Thursday, 14 February 2008

Everything I have ever said is a lie including this.

Bob Ellis, lumpen writer and piss head, naturally collapsed on the Left, performs his famous 24 hour parody and installation of a Leftard delusional mumbling drunk. King Ellis, the sodden Labour Tribunal moral relativist fool, is perhaps the kinda Leftist role model that Aboriginal’s should apparently learn from, emulate and trust for golden guidance and clarity of judgement. Sadly, many apparently have. Just don't copy me, for Christ sake!

Go to Bob’s site. It doesn’t link to articles. Then click ‘Essays’ then ‘Encouraging Terrorism’. Yep, surprise. According to Wino man, it’s all the fault of America, the West in general and the Jews. Bob Ellis is fantastic value for ripe parody. In fact, he's self-parodying. No mean feat. Bravo! Good old Bob the one man Builders Workers Federation. He’s consolidated all his branches into one massive organisation weighing in at 130KG!

“Political Correctness means always having to say you are sorry”. The Peoples Cube.

Dear sports, funny I thought, but personally I don’t want any Aboriginal to apologise to me, because no Aboriginal has ever done anything to me. And because we shouldn’t judge folks on their skin colour, I deserve the same deal, right?

There were many revealing moments in yesterday's profoundly dumb and PC saddening pantomime. One of the most revealing was when Brendan Nelson was talking about specific cases of Aboriginal’s being raped, exploited and murdered and for daring to mention these very recent and current fact’s, he received a continuous round of loud slow clapping, back turning, jeering and booing. Yeah, but what are they trying to say? Hey, just like a silent movie audience! Cue frantic piano.

So this crowd’s moral vanity is offended or bored, by cases of actual children actually having their childhood's really er, “stolen” and their lives ended in violent murder?

Yes, many people just don’t want to know about any facts or reality at all. They just want to emote and feel. How very Left, how very fake and what a big, big political lie.

The truth is, that many if not most Aboriginal communities are deeply er, fucked up. Rudd is full of crap and beyond his very useful Diplomat training regards spin, is an incompetent.

How many people, including Aboriginal's, actually support what is a political "stunt?" I'd say a minority. I may be wrong. But as per usual, there's almost zero public space and forum for such views to be given any voice. The MSM? The ABC or SBS? Riiight. Er, no. Nowhere to run to, nowhere to hide...

“Brendan Nelson says Prime Minister Kevin Rudd has not apologised for the actions of Labour staffers who turned their backs on the Federal Opposition Leader as he delivered his response at yesterday's apology to the Stolen Generations.

Mr Rudd received a standing ovation after delivering his "sorry" speech, but many people turned their backs and jeered during Dr Nelson's speech, which referred to the sexual abuse of Indigenous Australians.

Two of Mr Rudd's press secretaries also joined the protest but have since apologised”.
Source: Yahoo.

Brendan Nelson appears a little too much of a Follower of the Government than the alleged Leader of the Opposition. As per usual, “bi-partisanship” means you simply must agree with Labour Party ‘policy’, such as it is. The whole thing is a vast parody of ‘Logical Fallacies’. It’s anti-rational, anti-logic and dripping with the strange schizophrenic paradoxes of PC Leftist Socialism.

Which is the ability to filter the world and the human condition through a miserable gauze of self loathing while simultaneously seeing ones entire perceived self-reflection driven posturing and platitudes, as superior to absolutely any dissenting views and actions.

That’s because Left and Socialist ideology is not about actual results. It’s all about intentions, and feeling damn good about you. There will be no correction or apology for the inevitable failure of such air built Socialist Utopianism.

"Democrats leader Senator Lyn Allison says while she understands that Dr Nelson might have been trying to appease different views in his party, she was disappointed by his remarks”. Source: Yahoo.

Riiight, so according to Elvis Costello’s "Al-lee-sun", the facts of crimes against Koori children are tools of “appeasement” that only a Fascist would be interested in. She was er, “disappointed by his remarks”.

Um, they're not rhetorical remarks, sister, but statements regarding factual and serious crimes. Is she disappointed in their existence or just in hearing them?

“Stop the vicious creation of wealth and prosperity! Vote Democrat!”The Peoples Cube.

The Labour, Democrat and Activist Axis of Mediocrity are a fraud, with all the adult depth and consideration of lemonade. This is apt, as most Left celebrations of their bogus non-achievement's are exactly like the emotional overload of a children’s birthday party. Sadly, for many, many Aboriginal children, there will be tears before, during and after bedtime, if they last that long.

“I begin, on behalf of the Australian Greens, by recognising the first Australians, the traditional owners, right across this great country of ours”. Bob Brown on his website.

Hey, so I guess Bob is going to go down to Victoria Street and spout this to the Vietnamese, who are sadly along with the other 51% of Australians, not the owners of any land here apparently. Gee, not much hope for me and my Japanese wife then, eh? All illogical posturing leading nowhere but to an ideological dead end, kids. Just like much of the last forty years of Government Aboriginal policy.

“Greens leader Senator Bob Brown has described Dr Nelson's speech as poor”. Source: Yahoo.

