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When I get to the top of the slide, and then I turn and I go for a ride.

The President of the Australian Teachers Union, Mr Carl Marks, giving a rousing speech on the final 'Glorious Stages of Termite Comrade Indoctrination'. "We are all for diversity and inclusiveness except for white pro-Western Christian Conservative free market Americans and anyone like that" said Marks as he continued to drivel.

"...also, I'm not too crazy about the Japanese, cos' they're so successfully Capitalist, modern and a monoculture. This will never do!"

"All that is true, by whosoever spoken, is from the Holy Spirit". St. Ambrose.

When I pick up my son from his school, I usually wait around for about twenty minutes while he and all the other happy horde of kids play on the bridge, ladder, watchtower and slide combo. It’s a happy, ordinary and preciously dreamy little period. The school is over a 100 years old and well, nostalgic, but of a nostalgia that has never happened for me. I went to school on a windswept, bleak, lonely and barren paddock with a few miserable utilitarian portables and a main building that had all the charm of an engine parts storage shed.

So let’s dig this. From my very limited experience, school and the education system have greatly and profoundly improved. It was mostly Hell when I went. There were a few nice teachers such as Mr Carter from California, who looked and grooved like Trapper John from M*A*S*H. He was kind, thoughtful and fun. Young Miss Gawler who played contemporary and cool songs on acoustic guitar. And the groovy, great smelling and mysterious Miss Roper, with her beehive hair, erotic knee boots and two tone black and white Mary Quant dresses. But they were from memory, mostly odd, mediocre and clueless nuts.

Anyway, today I thought how vulnerable all these lovely children and all of us are, to the dominant ideological and political manipulations that are of entirely no advantage to them or anyone sane. This is an endless story and more suited to a book that could straighten a three legged wardrobe than a blog post, but I will try to love again!

Now don’t get me wrong, it’s a great school as far as Government schools or any school for that matter, and with what appear to be some fine teachers. Of course, that doesn’t mean that when certain subjects are spoken about and dealt with that you won’t get some ah, unpleasant surprises. It may surprise one how early the indoctrination of our children with PC bilge starts. At high school and University it get’s real evil! No, really. The Teachers Union is like the ABC; a many layered Bolshevik knitting circle of mediocrity and stupidity.

"If I have seen further it is by standing on the shoulders of giants". Isaac Newton.

I feel that education is often about the worst way to learn anything. If it wasn’t, why would many see University degrees as ‘worthless pieces of paper’ in themselves, and merely accepted by an employer as proof of er, something? Why does it take so long and why is so much of it too often a boring and stressful drag, filled with curiously punitive incentives and such? Hmmmm?

Now I love study, learning, empirical and critical analysis and reading. The placing of a real and profound understanding above the mere fashionable opinion of ideology, and putting theory into effective practice. One day who knows, the education system may even adopt these same method's itself. Ya never can tell...

And in many fundamental ways, the current, taken for granted accepted mentality and purpose of much of schooling today is wrong and flawed. School should not be the social engineering and child experiment laboratory that in many instances, it has clearly become.

Ideology is a sick urge that takes hold of people and they defend it relentlessly, especially from reality and decency. They do this by defeating their own rational humanity then yours. Ideology is never about people, it is a destroyer of people. Ideology is spoiled by the dynamic presence of real people and thus it always seeks to negate, remove or murder them.

Ideology is precisely about ideology and can never be satisfied.

This is the basis of PC Leftism and several of its proxy weapons of mass deception such as multiculturalism, environmentalism, political correctness and the denial of the reality of terror, just as a few examples, kids.

“Any type of published message from a crown corporation, including a television series, which attempts to mold public opinion is propaganda". Pundita blogspot.

You will notice that all of these ‘isms never have an end point. They are always seeking to control one more thing, one more human thing, just like Communism and Socialism which are based on murder, lies, conformity, envy, spite and madness. This is precisely where Left politics come from, however it’s disguised. Thus major environmental figures talk openly and enthusiastically about cutting the world’s population by billions, by any means and calling people an “AIDS” virus that must be exterminated. And this is the connection the deluded want to teach at school as worthy? Why?

