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Grade school smiley face ecofascism.

At SKOF the St Kilda Organic Farm, they call this a "typical $25 box". So around $8 of ordinary fruit and vegetables triples in price merely via the miracle of organics? So we'll need much more land and MONEY to feed more people? Got it. Nuance. And organic masturbation is not for the affluent. Riiight. Of course. That's why it's an enormous busine$$ for a product that is no better than standard production. "Please Sir, more organic pie and lots of that Global Warming gravy." Hey, be a rebel and get your parents to pay for your nose and eyebrow piercings.

My son said to me “Dad, do you know climate change is real!” “Er, really?” Nope, global warming is not true. It’s what is known as a massive $cam and gravy train.

“Who told you this? Was it Miss Smith?”

“No, a lady with black hair who came to our school.”

“She’s not a teacher?” “No.” “Ah, I see.”

Later my six year old comes in crying “It is true! The teacher told me!” This while he’s crying, hysterical and I kid you not, hitting me with his teddy bear!

“Now listen. Sometimes teachers don’t know what they’re talking about”. It’s what the rational call dumb as dog hair leftardism by decree.

“It is true!” “Ok. I’ll be seeing your teacher”. And I did.

Oh, I said. What’s all this about global warming then? Part of the curriculum? No. I specifically told his teacher to tell me of any outside boob that may visit the school. Who were they? “The ecocentre”. Really, and WHO are they? Well, you know the unspecified, unqualified anything and everything that can hide under the meaningless title of environmentalism.

Now here’s the thing. It’s an incremental fact that no matter how benign even a council enviro/PC/social engineering drivel project is, it’s always just a matter of degrees of separation until you hit the radical motherload. As with the cheerful "stop doomsday now!" ethos of the ecocentre et al.

So the affiliates and links always and rather quickly get you from putz A to loon B. I said I don’t want my son taught anything outside the curriculum. Dig?

Says I, "so you're teaching him the quality control free junk science of climate change eh? So of course you’re naturally teaching him about ideological movements, the MSM, politics, the radical left, indoctrination, infiltration via the Marxist agenda of the Australian Teachers Union et al?

And you'll explain how children can be indoctrinated and manipulated by adults? And explain about thinking skills, logical fallacy and cognitive dissonance, about the value of capitalism, reason, empiricism, conservative principles, the burden of proof, the scientific method, scepticism and the PC sodden idiocy of our government?

No? Of course not. Because THAT would be beyond a six year-old and thus absurd, wooden tit? And yet you teach him the vast pseudo science of GW? Funny I thought."

"So do you naturally believe it," I asked? The principal clearly did but was er, coy. “We’ll agree to disagree.” Er, I never did. I agree to you providing any serious evidence, what research you’ve done including books, papers and any sceptics you have read, your real motives for belief and if you are really 100% sincere, a WRITTEN GUARANTEE that GW is real. No?

So then burn it all and go back to the basic CURRICULUM appropriate for a six year-old.

“I’ll look into ecocentre to see if it’s political!” she says.

Er, environmentalism is entirely political! Yes, a council funded inner-city project called ecocentre is not going to be left? IMPOSSIBLE. I asked another teacher of a certain fabulous persuasion if he believed in GW. He wanted to “keep his opinions to himself.” So yes. “I’m not political” he says.

Really? A fabulous inner-city man, who believes in GW and is a member of the AEU, is er, “not political?” How did you manage that? You didn’t.

“But we’re teaching sustainability!” Obviously not intellectual sustainability. And can ya define that word for me? “Er, it means it’s sustainable!” Yes, as opposed to all the business’s that try to go broke and collapse as soon as possible.

And so on. The problem is, apart from a principal and staff who had never heard the term for basic false thought patterns known as logical fallacy, [no really] is that no matter how well meaning and otherwise decent many teachers are, the often spineless, incurious and unread conformist is the dominant norm. Especially when it comes to mass movement paradigms of the PC bunkum stripe. And yet they teach our children.

Now the whole thing is presented as practical and nice and hey, who doesn’t want to be nice?! So only an alleged fascist would not fall into line and mantra. And there’s the problem. No matter how nice and smiley faced, there are no stated or written limits to all this. This is why in the logical end we get ready made junior Eco-fascism 101. Merely question any of it and you'll be looked on as a little odd, a troublemaker or ignored. Not always perhaps, but keep on subject and just watch those smiles evaporate...