Bobby Brown I'm afraid, has never shown himself to be other than an entirely predictable, shallow and simple minded soul. He's a typically gay type of man who seems to have swallowed the entire Cliff notes for a History of Socialism exam.

Bob stretches his meagre intellect, stuffed entirely with the Lego bricks of PC Leftardism, by merely trying to express any of his worthless thoughts, of the ‘right kind of’ fashionable bigotry. Read as standard anti US, Israel, Western Capitalism, the individual above all and economic freedom.

The Left are entirely frothing bigot's, that's why they expend nearly their entire energies on denying. "Methinks they protesteth too much", was written by Bill Shakespeare after attending an early Dutch Trading Company protest. No, really.

"No blood for tulips!" "Peter Stuyvesant out of New York!"

Hey, faux offended time it may be, but I live I Prahran with more gay people per kilometre than Planet Streisand. That’s one of the reasons why I live here, because a lot of gay folks in a place means an area is urban and together, and they’re overwhelmingly good citizens. Except for the drugs and the dresses...But the fact is, gay men are sometimes gee, er, shallow, though it is true, sometimes superficial too, and proudly so. After all, it’s mostly their own work.

Does Bob actually like anything about the US beyond using it as a cipher for his relentlessly boring dumbness? Bob is as thick as a plank, and as mechanically predictable as a wind up toy.

In the easy ride of Leftist politics all you need is the hyperbole that says “American? I’m against it!” All surface tension, no lake. In truth, Bob should be working in the local library or hardware store.

“Can I help you with that bulk filler? You’ll need some wall plugs with that. Have you seen our new expanded musicals section?”

“And my name is Bobby Brown, watch me now, I’m goin down…” Frank Zappa from the song ‘Bobby Brown’.

"It missed the mark, yesterday was the day for saying sorry without encumbrance, and without condition and Brendan and his colleagues failed to be able to do that," said Brown. Source: Yahoo.

And there you have the awful truth.

The enormous idiot fraud and hubris of “Sorry Day” is NOT about Aboriginal children at all and never really was. Or else the emphasis would be on action and not gesture. It’s actually about the usual hideous parade of moral vanity control freaks that make up the elite of Leftardism in Australia. Aboriginal's and the general public are mere extras in their own play. It’s all about the Left of mind and how they feel.

Hey, I Googled “Aboriginal Squalor” and came up with this Koori site, with a Green’s endorsement for “new ideas”, which seem to consist of rezoning for free land, plus free houses and…you get the general idea. No mention of er, wealth and prosperity creation via education, physical fitness or business building, eh?

An interesting picture of an OMD, (One Mile Dam) volunteer show’s them cradling a baby while sporting the ubiquitous Che the child killer Guevara T shirt. This is apparently part of the ‘fresh’ non-idea of a Koori Utopia via the Che Welfare Plan. Maybe I missed something. There are pictures of a Koori woman slashed with a beer bottle by I presume another Aboriginal. This is explained as being directly caused by white “neglect” and “racism”. Riiight. Ok, sure it is.

Now what? Maybe call the UN? The Left just love the UN. Er, why? Because it's so ultimately multicultural and naturally a 'Super Disaster'.

“I saw what dunnit Officer! The evil spirit of white racism came running into the room after possessing the body of Uncle Murray and then slashed Aunties face! I blame the Spirits! The spirits are in the beer! It says so on the label!”

Kevin Rudd, the incredibly predictable technocrat Prime Minister, prefers process over content or results. Mr Rudd seems most at home in B grade and clichéd rhetoric of the Politically correct. He even used the ‘turning over a fresh page’ tripe from his election win acceptance speech. Kevin can never let the opportunity pass to draw attention to his own allegedly open minded, magnanimous and non-point scoring attitude while calling any opposition evil trash.

Kevin Rudd is a creepy mixture of the talentless, a disingenuous phony and an empty populist windsock. Everything you would expect from a man who worked for a long time as a career Diplomat. Rudd is an amazing liar, but all his lies are the right kind of PC Left Liberal lies, so they will never be exposed in the MSM or anywhere the public will see ‘em. His whole platform was that John Howard had “no new ideas”, while Rudd had “new and fresh ideas!”

Kevin has precisely zero ideas.

Thus the embarrassing call last week to assemble the usual suspects for a ‘Conference of No Ideas’. Er, I have not seen one single alleged ‘idea’ that you could not find done to death in the Leftoid MSM, championed by the Bolshevik Knitting Circle of the ABC, or that can’t be found pasted on a laneway in inner-city Brunswick during any the last four decades.

I’m trying real hard to recall the vast Parade of Logical Fallacy, Cognitive Bias, Straw men and other false argument of this intellectually repellent sideshow to the real and pressing world. What an avalanche of pure ego driven self righteous humbug and er, bullshit is the “Sorry” industry. It’s a political tactic first and foremost. Do you think Rudd would have been so brave to take it on if it was electoral poison, like in Prahran?

