Thursday, 7 May 2009

I am the Eggman goo goo's the Jews.

Daniel Hannan on Glenn Beck: “Asking such questions are unheard of in Britain.” And Australia.

“You sound like a Brezhnev era apparatchik giving the party line.” Or a Police Commissioner giving the dinner-party line.

Frances perpetual Muslim Intifadah and Marxist leftard loon riots now firmly in Australia. Imagine sitting in those houses powerlessly watching from your upstairs window as all this happening all around you and for years on end? I have done that. And the leftist PC multiculti policy’s of Australian authorities and elites, will guarantee it stays this way and continues on to its logical end. [More vids at the end of the post.]

“Mister city policeman sitting
Pretty little policemen in a row.
See how they fly like lucy in the sky, see how they run.
I'm crying, i'm crying.
I'm crying, i'm crying.”
The Beatles I Am The Walrus.

Last night I went to an as per usual affable speech and slight PR drone on by the new Police Commissioner Simon Overland: over long, under par and over there in a chair. I’m sure he’s terrific per se. What do I know? But if the corny, distracting self-effacing regular guy Dad humour was lessened, the speech could have been a few blessed minute or two shorter.

But first there was a lovely Jewish gal talking about the fab Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

“The First Board of Governors included Albert Einstein, Sigmund Freud, Martin Buber, and Chaim Weizmann.”

The HUJ has six Nobel Prize winners. If you discount Yasser Arafat the mass murdering gangster, closet homosexual rapist and embezzler’s prize for er, “peace”, it’s the same amount that 1.2 billion Muslims have won, ever. 14 million Jews have produced 149 Nobel Prize earners. There was nice talk of how to achieve peace that was er, doubtful. The only way to peace is the same as in WWII. Crush the will of the enemy to fight, meaning Arabs and Muslims and destroy their political ideology which is Islam.

Thus outside of Israel, there is not a single world class university in the entire middle-east.

Yep, the cheerful and kinda unimpressive Chief made some practical and worthwhile points like do not leave anything in your car you boobs, and you can help to cut car related crime by 17%.

That Police have a “disconnect between how they see themselves, [less good] and how the public see them, [more good.]" Simon stated that he is “at all times fully accountable,” logically impossible though it may be, and that he was “not afraid to deal with the controversial issues.” A statement and not yet a result and it depends on how one defines controverstial, I believe.

All great, but community guidelines could have been mailed in. And what was the point of the meeting? Nothing really. Oh yes, he talked and we listened. Check. He sure was careful about the old Police Association, cos gee, I don’t think they were as sufficiently impressed with ex-Chief Nixon as Simon says he is. Fancy that?

[Here's the fabbo Miranda Devine on the wilful and criminal incompetence of those in power re: bushfires, the Greens and both party's.]

[And ere's a great slap in the face for the idiot powers that be, and the Green criminal's who killed 200 Australians with their policies and without charge, via mangledthoughts at rumcorp.]

The apparently worthy success of the Purana Task force was piped and the Cheef said “the public need to say that being drunk in public is not on.” Sounds great, but unless one is a drunkard I thought they already did. That's why we have Police...

Does he mean the powerless, culturally confused and demoralised, overregulated, not allowed to defend themselves effectively and totally unconstitutionally disarmed public? That one? Or maybe the one that has no core values as their values and enjoys adversarial nihilism violence and social decay? Or the host culture that is forced to import destructive and subversive alien cultures and attitudes for no good rational reason?

What are the non-values of the left infected exactly? Just askin'.

Gee, so why are the Police armed and with the power of the law behind them then, and that barely works? Gosh, cos banning guns DIDN'T take away any criminals guns like they said it would, just ours. Got it. The “people” say all kinds of gee, diverse things but who listens to the non-PC? No one. Simon said he was not “afraid to use necessary force.” Nice to hear. It’ll come in handy when we turn into France, Germany and Britain etc, while the Police are pre-occupied defending themselves and their families with cheap revolvers.

As for Simon’s non-hilarious lack of confidence building admission of his online inexperience and computing mediocrity, I’m sorry. While that may be amusing for Granddad, it ain’t so reassuring in a modern Police Chief. Dig? He goes “online for an hour a week [!]” to er, chat with members.

“Did catering send the six boxes of Krispy Crèmes to Christine?”

Wow, intense. Some very profound research and analysis is going down in Cheap of Police land. Yeah, my email will get answered personally. I know it. Maybe he has a Go Team that handles all that? Then the team needs new pom poms.

The mathematics of why no one effective will probably ever get a serious chance to hold Sy the pie in the sky guy or anyone in power up to any prolonged empirical probing, are simple.