"The people I distrust most are those who want to improve our lives but have only one course of action". Frank Herbert.

The problem is that several of the main subjects emphasised in schools now, derive from memorising and parroting without question essentially empty ideological forms. And each year it gets more so as each subject is absurdly linked to the political ideology of the Left. There is in the end, now only one way to think on each subject. At University, almost any subject may be bent to Left, Feminist and Marxist thought. It’s ridiculous, unhealthy, dangerous and relentless. It’s presented as a smiley face, allegedly good for everyone conformity to these non-ideas via an elite minority pressing their guff onto the majority. It is coercion. It is the natural course of Left Liberal Fascism.

"The end of the human race will be that it will eventually die of civilization". Ralph Waldo Emerson.

The entire Left are all merely at heart, grades of this Totalitarian group urge by stealth. From soft to extreme Left, it’s the ideology of choice of the envious, morally vain and spiteful control freak. And this is where much of today’s Education Department, Teachers Union enforced mind set comes from. The ATU is a clearly and explicitly stated Marxist and PC Left junk pushing and rotten public monopoly. Thus the fleeing to private education for those who can. And it's not always better. Sometimes you kinda trade louts for brats.

And sometimes a private school is vastly superior for very real reasons. You get what you pay for in money and time.

It’s ironic that the better off that can send their kids to private schools often do. These are often the same people who impose their bunk on a captive audience, meaning those without the cash to choose "No". This is another story in itself and another inherent contradiction of Left non-thought. The more the Left manipulates, the worse things get. Thus we have the modern death and decay of Britain by activist.

"How much easier it is to be critical than to be correct". Benjamin Disraeli.

You only need to go a few steps back to find the true source of this guff, which is also the source of the less than smiley face of Left Liberal Fascism with its inherent Totalitarian urges and worse. Radical junk has been cleverly repackaged by stealth and forced on people as ideas of value. They are not. Keep going back to the core and you will arrive at things that are vile and wicked Totalitarian lies.

"Unity on anything serious will, almost by definition, be shallow and ephemeral". Mark Steyn.

This mediocrity has now usurped many core beliefs and replaced them by nothing more than the four pillars of fashionable Left Totalitarianism. They are Environmentalism, Multiculturalism, Political Correctness and the denial of Terrorism. They are all seen as normal and not to be questioned, exactly as the Big Lie of Climate Change is and as the termite like collapse of Multiculturalism is.

"All men are frauds. The only difference between them is that some admit it. I myself deny it". H.L Mencken.

This is why there is by the Left, an absurd and insane belief in the value of the venal, profoundly evil, utterly irredeemable and useless UN. The UN is the ultimate expression of the fraud of moral relativist and inclusive Multiculturalism.

Now ideas of being ‘nice’ to each other and ‘expressing yourself’ are hardly resilient and strong enough to maintain an entire culture on, no matter how worthy. It’s a rather meagre menu, I’m afraid. As Mark Steyn has said, “All the levers in our culture are now [Left] Liberal. From entertainment, media, schools and Universities…the very air we breathe…”

You don’t need to ask any questions, because one knows the default answers in advance, so questions are a rhetorical flourish, such as “why can’t the government do blah, blah? Or what about America! It’s so blah, blah ‘Fascist!’ etc? What about Climate Change? It’s real and get with the program Bub! It’s the end! Etc”. All lines of non-thought.

The angles and starting points to these prefab non-questions are always the same; bogus, conformist, controlling and entirely incurious. The people who ask questions in the style of the Left, ask them precisely because they don’t want any answers, empirical or otherwise.

Not one currently dominating topic of mainstream Leftoid concern is worth a damn, and neither are they of any value or benefit whatsoever to school children, no matter how earnest or shrill the selling pitch. They dominate by drowning and crowding out everything else. There is little space that doesn’t keep returning to these bogus obsessions. This junk is presented as something new, which is a guile to totally discredit the past and thus Conservatism and tradition. Standard Marxist modus operandi, kids.