In fact for many, envirofreakism ends up like Jeff Luers, now in jail for setting off bombs in a car yard to er, make the world a better place. Jeff is a hero of Marxist leftards and naturally hates “capitalism”.

You know, the massively successful system that has given us everything and raised the life expectancy of billions. Like the Nobel Prize winning, [and for good reasons] Norman Borlaug who has fed and continues to feed billions with modern farming methods.

Naturally to Jeff the useless twerp and morally vain fraud, the most democratic government in the world is the most “fascist” and the most truly fascist is a workers paradise. This middle-class wanna be control freak and his permanent teen tantrum, dreams of everything being controlled and run by the state exactly as he sees fit. The definition of a fascist. Ironic, innit?

Jeff is offended that he is not allowed to petrol bomb private property cos hell, Jeff is good so everything Jeff does must be good! Jeff calls his criminal firebombing “free speech”. “Ka-boom!” is a sound and not a coherent sentence.

But there are millions of affluent misfit brats like this and growing. Why? Cos this is what they teach in schools. If the environment is “the most important” thing as they say relentlessly, then everything else by default is LESS important. Dig? Save the world but just destroy this one first.

Jeff Luers likes to call himself grander titles than bog standard criminal arsonist. Nope, he’s a hero of the people:

Jeff Luers: “I’d like to focus on creating the cure. Direct activism and militancy is a mainstay of the struggle for social and environmental justice...

We live in a police state. The U.S. may be the kinder face of fascism, but it is still a fascist state. Yes, we have elected a man who may bring change, but the system that he upholds will still be a capitalist, imperialist monster.

If anyone thinks that he isn’t going to protect the corporate interests at the extent of the people, they are wrong. We live in one of the few countries in the world where corporations are granted and guaranteed the same rights under our constitution. By design, our government is structured to uphold that rule of law.

[Colonel Neville: Yes, upholding the rule law ie: no firebombing of car yards, is er, bad. Yes, the US is a “Police state”. Riiight. Of course. Yawn. And any actual Police state is invisible or a wonderful thing to Jeff.]

MG: is there anything that you regret? [Colonel Neville: Apart from not ruling the world that is?]

Jeff: "In some ways the Romania action was and is probably one of the most effective direct actions taken in the United States; I know, very modest of me, right? Our action changed the dynamics of clandestine actions for the earth in this country. Afterward, Romania car dealerships all over the world were targeted".

[Colonel Neville: Ah, this is a Marxist retards idea of globalising destruction instead of productivity and innovation. Just like any Nazi or Commo, the ends justifies any means and Jeff's ends too, are insane. What a twisted phony fuck.]

"Suddenly, it was no longer just industry being targeted but the culture that is responsible for global warming.

And yeah, I do have some regrets about Romania. After all of the [prison] time that I got for that little fire, I wish I’d done something bigger.

MG: What are you most looking forward to upon your release? What are you most apprehensive about?

Jeff: There are so may things that I am excited about. No more walls is a big one. I think that within my first weeks I’ll find myself camped deep in the woods reconnecting with nature.

There doesn’t really seem to be too much that I’m apprehensive about. Certainly, prison has changed me, but the core of my being is still the same. My biggest challenge I think, is going to be living indoors and paying rent.

Direct action isn’t like that. The power to create change or act on a belief system rests completely in our hands. Nor did we protest gently.

MG: What moved you to follow through with the arson at Romania? Did you feel that there was any other alternative at all to raise awareness about global warming? And, what was running through your mind when you set flame to incendiary?

Jeff: Our world is being physically and geographically altered by the greenhouse gasses that we’re putting into the environment. Local and global climates are changing. These events have been happening for decades, but it is only now that this makes news.

Industry giants and corporate hooligans are making millions of dollars destroying the planet I love. They are putting people’s lives at risk. You ask me what moved me to follow through with these actions. I ask, what has not moved others?

There were plenty of other alternatives to raise awareness about global warming. Al Gore did a great job. He’s also a former vice president and millionaire. It’s harder to ignore him or shut him up though many tried.

