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Made Easy! How to defraud an incurious public and manipulate the harsh facts of reality with political correctness Pt 1.

The best thing about being part of a largely left liberal MSM and other frauds, [apart from the cash and the untouchable and unaccountable propaganda platform] is that you never have to admit to being wilfully wrong, smug, proudly stupid, criminal and a serial liar. Unless you want a promotion

“Obviously, “tolerance” has to have “limits.” Otherwise, it’s just a fluffy euphemism for nihilism." Mark Steyn.

Dear sports, shown above is Howard Dean being interviewed by Keith 'no journalistic standards whatsoever' Olberman, the beyond belief Kos blogger, [no really] and CNN leftard liberal who is all those repellent things and so much more. Ah, and Howard Dean the uber-liar and girly man screamer. "Shreeeeeeak! I won! Shreeeeak! I lost!"

Celebrating Social Collapse and Atomisation presents: the fabbo Michelle Malkin on the Knoxville torture rape etc murders. Four black men and a black woman carjack, rape, torture, poison, sexually mutilate, dismember and murder a young white woman and her white boyfriend. Thus for the MSM it fits none of their paradigms of current truth. It’s not a “useful story” as Michelle shows, and is simply censored out. And why not eh? Let's all be nice. No.

Compare this to the mega MSM and celebrity race mongering of the Duke Lacrosse fraud and lie. Five white males are naturally guilty and evil because they’re white AND rich, and are accused falsely of gang rape by a black woman.

And via WSBTV, a regional TV station that's better than anything in Australia, on Five Muslim immigrant terrorists named Mo in the U.S convicted of terrorism fundraising for gee, the Holy Land Foundation. This is not an isolated case that is now solved, but one of thousands and thousands across the free West that's part of a vast asymmetrical pattern of stealth and overt jihad.

"And he did it while living the life of a seemingly legitimate businessman...started in 1993,

...until the FBI came knocking...Mohammad Shorbagi was just a rug salesman and a devout Imam of a small Mosque...but the truth was much more complicated and dangerous...a giant Muslim charity in the U.S sent money to Hamass...” Hey, there’s no connection to the thousands of other Muslim immigrant men named Mohammad or variant who are also terrorist fund raisers, terrorists or fellow travellers. Oh, there is? In Chicago, Dallas ad nauseum. Oh dear.

“Facts are nothing without their nuance.” Norman Mailer.

Sadly, Norman regularly got neither right. Swingin’ black reporter Tom Jones on how a beautiful black family of five were killed in a car crash caused by the speeding of a successful, reckless and criminal black woman, and how her Mother covered up for her. Add this to the fact that 94% of black men who are murdered, are murdered by other black men. Blacks are less than 14% of the population, but commit 50% of all violent crime. Blacks in America have a combined income larger than Canadians. Thus all this fact, paradox and nuance etc, is beyond the media to be able present eithr coherently or with any depth.

Which is great, cos we all lose in the end which is coming soon. Next Wednesday I believe...

Via WSBTV: A poorly spoken and bad attitude young black man with “30” tattooed on his cheekbone and five stars up his neck is gee, a murder suspect with a Himalaya of Police evidence to back it up. Fancy that? I wouldn’t want to judge. We must be “open minded,’ to the cold, cold wind...of gang culture, identity and grievance politics, drugs, promiscuity, welfare, no education and rank nihilism.

This young black man with the tragically doomed and laughable name of Deadrick E. Garrett, with the help of another black man, murders Dyishin pictured below, the young black man in a car park, for dissin’ his collection of French poetry.

In 2007, Deadrick the sparkling winner and young black man, stabbed his half-brother the young black man to death, as you do. Young and handsome but damaged and criminally insane. Three cheers for single Motherhood...Over 70% of people in prison come from unwed single Mother er, homes. Thus liberal Democrats promote it as a good thang, especially for black people!

Anne Coulter from her fabbo book Guilty! Liberal Victims and their Assault on America:

"Of all single mothers in America, only 6.5 percent of them are widows, 37.8 percent are divorced, and 41.3 percent gave birth out of wedlock. The 6.5 percent of single mothers whose husbands have died shouldn't be called 'single mothers' at all. We already have a word for them: 'widows.' Their children do just fine compared with the children of married parents." -- P.35

"Here is the lottery ticket that single mothers are handing their innocent children by choosing to raise them without fathers: Controlling for socioeconomic status, race, and place of residence, the strongest predictor of whether a person will end up in prison is that he was raised by a single parent.

By 1996, 70 percent of inmates in state juvenile detention centers serving long-term sentences were raised by single mothers. Seventy-two percent of juvenile murderers and 60 percent of rapists come from single-mother homes.

Seventy percent of teenage births, dropouts, suicides, runaways, juvenile delinquents, and child murderers involve children raised by single mothers. Girls raised without fathers are more sexually promiscuous and more likely to end up divorced. A 1990 study by the Progressive Policy Institute showed that after controlling for single motherhood, the difference between black and white crime rates disappeared.

Various studies have come up with slightly different numbers, but all the figures are grim. According to the Index of Leading Cultural Indicators, children from single-parent families account for 63 percent of all youth suicides, 70 percent of all teenage pregnancies, 71 percent of all adolescent chemical/substance abuse, 80 percent of all prison inmates, and 90 percent of all homeless and runaway children.

A study cited in the Village Voice produced similar numbers. It found that children brought up in single-mother homes 'are five times more likely to commit suicide, nine times more likely to drop out of high school, 10 times more likely to abuse chemical substances, 14 times more likely to commit rape (for the boys), 20 times more likely to end up in prison, and 32 times more likely to run away from home.' Single motherhood is like a farm team for future criminals and social outcasts.

The armed live on and the unarmed die. And the armed and criminal are defeated if they meet the armed and righteous:

"COLLEGE PARK, Ga. A group of college students said they are lucky to be alive and they’re thanking the quick-thinking of one of their own. Police said a fellow student shot and killed one of two masked men who burst into an apartment. Channel 2 Action News reporter Tom Jones met with one of the students to talk about the incident.“Apparently, his intent was to rape and murder us all,” said student Charles Bailey...

Bailey said the gunmen started counting bullets. “The other guy asked how many (bullets) he had. He said he had enough,” said Bailey.

That’s when one student grabbed a gun out of a backpack and shot at the invader who was watching the men. The gunman ran out of the apartment.The student then ran to the room where the second gunman, identified by police as 23-year-old Calvin Lavant, was holding the women."

“..he thought it was the end of his life and the lives of the 10 people inside his apartment for a birthday party after two masked men with guns burst in through a patio door.

“They just came in and separated the men from the women and said, ‘Give me your wallets and cell phones,’” said George Williams of the College Park Police Department.

The student then ran to the room where the second gunman, identified by police as 23-year-old Calvin Lavant, was holding the women.
“Apparently the guy was getting ready to rape his girlfriend. So he told the girls to get down and he started shooting. The guy jumped out of the window,” said Bailey.

Celebrating multiculturalism in Australia: “Bricklayer Ergun Karabay, 38, broke into Arzu Tankir's Melbourne home by smashing a window with a hammer and stabbed her nine times, piercing her lung."

Michelle Malkin on Obama dumps national Prayer Day: Hussein the Marxist product black liberation theology raised phony Christian, son of a Muslim bum Father and an atheist Marxist tart Mother, And the Hawaiin Legislature introduces “Islam Day!” No really.

Michelle on Obama’s bullshit speech excuses.

Colonel Neville: And there you have it, sports. All we have to do to make this one big smile of diversty is to be more tolerant of psychopathic misfits! Good night and good luck...

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