These four subjects plus the rest of the polished turds of Leftism, are not fundamentals but are presented as such. They are diversions and peripheral, and being so unmoored, are endlessly corruptible, especially as all come from corrupt beginnings. Multi-cultism was imposed, not voted for. What gets filtered through, warps our culture. The greatest friends of Islamism are multiculturalism and PC Left Liberalism. They continually debilitate the local to the imported. In England, British culture is spoken by the PC Left as a disease that must be stamped out and that this cultural and security suicide is the ideal way to win a hollowed out, profoundly depressed and spineless appeasement with Islam.

Environmentalism comes entirely from extreme radical roots of anti-Capitalist Arcadian fantasies, Nazism and Communist Socialist Radical activists that searched desperately for a new legitimacy and found it in Eco-Fascism. This week, the unrevealed extremist at least by the MSM who give him a permanent free ride of no hard questions asked, David Suzuki, called for the jailing of politicians who do not go along with the junk science of Global Warming. This is an alleged scientist who tours with less than 30 people in a diesel bus built to carry a 100 people, for the rebates and flies first class, just like Al Gore.

Paul Watson the alleged environment hero and anti whaling guy, calls for the reduction of “the AIDS of the earth”, meaning people by er, six billion. Hey, even more total genocide than Hitler, Mao Stalin and Pol Pot combined. These are major figures in environmentalism. This is just two small examples out of thousands, of the true Marxist, Fascist reality and core of environmentalism. Environmentalism is not just perversely pro-nature, it's anti-human.

"That's a'Ecofascism a' Boss!" Chico Marx.

"We recognize that separating humanity from nature, from the whole of life, leads to humankind’s own destruction and to the death of nations. Only through a re-integration of humanity into the whole of nature can our people be made stronger. That is the fundamental point of the biological tasks of our age.

Humankind alone is no longer the focus of thought, but rather life as a whole...This striving toward connectedness with the totality of life, with nature itself, a nature into which we are born, this is the deepest meaning and the true essence of National Socialist thought".
Ernst Lehmann Biologischer Wille. Wege und Ziele biologischer Arbeit im neuen Reich, München, Nazi Germany 1934.

Multiculturalism is for the most part, a fraud. As Steyn has said, multiculturalism absolves you from learning anything about other cultures at all. You just feel good about them and go to the restaurants. Ask most folks who are for a kind of multicultural separateness, about any of the 150 languages and the ethnic groups that speak them in the Western suburbs of Melbourne, and they will often know nothing about any of them, except that personally, they’re all for it.

If we’re all equal culturally, then why bother to learn or celebrate the nonexistent differences? Not all cultures are equal, valid or even good at all. Our culture of Judeo Christian Capitalist Democracy of free markets, free press, human rights and freedom of expression with all it’s human scale flaws etc, is still vastly superior to every and any culture that comes here. And that’s why people immigrate to the West and nowhere else. No-non Western country has any serious immigration program.

In many ways it’s a one way street in that immigrants have a great impact on our culture and we can often have precisely none on theirs and often most of the groups themselves have little to no effect on each other.

Dig, in Britain the dominant and false idea is that all cultures are equal and just as valid when they are clearly not at all, and therefore there is no need to preserve your own. This is cultural suicide. Now the default is that British culture is inferior and oppressive and should continue to be destroyed. We are witnessing the death of Britain.

Multi-cultism is most enjoyed by those who can live next to a Doctor from India more than the working class who have to live next to the not so ex-militant from Sudan or the drug dealers from Croatia and Vietnam. The local poor and working class often act as a slow and often painful filter for the better off sections of society who show their embrace of multiculturalism by keeping as far away from its raw realities as possible.

All the problems of multiculturalism are often dismissed by being blamed entirely by default on the host country via relentless neurotic PC mental gymnastics. Most of its problems can not even be mentioned without you being called well, fill it in yourself. The idea that countries, ethnic groups and religions that are often at best indifferent to each other or hate and attack each other, will for no reason but that we believe it possible, will then change their collective mind set on a plane flight, is absurd. Multiculturalism soon reaches its own threshold of mathematically impossible nonsense.

"In mathematics you don't understand things. You just get used to them". Johann von Neumann.

Having one group of people is not a problem or Japan's monoculture would be a failure economically and socially. It’s a success because of it.