Things have not changed much since the time of kings. Poor people are still ignored. Only when the peasants revolt does the king take notice.

Do you really want to know what I was thinking when critter and I lit the incendiary devices? Okay. I was thinking, “Don’t set yourself on fire.” Jeff Luers via indybay.

Colonel Neville: No, please DO set yourself on fire. I went to the ecocentre site and will go there personally to speak to the lady with the black hair, eh? Should be fab.

I dedicate this post to the fabulous eco-imperialism site of ex-Greenpeace founder Patrick Moore and Paul K. Dreissen. And a great site and resource called arationaladvocate.

Plus the fabbo book Green Hell by Steven Molloy. It's about how the green movement has NO defined limits whatsoever. Their aim is total control, sports. No really.

Hey, 60 million dead black people due to Malaria because tey're banned from using DDT, is called a big success in the Hell that is Green. And millions more every year. It all starts of so smiley and yet who are the main people behind it? Hmmmm?

Green Hell is here kids, and wickedly advancing on everything. Green Hell on Amazon.

“Large grant suppliers give massive amounts of money to colleges and universities to pay off these so-called scientists to swear by the CO2 caused global warming when in fact they all know that it is impossible for that to happen at 380 parts per million. It would take 500 times that concentration for CO2 to even come close to 10% of the greenhouse gas effect of water vapor that occurs each night as the sun goes down to prevent the nighttime temperatures from going to 65 degrees below zero Fahrenheit.

Fritz review of Green Hell:

“It was not that long ago that the main complaint of left wing critics of the American economy was that it produced poverty and appalling social conditions. "Capitalism" was simply a code word for the rich getting richer and everyone else getting poorer. And it was certainly true that the "rich" did get richer, often by improving the life of their customers.

Rockefeller did not make money by raising the price of oil; he made money by lowering it and improving the standard of living for millions. But, while the original critique was flawed, the sentiment was one of generating wealth for average Americans. Even as late as 1962 when Michael Harrington wrote The Other America this sentiment still dominated left wing politics. How things have changed.

Today, the political left is "green" and their main complaint is not that capitalism produces poverty. They know capitalism produces affluence. And they oppose it. Americans, they complain, consume "too much" and need to make do with less, because the planet is threatened by a whole host of potential ills that require we act now, regardless of the cost. Global warming is only the latest of their concerns, having replaced the completely discredited 'population bomb' threatened in the late 1960s.

And their proposed solutions, outlined in their own words, are truly frightening.

The old left proposals did not produce affluence, but the new "green" proposals will surely accomplish their goal of impoverishing people if they have their way and increasingly, as Green Hell author Steve Milloy warns, they are”.

Colonel Neville: The following are some of the affiliates of the Port Philip supported ecocentre. All seemingly positive and yet...

Dan Palmer of permablitz in The Age:

“DAN Palmer trained as a permaculture designer after studying psychology and philosophy and becoming a PhD.

Permaculture might seem like a big departure from Palmer's academic pursuits, but he sees them as complementary. The principles of permaculture dovetail neatly with his theoretical interests, he says. At the end of his university studies "I was left with systems theory, overcoming separation and dualisms:

[Colonel Neville: Ah, Uni drivel. Check.] between person and world, theory and practice. Permaculture does that too. It puts back together what our culture has torn apart."

[Colonel Neville: Riiight. It's all torn apart from what? Feudalism or the Neolithilic period? I hear the siren whine of the affluent twerp.

Here's a mere random grab of skeptics. Science IS skepticism apparently not in the land of Global Warming = Global Socialis.

Climate skeptics. And GW hoax. And some more myths junked. And The Australian debunks GW.

Here kids debunk Gore. Junk science debunks GW. Right pundits have a go. And Mike Savage too.

John Gaudio way back in 2006: "According to, the Kyoto Protocol has already cost over 243 Billion dollars. The return anticipated for this "investment" is a difference of less than three one thousandths of one degree Centigrade by the year 2050. Imagine the good that could be accomplished if that 243 Billion dollars was invested wisely to make the world a better place.