They will speak when it suits them and the least difficult looking people such as the addled and other journalists will then get to share three or so feeble questions, if ever. If by some incredible mistake somebody with the intellect, spine and insight throws a rhetorical spike worth a damn, they’ll be unlikely to get a concrete answer to anything, except maybe their worst fears.

The gasping pointless diplomacy of polite avoidance, subject change and logical fallacy are not my idea of a good time.

To be honest, my heart kept on pounding through a lot of the whole rather deluded and actually unpleasant evening. No really. What’s weird is that no matter how many times I see what those with power are like in the media, when you see them in person and they’re the same er, drag, it’s actually quite shocking.

It's a toss-up which is more likely to guarantee a business as unusual waking nightmare: people who are actually sincere and believe in PC bunk and for their dreaded good intentions, or those who are just plain crazy, dangerous and phony. And that’s the problem.

After decades of indoctrination via the very air we breathe, most everyone has absorbed the fraud of left ideology as mainstream and cannot conceive of thinking outside of it. I find for many the questions never even occur. Nope, for the PC infected it’s always the fault of those that still have the rational ability to simply ask for gee, evidence.

I imagine if you meet Simon he’s a nice enough guy, which sadly means precisely nothing. The fact is, these are the people in charge, and they do seem to have startling blank areas. And he came over as well, not that sharp. Not as fully rounded as Christine Nixon, but...

"I say, I say there! That boy's about as sharp as a bowling ball!" Foghorn Leghorn.

Now my questions[link to drsanity] would’ve been oh I don’t know perhaps rather Mark Steyn, Robert Spencer and Bat Ye'or such as:

‘regarding your support for multiculturalism, “what’s the capital of Saudi Arabia?“

What’s the title of the comprehensive Police report on the January Islamist and Marxist pro-terror rally attended by around 1500 or more anti-Semites Jew haters on January 18 in the CBD?

What are two books apart from the Koran that you’ve read on Islam and terrorism? What titles have you read on American, European and Asian geopolitics and our own heritage? What online analysis sites do you frequent? What journals, magazines, newspapers and books do you and have you read?

What part of Mohammad’s message do you like?

Do you accept and understand that the majority of Islamic states and a significant proportion of Muslims in those states and in the West are rabid anti-Semites and that they want enthusiastically to murder all Jews? Do you know that this is what Mohammad taught and practiced and what is written in the Koran?

How is it a good thing to have so many major political and media figures that are radical Marxist, left Labour, Union and Greens Pro-Palestinian/Hamass/Hezbollah anti-Semitic fellow travellers, giving vocal, logistical, legal and financial support to mass Jew hatred and anti-Western criminality in the centre of Melbourne?

Is it good that the majority of the media, government and even the Police have ignored, lied, covered for and manipulated the truth of these events and movements?

Is it of concern that most of those in power are either uninterested, say nothing, are fearful or lie about this?

Does multiculturalism have any innate limits or flaws and what are they?

Why won’t the utter abasement to Islam, and the crushing and terrifying failure of Muslim integration in Europe, Britain and everywhere else with Muslim immigration, not happen in Australia?

How much political ideology of the left exactly, is sufficient to run a Police force and the government?’ Apparently it’s never enough...

A friend of mine got up and showed the infamous non-MSN photo of the junior jihadist Nazi Muslim poster child at the Jew hating Muslim and Marxist killers festival. She noted how Simon had kind of responded as if it’s an isolated event, with the formula directive of B12/A I believe..“We have forward your concerns to the appropriate channels.”

This usually translates as somewhere on the outer rings of administrative Venus. So you can expect an exciting form letter within the next decade. Yep, she was like most lay people and nervous and was told to er, “sit down..”, along with the classic unfulfilled tactic of “let him answer!” Nope, he didn’t. Unless..

Please select one of the following and wait..and wait:

“I am shocked. Shocked. Of course I condemn any such behaviour, actions, attitudes, zebras. We are addressing this issue, excellent question cos we all know the answer already, we will come down hard on people who are not too frightening, I’d direct you the correct channels, golf is the thing, and I like bananas...” Etc.

And my friend didn’t get her photo and form letter back! Gee, it just disappeared. Like that. Ah, trust and competence. Outstanding. "Theft at Police conference! Ripper strikes again!"

So sports, no honest debate is due any time soon in Australia, in fact probably NEVER. No really. Not one where anyone worthy will make a sustained, cohesive and very public case. Sure, questions that merely require the same techniques of official offal brush-off that kinda make ya feel weird for pointing out the bleeding obvious that nobody else does but you..

“Purge the anti-group thinker! What’s wrong with you? Racist! Fascist!” Yep, by default.

