Thursday, 21 February 2008

PM Rudd puts your head in a spin and Bob Brown can’t keep his head down.

My Japanese wife Nora, pictured above, admittedly without make up on and unlike me, does not give the Australian Green's head vegetable Bob Brown, the horn.

Drifting with the currents on his vast sea of spin, Australia's Prime Minister Fluffy could coincidentally, make a clear minded head spin. Now there’s the much vaunted and meaningless word ‘change’ in action right there. The world’s greatest Treasurer Paul Keating was not the world’s greatest treasurer, but one of the worlds foremost elitist creeps armed with riches, status, high level pals, and a mean streak that went all the way around. A tarmac runway of meanness really.

Keating has always bristled with the bunk of a faux Socialism that he has entirely no intention of ever living. This is why General Paulus, like most of his ilk, expends much effort in promoting a laughable view of himself to the public as some kind of Armani and art collecting ‘Man of the Proletariat'.

"America is the most admired, most affluent, most free nation in human history. That… is what Barack Hussein Obama wants to change". Dane Gerus on Hotair comments.

Er, gettin' wit der peeple is something Keating is incapable of doing, as his true trajectory has always been as per usual, in getting as far removed from the boorish plebes as possible. Just like Bob ‘Ignore my exposed knob’ Hawk, Gough ‘No utter fiasco was ever my fault’ Whitlam and Mal ‘Worlds oldest student activist twerp’ Frazer. Then of course there’s an actual greatest Treasurer in Peter Costello.

Odd innit, that the man most responsible for everything we have economically and all that feeds on from that, was either ignored, taken for granted or curiously sneered at.

“Yeah, but what’s the Treasurer ever done for us, eh?”

“Er, let me see. Well sure, no aqueducts, but one of the greatest and most resilient economies in the world, an enormous increase in the standard of living, in personal wealth, our incredible freedom, security, infrastructure etc, etc. Yep, nothin’ I guess”

“The world is too much with us. Too late and too soon.
Getting and spending, we lay waste our powers.
Little we see in nature that is ours.
We have given our hearts away.
A sordid boon”.
William Wordsworth.

And now we have Young Mr Swann, the free worlds first Sorcerer’s Apprentice Treasurer. Don’t whittle those brooms, Wayne! And sadly, Kevin the Sorcerer is all magic show.

“Nothing up our sleeves! Nothing in any portfolio! Nothing in our heads! But we have more ideas than anyone! No, really! We have millions of ideas! Ideas? Unbelievable ideas. Er, you actually want to see one? You wish. A typical Opposition trick! Sure we have tri…er, ideas! Tons of ‘em! Just be satisfied with us saying fresh ideas at the drop of a hat. Think of it as our version of ‘change’. What does it mean? Damned if I know. Er, nothing”.

In Parliament Rudd was asked over three times if we “should have confidence in the abilities of the current Treasurer?” Absolutely. You can rely on Wayne Swann. Like Errol Flynn, he’ll always let you down. Wayne’s voice, curiously like Julia Ocean Child Guillard, is flat, ugly and grating. They remind me of the sometimes locally vogue thing of singing in a kind of absurdly old time Aussie goldminer’s accent, to emphasise one’s ‘with the common people’ credentials. Why not, eh, cobber? Mate? Sport? Itchy?

Actually, Rudd first answered by talking about everything but Swanny.

“Swanny? Swanny? Swanny how I love ya, my dear old Swanny. I’d walk a million hustings just to see you… ba, ba, ba, ba.”

Nope, Wayne Swann is a crap Treasurer. Treasurer is really like Supreme Commander of the Allied Forces in the Pacific Theatre. It’s not a learn on the job position really, is it? You must work up to it and be ready to er, go from day one, never mind day one 'undred Guvna! Go Swanny girl! Go!

"What's all that stuff laying over there? Oh, so that's money?! Now I get it..!" Wayne 'Junior Monopoly' Swann.

And the Rudd Government has performed nothing but illusions, fashionable tricks that elicit admiration from the Left, deluded and plain clueless. The pure baloney and massive UN backed Gravy Train of Global Warming? Er, all bunk. Hollywood, pop stars, grant chasing academics, a washed up US ex-Vice President and various Socialist fellow travellers of the mental illness of Leftism are a guarantee of quality? Er, no.

Global Warming = Global Socialism, kids. All lies.

