Monday, 25 February 2008

Excellent Comrade Australian of the Year.

Excellent Comrade Tim Flannery, is excited about the future youth marching to the glorious single drum of Leftard Enviro-Fascism! And he has a plan...

Hey, Tim Flannery and his creepy vision certainly makes my heart race, and I’m not even an ‘Australian of the Year!' He is though. It's true! Which is exactly how Tim ‘Flummery’ Flannery, the local enviro-loon actually introduced himself. This was in the very first line of a piece for Tuesday February 19 2008, in Melbourne’s foremost undergraduate broadsheet, 'The Age'. I quote from the first line, first paragraph:

“As Australian of the Year for 2007, I got to talk to a lot of University students…” Really? Why? Humble and nuanced, eh? So you've noticed that he's 'Australian of the Year?' Hmmm? Just checkin'. Hey, Australian of the Year! So er, what are the rest of us then? Not Australian's of the Year, that's for sure...

Tim the eager pedlar of Leftist bunko scams and first class passenger on the Global Warming Gravy Train, said he was “...astonished about their [the kids] depth of knowledge of environmental issues…” It's always about the children. Nice.

Er, read that as indoctrination of your childen with bog standard enviro-Leftard ideology. Um, I’d be astonished if after over thirty years of Left infected education, most kids didn’t think exactly like juvenile David Suzuki’s. Another control freak Leftard who wants to jail any politician who dares to question his fraudulent money spinning views on the trick of Global Warming. Diamond Dave recently travelled the US with five people in a luxury 30 seater diesel bus, cos it worked out best er, cash wise. Hey, don’t forget the first class jet travel, Suzy! Don't worry, he won't.

"Give me four years to teach the children and the seed I have sown will never be uprooted." Lenin.

According to the Tim, “…they understood how…unsustainable practices were robbing them of their future”. Er, no. What proof he may have for such mega bunk, Tim neglects to supply. Like all of the shrill Left, Tim just throws out these vast statements of faux doom and let’s ‘em hang. Only a “Fascist!” wants proof. Er, would that be a predictive by definition kind of future? Ah bets ittiz...How does one contradict the future?

Ya can't! A brilliant Leftism tactic! For Tim and his ilk, certainly not with anything rational. Here's a link to some very interesting and rational dissent from the eco-party line, which received about zero exposure in the MSM.

"There are three kinds of lies: lies, damned lies, and statistics." Mark Twain. [Attributed to Benjamin Disraeli.]

Um, for decades the Left said that everyone could and must have a material workers paradise and that Socialism was the only ideology that could deliver it. The Left said Capitalism could never do this. Once Communism and Socialism ended in their natural and utter failure, delivering nothing but mass murder, conformity, lies, spite and madness except for the great Communist success of murdering 100 million people, they had to get a new angle.

Capitalism continues its incredible success at delivering quadrupled food production, health, freedom, wealth, security, the free exchange of ideas and civil government etc. So hey presto! Now its material wealth and consumption that is now er, bad! And it’s destroying the planet! Er, no. The premise is rubbish, a fraud and series of big lies, because it’s all merely a disguise for Left Liberal and radical control freakery via institutions, state power and the indoctrination of our children.

People like Tim can amazingly get up and virtually say that poverty and all the death, misery and destruction it entails, is an entirely more sustainable concept than the creation of wealth and all the innovation, creativity and success that comes from this and only this. Hey, as long as he doesn’t have to live it, eh?

"The aim of the school must be to give the student, beginning with the first sign of intelligence, a grasp of the notion of the State." Adolf Hitler.

Tim notes in the reverse mirror mentality he inhabits, that teachers “were giving in depth classes on climate change, biodiversity loss and the food and water crisis”. Gee, what a surprise. Any dissenting views allowed? You know, like that “diversity of opinion” the Left loves to toot about when it’s not bleating disingenuously about having their ‘truth’ oppressed. Where exactly does that ever happen regularly, Kos kids? And yet, Tim says that this is not enough and the kids are “sceptical” of their er, teacher’s! The irony and group delusion thickens.

Hey, you reckon that the water "Crisis!" maybe has anything to do with enough water going down the Mitchell River over a 24 hour period in 2007, to supply all of Melbourne for six months, but minus the damn dams to catch it all? Gotta appease those Gaia Gods, eh? Gee, not much of a water shortage in the Queensland and NSW floods, Tim. Riight, so Global Warming causes drought and flooding and er, everything in between? Check. Its a pretty servicable old 'crisis' innit? But that's why the Left chose the fraud of 'Climate Change' you see...

