Saturday, 23 May 2009

Marxist Junk Based on Mass Murder, Lies, Conformity and Deception is Ideal for Primary School Children and Uni Students.

Indoctrinate U Pt 1 of 10. “What most faculty members want is for students to validate their pathetic life experiences. If we were secure, we would have different jobs. But we’re faculty. And so we want people to agree with us, to nod, to write stuff down as if it were important. ” Professor Michael Munger Duke University.

"Education is a weapon, whose effect depends on who holds it in his hands and at whom it is aimed."Joseph Stalin.

Adolf Hitler: “All great movements are popular movements. They are the volcanic eruptions of human passions and emotions, stirred into activity by the ruthless Goddess of Distress or by the torch of the spoken word cast into the midst of the people.”

"It is not truth that matters, but victory."

"The victor will never be asked if he told the truth."

"The day of individual happiness has passed."

"What good fortune for governments that the people do not think."

"The great masses of the people will more easily fall victims to a big lie than to a small one."

Transcription of Hitler's "Table Talk" discussions on the night of July 11-12, 1941:
"When one provokes in a child a fear of the dark, one awakens in him a feeling of atavistic dread. Thus this child will be ruled all his life by this dread, whereas another child, who has been intelligently brought up, will be free of it."

In Pt 9 of the fab doco 'Indoctrinate U', see how virtually all US University’s consistently break Federal law by discriminating against everybody from black, white, Asian men and women, conservatives, libertarians, the US military and even Muslim’s if they are not Marxist product sodden leftards. And yet Yale invited and allowed the fugitive Taliban leader Rahmatoula Hashemi, [who has a fourth grade education] to study at their campus. Columbia hosted a video conference featuring Muammar Gadhaffi and hosted Ahamadhinajad.

"Tried the cheese platter, you twisted Muslim fuck?"

But then Yale and Harvard etc, hosted Nazi and Italian fascist officials in the 1930’s. These are their true traditions.
Gaddafi said: “There is no state with a democracy except Libya on the whole planet.”

How and why? All funded with millions of Saudi Arab bribes in the form of donations etc. And because a Marxist left faculty is a natural bedfellow of the nihilist totalitarian political project that is Islam. Delightful. Via Eowyn at theoneandonlyshootingstar, more insight into how bad things are in the decaying Marxist cesspool of contemporary education.

The oft tedious yet bankrupt '60 Minutes' does a show on the creep left in charge of Britain. Amazing really. A fairly old vid but a classic. Things are merely much, much worse now. The Marxist lovin' psychopaths of the left actually do want total control of your children. Dig the “non-racist mathematics.” Non PC Principal Brian Doughan[?] is now in Australia awarding scholarships for excellence and thus was charged with “elitism.” No really.

The ex-Labour Helen Cox is on the vid too. Dig the black principal who says the U,S has a bomb to kill only black people. He does not allow police into the school. Later he says to police he has to “kill” to get justice. A freakishly arrogant black parasite woman demands yams at school for her “African son”, so he does not have to eat “so called” British food. A nightmare really.

Yuri Bezmenov is my favourite ex-KGB agent and he defected in 1970.

Machosauce on O’Reilly, abortion, Jefferson and the rather ironic liberal hatred of dissent.

Via the rotten hippoworks.
“Hullo kids, I’m Ben Santer and I may be mentally ill or just beyond belief stupid, incompetent, dumber than dog hair or a congenital liar.”

So I sent 'em this letter. "Dear beyond belief Cartoon Comrades: Are you actually Saul Alinsky/Obama Junior High graduates? Currently on medication? Ah, smiley faced fascism for kids, eh? Get 'em while they're young. So wooden low fidelity idiots indoctrinate children. Bravo, Marxist product sodden boobs. Kids...
“ are victims of marketing. Cars are one of the toxic little beasts that are melting our mountain!”
Remember kids! Capitalism and economic freedom are bad! Collective state socialist conformity is good, junior comrades! Gee, as long as visions of an impending apocalypse don’t scare small children, that’s the thing. “It’s time for small sacrifices,” comrades! Ah, bio-fuels and the ensuing crop shortages are double plus good. Got it. “Fossil fuels, they are no good!” Har dee har dar. Loved the defecation skit. Subtle. Er, no. “The power of poop!” I think that says everything about your er, product.
“We can stop these sinister little fellows...”
Ah, the enemy’s of the people list. Excellent. Ah, yes. GOOD KIDS equal vegetarian kids. Like Hitler the vegetarian. I wouldn’t let you anywhere near my children. Toodle ooh."

