Wednesday, 3 September 2008

All I need is the air in my head and to love me.

Two women murdered by the Taliban. That's the Muslim Taliban. They are precise followers of Islam as clearly laid down by Mohammad, dig? Hey, if only Jude Law was there to talk to the concerned "parties" about I don't know, the Taliban's goals and aspirations and why can't we all just get along? Just drop your fascist religion! See? Easy! Jude could've made it a real win-win situation. Go Hollywood stars! Only you can make it happen for the millions of people oppressed and murdered by totalitarian Islam. No need for uncool judgementalism. I love those happy endings, don't you?

“They say the Neon lights are bright on Broadway.
They say that there ‘s always magic in the air”.

On Broadway. George Benson does the Drifters.

The lights are bright but the analytical ability is usually dim to out, while the cognitive dissonance often burns brightly. And ditto the curiosity, intellectual rigour, moral honesty and effort required for any serious empirical research of gee, I dunno, Islam. Jude Law, the world famous geopolitical analyst, courageous exposer of the harsh truth of Islamism and terror and the er, Hollywood actor, made a rather bog standard celebrity style statement regarding Afghanistan.

Look, I'm sure Jude cares and means very well, but there's always something wrong with this picture. Know what I mean, Squire? Looking into the abyss of Mohammad is a dirty business, but somebody's gotta do it...

“But when you're walkin' down that street,
And you ain't had enough to eat,
The glitter rubs right off and you're nowhere”.

On Broadway. George Benson does the Drifters.

“British actor Jude Law called for all parties in Afghanistan’s conflict to observe a Peace Day on September 21 as part of a global campaign for ceasefires and non-violence”. Source: Yahoo News.

Colonel Neville: Yes, peace. A word. In the dictionary. Not a precise definition from physics or the periodic table, but a variable term. What does peace mean exactly? Precisely nothing.

"Peace kills". P.J O'Rourke.

The mere absence of war doesn’t necessarily mean peace or anything worth a damn. They have peace in the vast Communist concentration camp of North Korea, in the theocratic hell of Iran, Syria and Saudi Arabia. They have no war per se, in Zimbabwe, Haiti or Cuba.

Peace can mean poverty, disease, corruption, murder, oppression and utter despair. Fuck most versions of alleged peace, pal. Victory, freedom and prosperity beats slowly rotting in totalitarian and dysfunctional shit every time, and that’s whatever it may take to destroy one’s tormentors.

Empty slogans via naïve boob and Left infested movements like Peace Day, usually have the stink of radical front groups and out of time white dreads and nose ring drum circles. Things that invariably attract incoherent mobs mouthing every affluent griper and paper mache modeller from “I don’t want to work and the government should pay me, the fascists!”, to the as per usual Socialist creeps going down on Hamas supporters.

Real peace means long term to centuries old civil democratic government, capitalist economic systems, freedom and the rule of law. Or that previously totalitarian regimes have been completely destroyed, dismantled and rebuilt as capitalist democracies, like Japan and Germany. Thus stable, advanced, prosperous, contributing to the world and with no serious military reach.

As the great P.J O’Rourke has shown, the Left never tire of measuring a fast moving world with their beyond belief dated theory and paradigms that mean the living death of the illogical. A kind of abstract decore.

"I love what you've done to your lounge. It's so 1970's retro! Hang is the 70's!"

It’s a refusal to see anything as it is, innit? God knows I try. The dry, dead and useless ideas of the Left are like the cobwebbed remains of the wedding banquet in Wuthering Heights, without the party atmosphere. Like that crazy sad old loon, they just can't allow any daylight to penetrate the bankrupt gloom. Yeah, so just stop shooting, huh, Jude? At you?

So they’re all firing off for nothing then. For the careful moral relativist, nothing is worth dying for because no one thing is more valid than another. That’s easy when for some nothing has meaning and consequence. At least not the fantastic one they imagine.

“Law, ambassador for the Peace One Day project set up in 1999 by British filmmaker Jeremy Gilley, was in the war-wracked country to promote its aims and show a film about events that marked the campaign in 2007”.

Colonel Neville: Yes, must show a film. That’s maybe why they were fighting? A lack of inner-urban Left flavoured film festivals that the local survivors of Taliban atrocity could discuss later at a hip café. Maybe dig some ironic retro sounds and smoke a joint.

