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Everybody’s heard about the Burd, or should have.

Sheik Kalihd Yassin having a well earned break from giving a lecture at Werribee Islamic College. Sayeth Sheiken but nut stirred, “The Jews are poisoning the bananas! That’s why I prefer to chew on my own foot and I just lick the rest!”

Now here’s a funny thing that’s as clear as day, especially the heart of darkness and well of evil parts. However vast the currently fashionable Himalaya of disgusting anti-Semitism is, or the repellent bog standard hatred of Israel and all round conspiracy to murder Jews by stealth, for some folks it can never be enough.

No matter how venally Left snivelling, nihilist, stupid and Islamist chummy it is. Nope, I largely hear, read and see the canard that "...isn’t criticism of Israel allowed?” whenever I question said bogus er, criticism. And as if the age-old idiot hatred of the Jewish people has any noble intent. Er, no actually. Innit funny, the lack of ah, "criticism" of any of the 52 Islamic states of varying degrees of suspended Hell?

Yeah, and like my feeble objections are gonna stop the avalanche of lies, and the mountain of hate aimed exclusively at Israel and Jews.

The Logical Fallacy of “balance” is a major Islamist tactic, mate. The Age and the New York Times would happily publish Hitler under a non de plume, if he wrote with er, “balance”, except he’s kind of the Age and NYT’s laughable idea of a right wing Conservative, so no. And anyway, why publish the Fuhrer when both publications have a large stable of more sophisticated and acceptable advocates of the same to draw on? No, really.

There’s stable work to be had at the Age and the NYT’s. Yep, and with real manure!

Faux critiques of Israel are a fraud, the biggest lie of today and have zero decency, because sports, the're about destruction by deception. But some folks just can’t come out and say they want Israel to disappear, and why can’t the Jews stop insisting on surviving? That’s unless you’re a freakish and alleged hero of the Left, a Fatah farter or an Islamist loon.

Paul Johnson with an excellent article in Commentary Magazine on ever growing Arab anti-Semitism [my edit]:

“...if anti-Semitism is a variety of racism, it is a most peculiar variety, with many unique is so peculiar that it deserves to be placed in a quite different intellectual disease...extremely infectious and massively destructive...a disease to which both human individuals and entire human societies are prone...

What strikes the historian surveying anti-Semitism its fundamental irrationality. It seems to make no sense...than malaria or meningitis makes sense. In the whole of history, it is hard to point to a single occasion when a wave of anti-Semitism was provoked by a real Jewish threat, (as opposed to an imaginary one).

In Japan, anti-Semitism was and remains common even though there has never been a Jewish community there of any size.
[Neville: Oddly there was a small one apparently.]

Asked to explain why they hate Jews, anti-Semites contradict themselves. Jews are always showing off; they are hermetic and secretive. They will not assimilate; they assimilate only too well. They are too religious; they are too materialistic, and a threat to religion. They are uncultured; they have too much culture.

They avoid manual work; they work too hard. They are miserly; they are ostentatious spenders. They are inveterate capitalists; they are born Communists. And so on...the language of anti-Semitism through the ages is a dictionary of non-sequiturs and antonyms, a thesaurus of illogic and highly infectious, and can become endemic in certain localities and societies.

...a disease of the mind, it is by no means confined to weak, feeble, or commonplace intellects; as history sadly records, its carriers have included men and women of otherwise powerful and subtle is damaging to reason, and sometimes fatal.

...when anti-Semitism is added in; irrational thinking becomes not only instinctual but systemic. An experienced anti-Semite constantly looks for "evidence" to confirm his idée fixe, and invariably finds it...

...a Marxist, looking for "proof", constantly uncovers events that confirm his diagnosis of how the world works.

Anti-Semitism is self-inflicted, which means that, by an act of will and reason, the infection can he repelled. But this is not easy to do, especially in societies where anti-Semitism has become common or the also self-destructive...of societies and governments...individuals”.
Paul Johnson.

So anti-Semitic creeps are not saying “Gee, you know Israel, if you got some new shoes and a new hairstyle, you’d look great and then we could date!”