Mike Rosen wrote an article for the Rocky Mountain news in which he points out that all human activity is responsible for only 4.5 percent of the carbon dioxide produced on this planet. He also points out that all the carbon dioxide produced by all sources, is a tiny contributor to global warming, being dwarfed both by water vapor, and the activity of the sun". And New Scientist debunks Gores cred way back in 2007.]

“"Permaculture is ultimately subversive because it aims to decentralise food production," says Palmer. "People have fun planting a carrot when actually what they are doing is quite radical.

The idea of the permablitz came about after Palmer went for a long walk after lunch one afternoon from his home in Thomas Street. In the twilight he was drawn to a well-lit mud-brick house. "I saw a beacon of light in the darkness," he recalls, smiling.

This was the Springvale Community House. Inside, a group of South American men playing pool invited Palmer to join them for a beer. He practised his rusty Spanish, played dominos, he even danced the salsa. His new companions came from places such as El Salvador, Chile, Cuba and Peru.

"They were fighting the isolation immigrants can feel in the suburbs by eating and drinking and hanging out together," he says.

The South Americans were part of a group called Codemo (Community Multicultural Development Organisation). "Most of them had been here for 20 years or so," says Palmer. "They all had trouble assimilating themselves into Australian culture and language."

[Colonel Neville: Why? Are they mute?]

"As they talked, Palmer and Codemo hit upon a revolutionary idea: why not use volunteer labour and permaculture theory to transform an unproductive garden into a place where food is grown?"

Colonel Neville: And as we know, all revolutionary ideas are nice if they’re presented appealingly by er, "alienated" Cubans and Salvadorians etc. Gee, nothing suspicious here. Move along.]

Dan Palmer permaculturesolutions.

"Mentoring/Job Shadowing:

We think it important that young people, particularly students in their last years of school, fresh out of school, or in their first years of University, be given more opportunities to act on any feelings they have that something is fundamentally wrong with the direction of our society”.

[Colonel Neville: Get those Che the child killer tshirts out now! Yes, the current world is always bad and must be destroyed in order to bring forth the Utopian vegetable workers paradise!]

From Dan Palmers ethics:

“(3) We care for the environment and wildlife. In everything we do, we side with Gaia as our 'superclient.'

[Colonel Neville: No really. Read it again. Yes. "Superclient". Dan is a client for serious psychotherapy.] And yes, Gaia worship. It's just as I said, just look far enough and it logiically ALWAYS ends and starts with the whole nutsocake package of the pagan and nihilist.

Just like the Nazis, Mussolini, Pol Pot, Mao, Stalin ad nauseum. Imagine these smiling teeny fascists with real power? Fabulous eh? Control freak heaven and hell. They hate the capitalism that gives you your economic freedom of choice and want to destroy it. How can radical front groups be an unknown phenomena to aschool teacher? Cos they often are one!

"All hail the earth Mother or die!"

"(4) The ultimate end to which we are working is the reforestation of the earth and the restoration of the earth's topsoils. We believe that healthy gardens, plants, and people are a by product of healthy soil”.

Colonel Neville: “Soylent Green is people!" Hey, you and I are "byproducts!" What do ya know! This crap is modified from and I kid you not, the church of deep ecology by eco loon guru Bill Mollison. Bill says, collectively speaking:

“A final ethic that we practice in our community in Tasmania is that we divest ourselves of everything surplus to our needs”.

Colonel Neville: Ah, pure Marxism had to come up sooner or later. Each according to his needs. Marxism 1010. Got it. There’s lots of “environmental crisis”, “this is heavy stuff” and “I want to emphasise that we should not expect our children to change the world. If we do not do it, there will not be a world to change”. Balls.

Bill Mollison: "I think it is wisest to leave some of the design courses open to graduate student sonly so that we get the economists and the business management people. We are going to need all those skills”.

Colonel Neville: Quite, I imagine so. Thus Bills “Type One Error:

"Undertaking a design job for people whose aims are environmentally destructive., for example a group that want s to hack out a hole in the forest for themselves. When approached by such people, you should always side with the super client-the environment. More often than not, though, such people are really good people”.

Colonel Neville: Phew, passed the envirofreak council idea of worthiness to live on Gaiia. Now this PDF is from the 1980’s though apparently updated, so seemingly a lot less crazy per se than standard Marxist agitprop madness of “Destroy Capitalism NOW!”