"What we hope to do... is to remind all parties that it is happening and see then what happens through negotiations," Law told a press conference in Kabul.

Colonel Neville: Yeah, “parties”. How interestingly equivalent. Mustn’t mention Islam just because Islam is the singular cause of virtually all Afghani ills.

So they’re just parties, and not necessarily good or bad as such? I bet that if one has to be bad, it’s the coalition forces that get that label, right? The fatuousness of it all reminds me of an excellent piece by Mark Steyn, of course. Mark was writing about George Clooney, the handsome and affable Left Liberal clod. Someone asked George if he had a wish, what would he wish for? George answered along the puerile lines of ‘I wish for one day people would just stop shooting at each other!

Close enough to Miss Worlds “I want world peace!” joke. Steyn made the point that what struck him, was the child-like thinking that people are just shooting at each other, and that there are no reasons or anything complicated or serious as to why. They’re just shooting, cos they’re bad. There is no real value to such meaningless and airbrushed posturing.

"Negotiate" what exactly? How stupid can a celebrity be? Enough to get steady work. What the Taliban want is total control over life and death and thus the power to take their murderously insane beliefs to the 9th degree.

“Talks with elders leading up to Peace Day 2007 allowed health workers to vaccinate 1.4 million Afghan children against polio in areas that had been off-limits as they were under Taliban influence, the United Nations said”.

Colonel Neville: Oh really? Under Taliban er, “influence?” You mean the massive violence of torture, such as skinning, disemboweling and burning children, women and men alive, bombing, beheadings and burning down schools, hospitals and police stations etc? That kind of influence?

Er, gee, those talks were amazing. No mention then of the reality of the required force, courageous professionalism and sacrifice of coalition troops and local military to make anything possible, effective and sustainable in the first place? No, it was just talk. Buffalo bagels.

“Describing the world as being in a "disastrous state," Law said the Peace Day project aimed to encourage all sides - "whether they are fighting for change, killing for change" to "pause."

Colonel Neville: Who is who, Jude doesn’t elaborate, but I can probably make a guess at the obfuscation of it. “Encourage all sides?” So there you have it. The great men and women of the allied forces and the immensely brave locals are the same as the hideous Taliban. And Jesus! "Pause?" Ya kidding me right? You really think the Taliban listen to movie stars? You think Islamists have no goals of their own that they take entirely seriously? Even when it's staring you right in the God damn face? Sheesh!

“They say the women treat you fine on Broadway.
But looking at them just gives me the blues.
'Cause how ya gonna make some time,
When all you got is one thin dime?
And one thin dime won't even shine your shoes”.

On Broadway. George Benson does the Drifters.

Every second affluent and clueless teenager or witless paranoid senior citizen sucking passively on the addictive junk and distraction of the MSM, thinks the world is in a “disastrous state”. Balls. This despite the Himalaya of evidence to the contrary, including being an affluent teen boob and faux maverick in the first place, and still being alive at 80 years old and usually cared for. It is it seems, a required delusion for teen cardboard rebellion and a kind of lifestyle for the pre and post-senile.

On virtually every count the world has improved immensely. From health, medicine, dentistry, plumbing, technology, scientific understanding, refrigeration, child welfar, transport, human rights, communication, food production, life expectancy and so on and so on and so on. The only places that haven’t, lack either civil governance and or capitalism, chum.

"And if that pause is simply to allow, as we did in last year's call for action here, vaccinating children or bringing in food... then let's use that," he said”.

Colonel Neville: Well, that's great of course, but perhaps a rather dubious kudo. Celebrities, especially of the Hollywood and musician kind, can have no embarrassment and shame in appropriating or claiming the achievements of others as their own masterstroke, so it seems. Use is the operative word. Maybe he did help inspire such efforts, but somehow I doubt the context.

“Law and Gilley, who were in Afghanistan in July last year, were due to meet with the NATO-led military force that is helping Afghanistan fight a brutal Taliban insurgency marked by regular suicide attacks”.