Nope, goons mostly work toward the same goals. It’s the end of the Jewish people and the Jewish state, mate, and then onto the same thing for the free Capitalist Democracies of the West. But then, everyone needs a hobby.

In the end, the Age, the NYT’s, the ABC, NPR etc, and the MSM in general, make the world more dangerous for Jews, and that’s a fact.

And with these cheery thoughts in mind, I went to see the courageous and proportionately lonesome Michael Burd, last Tuesday night at Caulfield Campus, as part of the Limmud Oz happening.

Basically, Mike reeled of a list of plain old and new cold facts, all rather easy to verify. And the facts are that for the most part, the MSM, academia, entertainment, the arts and public discourse ad nauseum, are stuffed to the gunnels with the bizarre dominance of Islamist anti-Semites, radical Left fellow travellers and Hamas fans. And quite a few are perversely Jews of the Left and the Left my dear, are natural Islamist bedfellows. Funny, innit?

Yep, I could feel and hear the hostility in the room toward old Mike. It was a cracklin', baby! The last thing the weird advocates of faux criticism want is criticism, of them of course.

Professor Mark Baker has said that "There's no shortage of academics that foam at the mouth at the mere mention of Israel".

Middle-East analyst Ted Lapkin writing in the Australian publication, Quadrant Magazine, said that "Australian Academia is a rogues gallery of Anti –Zionists..."

Steven Crittenden has said that the Australian University is being taken over by Islamist groups.

And er, I notice sports, this is pretty much happening not just a Hell of a lot in the West, but with most any country with much of a Muslim percentage.

Mike spoke how Left wing Jewish groups like AJDS and their members aligned themselves with the Palestinians, Arab and Muslim community to help demonize Israel. And how one can say almost any lie about Jews and the MSM largely never follows it up when it’s debunked. Like the Al Dura fraud, exposed by the French media.

Mike pointed out the Age has staff writers who are members of the Islamic council of Victoria, are Palestinian activists, anti Zionist cartoonists and biased Jerusalem based journalists etc. Why? Oh, “balance”. Check. Got it.

Mike Burd asked “Don’t the Jews who are leading the anti Zionist movement realize that if the Arab/Muslim world succeeds in destroying the Jewish state as we know it, they themselves will become redundant and useless? Are they that naïve and self-destructive?”

Now I’m hip, but even I was surprised at how wide spread anti Zionism is in not just the MSM and Jewish academia, but Universities in general and how very few academics stand up for Israel. The defaults I’m afraid, are more on the Jew hating side.

Al Age features a rotating and hack filled smorgasbord of as per usual Left twerps, smooth to crude Islamist Taqiyaa pushers and perverse self hating Jews. They gab endlessly how Israel, the only successful free democracy in the region, is never good enough, all while Israel is under relentless attack. Now take chuckling Andrew Jaspin. Please!

Previously the editor of the Scottish Sunday Times, where allegedly a journalist said Israel deserved homicide/suicide attacks! And another blames Jews and Mossad for 9/11. Yeah, riiight, obviously a brilliant plan. Then said scribbler added delightfully that the true purpose of bringing down the World Trade Centre was to “bind America and Jews in blood”. Ugh.

The amazing list of pro Hamas, pro-Palestinian anti-Zionist Left midget people, who are given a major and permanent mainstream media voice, is rather long. Anti-Zionist, Jew hater or Nazi? Take your pick of titles. What’s the diff?

As Mike showed, many Left wing Jews are insanely more sympathetic to the plight of the Palestinians than their fellow Jews.

Louise Adler’s greatest wish is apparently to publish David slice ‘em Hicks. While the out going Natasha Stott Despoja, unbelievably took Hick the sick prick as a companion and guest to the formal end of the Democrats dinner and fire sale!

“Sale! All our ethical judgement must go!”

“Hicks last night made his first public appearance since being released from jail in December, stepping out for drinks with departing Democrats senator Natasha Stott Despoja.

With his father, Terry, at his side, relaxed Hicks sipped beer and chatted freely with guests at an Adelaide function to mark Ms Stott Despoja's retirement from the Senate. The confessed terrorism supporter left the fashionable Universal Wine Bar”. The Australian July 01 2008.