And the creepy embarrassment of the “Stolen Generations” pantomime. Gee, ya think such a big feel good rally of the hubristic, disingenuous, plain stupid, daft and out of their depth when simply trying to think, may attract any utterly lying opportunists? Could happen...

Sure, there’s a bad side too. And er, apart from the joy of being able to play Student Union Crisis Meeting’s with a real country, what has Rudd actually er, done? A big nuttin', that's what. But as long as we all feel good and emote in the right way. I’m emoting baby! Er, how many Aboriginal children have I saved so far? None? Wait, I’ll feel more then. It’s gotta work!

Jeepers, ya think this whole “Stolen Generations” fraud will make it more likely or less likely that anyone, never mind an authority, will now act to remove children from where they have no competent adult care, are neglected, are being raped, assaulted and murdered? Gee, what ya reckon?

Hey, and now Rudd and many others think it’s just a Jim Dandy state of affairs for the Opposition to merely agree with Labour policy and other non-ideas in the spirit of er “bi-partisanship”. Er, yeah, agreeing with Labour policy. Er, no. Completely eliminating the Conservative real idea and practices of wanting accountable, empirical proof and the exercising of caution is not a good thing, miniature King Kevin. Let us agree to disagree, as it were.

Crazy man! Bob Brown wants civil unions for homosexuals because anything less would “discriminate”. Discrimination is the basis of rational thought, as opposed to mere passion. The avoidance of the rational and proven is the bedrock of Left Liberalism. The premise for gay marriage is that such unions are equal. But equal to what? Marriage, heterosexuality or decor? So two men can have children naturally? Not without some incredible contortions, kid.

‘A bit confused? You write the following: "...and the first preening metrosexual president". You are weirdly obsessed with this (real or imagined) aspect of Mr. John Edwards' personality. You seem more than a bit insecure on masculinity to me. Issues?’ William Sanford. Mark Steyn’s mailbox.

Mark Steyn: “You're right. Because of my own confusion about my sexuality, I think everybody's gay. Especially you. Are you coming on to me? And, if not, would you if I asked nicely?”

So apparently marriage can be thought of as so amorphously unimportant, as to be on the same level as something entirely different purely by ones viewpoint. So, why bother with gay marriage? Or if a gay marriage, even a gay marriage in a convenience, is equal to marriage, why bother at all with either?

Well because they are not the same at all. If the tradition of marriage has no meaning beyond what a gay man like Bobby says it is and what it’s allegedly equal to, by default, anyone can say what either is, including gay marriage. Hey, just imagine you have gay marriage! It’s just an opinion that you’re free to have, so be cool.

It’s all just an over eager and fashionable void you see, in which to place whatever is the currently pushed vacuum of values as values. Curiously, always of a Left, Liberal and Radical hue…how er, interesting.

Er, isn’t gay marriage discriminating against polygamist’s, pro-group marriage advocates, cultures where its ok to marry children and people who wish to marry a baboon or a goat? Satanist’s have rights too!

“No gay monopoly on total marriage definition freedom now!”

All Left non-ideas start off with pure emotions saying something Conservative is merely an opinion and of no intrinsic value, or oppressive and down right evil. The next step is to undermine it and then replace it with something entirely unproven and based merely on intent. The true intent being social engineering via more government power.

Every time a non-idea floating in the infinite fantasyscape of their innate moral vanity possesses a Leftard, they want to push it onto everyone else ASAP, and anyone who questions or disagrees is ipso facto, bad. There's only top gear in moon bat land.

“Hey! Let’s stage a musical with no money and no ideas! Let’s save the theatre and old Mr Greely!”

Sure, I’m hip to gay folks having all the decent and legal protection they should have, and for their relationships to have some form of legal status, even if only to ensure the Italian designer retro lamps are evenly split. But pretend it’s the same or perversely even superior to marriage? Sure, a relationship can be bitchy, claustrophobic, limiting, whining and obsessive about mundane and unimportant details, but that alone still won't make it a marriage.

Look, what the Hell do I know about gay relationships, except that the decor is usually tasteful? And that’s the point.

The unfortunately named Bobby Brown knows what a gay relationship is for sure. He’s got it down, so to speak. But by default and logic, I know what marriage is, sadly, and Bob doesn’t and never will. So the day I get elected and start saying that listening to Marvin Gaye is the same as listening to bleak sterile dance tracks and a live Streisand slash Garland slash Kylie concert, let me know. Where does Bob get off telling people what their damn marriage means anyway? This is something he could not possibly know. Er, maybe he has kids? How would I know? But I don't think he's living the lifestyle as such... So get your own format, ya freeloader!

