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Pt 2. The groovy Sir Patrick Moore with 50 ways to leave your EU fascist leftard multicultural death lover.

Britain On The Brink Pt 1 of 4. With an introduction by Sir Patrick Moore. Plus 50 reasons to leave the E.U. The EU has one goal: to create a successful smiley faced fascistic neo-Soviet superstate leftard dictatorship. Sure there’s a negative side too...Meanwhile the logically retarded President of the EU calls facts “prejudices.” Via ukip org [UK Independence Party.]

Watch the next vid and weep. And be terrified for your children and Australia too. Something wicked this way comes: Islam.
“Sweden is changing from a homogenous and safe nation to a multi cultural hell. The established politicians are promoting mass immigration from all over the world.The population in Sweden is 9 million including two million immigrants in first and second generation and 600 000 muslims.

The crime rate due to immigration is alarming, but the establishment are hiding all facts and costs involved. Recently a report was published by the European Union about the alarming rape wave in Sweden. About 85 % of the rapes in Sweden [are committed by immigrants largely Muslim.]

The Swedes are not only hit by a crime wave caused by immigration. The Swedes will be a minority in their own country before 2050 and the ethnic Swedes will later cease to exist. But if we elect new politicians there is some hope."

“I’ve got nothing good to say about the EU. I really haven’t. We'd be better of out of it."
The swingin' Jamie Oliver. Hip, hip hooray for Jim.

The hip to the scene Vaclav Klaus tells it how it is. The British Labour party walks out lik the control frak liars they are.
“EPP including British Labour MEPs all walked out on President Klaus during his speech. The EU showing its contempt for any opposition to the ultimate European Superstate objective.”
Dig the German representative and proto-smiley faced fascist ironically proving Vaclav entirely correct. Ah, the wonderful Daniel Hannan points out the bleeding obvious as we sink ever further into left liberal fascism across the West.

In the next vid see how the EU phony Parliament treats democracy: "On the day before the EU constitution was signed in Lisbon the resistance in Strasbourg demands a referendum across Europe."

And the follow up with shocking details featuring the happening Mr Farage. One by one, the pro-EU circus geeks and control freaks prove that the left liberal fascists have arrived.

More on the EU from Mr Nigel Farage of the UKIP: "European Parliament, Strasbourg, 13 January 2009.The European Parliament celebrates the 10th anniversary of the euro. Nigel Farage intervenes with a comparison with the old Soviet times and a quick diagnosis of the euro.Before the euro session, Ind/Dem group staff handed out postcards with chocolate coins..."

The fab Mr Farage again, [UK IndpendenceParty] sends a well deserved barrage at uber-dhimmi, ultra-economic incompetent and Labour control freak Gordon bloody Brown nose.

And here’s Daniel Hannan’s classic empirical crushing of Brown once again. Ah, Gordon Brown’s school days.

The uncomfortable truth spoken by an actual working class British ex-veteran Mike Mosely at er, a BNP meeting. Yes, the BNP. Being a Zionist conservative libertarian rationalist, I do find some ah, aspects of the erstwhile wacky BNP ah, problematic. But the fact is these are the facts on the ground. Go figure. The government, the MSM, academia and celebrity et al are largely incompetent, wilfully fraudulent criminal junk. It $ell$ though, eh?

The BNP’s oft bereft and sometimes disturbing Nick Griffin is entirely correct here:
“Chairman Nick Griffin argues that Sir Winston Churchill would be ostracised and rejected by todays politically correct parties for having the courage to utter fundamental truths about British and world affairs.”
Winnie would likely be physically attacked and arrested by the left. Of course Churchill would take them all down eventually and triumph on behalf of all of us. Read Winston’s book The River War for the harsh reality of Islam circa 1890’s. Nothing has changed in over a century with Islam, only for the worse.

Colonel Neville: And here’s the reasons to leave EU hell and focus on British hell a la Labour’s Londonistan. Via eutruth org, the ukip org Britain On The Brink vid.