Ah, and people unfairly call such geeks Chardonnay Socialists. Sometimes they sip beer!

Er, that’s David Hicks the freakishly dull moronic bogan, liar and allegedly innocently trained Islamist terrorist, trained to kill men, women and children. Not to be confused with Saint Hicks who saved millions of blind children.

Columnist, sometimes guest and favourite reference point of the ABC’s Phil Adams, is the relentlessly bogus and logical fallacy addicted Robert Fisk, whose name is now a pejorative ‘to Fisk’, meaning to debunk the logical fallacy of largely Leftist junk. Think of another of Adams guests of the “I agree completely, Phil!” stripe, like Bruce Shapiro, but without the charm. Now I used to like Phil’s radio show a lot. But sadly, not anymore, chum.

“Perceived victims are the new heroes. Have been since Socialists found it a neat way to manipulate the masses. Only they get to say who the victims are and how they are to be recompensed. It takes a real conspiracy to do that to a population in so short a time”. GrahamF of Melbourne .

“Natasha Stott Despoja became increasingly loony in her political life the closer she, and the Democrats, came to their inevitable doom. But what fun it was to ‘spit in the eye’ of boringly middle-class and complacent Australia by courageously feting David Hicks, who sought the murder of fellow Australians, as a hero. I wonder what Don Chipp would have though of it all? I’m sure Meg Lees isn’t surprised". Spencer de Vere of Brisbane.

“Don’t you talk about Natasha that way! I love her and one day we will be married and live together in a tree, or maybe a trendy Adelaide apartment! I’ll leave the decision up to her, because she’s good with things like that and I won’t hear another word against her, so just shut up, shut up, shut up!” martinX. Via Andrew Bolt.

As I said, the list is soooooooooo long! Hey, there’s the frothing beyond belief hyperbole and pamphlet spouting Leftist John Pilger. It’s always 1972 for John and he’s forever "giving it to the man! With the power! Let’s burn down the Deans office!" Once he did brave work exposing the atrocities of Indonesia in East Timor, and the venality of our governments on same. What went wrong? Too many Che the child killer Guevara pills?

Peter Rogers, laughter cadet and apparently some kinda fellow traveller of Hamas and Islamic Jihad. Tubular! Like, rad dude! Dr Phillip Mendes. Love him! Who wouldn’t? Julian Burnside. Fantastic! Like, totally! Get out the water crackers and cheese! A real sweetheart is Robert Richter QC, and someone whom I could never imagine as say, a tap dancer.

My Aunt Doris is always asking me, "Colonel, where can I find a premiere anti-Zionist Jew?”

Colonel Neville: "Beats me Aunty, as I’m way too small to know. And I can’t blow raspberries with these blow fly lips".

Check and match.

There's always, always, the hilariously neurotic Michael Leunig. He’s a “National Living Treasure” ya know? Thus half buried in dirt and the appearance of a 3: AM wino. The comfy one track, out of whack mind of Bruce Petty is more tangled than his string drawings. And dear Professor Andrew Vincent, [sigh!] is seemingly another tenured and Left anti-Zionist. What a darling! Er, no.

Once Was Funny: The Michael Leunig Story.

"Look there's Mr Curly! No, it's an evil American. Look! It's a duck! Er, no, it's apparently an evil Jew attacking a saintly Hamas killer and for no good reason".

Yes, once was sane. Many a regularly published boob seems to pretty much think terrorist's have some kind of er, legitimacy and Israel is a big poopy mistake. And Israel is the real cause of trouble for all the poor little vicious, dysfunctional theocratic totalitarian dictatorships that surround it.

Funny, they never say the same thing about Islamic states?

Radical Leftist misfits like Michael Butterball Glanz, the S11 rioter, get an unquestioned voice in the MSM echo chamber of bankrupt moral equivalence.

Anti-Zionist Left loon Antony Loewenstein is called on regularly as an 'authentic’ Israeli mind! Riiight, sure he is. And I’m the go to guy for Shirley Temple impressions. Apparently he’s been to Israel only a little more than my Aunt Doris, preferring to apparently spend his time on the Arab West Bank. Nuance.

