Friday, 29 May 2009

The socialist economic spastic and crime vortex of Jamaica.

Jamaica is a crime ridden dysfunctional and virtual failed black state, barely held together by the threadbare remnants of British Rule of Law. Being black in the developing, third and devolving worlds, often means being forced to endure various kinds of socialist experiments as each one inevitably rushes down the plug hole of despair in a virtually identical fashion. Only the body counts differ in order to protect the viciously guilty. Ah, and all so eagerly championed by affluent Western leftards from afar. VERY afar. Like Bel Air.

In 1972, Marxist scumbag, economic moron and Jamaican Prime Minister Michael Manley, said that socialism was the correct path for Jamaica. Er, riiight. Yeah, if you want your tropical island to collapse into a permanent madhouse pile of crime infested, dysfunctional and bankrupt shit. Gee, where are all the left liberal protest movements screaming to free Jamaica from the oppression of socialist hell and an avalanche of crime and corruption? Not fashionable but problematic eh? Got it. Nuance. Come on! "BushisHitler!" No? Doesn't help? "ObamaisHitler!" There ya go...Everything is fixed. Easy, eh?

Jamaica Farewell by Erving Burgess.

"Down the way where the nights are gay
And the sun shines daily on the mountain top
I took a trip on a sailing ship
And when I reached Jamaica I made a stop

But I'm sad to say, I'm on my way
Won't be back for many a day
My heart is down, my head is turning around
I had to leave a little girl in Kingston town

Sounds of laughter everywhere
And the dancing girls swaying to and fro
I must declare that my heart is there
Though I've been from Maine to Mexico

Down at the market you can hear
Ladies cry out while on their head they bear
Ackie rice and salt fish is nice
And the rum is good any time of year."

Jamaican Welfare.

"Down the trench town they murder gays
And the scum kill daily on a garbage top
I took a trip on a failed blip
And when I retched “Jamaica!” I couldn’t stop

But I’m glad to say, I’m on my way
Won’t be back on any damn day
The house burnt down, the dead are all on the ground
You can buy a little girl in Kingston Town

Sounds of gunfire everywhere
And the starving children crying day and night
I must declare that Michael Manley’s there
Though I've been in a drain in Mexico

Down at the cesspool you can hear
Ladies cry out while for the dead they care
AK vice socialist ain’t nice
And nothing is good any time of year."

The wonderful anti-capitalist non-democracy disaster of Jamaica.

Jamaica has one murder every four hours.

Jamaican gangs documentary Pt 2 of 5.

Killer cops in the heart of darkness tribal maelstrom called Jamaica.

Now here’s a little exposed and terrifying paradigm. Jamaica is a cesspool of endemic cultural violence and the society wide hatred and murder of gay people. And as I said, this rotten insanity is supported and incited by Jamaican musicians, many in the general populace, the Police, the government and the Prime Minister! No really. Good God almighty.

Gee, I wonder if there’s any connection with the massive Jamaican crime rates in Britain and Europe? Thinks... Ted Brown was the only openly gay man in Jamaica ever[!], and he headed a much needed gay rights group. He was hideously stabbed to death by three black men. The police did nothing. In fact, the Police often assist with the oppression and homicide of gays! I kid you not.

Golly, but Jamaica is so sunny and black reggae fans are supposed to be so cool and virtually by default? Nope. Balls. 2,000 average Jamaican laughter cadets, chased three suspected gay men into a pharmacy and demanded they come out to be lynched. Er, not today. Come back Thursday when we have automatic weapons and better shoes. The cheery Police escorted the three men out... For once.

They were probably suspected of being gay because they had all their own front teeth and their socks matched, PLUS they had shoes.

Now you know why the Carribean lacks a certain subtle sense of taste and style. Or did they just go for a perverse gay-hating Gay Mardi Gras motif? Go figure.

Now unfortunately toward the end, the interviewer does tend to draw a bit of the required PC moral equivalence bow. It also looks like for all the very good intentions, Jamaica may just add some repellent Western style radical and nihilist gay groups to their mix of How to Fail Utterly: while trying everything but what works. Fabulous!

Now here’s a thing. The very talented Bob Marley loved the incompetent Socialist despot and leftard political pet Michael Manley, as per most Western pop stars with their rich idiot love of Utopian fantasies.

Bob’s motto: “I can’t buy a BMW with socialism! So I’ll just posture and spout how everyone in Jamaica needs Marxism...but me.“

But then, Bob was so addled with romantic third-world collective junk, that he thought leaving his toe untreated by the white mans sorcery, so that it becomes cancerous and kills him was er, Rasta fah I. Ya Dad was white, Bob. Which reminds me of someone...

And funny innit, how as Marley became more fashionably dreadlocked, Bob's English speaking ability changed from standard virtual first language, to an unintelligible patois murk that needed subtitles. He once said on the gapingly mediocre 60 Minutes, that “BMW stands for Bob Marley and the Wailers!” Or Bob’s Marxist Wank. Or Be More Water boarded. Or Buy My Wahini.

Hey, we're a continent here in Australia. Now if we just adopt Socialist junk as PM Krudd wrote in his absurd essay in The Monthly, [odd the menstrual connection] it'd be even better than Jamaica! Gotta be. Let's give it a go! What can we lose but everything and forever? Well, Rudd can afford to embrace the collective cos his wife has already made 25 million dollars out of capitalism.

Ah, red sales in the sunset.