Some of the rest of the enormous PDF is seemingly almost rational and practical, and filled with charming ideas and methods, but with an eerie amount of heavily detailed and proscribed collective organisation mentality and a curious business cleverness. Vast tracts are riddled with absurd tribal mysticism of the traditional “womens knowledge” good, read superstitious paganism drivel versus modern men bad, read the enlightenment, science and the industrial revolution, consumerism.

Slip down to page 16 on the right hand column and read the part about “edge harmonics”. See if it reminds you of anything er, uncomfortable. Think gee, indoctrination. Think Invasion Of The Body [politic] Snatchers.

"We use a sustainable design system called permaculture to help communities move away from denial and dependent consumerism to engagement and responsible production…

“Permaculture goes beyond realising that conventional agriculture is the most destructive thing humans are doing on the planet: it offers an achievable alternative in the form of sustainable small scale local food production systems. Part of this vision is massively decreasing the distance between where food is produced and consumed.

As an integrated design science, however, food is just one part of the permaculture equation. Permaculture equally addresses and integrates water, energy, waste, shelter, community, local economy, governance and all other aspects of sustainable living. It's broad, it's exciting, and it's blindingly relevant to the challenges we all face”.

“2) Our current mode of food production, namely industrial chemical and fossil fuel dependent monoculture, is not sustainable.

3) Permaculture is a tool we can use now to decrease our participation in industrial agriculture and to directly act on our most pressing issues, including peak oil and climate change.

4) We know the problems and we have the solutions. It is time to transition not just from denial to awareness, but from awareness to action. Let's go!

5) having fun while we redesign the future!

“The basic idea is that by converting their lawns into organic food producing gardens, people will be able to back away from a dependence on industrial agriculture and the shipping of food back and forth across the world. At the same time, it makes organic eating accessible to more than just the upper-middle class."

Dan Palmer:

“I'd say the social community-building aspect is just as important, or even moreso, than the garden makeover itself. In our socially atomised suburbs, with our tall fences separating our yards from our neighbours', its rare to get to know those living closest to us."

Colonel Neville: Yeah, we should all bunk up like a Chinese road gang. And yet I do want as tall a fence separating you from me. Go figure.

“Do you think it's important for people in urban areas to have an engagement in food production and learn how to grow their own food? Living in a 'modern' society promises that we shouldn't actually have to think about our food, or any other basic necessity."

[Colonel Neville: Yes, the government should do it or the Morlocks.]

"We've 'developed' to the point that we now get to spend our time thinking about modern issues like ring tones and tax returns. So today the majority of the food we eat is grown by a handful of huge agribusinesses and sold in a handful of supermarket chains. Through this process, aside from disconnecting us from our food and all that its been through to get to our plates, we have also become completely dependent on multinational corporations for our basic necessities, and therefore have lost the very foundations of political autonomy."

Colonel Neville: Why do I get the distinct feeling that Dan spends a lot of time on his narcissistic Utopian moral vanity, when he isn't thinking stupid things a la logical fallacy?

"I think that growing food, along with rebuilding community (to counter the individualisation and social atomisation faced in this corporate-driven society), are some of the most important and subversive activities we can do today."

Colonel Neville: Ah, now I get it. Individualism via freedom, capitalism and the constitution is bad. Collectivism via food, transport and unarmed technological control via the total state is a good thing. The ONLY thing. Nuance.

“Political independence and the ability to engage in society has a lot to do with from what position of autonomy do we stand. And if we stand totally dependent on a one or two or three day food supply chain we don't really have any position of political autonomy.”

[Colonel Neville: Yep, all hail the Great Pumpkin!]

"David Holmgren, Permaculture co-orginator (quote taken from Greening The Apocalypse)

"If your experience is that your water comes from the tap and that your food comes from the grocery store then you are going to defend to the death the system that brings those to you because your life depends on that; if your experience is that your water comes from a river and that your food comes from a land base then you will defend those to the death because your life depends on them. So part of the problem is that we have become so dependent upon this system that is killing and exploiting us, it has become almost impossible for us to imagine living outside of it and it's very difficult physically for us to live outside of it."

Derrick Jensen: “But then when adding peak oil and climate change to the mix, and the likely consequences of these on today's food and agriculture systems, it looks like food localisation using permaculture principles and design is going to offer more than an 'alternative' — it will become a necessity”.