‘Da Burd’ gave some rather revealing insights to put it mildly, into Lowenstein’s trip to Israel via Ronald Green, Lowy’s cousin. He described how obsessed Lowenstein was to vilify Israel, and how Lowy baby, never really revealed his true purpose.

Burd asked how could so many prominent dissident Jews from the IAJV, [Independent Australian Jewish Voices] could still have their names associated with Loewenstein and his partner Peter Slezak from the Uni of NSW, when Lowy argues Israel should not be a Jewish state and should be part of the Arab world. And when Loewenstein is so closely aligned with Palestinian lobby group Australians for Palestine?

“Enough with the Holocaust and alleged Palestinian terrorism”. Antony Loewenstein.

Nice. Nuance. Or why a platform for Aimin Saikal, the pineapple faced Islamist? Or Waleed Aly, the reasonable and smooth face of Islamic apologia and blame shifter to the “white” West? And both with some perhaps rather um, ‘unpleasant’ links on their sites…

Dig, Mahir Mugrahbi. No, really. What a guy.

"No way, man! He’s not a manipulative and deceptive Islamist kinda guy! He used to mow our lawn!"

Then there’s Tony Walker, the Australian Financial Review’s resident anti-Zionist, or so it seems, eh? But what do I know? With his two biography’s of Yasser Arafat and why not, eh?! Professor Evan Jones is likewise, a seeming variation.

So untouchable and unreachable and never really grilled about a damn thing, eh? Just boob on unchallenged in a mostly closed MSM shop. Still, it’s a larf.

Everything Mike said is the way things are folks, and he was merely giving credit where credit is due to the tip of the old cliché. It’s criminal and creepy really, the state of our laughably no public access discourse. Very certain sections of our society have the controlling voice.

My favourite bizarro story was of the insane Sheik Kalidh Yassin, who was invited here to talk to children. He then said to the kiddies some kind of variation on “…the Jews are poisoning the bananas!” Sure, he may have said it in a good way!

And he was invited back. And they say fruit is good for ya. But first a typical semi-dhimmi ABC interview by John Cleary, with the Shitbag Sheik. Even while Junior Jihad spells out what Islam factually means, little seems to register with clueless Cleary.

From Tim Blair:

“Don't even ask what they do to the apples.

You learn all sorts of interesting things at Werribee Islamic College: The teacher could not believe what he overheard. The “visiting” imam was launching into a tirade against the Jews and Americans that bordered on the ludicrous.

But then came the clincher, he recalled. “The imam told the students that the Jews were putting poison in the bananas and they should not eat them."

Poisoned Bananas College receives about $3 million per year from state and federal funds, reports The Age. Aside from instruction in the fruit-tampering ways of those wily Jews, students acquire healthy values:

“...what she discovered in the school library. An image of Christ in a book on comparative religion had been defaced. When she asked students to explain, they told her that another teacher, a devout Muslim, had asked them to demonstrate that Islam was the one true faith by striking the picture with sharpened pencils".

"They told me they had been made to line up and one by one stab the picture...”

“...[the] teacher, who was dismissed from the school because she was "over qualified", is now employed at a Christian faith-based school. She says she has no regrets about leaving. "The atmosphere at the school was unhealthy," she said. "When you asked children to write about their favorite hero, they nearly always wrote about Osama bin Laden." Via Tim Blair and the Age!

In the end, you can go to a lot of most anywhere and say stupid anti-Semitic cliché’s and few say much or they agree. It’s accepted much as propaganda is meant to be. Surprisingly few even understand what anti-Semitism is or means. It means that whatever happens to the Jews and Israel, will happen to us eventually. It’s happening already, via the endlessly problematic facts of the dominant ideology of the Left and Islamism combined.

If anyone can compile a good sized list of well known pro-Israel voices in the MSM, I’d love to see it.

Where are they, the clear, strong and effective? And not just for Israel, but pro-empirical Conservatism in general? You may need a map to find such a legend, but then it is a largely lost treasure, innit?

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