Monday, 18 February 2008

A classically trained and very serious twerp.

The celebrity Left has figured out how to make the free market "fair". It's easy! Control the free market so badly that the ordinary majority of people are impoverished, but rich celebrities keep all their cash, benefits and fabulous lifestyle all courtesy of the er, free market! It's fantastic! Stalinistic! Che the child killer Guevaristasuperduperish! It's Pol Pottadoodle doo! It's Mao and how!

Actors are like cattle”. Alfred Hitchcock.

Round ‘em up, ship ‘em out.

Dear sports, it was ever thus with the largely unchallenged, dull, naff and usually Left mind set and views of most celebrities whether actors, musicians or the fully sedated in-patient. Yep, guess whose “educated and intelligent?” Amazingly it’s a musician apparently. Classical guitarist and “genius” John Williams is so intelligent and educated that he refuses to perform for surprise, surprise, er, Israel! Hey, maybe he is a genius though I don't really see it. And for such a smart guy, he sure says the usual bog standard rhetoric and platitudes available anywhere, of the frivolous and simply not serious Left kind.

Er, by the way John, the Jews have produced more real genius type folks as a proportion of their population and as a raw number in almost every scientific and creative field etc, than virtually anyone else, ever. If it wasn't for the Jews, our modern world could barely exist.

“Rhetoric is a poor substitute for action”. Theodore Roosevelt.

“Gaza, that’s another crime” drivelled the classically trained Leftard. Gee, what a hero, bravely standing up for the rights of Hamas, Hezbollah and the Al Aqsa Brigades to fire endless rocket’s into Israel and to kidnap, torture, murder, blow up and behead Jews. Jeepers, how can Israel be so hurtful to Arab and Muslim feelings by insisting on existing and wanting to keep on living? Maybe with the support of freaks like John Williams, Islamist loons will one day live their collective dreams…

“Ask a deeply religious Christian if he’d rather live next to a bearded Muslim that may or may not be plotting a terror attack, or an atheist that may or may not show him how to set up a wireless network in his house. On the scale of prejudice, atheists don’t seem so bad lately”. Scott Adams.

Ok, John is a very successful and skilled guitarist. I should be so lucky. But like plumbing or architecture, such a wondrous skill or talent does not naturally equate to deep and profound insights. Er, as with the skill of acting, on the contrary. And when a “genius” has the same views as the average Islamist loon and Che the child killer Guevara fan? How is this not appalling to anyone decent?

Sure, who’d care what he ever says if John Williams was actually a truck driver? No one. But he’s a world famous musician whose fashionably hideous anti-Israel and thus by default, anti-Semitic views are as per usual, ‘right on and Left!’ and perfectly in sync with Hamas and any other freak Islamist outfit.

I’m sorry. But if you deny the truth of Israel and it’s right to defend itself against over a dozen hostile neighbours, well, you are not a friend of the Jewish people, I’m afraid. The Left either can’t or don’t want to grasp this. I guarantee that the interview I sourced will generate letters to ‘The Age’ newspaper praising John as a great talent, a humanitarian, a brave hero who is standing up to BushHitler and the Zionist oppressors etc, but said in the acceptable and reasonable fashion.

Yeah, it’s very brave for rich celebrities to stand up to Democratic governments...Riiight. Er, what risk is he or any celebrity taking exactly, apart from getting uniformly lauded, congratulated, awarded and applauded? Yeah, Dick Cheney is gonna shoot him, right? Er, no. John Williams will perform, pontificate and get paid a tasty fee as usual and all courtesy of the free markets he can somehow see as flawed, unlike er, Socialism. Ha, ha!

“Iraq was simply a modern day war crime, wrong on every single count: common sense, history, justice, necessity” sayeth William’s the comfortable hypocrite and non-analyst.

Replace “Iraq” with John Williams and “war crime” with moon bat fool, and useless John is right on the money. I always wait to hear what liberation, or what actual kind of action such Leftoids would support. They never say. Nope, for the fatuous, easy, privileged and irresponsible products of Western freedom, the moral high ground of perfect inaction and the vanity of abstraction is the way to go, every time.

So according to John, an adult... the war contained nothing worthy or noble. There is nothing to be done, nothing now or at any time and anyway, it was all for some entirely evil plan, sadly hyperbolic of the frothing Kos kid kind. And there’s no place in the empty opinions of Williams and others like him, for the sacrifice and great works of the better men of the military, and indeed for any Iraqi who wishes to be free like er, John Williams.

“The reason the Intelligence Community is unable to define the nature of the Jihadi enemy, the Chairman implies, is because we have not “read what the enemy has said.” In other words, we have failed to undertake an assessment of the threat based on the Jihadi enemy’s declared strategic doctrine”. The Coughlin Report.

“I hate sophisticated hypocrites and I put that down to being Australian”. John ‘Placard Slogan’ Williams.