I like living in a country with immigration and multiple ethnic cultures. Why, I’m not always sure. But I do need more than the usual pieties of festivals, food and “you learn about other cultures!” Er, does this really happen that much? Most folks are not so curious and merely eating the food, feeling “good” about SBS or watching a clog dance is not learning about anything.

When I had a café in a high ethnic area, I found that all the groups had almost entirely no interest in any other culture but their own. Definitely not a lot of interest in Australian culture after direct usefulness and benefit. This was pretty much the rule, not the exception. Sure, quite a few individuals see things different to this, but why would it be any other way? Everyone hangs out with those they have things in common with. Think honestly of your friends. They are most likely more like you than largely or completely different. This is a fact of human nature.

Now while I don’t want to live in a monoculture, Multiculturalism fails on the ground. It’s the levelling of our own culture as merely one of the cultures and the inevitable next step of it being treated as even less than any other culture and the source of all ills and complaint. This is what happens everywhere. Look at Britain, France and the Netherlands. Multiculturalism taken to its logical end as it always is, means Western countries writing their own suicide note.

Diversity is meaningless beyond collapse. It’s cohesion that should be celebrated. That way you end up with a vibrant society and not a Balkanised disaster.

"In Britain and Europe the younger generation are more fiercely Muslim than their parents and grandparents. Thirty-six per cent of Muslims between the ages of 16 and 24 believe those who convert to another religion should be punished by death". Mark Steyn.

If this is not so, why is there NEVER a clear celebration of the two main reasons for why the West doesn’t suck? They are the facts of our Capitalist economic system of free markets, the free exchange of ideas, the freedom to innovate, free speech and the civil Democracy of Federalism. Because that would clash horribly and embarrassingly with what is essentially, laughably and bizarrely, the neo Marxist conformity of PC Leftism.

The Left hates Capitalism and the freedoms that all come and only come from the economic freedom Capitalism provides. The Left pretends to believe in free speech, but this really means being free to speak only as the Left do. The Left tolerate precisely zero contradiction of their er, contradictions. Go figure.

A mix of people is great and stimulating and that’s the way it is. My wife is Japanese. But the deliberate enhancing of separate cultures with their own closed incurious worlds and media is an atomisation of society. What’s it for exactly? As one’s own culture breaks up and has no centre, and is engulfed in assaults on its autonomy and legitimacy via PC complaint, self loathing MSM enabled and relentless criticism, it can fold in, close off and collapse.

As I have said many times, there is no scientific basis for separate “race”. We are gradients of one thing. Odd innit? There is more variation within “races” than between them. But kids, culture, religion, shared beliefs, standards and history do matter. If the y do not, and by the vacuum of Left PC default nullity it doesn’t, then why have immigration? Why have it at all if none of these things that bind us matter? Why care, respect or have any interest in any culture? The dominant myths of the Left are nothing if not contradictory.

It’s as Steyn says, a “structural weakness” to depend on immigration for population growth. In Europe, seventeen of the major countries are in indigenous birth-rate freefall. There only real growth comes from the Muslim immigration. It’s a disaster. Think France where everyday, 150 cars are torched on average a day by “youths”, meaning Muslims. Add 750 “No-go zones” where no police can go and are run as miniature Muslim fiefdoms.

'In a debate at Trinity College, Dublin recently, the aforementioned Omar Brooks said that Mohammed’s message to non-believers was: “I come to slaughter all of you.” He meant it, but come on, you’d have to have a heart of stone not to weep with laughter. Warming to his theme, he said, “We are the Muslims. We drink the blood of the enemy, and we can face them anywhere.” From Mark Steyn. ‘Little Mosque on the Prairie’ review.

Political Correctness as they say, means always having to say you’re sorry. It’s the end result of the humourless control freak being given power over what people should think, say and do. It started of apparently as a way to simply be decent to each other, but like all essentially Left ideas, they can never be satisfied. They always have to control one more thing. It's pure laughable idiocy and a thin façade.

And you may ask how terrorism is in the old syllabus? Well, actually, the denial of Islamic terror informs curriculums at all levels. It’s a major fuel for both anti-Western and anti-American bigotry. The equation is simple. Terror is made up by evil right wing Christian corporations etc, AND incredibly is created by the actions of the same, er, even though it doesn’t um, exist. Hey I told ya, Leftism is nothing without its insane and inherently impossible contradictions.