50 Reasons to leave the EU:

1. The European Unions six constitutional treaties build a dictatorship.

2. The EU has the laws of a police state - enforced after the Lisbon Treaty, from 1st January 2009.

3. The EU's 111,000 regulations will bring us a soviet style command economy and abject poverty.

4. Unelected EU dictators will control the nuclear weapons of former nations of Britain and France.

5. The EU 's six treaties will compel us to hand over all our armed forces to the EU.

6. Our armed forces and police have been told they will swear a new oath to the EU, or be fired.

7. The EUs 111,000 regulations will rigidly control our personal lives - more than any nation in history.

8. EU regulations now cost us £100 billion a year. (Better Regulation Commission annual report 2005)

9. When enforced, those regulations will destroy most of our 4.5 million small businesses.

10. Up to 13.5 million will be unemployed after EU regulations close small businesses.

11. The 111,000 regulations will make us subject to continual arrest (SOCPA 2005).

12. There are now 3,095 "Crimes against the EU state" on the British statute book.

13. We will be stopped on the street for continual checks on our EU ID cards from 2009.

14. The EUs Constitutional treaties replace the British Constitution on 1st January 2009.

15. The EU treaties will close our Westminster Parliament when its 5 years expire on 5th May 2010.

16. The EU's Road Pricing and then ID chips will keep the state informed of our exact position.

17. Huge taxes/fines by the EU's Road Pricing, Congestion Charging and global warming policies.

18. The EU Regionalisation Plan will abolish England and our 48 counties in favour of 9 EU regions.

19. The 9 EU regions will report direct to Brussels, not to Westminster, which will be defunct.

20. The EU Regionalisation Plan will abolish our 19,579 councillors.

23. British common law mainly replaced by EU corpus Juris by 1992. Government is now above the law.

21. Police have shot 30 innocent people dead since 1992 and have not been successfully prosecuted.

22. 1,100 deaths in police custody since 1992 and no successful prosecutions.

24. Police Shoot to Kill policy now in force; illegal under British common law, OK under EU corpus juris.

25. EU conceived in Germany from 22nd June 1940 as the EEC - speech by Hermann Goering.

26. First EEC conference Berlin University 1942, 13 nation summit Berlin 1943 run by von Ribbentrop

27. After fall of Germany, the Germans switched the EU from a Nazi to a communist basis in1946.

28. Hitler's Deutsche Verteiderungs Dienst Intelligence Department (DVD) still controls EU development.

29. Edward Heath, Geoffrey Rippon, Roy Jenkins recruited by the DVD in 1958 as saboteurs.

30. DVD has arranged finance to put pro-EU ownerships into British newspaper groups.

31. EU has been sabotaging Britain with German Frankfurt School techniques since the 1950's.

33. The EU's main subversive organisation in Britain, Common Purpose, was run from the ODPM.

34. The EU's Common Purpose has trained 30,000 local leaders for "the post democratic era"

35. Common Purpose has been inside the NHS for 20 years, controls it, and has wrecked it.

36. Common Purpose has 400 staff inside the BBC censoring out anti-EU news and and current affairs.

37. Common Purpose has staff in hundreds of local newspapers censoring out anti-EU news

38. Common Purpose is transferring power from councillors to the unelected council executives.

39. Common Purpose has built the EU gravy trains inside local and national government.

40. Common Purpose has built most of Britain's 8,500 quangos costing us £167 billion pa

41. These quangos bribe compliant, pro EU local officials and businessmen with £150,000+ salaries.

42. EU quangos are the reason your council tax is going through the roof.

43. The EU is utterly corrupt and cannot account for 95% of its expenditure (yes, ninety five % lost)

44. The EU has over 200,000 offshore bank accounts from which it pays bribes.

45. We now lose £30 billion a year trading with the EU. Outside, we had an even balance of payments.

46. EU Constitution is similar to the Soviet. And EU Commissioners similar to Soviet Politburo members.

47. The EU parliament is a sham with no power - just like the old Soviet parliament.

48. The leadership of the Conservative Party has been controlled by the EU since the 1960's.

49. The Labour and Lib Dem leaderships EU controlled for 20 years - that's why your vote doesn't count.

50. The Amsterdam Treaty 1997 gave the EU control of our immigration, now running at 2.6 million pa.

51. Our infrastructure can't cope with the 10 million immigrants the EU has let in since 1997.

52. 380,000 highly qualified British emigrate annually to escape from the EU and its overcrowding.

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