Monday, 25 May 2009

The free capitalist democratic West is the best, just get here and those in charge will surrender the best.

Celebrating multicultural diversity and tolerance presents! Via islaminaction:

You’ve probably seen it before but not in the MSM or with popcorn. I can hardly stand to watch it myself. It is a gut turner and an anger management test. As folks like us know very well, this is just one of the many terrifying videos on overt Islamisation in Britain and elsewhere that now number in the hundreds of thousands. This is not isolated. It’s EVERYWHERE in the West that has Muslim immigration. Why do we need these dangerous criminals again? The rugs?

In this cheery little vid, the mob of Muslim laughter cadets do as they please to spread Islam and the UNARMED British PC Police simply run away...

This is what the British authorities have reduced the once respected British Bobby to. Imagine American hardcore serious Police professionals running like a rabble? It wouldn't get to this...or would it? Oh yeah, the Police do let Muslims parade and threaten to their black hearts content in major US cities like New York etc. I forgot. Here in Australia too.

It's easy to tell when an alleged "protester" is guilty of criminal sedition...It's when they relentlessly call for the destruction of the state. Yes, I believe so.

Note the clueless apparent leftard fellow traveller in the orange vest who seems genuinely surprised that Muslim males are gee, dangerous and violent. This is law enforcement? A disgrace. And it goes on and on and bloody on...Where the hell is the senior leadership? NEVER run in a chaotic mob and with your back to the enemy.

The goal is to close ranks and take those Muslim loons down one by one, but no. Instead let’s show them you’re easy to destroy! That’ll work out. Note the one lone Muslim guy that tries to appease his fellow members of the Islamic Ummah to no avail [for now]. Gee, not much support for mythical “moderate” Muslims by the law on the ground, eh? Nope, you’re on your own, bub.

I tell you this, when Muslim psychopaths spread the joy of Islam across YOUR suburb, the Police WILL NOT COME. They won't be able to. I have witnessed the phenomena of the invisible Police officers. You can wait all night and all of the next day and night. So good night and good luck.

We can either deport these hot for jihad filth to the open sea or an island, or spend money on prosecuting them and either nothing happens, or they get to spread jihad in jail with all equipment supplied by our government! No really...

In a time of war, hang them for sedition and treason. You be the hanging judge. "This is a war" says one Muslim creep among many other delights. And he's right. Our spineless government's are simply too PC to declare it. Muslims don't have the same inhibition's, and thus they have a tactical and strategic advantage in their asymmetrical global jihad war of aggression.

Either way, the West will have to deal decisively with Muslim insurrection eventually. The alternative is our oppression, dishonour and death. And boy, the left and mainstream will help at our own downfall and execution, and theirs too.


In-country Muslim convert psychopath.

Fox bends over a little for Saudi geeks while interviewing the great Robert Spencer. The US Muslim prison population is about 6%. 40,000 inmates are convered to Islam a year. [Poor sound quality of vid.]

Requiem for British decency. Melanie Phillips.

The cruelty of the Koran at warp speed.

Koran not lost in translation.

Vid on Koran er, "accuracy."

In Ft. Lauderdale, illiterate and jealous loser Muslim misfits love the child killers of Hamass, and hate the vastly superior, successful and contributing out of all percentage to their numbers, Jews. Gee, what a surprise!

Remember Aqsa Parvez.

John Kerry Hamass mailman.

Hey kids! Think like a homicide suicide bomber.

Confessions of an ex-Jew hater.

The great Geert Wilders makes the scene.

Anti-Jihad meeting.

Obama blows ACORN.

Anne Coulter with another great piece on Reagan, Coolidge and Eisenhower.

Irrational child = Koskid.

Kathy Shaidle.

“A working-class kid has less chance of moving up the ladder than they did 50 years ago now even the few good jobs (by which I mean both well-paid and a skive) which a bright, poor teenager could get into, like showbiz and journalism, are going to dim, posh nobodies, who can blame ordinary kids for grabbing the chance to get rich quick with both hands?”

Police arrest peaceful pro-life teens as you do.

Via blazingcatfur: Great headlines of our time!

York University 'harassment adviser' accused of posting anti-Semitic photo on Facebook: Luckily, it's York University in the UK! Phew. Makes for a bit of a change...

BCF: "What does strike me as curious is that this picture was displayed by someone who, in addition to holding down a non-academic job in the biology department, is also employed by the Equal Opportunities Office to act as a confidential adviser about harassment.

Collingwood says that he "does not personally share the views expressed in the picture" - but he is a stalwart of the York Palestinian Solidarity Campaign, so you can see how the confusion might arise. He's also a member of Green Left, Friends of the Earth, Republic UK and the North Yorkshire Humanist Group. You really wouldn't want to get stuck in a lift with him."

Via jihadwatch org: "February 17, 2009. Former FBI special agent: Every major Muslim organization in the U.S. is controlled by the Muslim Brotherhood

Covenantzone: Wrong kind of talking with Muslims.

Via jihadwatch org: February 17, 2009. Gitmo detainee: "I do pose a threat to the United States and its allies.... I am a Muslim jihadist"

USA Afghan Consulate official beat his wife for fifteen straight hours: Fagirad told police his “wife was a dog and he was going to treat her like a dog,” prosecutors said.

Steve Crowder go team Israel.

Kinda old but still classics. Pat Condell on Geert turned back at Heathrow.

Pat on Islams war on freedom.

Pat on stop Sharia in Britain.

Major British Muslim circus freak on TV.

Andrew Thomas Brit asshat journo hack interviews Geert. Plus Lord Haw Haw Ahmed the super Taquiyaa pushing shit fascist.

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