in 2002 and 2005, and suicide bombers attacked Australia's embassy in Jakarta in 2004.