Here’s John Jenkins, incoherent leftard and alleged poet at St Kilda music and poetry, another affiliate of the respectable new face of dear comrades, at the ecocentre. Yep, for any serious sciences like geophysics, I always call my local poet.

John Jenkins jerks off:

“Back then – and it seems odd to say “back then’’ of just six years ago – the scientific community was aware of climate change, and we had warnings from environmentalists.”

[Colonel Neville: Is John talking about back then in 1975 when Newsweek and Time too, had special edition on the coming “crisis” of “Global” er, “cooling?’ Apparently not.]

“But it was still an ‘exotic’ subject. Climate change skeptics held official sway, particularly influencing policy.

(Amazingly, few skeptics are still out there: some business forecasters, and other misleading ostriches, disputing the precise scientific modeling of climate change’s impact. Never mind the gross evidence, such as actual measurements of temperature increases (measurements, not forecasts) and worrying impacts already apparent: such as...”

Colonel Neville: Such as the dominance of moonbats. Yes, sceptics are so unscientific! Science IS scepticism above all else, you dumb bastard. Yes, we must never teach our children scepticism or critical analysis via reason and rational thought based on evidence and research. That would never do, comrade.

But wait, a man who can barely think logically, is writing a book! Who isn’t?

John: “Back to the book. We quickly find my hero, Bruce, out in the field, getting his hands dirty. He’s doing field research into coral bleaching, on one of Australia’s most iconic and sensitive ecosystems, the Great Barrier Reef.

My other three main characters are: Miko, a Japanese climate modeler. Miles Kato, a senior scientist and sort of father figure to Bruce.

And my villain – Imre Nero – Bruce’s rival; an acid-tongued climate change skeptic; a cynical scientific gun for hire, who works for the carbon fuel lobby. (Hiss booo...!)”

Colonel Neville: Sounds fab. So pretty subtle and believable eh? No.

John: “The cost of doing nothing is certainly high.” And people like John manage to do nothing intelligible and get the government to pay for it consistently. Ah, and John is a one stop boob for envirofreak clichés, to whit:

“Back to 2001, in the mainstream media – the mainstream consciousness – climate change was still a ‘curiosity’, a minor issue. Coal and oil ruled. And there seemed no compelling, urgent pressure to develop renewable energy, to end the carbon addiction. The cheap oil and coal binge still seemed like it would go on forever”.

Colonel Neville: Yes, and one day John may even return form his apparently drug induced addiction to living in an alternate dimension. Yes, “ruled” by massively effective oil. Reign over me.

“Cheap oil? Cheap coal? But now people are asking, at what real cost?”

Colonel Neville: That depends when they start drilling in Alaska and leave the Arabs to collapse into their well deserved oblivion. Oil is drilled at the cost of funding millions of peoples superannuation.

“Oil is a limited resource, fast running out. And only through the power of oil can we get at coal. Oil, and filling up your car, is getting more expensive.”

Colonel Neville: John is a logical fallacy Tourests Syndrome. The only unlimited resource is a vacuum and stupidity, and Johan is a sustainable source of both.]

"There are on-site costs, at the drill tip; pressure to drill in wilderness areas, spillages, clean-ups. And a carbon cost: global warming, extreme weather events, climate change; perhaps, eco catastrophe.

And military costs, too – of oil wars. And political ones – invasions, instability, dislocation.

Not least, the human cost, of lives lost, and refugees spilling from oil wars.
Are these costs factored in at the servo pump?"

Colonel Neville: So let’s check the Marxist shopping list of enemies shall we? Capitalism bad. Check. The military are evil. Got it. Wars are apparently fought over easily traded commodities like oil and sugar too. No. Ah hah. Leaving fascist dictatorships in place permanently is good. Ok. And let's all live like the wildman of the woods under leaves and rub sticks! It's natural!

Normal business and innovation costs are a conundrum only to a dumb as dog hair activist. So basically, a vast socialist Marxist fascist government of the stae run by ecofreaks is good. Ok. Yep, it’s all there. Carry on, wearer of the woolly rainbow hat with matching “Aboriginal Collectivist Land Rights” badge.