“Walk this way! Talk this way!”

And there you have it. I don’t want to tell people how to live their life and I don’t want someone dismissing mine or the value of it's traditions. If I wanted a life of drug taking, sodomy and madness, I’d stay at home.

It just shows how Conservative many gay men are, that they'd want into the marriage gig anyway. And also that many do not want to get into it, and don't want to change the traditional definition in our culture of marriage at all. It also shows how radical and careless more than a few are if they would want to profoundly and radically alter or degrade it. Isn't married life degrading enough? End marriage as we know it and where will many gay men go to co-ordinate, decorate, cater and cry?

Traditional marriage eh? Where does Bob think all the little gay people come from? Hmmm?

Hey, and speaking of radical and careless, that about covers the platitude and cliche overload that's Bob Brown, the dumbest man in the whole damn town! Dumber than an old wood log, thicker than a London fog...

Tell me how anyone sharp and with things to do, can take such a mediocre and by the numbers Socialist Enviroloon boob seriously? The Green's preposterous manifesto is an incomprehensible hyper fantasy of sub-dullard and middle-class Leftardism. The only thing that could ever support such tax funded national suicide is the very Capitalist Democracies the Green's wish to destroy.

Look, I love the next embarrassing thing Bobby will always say. What I don't like is that he has some posiition of influence to follow it through. Bob is a shallow and twerpy guy, who stretches his meagre ration of analytic inability every time he imagines he has anything to say worth a damn. I'm still waitin' Bob.

Bob's tiny mind is a lot like the bayou swamp slime brain of the free worlds first eunich and Jew hating ex-President, Jimmy 'Mountains of Saudi Bribes' Carter. It's as if Bob has vitamised every activist pamphlet ever, and then rammed it all into the empty cavity that is his rattling skull.

Er, without getting too sickening, marriage is in the end, mostly all about those terrible other people known as children. It’s not about you. It’s about kids or it’s about entirely nothing. Tasteful dinners that have to eventually end in staring into space, drooling in a home after a lifetime of stylish narcissism just won’t cut it, I’m afraid. That’s the humbling truth of it all. Marriage sure ain’t about great sex, conversation and confidence building! I’m sorry, but I don’t want the freaky institution of marriage to give equal time to two or more sweaty men, working together in leather and oil, unless it has everything to do with motorcycle maintenance.

From my meagre observations living in Prahran, the gayest little suburb in Melbourne, the scene is often a triumph of a sometimes rather brittle and narrow style over much substance, except for illegal substances. Conversely, married with kids is a triumph of every substance over any meagre style you may have imagined you ever possessed.

In reality, marriage is all about the inevitable revealing of the incredible and actual uncoolness of most of us. Marriage for most, is eventually a style free void, I'm afraid. Thus, your own kids have something to rebel against in their own ridiculous and mass fashionable teenage way.

More than a little of the gay scene can appear sometimes as a lifestyle stuck forever in the er, concerns of ones early twenties and proudly so. In marriage, all pretensions especially of youth, are mostly ripped away and rather rudely. I imagine it happens for gay people too of course, but children speed the process up somewhat to warp speed.

Yep, many of my favourite people are gay and some of my not so favourite. At the very gay gym I went to, there were many kind and thoughtful people, but why wouldn’t there be? If my son was gay, it would make entirely no difference to how I'd feel. I still couldn't stand him! And I do become entirely hostile whenever I see oppression and violence aimed at people for being gay and simply who they are.

But kids, I haven't known any gay folks that naturally desire all or much of what married heterosexual men have. Who does, for Christ sakes?! And there’s the rub literally, for good and bad. I don’t see why they’d want a mirror image of the gig really, however ersatz. It would add to neither and subtract from both.

“The man doesn’t make the child, the child makes the man”.

That’s me, and I have entirely no interest in being allegedly progressive, open minded, hip or flexible and I don’t care what anyone thinks about it. Yep, I'm a self made man, and it took a lot of plasticine to do it. This is what makes me an authentically married man and an actual Father to a kid. That, plus the lack of dress sense, the bad decore and my Soul, R&B and Hendrix records.

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