Er, quite, old boy. The self-loathing must be extraordinary. I prefer crude hypocrites. They’re much cheaper.

So John cancelled his tour of America. Hey, so no strangely sterile and unappealing Squaresville alleged pop and high level baroque cover versions, all played note for note pretty much exactly the same every time. Bummer. I should be so lucky.

Sydney Morning Herald’s Bruce Elder called William’s African “excursion”, ‘Magic Box’, “suburban and middle brow” and a “patronising travesty”. Look, many of my favourite things are suburban and middle brow and even a travesty. But where does Williams’s alleged geopolitical insight come from? Oh, that’s right, by default of being a genius. I hung out with a Mensa pal or two. Of course it’s better to be intelligent than dumb, but it seems like no guarantee of Quality Control, if ya know what I mean.

Yep, John has the standard and patronising travesty and old Lefty default of any handy cipher for posturing like African music, as not just being as good as, but superior to European music. Why compare two very different forms that express rather different worlds? Another gem from the genius. “There is infinitely more variation in African music than the Western pantheon”.

Last time I looked at music, there was room for everybody.

Yeah sure. What else ya gonna say? I’m sorry, but I beg to differ. It’s not a matter of one or the other. It’s what you like, know, understand, want to do, what relates to you and who you are. And er, there are many classically trained African musicians and otherwise, including jazz, rock, R&B, pop and hip hop etc. Why is Williams operating entirely in what he says is the ‘inferior’ one then? Daft as a brush, I say.

"So why don't people look there instead of searching the slender repertoire of 1823?" John W.

Er, yeah mate, so many contempory music greats are stuck in 1823. Er, no. The charts are full of it. I myself play nothing but. That's why I got a Marshall 100 watt amplifier. To relive the dream. Um, I think outside of the classical fishbowl, it may be noted that a few people have indeed "looked" into the African thang. Thus call and response, rhythm and syncopation via jazz, blues, soul, gospel, funk, rap and so on.

John thinks that African music is so superior, that he “ignored the available talents of African musicians”. Way cool, John. Funny innit, how Left ideology is left wanting in person. It’s a riot.

He says it was “heartbreaking” to cancel. Hey, I sympathise. Tough gig for a millionaire guitar player. Never mind. In Saddam’s Iraq it was not just “heartbreaking” on a scale that the average muso can only emote about, but it was leg breaking, back, eyeball, head and family breaking and really snapped economic and all other freedoms pretty much into 1.3 million smashed pieces.

John tore up his British Labour Party membership after Tony Blair apparently failed to deliver whatever he was going to er, deliver. Labour Party member, eh? Ya surprised, right? Who would ‘a thought it! And Williams says that Britain is “dreadfully unpoliticised!”

So, as Britain collapses into a sodden mass of PC Leftist Socialist engineered crime, Islamic intimidation and bombs, death and self-loathing dhimmitude, John says:

“More! More ideology! I don’t even have to live here! Definitely not in the poor mult-culti areas of the UK, that’s for sure. Bring it on the vast social experiments! Encore! Author!”

It never changes. The chances are about zero of finding many musicians, actors and celebrities in general who would ever make the same “heroic” stand in support of the Jews and Israel, or advocate the freeing of any people from any Totalitarian death state. Say enough bullshit “artists” to fill the average blasted out restaurant, destroyed bus or school room? Nope, never, ever gonna happen. Never. Ever. Nope. No.

“The end of the human race will be that it will eventually die of civilization”. Ralph Waldo Emerson.

For years I played a small game. Every time I’d look in a music magazine or any interview with a celebrity in the MSM, or even the alleged alternative press, I’d speed scan through the tedium of what they said to find the default George Bush insults, the absurd disgust with the system that supports them and all the usual celebrity guff. Two thirds of the time it seems to have always been there. It was funny for a while then it became oddly and bizarrely repetitive.

“No, they can’t all be the same? Surely? And so unchallenged and accepted as truth?”

Oh yes they can. Then it was just creepy and boring, went onto stupid and mediocre, and then moved to a disgusting and a horrible joke. Finally there was merely zero interest in knowing what the vast majority of celebrities, alleged artists and public voices had to say about anything, which is often outside of their specialty, precisely nothing.

“A healthy male adult bore consumes each year one and a half times his own weight in other people's patience”. John Updike.

Here is more pure undergraduate gold from John the Baptist, now pretty damn excited about the imminent PC Neo-Left Socialist Utopia of Kevin Rudd.

“It’s fantastic, so far anyway. Immediate policy on Kyoto and getting troops out of Iraq, the two most important issues in the world!” John again.