Page 196: Red Hot GW lies with John Stossel and Horner. How kids are indoctrinated with GW junk.

And yowzer, local unqualified leftard activist Jason Kimberly from the appallingly incompetent and juvenile coolmelbourne org, can promote his unqualified GW bunk in schools. Kim is an affluent son of the Just Jeans empire people. Thus he's a apparently a bog standard hippiecrite anti-capitalist! Well, he can afford to play at fashionable radical, eh? Why are so many radical twerps well-off? We all know why. It's just too uncool otherwise.

Well, Kimbo is lecturing to primary school children en masse so they say, including yours and mine. As the nice but er, laughably out of depth, incurious, sadly soft leftie principal and most staff have made very clear, this is good, and there's not a damn thing I can do about it. Yeah, radical geeks George Marshall and George Monbiot are featured on the site as you do, plus Jon Stewart is screaming "Fuuuuuuuck!" Perfect for six to twelve year-olds. Er, no.

My son's Principal Boop: “If you don’t like it you can find another school,” and “You could write a letter to The Age!” Hey, that must tie in with the triple underlined notice that said they “genuinely want feedback” from parents. “Yes, we all agree.” Great feedback! But then I do live in the inner-city, the center of clueless boobville.

The new anti-Semitism. BBC booktalk. Gee, I've hardly adjusted to the old one.

The very groovy How The World Works takes down Marxist leftist super lying tripe promoted across the US to school children...

The great Elie Weissel on the perils of indifference.

the912project com

Thomas Paine and a great Open Lettuce to the Obamessiah.

More of the endless, relentless Quality Control free avalanche of stupid dumb ass phony rubbish, promoted to children about the junk pseudo-science of GW.
“Picture this: It’s late at night. You’re asleep in bed, with lots of blankets covering you. Suddenly, you wake up all hot and sweaty, so you kick off the covers.

Cool air hits your lets. Much better. You fall back to sleep and wake up refreshed, ready for school. Now picture the earth. Certain gases that have been collecting in the atmosphere for the past 100 years are creating a heavy blanket around the Earth. Heat from the sun gets trapped under the blanket and the Earth begins to feel too hot. But the Earth can’t just kick off that cover to cool down. This is global warming.

The Down-to-Earth Guide to Global Warming takes a look at the issue of global warming and strips away the fancy language to make the information accessible to children. The Down-to-Earth Guide to Global Warming is indeed that. Down-to-earth in both the practical sense and the idea that we need to change behaviours to keep the Earth’s temperature from rising with all the attendant consequences.”

The money quote is "...we need to change behaviors." Change your fucking own behavior, you dirty child abusing creeps. This is the natural control freakery of leftism in a nuts hell. Conservative principles are the exact opposite. They are respect for life, respect for The Constitution, limited government and low tax and personal responsibility and that is all. Go figure.


Anonymous said...

Recruit Robert Neville.

The help you need is available, don't keep suffering, the drugs available now could even help you.

Well maybe not you.

Colonel Neville said...

Dear er, anymouse;

All feeble insults, Muslim anti-Semite circus geeks and leftard bores are anymouse. Gee, I wonder why? Oh that's right: they're fucking spineless frauds. Got it.

Hey, here's an idea: focus on an actual POINT where I'm allegedly wrong and counter with evidence. No dice?

Nevermind. Nuance. Toodle ooh.

Colonel Neville.

Anonymous said...

Recruit Robert Neville.

Stand to attention and listen in.

Trying to throw evidence at wing nuts, is like throwing pearls before swine.You all have form for troweling on the ca ca nice and thick,It's the stock in trade for wing nuts, you know that.