Remember in Good Morning Vietnam, when the Commanding officer said “Nixon has a trail of bullshit behind him big enough to fertilise the Sinai! And I consider him a close personal friend!” Does Rudd have any real friends who can deep down smell the manure? People seem to love any bullshit if it feels good enough. The path to Hell really is paved with not only good intentions, but wilfully stupid and dangerous ones. Especially if it's a source of swelling vanity and entirely undeserved credit to an avid promoter. Hey, it’s your tax money, kids.

What is Rudd exactly apologising for and to who and for what? Is he apologising on behalf of the 51% of Australia who were born overseas? For the vast majority who have no involvement or connection to actual Aborigines at all? Is it surprising that few people are honestly going to be interested beyond the superficial and token? There are less than 500,000 Aboriginals, roughly the same amount as when Europeans first came. Wouldn’t an alleged “policy of genocide” and appalling mortality rates due to diet, as well as a profound and murderous dysfunction and drug abuse etc, result in er, less people?

This whole laughable and hideous fraud promotes irrational thinking and ‘right on!’ emotions over reason and effective actions. What a bankrupt crime to teach our young people to feel self loathing and guilt for their non-existent crimes. Its teaching people to be stupid and the one thing they are allowed to think, not how to think.

Gee, what a coincidence that all of the “sorry” bilge is couched in and sodden with extreme PC Left Socialist canards. How curious that it’s constructed entirely with by the numbers activist frauds, straight from Green Left Weekly, a paper that could print a special ‘Rhetoric Free Edition’ on a postage stamp.

And like GLW’s sub juvenile, ‘Son of Stasi’ and ‘Return of the Spirit of 1975’, permanent Student Union crisis meeting hyperbole, the language Rudd used was not worth a damn. Have you read the “inspiring” speech? There were better speeches at my cousin Vinnie’s wedding. Yeah, dat kinda weddin’.

Yeah, you can dig where Rudd’s head is at when he said how anyone who questioned this whole decades log pre-fiasco, was clearly some kind of Fascist for even daring to dissent. There’s those famous empty cliché’s of the Left for “respecting diversity” and a “range of opinions”.

Oh, that’s right; John Howard allegedly “crushed dissent”. In truth, it's Left who are big government control freaks just like er, Fascists. Kevin Rudd has a Che the child killer Guevara ‘Fan Approved’ head!

The tolerance of the Left in Australia for “diversity” means a wonderful tolerance for the diversity of their opinions only.

As Andrew Bolt has empirically stated, the Sorry Industry and its big lie, has resulted in and will continue to result in the utter failure, oppression, abuse, rape and murder of Aboriginal children, women and men. Simply because responsible authorities and private citizens are now loathe in ever intervening at all, in the harsh dysfunction of many Aboriginal communities.

Five different government funded and otherwise groups have found NO evidence of any government policy of removing any Aboriginal children. All children of any group are removed as a process of complaint, investigation and the law, however flawed it is.

Senior Police and others have stated how far, far worse a Koori case must now be before any agency can or will act, because no-one wants to “steal” children again. There were no stolen generations. It’s most ardent advocates in the money churning industry such bunk has created, have not been able to come up wit even 10 names with any authentic checkable history. Many of the major Aboriginal figures who promote this big lie are frauds and opportunists.

“The Stolen Generations” is equated by more than a few Leftards as entirely on par with Hitler and Nazism! They’re eager to push this absurdity in order to manufacture an enemy to faux rebel against. Fake Nazi’s don’t fight back, you see. The Left of mind will say, believe, lie and do anything for legitimacy, because with any serious analysis, they have exactly none.

There are many Aboriginals who genuinely did suffer in horrible institutions and circumstances and there are those who had an entirely better experience due to being lifted out of appallingly common Aboriginal community circumstances. And so have any other group experienced similar stories. The problem is that the Aboriginal crisis and misery is too often filtered and only allowed to be put into the entirely bankrupt context of Leftist ideology. Why?

Yes, just what Koori's need: more Left and Socialist ideology. I mean it's worked out so well everywhere else, eh? Why not follow an example of long term and proven success like Japan, Taiwan or er, the rest of Australia? Could work. Or are the Left saying that Aboriginal's are different to them? Hmmm? Well?

Everyone is just people. It's environment, the family, education, culture, religion and the individual etc. Gee, ya think Environmentalist's would know about the importance of environment, eh?!

Sadly, I see little room for any Koori who doesn’t fit into a predominantly white Left and professional Aboriginal activist’s paradigm of white oppressor and black oppressed. What a miserable example to push and indoctrinate people and school children with. Basically its telling kid’s that according to the minds of idiot moral relativists, they should feel guilty and ashamed for a myth that is allegedly on par with the Holocaust. Hardly er, inspiring innit?

What about the many Aboriginal’s who are entirely successful for the exact same reasons as any other people are? What about the many Aboriginal’s who are Conservative or Christians, business people that have a sense of pride and humour and are without a lifestyle of activist complaint or profoundly uncool radicalism?

Nope, not a lot of space and promotion for you! You don’t fit the paradigms and handy assumptions, sports. The Left always, always prefers only their adopted and pliable victim pets. Now that’s kinda racist, eh?

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