“Please accept my regret for my transgression Comrade. In return I will promise to be ever more vigilant than ever with Party procedure. Trust Me”. An Excellent Comrade at the Peoples Cube.

The source of the Junior Red Brigades anger was the teacher’s dealing with the reality of er, money. Not buying enough solar panels, wind turbines and Che the child killer posters fast enough.

Sayeth the Flummery, it was, with the teacher's targeted for group criticism, a case of “do as I say, not as I do”. You mean like Al 'private Gulf Stream jet, twenty times the average power usage, private limousine and his directing of work to his own company regards the massive fraud of the carbon credit scam' Gore? Ya mean like that, Tim? Tim’s doing very well out of Global Warming: the biggest con in history. “It was a deeply disturbing experience”, said Tim.

Er, Timmy, what is truly disturbing for free individuals, is the avalanche of manure from the Logical Fallacy challenged. What is terrifying is watching ideology pushing Socialist Leftoids getting their relentless way with their lust for endless social engineering via our children.

"Education is a weapon whose effects depend on who holds it in his hands and at whom it is aimed.” Stalin.

Tim is at core, like all Left enviro-freaks, kind of bipolar ideologue swinging from daffy Utopian hallucinations to doom frothing miserable bastard. They’re all like this it seems. Why don’t more people notice that these people are fanatics and obsessives that you’d normally avoid on the street?

"You young people, full of vigour and vitality, are in the bloom of life, like the sun at eight or nine in the morning. Our hope is placed on you." Mao.

Tim is “…outraged at how badly the previous generations have handled matters”.

First, note the Year Zero arrogance, the bloated dismissal of billions of people for not following the current Party Line. This stuff says everything you need to know, about the perpetual child's tantrum that is the true Totalitarian face of Left Liberal Fascism, like Tim’s.

The Left want to control everything and everyone, and all they need is total control of the state to do it. So every previous generation was pretty much a total bunch of loser's, according to Flannery. Yep, winning WWII and the Cold War, the Renaissance, the Enlightenment, the Industrial Revolution, Human Rights, vast wealth creation, freedom, technology, health, art, film, music etc. Yep, they got it all so wrong, eh Timbo? Balls.

That's right. There's nothing good or essential about electricity, indoor plumbing, surgery, medicine, dentistry, sanitation, roads, refrigeration, childcare, human rights, transport, technology, welfare, freedom to travel, doubling of life expectancy, peadiatrics, obstetrics, free press, television, film, freedom of expression and artistic exchange, no free exchange of ideas, vastly improved housing and conveniences etc, etcetera. Not if Tim had his way. Nope, it's either all a plot or taken for granted in idiot land.

Somehow, I don't have confidence that Tim could even run a corner store. These jokers glibly talk about reducing emissions by 2050 by er, 90%! Riight. And increasing their own ego and moral vanity inflated gas emmissions by a 1000%...

Here are a few real big surprises for you, sports. Er, no. Not really. Tim was at University in the 1970’s! Who woulda thought it?!

And he says we “still remember our outrage at Whitlam’s dismissal”. Quite. As long as you ain't living in a stale past then. No outrage at Whitlam’s utter incompetence, arrogance, or his neo-Emperor law passing style? Gough passed over forty laws by writing them on bits of paper and er, passing them! No need for boring old Senate scrutiny and Constitutional process, eh? Nope, not if you’re a “Man of the People”, because if you're Left, you are the people!

“Today the big issues for many students are almost all environmental”. TF.

Er, no. If they are, we’re all as doomed as the Chinese proletariat being forced at gunpoint, to focus day and night only on making pig steel in their backyard kilns.

“Onward with the Glorious People’s Great Leap Forward!”

So there are no other distinct subjects at school now? No separate disciplines? It's all a mixed salad of ideological rabble, eh? Oh, I get it. What Tim means is the old method of making every single subject a mere vehicle for Leftist propaganda. The way every subject can be absurdly bent to the will of being a crazy prism for er, "women's studies". Even engineering, quantum physics, accounting and finger painting.

"Defeat the inherent patriarchy and aggression of the Universe, now!"

Gee, maybe teach kid's about how Capitalist Democracy actually works and why it works so well. Or maybe teach 'em about their manipulation by the MSM, radical ideologues and other crimes? A little examination and analysis of Tim's true motives or track record could work wonders.