Colonel Neville: Why? It’s Jude Law and his pal, not General MacArthur and Patton. Field Mouse Marshall Law: “The way I see it General, you’re not using your air support in this region to your advantage. I’d just like to draw your attention to a manoeuvre and dictum of Rommel’s. I think here, you’ll see that if we move the 101st Airborne to North Poop and then form a pincer movement here. If you can recall that scene in Alfie where I came up from behind and then...”

“Peace Day was established on September 21 in a resolution adopted by the United Nations in 2001 after lobbying from Gilley's project and is intended to be a day of "global ceasefire and non-violence."

Colonel Neville: Yeah, I can dig it. The usual Left and Muslim inspired venal fraud for framing and attacking Israel, America and any Western power that still has the spine, resolve, brains and will left to fight Islamic and totalitarian Communist regimes at all. Check.

“This year events are planned across the globe, ranging from football games and concerts to screenings of Gilley's new documentary "The Day After Peace."

Colonel Neville: Why do I find that title such a perfectly laughable cover for a myriad of sins? Because it's not only pompous, facile and a likely a phony joke, but a standard trick of Left Liberal and Marxist ideology. Gee, ya reckon they're big fans of capitalism or neo-Socialist control freakery?

Peace is not the absence of war. Peace is not a solid object or an event, but a series of objective conditions. I bet the advocates of this particular brand of peace, don’t really mean peace for the West and Israel from Islamic terror per se.

Nor do they likely mean economic freedom via free market capitalism for the masses of oppressed people who live not by mere coincidence in Islamic states, Communist regimes, cannibal gangster fiefdoms, and various totalitarian shitholes etc. Nope.

Making an actual judgement of real despotism and the true face or goals of global Islam is usually beyond the platitude riddled and mechanical mind of many a Left Liberal. No, better to leave the definitions of Islamic and other fascist freaks kind of comfortably vague. Funny, the same folks are usually clear on how evil and wrong the West or Israel is. I sense a pattern, don’t you? Left ideology and Islam are nothing but a series of repeated patterns themselves, just reducto ad absurdum.

"We are appalled at the situation in Afghanistan and beyond," Gilley told reporters. "Nobody wants people to suffer in the way that they are. That is precisely why we came back."

Colonel Neville: Exactly. That way you at least ain’t making any films. "Nobody wants people to suffer in the way that they are?” Er, I believe you are mistaken, either because you’re as dull witted as a box of old wigs, or just wilfully deluding yourself and others. Some people, in fact millions, entirely do want many other people to indeed suffer. The murderers, torturers, rapists, school bombers and child killers of the Taliban get simply rapturous, as they commit their relentless and beyond belief crimes.

What is it that celebrities think they have to offer that’s so apparently unique, that only they must step in for a shining moment and then humbly return to a party in Bel Air?

Maybe they’re sincere here and have done some good? Maybe, but not really sincere enough to drop their ideology whatever the cost, and not serious enough to really look into the monster of Islam to learn and speak the harsh truth of it, whatever that cost. You know, like maybe career and security wise. I don’t get it, but then it may be that the answer is so awfully obvious.

“They say that I won't last too long on Broadway.
I'll catch a Greyhound bus for home, they all say.
But they're dead wrong, I know they are,
'Cause I can play this here guitar,
And I won't quit till I'm a star on Broadway”.

On Broadway. George Benson does the Drifters.


Michael Wilson said...

Ah, good old Jude. Who is he kidding, right? Been reading too many books on World War 1 and expects the Taliban to come marching out of the mountains, rifles laid down and a soccer ball under an arm whereby a friendly game is had with coalition troops to commemorate 'peace day' in Afghanistan.

Got news for you Jude. Ensure you and the kids are well back from the sideline when the whistle blows, as they proceed to reach into their jackets for the remote trigger. Will be a blast of a photo-op for the world to see.

Colonel Neville. said...

Dear Mike: Thanks for the hip comment. Nice comparison. What are the odds that we''l ever watch a Saturday afternoon movie where captured coalition troops are shown the sahred humanity of the average bearded weirdo head lopper?

Sheet, towel and nappy feather duster face: "You see we are not so different, English Infidel dog who must die by beheading!"

Captain Reasonable: "Terribly decent of you, old boy. But I must first protest the poor rations. Then there's the inadequate heating in hut 12. It's just not cricket".