“But, come 2007, things have changed. And so very rapidly.
In the six years since I began writing A Break in the Weather, there have been some very high-profile contributions to the debate. In June 2006, Tim Flannery’s The Weather Makers was published. Followed by Al Gore’s globally influential film, An Inconvenient Truth."

Colonel Neville: Ah, yes. Excellent quality control free heroes. Gore, the vast convoy, Gulfstream jetting, enormous house of power usage and major carbo offset company director and multi millionaire, via tobacco and a political career funded by Arman Hammer, the Soviet monopolist. Great.

Ah, and Tim Flannery, the smug, unaccountable leftard fool and highly qualified mediocrity. Sadly, not a SINGLE one of his Climate Change predictions has come true.

“But I I am proud that my little 2001 verse novel was so quick off the mark: how often a landslide is preceded by a few ominous, tumbling pebbles!”

Colonel Neville: Stick with the self-congratulations. Ya gona need that ability.

"Now, climate change is a central debate. We have been overtaken by the urgency we should have felt years ago. In Australia, 2007, it is even a hot election issue. A new global economy is emerging, of carbon trading.”

Colonel Neville: And Gore will be there! Oh, the Carbon Trading “industry” balloon has already collapsed due to a lack of hot air? Call Al then. Hey, “crisis”. It ALWAYS is, innit? That’s how Marxist tip works. Thus Global Warming is merely Global Socialism. Dig how John the nobody talks as if HE is an authority and doing something vital and hel BIG about world problems.

Here’s a bit of Johns er, poem:

“SLOW BUBBLES seem to circulate about him and, from his lips,”

Colonel Neville: Fantastic. Finally, the bluehat project. Yes, more hippies.

“The aim is to draw awarness to the importance of a healty mind through being mindful about the environment we live in. Blue Hat project promotes the idea to make the environment our constant councellor we can use for mental well being. The Blue Hat project enthusing individuals and communities to thrive by connecting to each other and themselves."

Colonel Neville: Funny, cos endless envirofreak drivel is actually a total drag. But hey, each twerp to his own.

“Blue Hat personifies the thought process of taking action verses hestitating to move on."

Colonel Neville: Yes, never “hestitating” is my motto.

“The mission of the Blue hat project is to promote the use of creative expression and the practice of positive psychology for a healthy sustainable mind.”

Colonel Neville: Meaning act and look and talk like a hippie. A non-sustainable mind? Imagine that. I think I’m looking at one.

“The Blue Hat Project aims:

1. “Bring awarness to ways how to express feelings through creative activities."

Colonel Neville: “Awarness” or unawareness? See "anything hippies do." “Stop the Warness!”

2. “Encourage the understanding of Positive psychology and Eckhart Tolle."

Colonel Neville: Thinking like a hippie. Oh, wow! Eckhart Tolle! The world needs it! What is it? Classic pseudo psychobabble rubbish. Got it.

3. “Enthusing community to ''learn how to help themselves."

Colonel Neville:
All together. Enthuse!

4. “Connecting community through projects, exhibitions and creative events”.

Colonel Neville: Translation: more government funding.

“The Blue Hat Project uses the metaphor of the hat. Blue Hat also means "ACTION!"

Colonel Neville: Interestingly, many other metaphors come to mind. Yes, that inevitable and restless smiley faced fascist urge to act, however pointless, insane or destructively collective. That is all.

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Eowyn said...

Blue Hats. Ah, yes.

Here in the Yonited States of Amurrica, we also have the Red Hat Ladies.

(This is a bunch of gals "of a certain age" who get together to celebrate the fact that they're of a certain age, with the requisite headwear necessarily being red. Needless to say, ANY woman, of ANY age, runs as fast as she can from such an idea.)


We Yanks have been accused and, in this case, rightly so, of juvenilism.

But not to digress (too much):

Note the sly, and cynical, and completely-pandering-to-juvenilism method, of assigning "color" to "causes." Green. Blue. Red. Whatever. It appeals to the brain circuitry of the sheep, which, let's face it, doesn't develop too many neuronic pathways. Jumps from A to C, without the reassuring stop at B, are not in the equation. Ah, well.

By the bye:

Be sure and turn on every light you've got on March 29 :) --