Monday, 18 May 2009

Obama's pre-emptive surrender so put on a happy face or two.

Machosauce presents Shoot again! Barry: "slow our development of future combat systems"

Comment: "This includes improved weapons, vehicles and body armor that increase the survivability of troops, as well as systems that permit us to use less manpower for the same task. Obama hates the bourgeoisie that serve in the military. If they don't vote leftist, he'd just as well have them get killed by not funding the projects what would have otherwise saved them.”

Comment: "If it wasnt for war, I wouldn't be here. My mother's family are survivors of the Holocaust. Most of my Mom's family were murdered. America/USSR's intervention in WWll, saved what's left of my family. My father's side is from Yemen, and if it were not for the Independence War of Israel, Yemen (and the whole Arab world) was on a killing spree of their Jews. The war and Israel's strong defense, was able to make a secret mission to save the Jews of Yemen. Thank G-d I am alive today."

Machosauce, we always could. Obama's Socialist left policy is much the same as a lotta Hitler's state control policy's. "More salad, Mein Fuhrer?" Hermann Goerring.

Mike Adams on the nature of Conservatism and the empirical difference with liberalism which is innately non-empirical. Hence the left liberal hysteria aimed at anyone who presents a single fact.
"This tragic view of human nature also explains why conservatives often speak of religion and family values. Given his selfish nature, man must internalize some reason to behave in pro-social ways. That fact that he falls short of these values does not mean he is a hypocrite. The one who does not even believe what he says is the hypocrite. The one who believes what he says and falls short is merely human."

Comment: "The entire article can be summed up as follows: The difference between conservatism is Conservatism works. Liberalism doesn't. It's really that simple."

Comment: "For me, the fundamental difference between liberals and conservatives is that conservatives, is that conservatives agree with the old adage that 'we are only 'little people'[=current PC term]standing on the shoulders of giants (e.g., Moses, Jesus, St.Paul, Plato, Aristotle, yes, Augustine, US Founders); whereas libs think 'we [e.g., Pelosi, Madonna, Dennis Rodman, Ted Kennedy, Barney Frank etc.) are the giants, standing on the shoulders of 'little people."

Thomas Sowell author of The Housing Boom and Bust AKA The Wonderful World Of Bill Clinton, Obama and ACORN et al.

The fabulous iowahawk Don Rickles and Peter Cook's Obama, and other wilfully incompetent fascistic freaks. "You should have seen the other guy!"

And here. And again, The One is incapable of being hubris free.

Just so you all know where to find the great Steven Crowder, apart from all over hotair, pajamasmedia and YouTube.

Happiness is being old and Republican. McCain: one out of two.

Women just never notice how miserable they often make men's lives. Yep, women are more sensitive than men, but to only the things women care aout. No really. Go figure.

Celebrating traditional cultures.Papuan stone-agers eat woman. Please shoot on sight. This is how primitive men ruin women's lives. It's the lack of good straw housing.

“A woman was killed and parts of her body eaten by a Papua New Guinean cult, local media reports. Police in Kerema, Gulf Province on PNG's southwestern coast, arrested four people over the weekend believed to be part of a group who ate the dead woman."

Celebrating our multicultural diversity. Importing Tamil Tiger comedy improv and nihilist violence.

“There are conflicting reports about a brawl in western Sydney involving Tamil protesters, which has left one man in hospital. Police say two carloads of men assaulted another man who had taken a Tamil flag from them and snapped its pole in half on Railway Parade, Westmead, on Sunday afternoon." 'Conflicting', but there's a consensus on it's a total drag for us all.

Hey, Celebrating totalitarian fascist Islam Muslim jihad in New York. Via islaminaction.


Colonel Neville: Exactly. Arrest, charge, try and execute him now or when millions of terrifying criminal freaks just like this get power? Tough call, eh?

Pajamasmedia meets the true face of pure evil in Iran's Ahmashithead. The disgusting Ahmadinejad murders thousand's of gay people, many of them minors, and he get's an audience of VIPS...Venal Irresponsible Pip Squeaks.

51% US citizens now pro life. 42% for murdering babies.

Earn over 600,000 pounds in your spare time! Become a government subsidised baby killer.

“In 2004, Adlakha was filmed by an undercover reporter from the Sunday Telegraph admitting that she had arranged for her daughter, Shilpa Abrol, to travel to Barcelona in order to have her healthy 31 1/2 week old unborn child killed. The legal gestational age limit for abortion in Spain remains 22 weeks.

The video showed her agreeing to help arrange a similar abortion for undercover reporters, by offering medical help and lying to a British hospital in order to obtain a scan for the Ginemedex abortion facility in Spain.

Also in 2004, the Daily Telegraph revealed that British abortion agencies, funded by the public health system, were routinely sending British women whose pregnancies had advanced past the 24-week legal limit abroad to the Ginemedex facility."

Spanish government upholds the proud EU tradition of not giving a damn what the majority of the people say. Ole!

Notre Dame’s President says murdering African babies is a beautiful thing and it’s for their own good but the Prez refuses to abort self.

Homeland Security’s super strawman fallacy. People who don’t want to murder babies are “right wing extremist’s” says Homeland Security.

We know just the men for the job says Scottish government agency. Please shoot on sight.

“EDINBURGH, Scotland, May 14, 2009 ( - A ringleader of a pedophile ring unveiled in Scotland was a top advisor to the Scottish Executive on homosexual issues regarding children, reports the Daily Mail. reported Monday that James Rennie, the 38-year-old chief executive of LGBT Youth Scotland, was found guilty this month of molesting for four years an infant - beginning when the infant was 3-months-old - whom friends left with Rennie to babysit.

Rennie, who resigned from his position at LGBT Youth following his arrest late last year, lobbied for homosexual issues in the Scottish parliament, and has visited with the Prime Minister of England as "the Executive's most important and influential adviser on gay issues affecting children," according to the Daily Mail. Among other issues, the group lobbied for adoption to homosexual couples under Rennie's leadership.

Rennie and fellow homosexual activist Neil Strachan, who was found guilty of assaulting an 18-month-old boy he was babysitting on New Year's Eve 2005, are facing maximum sentences of life in prison as the ringleaders of an extensive network of pedophiles."

Despite the world not being entirely populated by only fifteen very stylish men, and the continuing popularity of bad taste, the American Psychology Association is damn puzzled why most people are naturally heterosexual.

"There is no consensus among scientists about the exact reasons that an individual develops a heterosexual, bisexual, gay or lesbian orientation. Although much research has examined the possible genetic, hormonal, developmental, social, and cultural influences on sexual orientation, no findings have emerged that permit scientists to conclude that sexual orientation is determined by any particular factor or factors. Many think that nature and nurture both play complex roles..."

Colonel Neville: Hey, go figure. But I know why most every organisation,[even scientific] now becomes by virtual default, a silly, bankrupt and activist joke clone. Now that's bad taste.

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