A Groundhog Day waste of time that condemns us to watching ineffectively as Australia takes maybe five to less than ten years to become like Britain and Europe, by following virtually the same Marxist product sodden multiculti left policies.

It’s damn easy to discount the average untrained citizen. The chances of a reporter asking a burning elephant sized question that needs to be asked are about zero. In fact there is no serious and effective voice or forum for the people at all, and definitely not in the Australian media. Everybody just sat there and applauded as Simon made some available anywhere standard points while providing thrilling Police administration updates.

The glaring irony never seemed to strike Simon as he talked on and on about protecting the whole community, when outside this largely Jewish meeting in the middle of Caulfield on a Monday, they have to have armed guards and metal detectors because of the er, Buddhists and Anglicans?!

Nope. The Muslim and Marxist loons we must never mention, except to apologise for and rationalise away. Si made required and absurd PR claims for the previous Police Commissioner Christine Nixon. Apparently Chrissie was “significant” according to the new egghead of law enforcement.

Hey, any photo of Christine Nixon doing her Marlon Brando in drag routine will verify that. She was “connected with the community” said King Q ball. Hopefully that’s not the dead community under her beady eyed watch, but clearly the Police catering community helped create an enormous part of Chrissie or two. I never knew it, but Chris provided “strong leadership and effective management.” Sorry, I guess I was just thrown by all the incompetence, resignations and terrifying crime.

Sadly Mr Overland, the new head plod, said a major part of his policy will be “enforcing crime [!]” I believe it! Without correcting himself or seemingly noticing his gaff, he added reassuringly that “that sort of approach will continue.” Well, why not. Fabulous then. What could go wrong?

So plenty more sacrificing law and order to PC multicultism; continued police demoralisation and high levels of resignation; squads of dead gangsters; nights of city wide urban mayhem; Police taking part in gay parades while the law continues to turn up around 40% of the time, while keeping wilfully clueless minds and hands off growing Muslim stealth jihad and so on ad nauseum. Carry on then. Got it.

Simons kept to the respectable dirty laundry list of mass PC leftardism that falls without fail and so evenly across those in charge. Ticked ‘em off one by one as he displayed a rather disconcerting wide eyed Pavlovian belief in Global Warming. He did. According to our head skinhead, there’s “no doubt” that GW is causing all the extreme weather and I kid you not, “the bushfires.” Balls.

Funny. Which court was that proven in? The Supreme Court? The Melbourne Tennis Court?

No, the court of the laughable mainstream media, anything to be elected government, eager for GW gravy funding academics and easily manipulated and incurious public opinion. What an embarrassing joke to see the guy in charge of our security and civil order babbling such bunko scams. Stick within your brief and curriculum, kid.

And big surprise, he’s against zero tolerance. I’ve noticed. Apparently so the Police can use er, "discretion.” Yes, perhaps like being beyond belief lenient, while totally ignoring and lying about and manipulating crime figures for say, over a decade of Lebanese Muslim and black gang crime et al?

Hey, or not charging black rapists of white females so we can all continue to celebrate diversity undisturbed by reality. Gotta work. It’s worked so well in Britain, Holland, Sweden and France. No.

Yep, I had a few enlightening and disturbing little chats with the local Police Chief, various Constables and Detectives when I lived above my unfortunate café in a multicultural Policing experiment known as "across the river." The salons included those serving and those who resigned in frustration, disillusionment, disgust and fear. There’s nothing worse than harsh facts for spoiling a visit to an ethnic restaurant.

Ah, and maybe letting thirty cars of violent armed Muslims do as they please for three days after Cronulla. Oh, I forgot. Victorian Police are um, different. Check and nuance. I'm sure they are.. Yes, nothing to see here. Discretion. All very hush hush.

Or maybe outside my cafe, the Police letting the last remaining Maori go after he and his three friends attempted to murder a skinny white guy by slashing his chest open and jumping on his head. Say goodbye so fifty odd Maoris’ don’t ransack the Police station later I imagine.

Or maybe letting 70 to 120 black Africans riot and fight at an intersection in Footscray from 2200 on a Saturday night until 0600 Sunday morning and not a Police officer in sight. Gee, I called about five times, and not once for pizza!

Or indeed allowing Footscray in it’s entirety for over twenty years. Go figure. What do I know? Probably equal to my efforts and curiosity, eh?

Ah, or how about the idea of assigning about five Policemen to watch over those 1500 plus Jew hating Muslims and Marxists freaks waving Hamass, Hezbollah and Soviet/Cuban flag shouting “Death to the Jews and Israel!”, “Smash Capitalism!” and “Destroy the West, America and Australia etc, etc”, ad nauseum.

