Monday, 4 May 2009

Like Nazism, Communism, Fascism, Bushido and Cancer: remove and destroy Islam or it destroys you.

The repellent and deceptive Turkish PM Erdogan, a Hamass fan and Jew hater babbles, lies and walks out, as he makes his control freak gambit to appear a great man to the global Muslim psych patient Jihadist collective. And he gets away with it! This cheating duplicitous closet Jihadist shit still gets aid from America and Europe cos you know, Erdogan is our er, pal! NO, HE IS NOT.

Wearing Lounge Room Furniture On Your Head Productions Present:

Dear sports, how will refuelling and so on be more important in the long-term that we're doomed to not have, if those in charge never honestly face and state publicly who the real enemy is? It's not the tactic of terror but wait for it..Islam and the millions of "hot for jihad" and Sharia Muslims who follow it! Bloody Hell! Fancy that? Big 'effing surprise there, eh? No.

From memory, a choice past quote of Erdogan the Islamist creep, is that 'democracy is the train we ride until we get to our destination..' Nice. Which is of course a fully Islamic Turkish state, then an Islamisd Europe via the destruction of Western liberal democratic Europe and then so much more. Erdogan is a classic Taquiyaa and Kithman spouter who obeys the Koranic art of saying whatever the infidel wants to hear, then says an another entirely different view to the Muslim Ummah. This is the modus operandi of millions of Muslims worldwide.

Hey, just long enough to get close enough to stab you in the back...The Assassin's were an Arabic tribe. Another big surprise eh? Nope.

The next vid shows the real Erdogan character and the long-term Islamic cesspool that he springs from. And why he's such a hero in Islamofascist global caliphate land. Some wacky subtitles showing the er, "thoughts" and true mettle of the friends of Erdogan. At the end the massive crowd in THE HEART OF EUROPE answers in screams of "Allah Akbah!" to the call of "Nazim!"

It's heart warming.

The main performer is the absurd, humourless jihadist circus geek as per usual, [but considered normal in much of the Muslim world or God's monkey house] Sheik Nazim Kibrisi. NAZIm. No really.

The insanely beturbaned Grand Wazoo is shown in circa Germany 1993[!]. Yep, on Clinton's watch. It's all been going on for a long time, sports. Key dates in Islam's 1300 year old asymmetrical global jihad war are 1970, 1923, 1850's, the 11th century and the 7th century etc, etc, etc.

Choice Nazim quotes: "Definitely victory belongs to Islam...the flood of people here is a small sign of the glorious rise of they not think this is a great sign?...when the great sign appars the world will shake, are the grandchildren of the Ottoman's...if the Ottoman's do not return, THE UNBELIEVER'S WILL NOT BE BROUGHT DOWN TO THIR KNEES...

...instead of writing National Perspective Organisation Europe, it would be perfectly fitting to write: the New Ottoman's National Perspective Organisation Europe...[Nazim wishes the Prez and all Muslim brothers and sisters to come together] "under the same flag,"

...certainly our glorious era will come...THE DAY BEING BORN BELONGS TO long as Allah is with us we will not need America...nor will we need the unbelievers of Europe..."

Ah, so many delightful classics of multiculuralism. The "unbelievers". That's gee, us. Remember that this super dangerous and uber-influential crazy old buzzard is a major Islamic figure and always will be. His mad nihilist and totalitarian thoughts are the thoughts, attitudes, beliefs, hopes and ambitions of millions and millions and millions of Muslims and not JUST in Europe/Eurabia.

Dig how like any authentic Muslim Nazi Communist totalitarian fascist pervert, he enthralls and goads on while pronouncing Muslim "youth" as the "inheritors" and carriers of "the flag of Islam." The black one of total, asymmetrical and global warfare. Note Erdogan standing cheerfully in this emormous audience of loons. Erdogan's also sighted and warmly called out by the Grand Footstool Hat.

Walid Shoebat on the Islamofascist Istanbul Express of Turkey. Plus Muslims in Iraq say convert or die...US black Muslim converts are gee, terrorists.

..Mrs Pierce has her children kidnapped and stolen by her lying Egyptian Muslim scumbag husband. Check out the still at 3:16 of a terrified white Western Mother holding onto her small sons as her gangster and fraudulent vampire husband gloats. Ah, interfaith dialogue number 100 billion.

Choice Shoebat observations and unpleasant facts: Walid notes that the chimp attack vid gets over a million hits, while the Muslim geek at Bridges TV who beheaded his wife to show hhow peaceful Islam is got 70,000 hits. Islam is at war with us.

...Turkey joining the EU means a 10% Muslim Europe. America has given Turkey the know how to build F16 jets and M16 rifles.
Muslims believe in escatology end of times. Turkish forces can defeat the army’s Britain, Germany and France combined.

Turkish PM Erdogan: “The Mosques are our refuge; the domes are our helmets; the minarets are our bayonets; the Muslims are our foot soldiers.”

Nice. Here's some Shoebat supplied facts:

Erdogan is an Islamist and says there is no such thing as secular Islam. Hamass are regular guests of Erdogan and he wants Sharia law, and plans for a new Ottomamn empire. Erdogan is a hero to the Muslim world.

A majority of Turkish people want Sharia law. 65% of Pakistani’s support Al Qaeda. In Jordan it’s 55%. Al Arabiya did a survey of 113,000 Arabs in the Middle East that found 73.5% wanted Hamass over the PLO! The Muslim Brotherhood has been “very active in Chicago” since the 1970’s.

The PLO adopted Islamist insanity cos hey, it works and pay$. Virtually all the Muslim groups in America are Muslim Brotherhood backed and infested. The Secretariat of the American Muslim Society said 45% of them are MuzzBro' geeks. Keith Ellison is a Muslim front group mouthpiece.'

The way to destroy an existential threat is to destroy it. So let's destroy the Iranian leadership NOW.

Th above link is a pyjamas media Sharia sample round-up that includes Saudi top cleric Al Shaq, [it was Al all the time!] saying it’s not against Islamic law to marry girls under fifteen or eight, or six or six months...Quite. No, or that would be weird...

BMI airlines in Britain deletes Israel from air maps so to not “offend” Muslims shitheads...Yaron Brook on why the entire fight against Islamofascism is a massive failure due to Western governments PC denial...See more of Yaron at aynrandcenterorg.

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