There is nothing new at your website I haven't read before, same old twaddle, same old rhetoric, just a different author.

Besides what evidence is required? Twaddle old bean is twaddle.

Why am I here you ask Recruit Neville?

You amuse me.Besides I love to study the working mind of a wing nut, you just never know what they're going say.

Colonel Neville said...

Dear analmouse: Er, thanks for the confirmation of the leftard inability to focus on an actual point of error and refute with a single shred of evidence.

Golly, wich bit is not true and what is your evidence again? Nuttin'. Oh yes, "ca ca" and "wingnut" etc. How original, how damning. No. Zero argument old boy.

Bravo and five stars for the ad hominem only logical fallacy and cognitive dissonance.

Gee, I've heard about the speed of light before, so I guess a fact becomes untrue after a

Hey, blaming strawman fantasy's about conservatives, means never having to face a single harsh reality. So carry on.

DO you have anything coherent to offer or say at all, a single book you've read or serious analysis of the subject, [being Marxist junk and Islam etc] beyond babble of "wingnuts?" Nope, guess not. Ah, still anonymouse of course.

What do you have out on the Net or published etc? Anything? Nope. Hey, courageous. A lazy weakling parading as a rebel. You ain't no individual bub, just bog standard YouTube style blame shifting comments drivel, kid.

You are an empty, jealous posturing phony, ain't cha?

Toodle ooh. Colonel Neville.

Colonel Neville said...

Er, anonymouse, you have noticed that these are the actual witness's, footage and evidence from many sources? Guess not. So I made it all up then...Riight. Check.

Good grief. Where do you people come from? Ah that's right. The VERY EDUCATION SYSTEM shown here in great detail. Perhaps YOU alone are enough proof of it's existence and effectiveness. Drone on junior comrade twerp.

You are here: thepeoplescube com, drsanity blogspot com, bestobamfacts com, dissectleft blogsppot com, che-mart com, [Left]Liberal Fascism by Jonah Goldberg and The Death Of The Grown-Up by Diana West among many other gee, SUCCESSFUL PEOPLE.

Smile. Colonel Neville.

Anonymous said...

Recruit Robert Neville.

I should confine you to barracks for that little tirade,if we were still serving.In fact I think I may have had you arrested.That's no way to speak to a superior intellect.

There is no inability to do anything, because there is no reason to.If your going to serve up the same old twaddle time and time again, what is the point old man?

The speed of light has been proven in physics old man,the twaddle you serve up would only get any credibility at the Melbourne club. Which I am sure with your rapier wit and repartee, you would no doubt qualify for membership.Or did I mean the star ship Enterprise? Never mind.

You'll have to excuse me old man I've been on the port wine and brandy all afternoon.

Now where was I? Oh yes you asked me for some of the books I've read.

"How I fucked Iraq in forty days."

Author George W. Bush.

"World War Three and my part in it"

Benny Netanyahu.

"Successful Industrial relations"

John W Howard.

"Foreign Affairs on the cheap"

Alexander Downer.

"Women's Beauty Secrets"

Bronwyn Bishop (cheese and kisses recommended that one)

"Successful plastic surgery of the ears"

Tony Abbott.

"Manners and Etiquette"

Joe Hockey.



The little red book

Mao Zedong.

I get the Mad magazine out if I need to take a shit.

Here's a hot flash for you Recruit Neville.People are over the shite you are peddling,and as each day goes by, they are getting over it more and more.You can't scare the horses with your references to Stalin, Mao, or any other of the homicidal maniacs out of our dark past.

This planet we are spinning on and which we all take for granted, is getting sick, your capitalist bollicks just don't cut the ice anymore, it's over.Sure we will have our setbacks and time to time we will have to suffer the George Bushes and John Howards of the world, but your time in the sun is fast running out.

What will take it's place?I'm fucked if I know, but then neither do you.

Tally ho Recruit Neville I have a fox to catch.

Anonymous said...

Recruit Neville.
Attention I'm in the room Anonymouse

(I'm related to Burns go figure)

Links, links, and more links, give me a break.Look like you old man,I get a bit of information, mix it up with my own life's experience, crunch the information and "Voila" another opinion.

