Tuesday, 12 February 2008

Something is happening, but ya don’t know what it is, do you Mr Dhimmi?

Hey, there's nothing freakishly threatening about Islam, as this Palestinian Mother amply demonstrates by stepping on her own son's neck, after he was accused of co-operating with Israel. Islam is a "religion of peace". Check. Naughty people have "hijacked" and are "using" Islam by "twisting" its message of er, peace. Yeah, peace. Check. Note the pervert and accessory to murder with the cell phone camera. That's Middle-East Arab and Muslim er, culture, kids. Nice.

According to The Coughlin Report and indeed all things of concentration, research and considered empirical worth, it’s possible that we’re already dead. We are after all, surrounded by people who are incapable of objective analysis, and many wilfully so.

Mr Stephen Coughlin is;

“…the Pentagon specialist on Islamic law and Islamist extremism...fired from his position on the military's Joint Staff... effectively halting the career of one of the U.S. government's most important figures in analyzing the nature of extremism and ultimately preparing to wage ideological war against it...The action followed a report in this space last week revealing opposition to his work for the military by pro-Muslim officials within the office of Deputy Defense Secretary Gordon England”.

Coughlin is one of the very few people in authority to clearly comprehend and understand the nature of Islamism, or “World War IV (4)” as Norman Podheretz has called the now fully realised threat of asymetrical terror.

Read Norman Podhoretz very successful award winning book 'World War IV: The struggle against Islamofascism'. No, like er, now.

So Coughlin releases a profoundly comprehensive, empirical and terrifying report on the harsh reality of the enemy we face. Yeah, that’s right, it is Islam. Several weeks later he’s dismissed after being abused by a quite mysterious to put it mildly Muslim, working in the Pentagon named Hesham Islam, assistant to the Deputy Defence Secretary. Riiight...Mr Islam has a CV shown to be er, shaky at best, to a deliberate lie.

All this receives little to no exposure in the local MSM, and not as much as one would expect for such a tale stateside. Think what this means... This whole thing is a real deal John Grisham style, mind bending fifth column ‘Islam in the Pentagon’ synopsis. The main man is dismissed. You couldn’t make this stuff up.

Sadly, it lacks the prerequisite maverick journalist who brings the whole rotten and apocalyptic abetting scandal to the public ‘mind’. As I have said many times, much of th MSM is truly ‘The Enemy of the People’.

Dear sports, all failure is a lack of concentration and many are incapable of concentrating for even a full 30 second span on the one subject of Islam. Subject change is usually one stupid and automatic moment away. Then it's ever onward to shrill Leftard screams of "Fascist!" and "Racist!" ad nauseum. You know the drill.

I feel sometimes as if on a windswept and isolated peninsula in some terrible maelstrom mouthing useless facts. From the secular or atheistic to the profoundly religious, and from much of the Western elites to the common people, most cannot comprehend at all, that the harshly real basis of Islamic Global Jihad is er, Islam.

All who are disingenuously offended by empirical criticism of Islam, demand proof as long as none of it’s evidential or requires any actual effort on their part. This is a standard Left tactic, virtually of the subconscious of the morally vain, who relentlessly wish to be seen as infinitely more tolerant than you, and thus superior. This stupid and deluded mind set will destroy us all. Islam via Islamist’s have their own harshly documented goals, no matter how ‘tolerant’ of the intolerant we may be.

In short, Left Liberal PC folks cannot conceive of anyone taking religion so seriously, as they certainly don’t.

“You mean there are people who would murder anyone, do anything, deceive and lie utterly to all in order to put their beliefs in place and in total control? Nah... Yeah, you mean like Southern redneck Christians! No, it must be our fault or George Bush and the Neocons! It’s Israel’s fault! Yep, that’s my bogus and flaccid paradigm and I’m stickin’ with it! ” A twerp.

This Vast Right Wing Conspiracy is such an allegedly large, powerful, shadowy and perversely public group, that no Leftard can ever seem to supply a list of even ten checkable names and solid court ready proof of their imaginary exploits.

Acts are what the law deals with. It’s always absurd conspiracy sans intelligible evidential proof, or people so conveniently high up that there is no next step anyone can take in reality. The Left really dig predictive plans as current fact, don’t they? Always vast and Koskid like, dripping in teenage hyperbole, with a modus operandi that somehow, just never comes to pass, not even a teensy weensy bit.

But present them with any past or current realities, and any of your factual evidence simply proves you’re wrong.

The adult paradigm shift required to deal seriously with Islam is beyond the PC and Left infected, who take every other religious heritage but their own, so very faux seriously. Such people take faith as seriously as can be done at a minimum. Mostly at the level of merely ‘feeling good’ about it, or simply being patronising. This default and fraudulent tolerance, is as automatic as the Left's inverse hostility toward Judeo Christianity.

Standing up for Islam by the Left, means studiously avoiding learning either anything about the reality of Islam, the Koran or Mohammad at all. That’s beyond the favourite Dhimmi past times of mouthing Islamist apologia or passively sucking up reams of ‘right on’ and ‘feel good’ and no need to worry at all, Muslim Taqiyaa style propaganda.

The Left only believe the truth about Islam if it’s somehow twisted to be about Christianity, which despite frothing Koskid hyperbole, has no plans for a Global Caliphate Apocalypse by any means last time I checked. Subject change, false and hyperbolic attribution, irrelevant history of the West that does not apply to today or for the last 500 years or more, and other disingenuous to plain dumb ‘Logical Fallacy’ methods of denial just won’t cut it, I’m afraid.

Nope, cutting it is what Islam and its cheery representatives do.


Abandon Skip said...

Sez the Colonel, out in the maelstrom, taping flyers to telegraph poles:

"Dear sports, all failure is a lack of concentration and many are incapable of concentrating for even a full 30 second span on the one subject of Islam."

I hear ya. Keep putting up those flyers. Someone's gotta hear sometime. Sometime soon. Anyday now. Surely. One day a kid will ask his mum "hey mum, why does that crazy man keep writing weird things?" and his mum replies "he's just weird, dear, forget him". But the kid knows. Any day now. Reason will return. It's gotta. Don't it?

Don't answer.

Ya know, sometimes I feel like I'm on a windswept and ...

Spook said...

Funny thing just happened on the way to the beheading. It seems Mr. Coughlin may be getting his job back somewhere in the DOD and Hesham Islam is resigning and will be gone in a month.

After looking into it, they said his background wasn't adding up. Ya think?
Maybe our governments should try investigating these people's backgrounds before they hire them like they do all us white folks. Too much to ask?