At my sons schools there were print outs of George Bush and Coalition troops. President Bush had a Hitler and moustache ensemble and the troops were surrounded by insults. The idea that there is little to nothing that’s good or worth defending about the Western Canon, definitely nothing solid or of serious consequence, and that anything that doesn’t fit into absurd PC Left paradigms needs eliminating, endlessly modifying or removing completely permeates everything.

It’s a culture of self loathing and projection. It’s an exhaustion of cultural confidence, of virile and fertile clarity and of joy in how great the Western tradition empirically is.

Now what I end up with is being able to just talk on the surface. If I want to talk seriously, one cannot avoid discussing the underlying crassness of the accepted assumptions. What was once clearly for Nazi and Communist mass murderers is now mainstream. And this is why, with the new default of not being taught how to think rationally, scientifically and empirically, but what to think, that Islam can slip in and be welcomed as just another equally worthy or even more so thing to celebrate. After all, the idea is being inclusive. Unless you’re a Conservative, a Christian, military personnel, American, pro Western Capitalist Democracy as per.

How can any Western Liberal tolerate for a moment an armed religion that treats women, gays, Jews and anyone else they don’t like, and Muslims too, as murder targets? How could so many be so wilfully ignorant of the easy to research facts of Islam and Leftism? Because they are either lazy, stupid, bankrupt or all three.

That “BushHitler” crap can be on display as art, and as a teeny analysis instilling a world view at my sons prep school says everything about how seriously the education system and the culture that supports it sees the reality of our own security and cultural survival.

At my son’s school, the emphasis this year will be on surprise, the environment. Why? What’s in it for him exactly? It’s for the teacher’s really via that ugliest of Leftard beasts, the Teacher’s Union, some of the parent’s but mostly for the ideology itself. The reason traditional subjects are not used to cover the environment when they can, is because environmentalist’s wanted a more vague and easy to manipulate and impose pseudo subject. Traditional subjects have standards requiring actual clearly stated content, form, intent and are proven empirical methods. Environmentalism requires nor wants, or needs any of these things.

Not the same emphasis instead on say thinking skills like Logical Fallacy’s etc, how the media works, how political ideology insinuates society, the profound value of philosophy, physical fitness, self defence, the Western Canon, our own history, finance, running a business, a profession, running a ranch, music and history etc. Maybe how Capitalist Democracy has vastly improved the world and Australia and how places without these suck. No, they teach the opposite to children, making them often anxious, loathing of their own culture and misinformed, when the truth of the Western Canon is inspiring, enervating and entirely optimistic.

So in short, not so much about the truly inspiring choices in life. Also ignore the real and current dangers of the extremism of the environmental Left, the radical and of the Islamist kind.

So the list of what I don’t want my son exposed to does indeed include Islam, environmentalism, political correctness, support for terrorism by proxy, meaning anti-Americanism which is pure bigotry and essentially anti-Western. I don’t want him being exposed to phony ‘Peace Studies’, or bankrupt endlessly neurotic feminism that damages and demeans small boys; I don’t want him taught evil Marxist oppressor/oppressed paradigms and welfare victimhood or ‘Stolen Generations’ industry baloney. In short, there’s not a lot left of the standard Dept of Ed’s curriculum!

And I’m supposed to be happy to have all such clueless and often well intentioned by some, ideological child abuse put into my son’s head? Why? Er, no thanks.

He’d be better off if they replaced all this junk with Motown and Funk Studies Introduction to James Brown Brother Ray, Applied Bruce Lee, Robert T. Kiyosaki’s Cash flow Quadrant Freakout and Socratic Logical Fallacy 101. Steve McQueen Freedom, Independence and Fun Basics could be an elective.

It’s all pure indoctrination without proof in any reality, or merit and essentially worthless and it starts early. It won’t make you a dollar unless you plan on riding the Gravy Train of Global Warming. And that’s why the non-ideas of the Left are pushed using your taxes.

So where does one start say, at the old parent teacher thing? Well, I aim to maybe begin at straight talking and continue from there.

So naturally I’ll fail miserably.

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