My personal favourite, screeched by a young female leftard bint was "Israel and the USA, the biggest terrorists in the world today!"

Quite. And finally they all marched down Swanston Street screaming “Allah Akbar!” while waving enormous Hezbollah and Jihad flags. No really. Don’t worry. A lone motorcycle Policeman and two others on foot stood by and escorted them. Fab, eh?

Golly gee, the Police we spoke to and saw were clearly incurious, ignorant and semingly indifferent about what it all meant. Yes, how about that?

But then for the two hours I was there, the Police were not really paying attention, were they? The only squad car was facing away from the crowd and the officers inside were so adrift in apparent boredom, that they never apparently noticed the car of four Lebanese er, “youths” inside. The dear celebrators of multiculturalism and gang rape and assault asked me if I was Palestinian as you do. Their heartfelt junior jihadist enquiry was accompanied with the unmistakable leering signals and expressions that said, “if only you were in a quiet and empty street somewhere...”

We mentioned to one lone Bill, the wide range of variant 'death to the Jews and the West..' signs, and in particular, the one held by the Muslim seven year-old and her fully burked Mother that read ”The Jews never learn. They need more of this”, [with a tasteful picture of a swastika.]

He said that “the others will take it down [!] They won’t allow it!” Riiight, being all tolerant an’ all. Er, no. Virtually everyone agreed with it...that was the point of the whole rally. They all hate Jews and the free West! Hey, as authentic Muslim Hamass fans and Marxist misfits do.

It was like talking to well, regular and naïve, incurious, indoctrinated, intellectually and morally lazy unread people. Which I beleive I was. Which is nice for a hamster but not in law enforcement. Observing a dim copper is not a nice thing.

And so for our tough law enforcement and government authorities, what are they scared of exactly? Islam everytime, [I know I am] cos it get's violently "offended" by everything and nothing.

Yep, there's nothing smarter or braver than letting criminals try out the Broken Windows Theory and finding it’s often entirely on their side. No.

"Expert textpert choking smokers,
Don't you thing the joker laughs at you?
See how they smile like pigs in a sty,
See how they snied.
I'm crying.

I am the eggman, they are the eggmen.
I am the walrus, goo goo g'joob g'goo goo g'joob.
Goo goo g'joob g'goo goo g'joob g'goo."

The Beatles I Am The Walrus.

Diplomats walk out on Ahmchimpheads brainless criminal UN Jew hate festival.

Jew hatin’ Muslim circus geeks and Marxist trash on parade. Check out the goatee geek from the Islamic Council of Awfulness, and the fat broad with her phony tears for the poor Palestinians. For tiny Israel, nuttin’. Why are middle-aged Socialist Marxist leftards so unatractive? You know why. They're ugly inside too.

But there was lot’s and lot’s of terrorist kaffiyeh rags. Sadly these clips just don't give a tru feel of the overwhelming vile atmosphere and the hideous clichés at this delightful event. I guess ya had to be there to get the er, joke.

“I think the one of the wife with the Hezbollah flag came out nicely.” Aw, they edited out the screams of “Alluah Akbar!”

Dr Peter Slezak the self-loathing left Jew presents his uber-lies of Jew hatred! Go figure the leftard.
“It is also a lie, endlessly repeated by our politicians and media, that Hamass does not want to negotiate...striking evidence of Hamass’s GOOD FAITH and CONSIDERABLE RESTRAINT in face of the blockade.”
No really. That’s what this bastard says. Riiight. Oh, the Israeli’s “violated the ceasefire..” What a suicidal and disgusting shit bag.

Hey, looking like a wino at 3am as usual, here’s Michael Leunig, the elite National Trashbag, Jew hatred cartoonist, leftard neurotic and Hamass rally fellow traveller. Mike's a big fan of Al Jazeera. "Al, it was Al Jazeera all the time!" Hey, nine out of ten terrorist groups can't be wrong. Ain’t he so nice with his successful career in venal but respectable anti-Semitic and repetitive scribbling?

Now virtually drained of all wit and humour and with the light touch of a German jazz band, the Leunig paradigm is creepy, insanely addled, convoluted and weirdly backdated. Observe as Mike babbles on wilfully regardless of the Jew hating nihilism swirling around his fluffy head, cos Mike the twisted fuck has plenty of bilge swirling around in his own idiot disturbance.

Dig how the audience of radical circus freaks is largely indifferent and restless with Mike’s faux “sensitivity” until he makes a clear anti-Israel stab that is. What a laughable and repellent freak. "National Treasure" can apparently triple for prize wacko and an irrational disgrace.

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