Jamaican Mafia and the delightful ghettoes. “The sound I remember most is the children crying and whimpering...”


Henry Baggs said...

Always like your blog. Your take on Islam, Obama and left leaning weinies is usually spot-on. However your fascination with, well- buggery,you know-practicing sodomites and catamites is nothing short of disturbing.I live in southern California and see how our society is vitimized by the homo agenda. The politically correct protected "gay" group are vocal and invasive. Do what you want with your toxin eliminating organs in the privacy of your bedroom, but don't tell me it is a lifestyle or you are the member of a minority group and deserve special status or considerations. As a Christian we all know that "fornication" is condemned by the Bible and Jesus says those who practice sexual deviancy will not see the Kingdom of Heaven. We are all sinners, and the sodomites sin is no different from mine in the eyes of God. But I admit my sins and ask forgiveness and try to sin no more- I don't try to justify it by spinning it and making something else of it that it is not. Thanks for the opportunity to vent.

Colonel Neville said...

Dear 'enry:

Hey thanks for the kind comments and the hat tip Guv. Yep, I guess my comments were a little ambiguous, and I've added as I can, some caveat. Though the subject was the violent oppression and murder of human beings for being or just suspected of being, homosexual. This is a sin and well, seriously criminal. Just as it is when anything similar happens here.

But yep, I agree with your take on the mentality of radical homosexual groups. They're bleedin' 'orrible, squire. Their peculiar, perverse and angry agenda is largely destructive, anti-Christian, anti-family and anti-charm.

It's complicated, Doctor. And that's the problem. No one decent wants to be seen as persecuting a minority, and sadly, that's the clear tactic. It's the difference between people being allowed to live their private life and it being virtually compulsory that we all believe in and er, celebrate it.

Man, we all have our own secret and private life and that's the point. It's odd when gay politics are made an allegedly essential thing, [even for all children to be hip to] and we must all share in and agree with it. Well, no. Ironically it's hardly democratic and a diversity of opinion,eh?

And then it inevitably ends in attacking us and all our proven, valuable and real traditions.

I've watched rotten Perez Hilton's misogynist attacks on the lovely Carrie Prejean. The thang is that radical groups are by virtual default, Marxist, left liberals or Islamic and go down curiously similiar bankrupt and dangerous paths, even if separated by some degrees.

I'm naturally repulsed by the insanity all radical groups even when they're colour coordinated and with great accessories.

End of part 1. Colonel Neville.

Colonel Neville said...

Dear Henry:

The current pitiful state of decadent affairs is the natural result of identity politics, which along with state welfare and abortion, are currently the ONLY beliefs of left liberals and or Democrats.

Thus far too much of the babbling left apparently agree with the ridiculously fake named and utterly shallow Perez.

There are many conservative gay folks that are not for this baloney, such as gaypatriot and so on. But I guess they're private people and not public ones living a wacky gay lifestyle as such.

And yep, the thrust...ouch!, by screaming criminal haters of proven tradition via the spread, ouch! of rad junk and utter balls, yow!, is freaky and well, sickening.

You often hear that 10% of the total population are gay. Nope. That cliche was traced back to a bunko article in a gay mag from 1974. The REAL figure is around one to one and half percent, to below two percent at maximum, ouch!, and never anymore than 2%.

Now people are who they are, deserve to be left in peace and to go about their business. We can any of us have gay children, and I'd feel the same way about them as any other child.

Hey, and gays CAN marry...just not to each other. The thing is, practicing homosexuals, [get lessons!]even with government backing, ouch!, can never authentically marry.

Marriage is actually a third entity in itself created, [even without children, but largely with], by two people beyond themselves. It's not just about each other. In fact for much of the history of marriage, it had little to nothing to do with the two people concerned, but EVERYTHING else.

You can call it marriage, or hell, a toaster or shoe repair. But it won be. It'll be what it is.

Rather ridiculously, gay folks can now get the paperwork in California etc. Not my idea of quality control. Seems ominously decadent cos it is. It's an inversion of if you don't buy a ticket, you can't get on the ride. So now folks want the ticket, but not the ride.

I live in the inner city where there are many gay people and used to go to a pretty gay gym. There were some really great and nice guys there. Yep, and a few rather shallow fellows too, but I always feel comfortable there, except for the relentlessly bleak dance tracks.

In my area, gay people are mostly good citizens and perhaps not radical bores per se, and one of the reasons I live here. It's maybe a Melbourne thing. Also the coffee and decor is better. All the best kid, and agin thanks for the thumbs up. Ouch!

Colonel Neville.

Colonel Neville said...

Dear Henry:

One thing though, and I know it's complicated, is that I don't believe that merely being gay would mean you are not on the door list for Heaven.

After all, it really is the fault of the manufacturer and would void any warranty either overt or implied. Many people struggle with something they have little or no control over.

A marriage to a closet gay man is a perverse tragedy for a woman.

There are real differences between gay and heterosexual people. The problem now is that the hip faux position and joke is that those differences mean gay is more knowing, right and even better than the majority who are often pictured as unhip, not knowing and well, less. It's rubbish of course. Where do they think gays come from? San Francisco?

Just as they cannot be what they are not, neither can we. Why pretend via control freakery? I thought gay rights was about freedom of choice. Apparently not.

Ah, well maybe not in the lifetime of todays gays, but in their childrens, childrens lifetime...Hey hey.

Colonel Neville.