Let me put it this way, outside of his musical and business abilities, when John Williams gets into science and geopolitics etc, he is as dumb a plank and every other celebrity and dullard. Hey, so no war crimes involved in leaving 25 million people to their own shattered devices surrounded by Iran, Syria and other freak kingdoms, plus Al Qaeda and Pakistani Islamists? That’s ‘Leftard Moral Gymnastic Move No. 764/9B4!’ Another one of my favourites and obviously popular with John Williams.

So the most important focus for John is spending trillions of dollars to limit and damage the kind of prosperity that leads to er, I guess the kind of life John Williams has. And all based on a giant money churning scam by a failed student and failed politician, a horde of celebrities, pop stars and Gravy Train academics floating in a smug sea of conceit.

Hey. Let’s go with the absurd predictive computer modelling by people who can’t get next weeks weather right. And the end result will “maybe” be around 0.05 of a degree difference! Why not? Different to what they can’t say for sure, as its all relative, innit? I recall that between summer and winter there can be over 20 degrees difference! And it's even hotter on the equator and much colder in the Arctic! It's true! Is that what they mean? What should it be today, hotter or colder and by how much? It’s all bunk and with time, will be shown to be so.

So, displaying massive tactical and strategic incompetence, cowardice and PC Western security suicide to your far more determined enemies and the world, is the way to go if it strokes the moral vanity of a mass of lemming like celebrities? Er, no.

Are these really the things that focus John’s feeble mind? Not his music, earnings and bloated nonsense ramblings? Surely not? The “most important issues”, eh? Er, not getting real economic system’s and civil government’s to over a billion hideously oppressed people? Not the liberation of the child indoctrination, torture and murder states like North Korea, Iran and Cuba? Not global inoculation, disease control, education, clean water, ending child soldiers and slavery, helping the millions dying form malaria and diarrhoea? None of these and dozen’s more?

Nope, John is a typically deluded and an entirely fashionable ideological musician type. They mistake their emotional posturing with actual thinking skills and coherent understanding. Like virtually all Left leaning Charlies, it’s all about emotions and how they feel. And that’s as far as they can go, or ever want to and ever will. No need to, you see.

The Left are only interested in intentions, not proven results. They get around the adult responsibility to provide the hard work of empirical proof, by simply saying someone evil and Conservative is stopping them. It’s never caution, maturity or evidence. Any opposition is just being mean because they refuse to get as shrill, hysterical and passionate as they are. It’s unlikely that many folks, especially in the MSM will regularly find Left celebrity views repellent or wrong, and give them a damn good ‘Fisk’.

“I do not know which makes a man more conservative—to know nothing but the present, or nothing but the past”. John Maynard Keynes.

Gee, John and his wife travel a lot and “Iran is currently a favourite destination…” Er, quite. Oh, the hideous irony! Hey, did ya catch any public hangings of 13 year old girls for kissing? Or get to stay at any of the dozens of torture, rape and mass murder prisons? I can recommend a few places by name.

Gosh I’m confused John. Do you play in Iran? So you refuse to play in Israel but the filthy no holes barred, loudly murderous Jew hating genocidal state of Iran is OK? Check. Rapist, child murder Theocracy, OK. Check. Free Jewish Democracy not OK. Check. I get it John. You’re a classic Left fraud.

As he curiously says “I never improvise. That is a jazz thing. When I play with Dankworth, he writes out my solo pieces for me which he has improvised for me in the first place” Riight. Hence the predictable boredom. Er, improvising is a musician thing, I believe. Like the kind who actually have something to express, say or offer. I notice there’s also no improvising in his by the numbers Leftist drooling. It’s all been written out on cheap activist pamphlet’s decades ago.

As he says in ‘The Age’ Good Weekend for Saturday February 16, “We don’t think hard enough”.No argument there with what I imagine is his use of the Royal ‘we’.

“In religion and politics, people's beliefs and convictions are in almost every case gotten at second hand, and without examination”. Mark Twain.

“Labour hasn’t sorted out how to mix social justice with the free market”. John Williams: Fatuous rich musician.

Er, I bet ya don’t know what either really means. For John’s kind of guy, this means destroying the latter, by imposing failed and tax funded schemes that will enormously increase the former as injustice. The free market is social justice. Thus the vast increase of wealth, health and freedom everywhere there are Capitalist economic systems, free markets and Democratic civil governments. This is the inverse result of Left Socialism. Hey, perform for nothing John, so the flat broke can all come. Its gotta work! Er, no.

If I’m not mistaken, I believe John’s great success is due entirely to him living and performing in a free market. Could be.

For the average celebrity is usually relentlessly and utterly clueless to real world action, consequences or authentically intelligent thought. Beyond their passions there is often entirely nothing. Above the very professional, talented shoulders and ‘Cognitive Bias’ of John Williams, there is only an empty Sky.

“The very purpose of existence is to reconcile the glowing opinion we have of ourselves with the appalling things that other people think about us”. Quentin Crisp.

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