Are you getting it yet recruit Neville? Fuck I'd hate to have to teach you how to put your boots on.

I tell you what, I'll bet my two links, against your two links,a link to a nice song of the Rolling Stones" and a bit of Chomsky, anything yet recruit Neville? Fuck I'll have to try some thing else.

What about poetry recruit Neville would that help?
Let me see.

Sorry I can't get anything to rhyme with wing nut.

No it's no good I can't help you.

Colonel Neville said...

Dear analmess: Look, I appreciate the effort and comments per se, but what the hell are you talking about, kid? A whole lot of rather odd emotional nonsense. Obviously something has rung for you, a rusted bell in a dim place.

I can understand the Pavlovian-like need to attack me in order to preserve your delusions. Good luck with that, bub. Whatever get's you through the night...

So let's review your your comments style shall we:

Logical fallacy. Check. Cognitive dissonance. Check. Ad hominem. Legions of strawmen etc. Incoherent. Focus free. Counter evidence free. Indignant about...something. Repetitive. Embarrassing. Juvenile. Mildly amusing but pointless. Check. Nunace eh? No.

So you're a graduate with honours of the system documented here. Bravo. Good grief...

Colonel Neville.

Colonel Neville said...

Dear analboob:

I just noticed again, your sighting of JOHN "Affluent Marxist Revolution in the Suburbs Now!'PILGER as a serious source...

Hhahahahahahahaaha! Excellent parody. Five stars. Carry on bog standard Marxist junk sodden leftard. Toodle ooh, my dear mediocre second hand mass drone.

Colonel Neville.

Anonymous said...

Attention Recruit Neville.

Your nemesis wants a word.

So lets review your style shall we?

Delusions of grandeur check, monotonous diatribe check,cognitive dissonance check,sorry delete the latter,that would mean you had a thought of your own.Esoteric twaddle check,no you'd better delete that as well, only you could understand your own rantings,vivid imagination check, feelings of inferiority check, class envy check,mass confusion check.

Look Recruit Neville I have talked it over with the medical staff,and they assure me with a bit of retraining, which would include some in depth reading i.e. Pilger,Chomskey,Hitchens,Aykbourne,Pinter mayhaps.And only after I confiscate your Noel Coward,you may,in a couple of months be able to go back to your cement mixer.

Hey Recruit Neville just as an aside just remember this my wing nut friend.(And please no Stalin's or Mao's)Hitler is o/k he's one of your fellow travelers.Most of the writers,poets,playwrights,scientists,musicians, and all the other people in the world who are of benefit to society,are of the left bent, by a country mile.And none of your smarmy retorts is gonna change that FACT.

But for me it's back to the hunt tally ho.

Colonel Neville said...

Er, riiight. Did you say something? Nope.

Sorry, but you're utterly incoherent, except when you attempt feebly to copy me. ..almost. Ah, an anonymous phony still. Toodle ooh. Colonel Neville.

Anonymous said...

When you put your own thoughts up Recruit Neville, Instead of the dross and other plagiarized twaddle you think is relevant, I will make a serious comment.

Now back to the hunt tally ho.

Shit I almost forgot.Pilger is a star, a giant in the world of journalism,his awards would fill a library.And unlike your twaddle,which is an attempt at showing the world how smart you aint,most of it would fit on the back of a postage stamp.

Do you have an original thought in your head?

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Colonel Robert Neville said...

Dear Anonymous:

You said...

"So lets review your style shall we?

Delusions of grandeur check, monotonous diatribe check,cognitive dissonance check,sorry delete the latter,that would mean you had a thought of your own.

Esoteric twaddle check,no you'd better delete that as well, only you could understand your own rantings,vivid imagination check, feelings of inferiority check, class envy check,mass confusion check."

Gee, you say this like these are all bad things.


Colonel Robert Neville said...

Dear Anonymous:

You driveled that "Pilger is a star, a giant in the world of journalism..."

Bwahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah! No, stop it, ya killin' me! Bwahahahrdeehardeehardar!

Pure leftist gold.

No, reallly. Neville.