Hey, don't examine my trail of failure! But of course, that's why I don't put myself up for Enviro-Kommisar positions of power and influence like Timmy.

I love this bit from tiny minded Tim. “There’s a certain perversity in teaching about the dangers of climate change in classrooms lit and powered by the wasteful burning of the very fossil fuel that is causing the problem”. Er, where to start Fisking Tim’s intellectual wasteland of illogic? And he’s a ‘Professor?!’ Sure he is. Another meaningless title, sans any discernible sense of Quality Control.

You can really see that there is as per usual, no end point for Tim’s sourly massive activism or those like him. They are dangerous and destructive radicals covering themselves in the smiley face tactics of the big lies of the Left. Its collective Socialism by stealth,just like Britain and France.

Teaching in rooms with electric light is not a conspiracy, stupid. It’s called real life and er, it's ordinary. It’s not perverse to be like the norm, but abnormal to find the ordinary perverse. Every academic and ideologue should try reality at least once. So it’s "wasteful?” So we should keep oil to use at a later date? Hey, Tim doesn’t use electricity or any of the couple of hundred thousand oil based products? Maybe Tim wrote his column on a piece of bark using ochre and delivered it to ‘The Age’ office naked, except for a stylish covering of leaves and dirt? It's the Nimbin Tuxedo!

Tim the well tenured freak, is a bog standard comfortable critic of the West. What he really hates is Capitalism, and the choices and individual freedoms only it and Democracy brings. Because with economic freedom, no-one needs to really listen to a fool and a phoney like Tim. Unless they're well balanced merely because they have a chip on both shoulders. That’s why these people always target the very young, sports.

As Mark Steyn said, Tim is “living in a fantasy life completely supported by the system he despises”.

"My object in life is to dethrone God and destroy capitalism." Karl Marx.

The rest of Flannery’s hideous article mostly concerns the indignant and juvenile breath holding of various professional and middle-aged to Kos kid brats. There’s Tim’s Left style and smiley face Totalitarian control freak plan’s for public mass criticism of school’s, business’s and individual’s etc. Meaning those who are not correct Comrade’s to the eco party line. According to Tim, publicising dissident attitudes would be a really neato “…spur to action”.Tim believes that “...such information should be published in a newspaper such as ‘The Age”. Riiight.

Let's get out the conical hats and get the tumbrels ready, now! Ain't it great if we can get kids to rat on their parent's and teacher's to the local Kommisar, for their anti-environmental crimes?

“Root out and destroy Capitalist Counter Revolutionary Railroaders!”

The last paragraph is a classic of sub-Mao student union madness and a wonderful exposure of the economic Leftard nincompoop mind of Tiny Tim; the mental, moral and irrational cripple.

“I cannot imagine money being better spent in the pursuit of fast, steep emissions reductions…” Tim Flannery.

Yep, I bet ya can’t. Read as other people’s money. Hey, for a Leftard, every one of their fashionable Utopian hysterias must happen ASAP. Its just gotta, Mister! The Left are nothing if not entirely reckless, thus the high body count.

Read his ideas as more poverty and death for Africa.

“..than harnessing the passions of youth by revealing the actions, as opposed to the words, of the elders”. TF, for too 'effing much.

As per usual, Tim is a kinda negative dude, kids. The chances of him turning up with a non-Leftist tract, that's not predictive, fashionable and curiously like old time religion doom saying, are about zero. Maybe Tim will distribute Roy Rosenzweig's book 'It''s Getting Better All the Time: 100 Greatest Trends of the Last 100 Years'. Er, no. It can't be about tradition, caution, proof or evidence.

Gotta keep pumping the old balloon of hysteria and those imagined enemies of the people for your own legitimacy, eh? Off ya go, Tim. They love ya at 'The Age', kid. They're sure to publish ya groovy 'Traitors to the Green Revolution Execution List'.

Er, Timbo's style of guff is a pure and standard freak out of indoctrination and mass conformity of the radical Leftist, Communist, Socialist, Nazi, Islamist, Totalitarian and Nationalist kind. Take ya pick, it's all pretty much the same in the end. Only the naive, the unresearched, the unread, those lacking in confidence, the indoctrinated or the wilfully deluded, swallow such rotten Leftist crap. Any complete individual will be naturally repelled by every bit of Left junk. Thus, you are the enemy...

It's some ugly, miserable and spooky shit by stealth, kids. Much like the Tim Flannery Show.

Tell ya whut, Tim, AKA Mr Enviro-Baldy, stay away from my kid.

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