Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Obama: The Manchurian Candidate.

Barrack Barry Hussein Sotoero Obama is shown here in a rare fit of political rage being restrained by his advisers, as he tries to kill off his white half completely. Barry was heard to shout " Die white boy! I don't need you anymore!"

Dear sports, here's a slightly modified rant from Tuesday 05 February 2008. [There's 12 comments at the original posting.] My how I've changed. Now I'm really repelled and creeped out by Obama! Wah hey!

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“Fascism was the shadow or the ugly child of Communism. As Fascism sprang from Communism, so Nazism developed from Fascism. Thus was set on foot those kindred movements that were destined soon to plunge the world into even more hideous strife, which none can say has ended with their destruction” Winston Churchill.

A commenter on a blog I have been unable to backtrack, referred to Obama as “The Manchurian Candidate!” He is of course almost entirely, except his acting is less convincing, and his goals are slightly different, but just as er, unfortunate. Yep, at heart, left liberals are essentially Socialist control freak, totalitarian Fascist's who believe in big government and state power to control ever more individual freedoms, but not theirs.

“What? Me a son of a Muslim, a life-time Marxist and Socialist and a friend of the racist bigot Rev Wright and Muslim circus geek Farrakhan/a pal of Bill Ayers the Marxist terrorist radical/pal of PLO terrorist pressman Rashid Khalidi/pal of jailed criminal Syrian nationalist Tony baloney Rezko/an ACORN lawyer/a teen protege of Marxist pervert druggo Frank Marshall Davis/a student of Saul Alinsky/ with personal political support from me for my cousin Odinga, the Muslim murdering dictator of Kenya etc, etc?

Even a little? Na... No. Never. Not a bit. I split that Muslim scene, man. It was a real drag. A definite bummer and it was bringing me down”.

Ignore that having a Muslim Father makes one a Muslim or reciting the Koran means you accept Mohammad and Islam etc.

Hey, now that must be some of that “change”, that ‘Flashbacks’ Obama just loves to spout. Obama’s real name is not Barrack but er, Barry! Among others.

Amazingly, the Big O is perhaps the first public Muslim Apostate not sentenced to death for leaving ‘The Religion of Peace, or else!’ Nope, no Islamic extremism in any Indonesian religious schools he went to apparently. Check. It was maybe entirely dull.

An oxymoron I believe, can be defined by the word Islamic being linked with school. Imagine if you will, spending any formative years in a ‘society’ that allows gangs of Muslims to carry the severed heads of Christians around the streets, all watched by the local ‘Police?’

“I went to the mall and they were giving free ice cream to celebrate the death of another Infidel!”

“Hey, Obama, I didn’t see you at the Peninsula Club, but didn’t I see someone that looked a lot like you, applauding at the Louis Farrakhan Nation of Idiots for Islam Jew Hatefest?”
Thurston Howell the III.

What’s really hilarious about Obama is that he’s no more black than he’s white and both mean almost entirely nothing. Or do they? Tah dah! His Mother was white and his Father was black. I hate to spoil the “Racist!” shouters dreams, but there is entirely no such thing as race, sports. There are only gradients that show us all as irrevocably connected by our shared genetics. I'm just glad we don't have to all share the same apartment.

But Obama is such a do anything for power phony baloney, that while his whole fake apparent posture is that only creeps care about “race”, almost his whole actual angle is about the tedious irrelevant drivel of race. His fraudulent self scribbled book is based exactly on such blarney in which he manipulates and lies selectively about his past to project just the right amount of PC crapola to win the deluded hang wringing votes of the self-loathing.

For example, in the Medium Sized O's wee autobiography, apparently Indonesia is painted as quite the land of tolerance and glee, and Hawaii, where he also spent time, is shown as just above Dixie, circa 1850. In the real world, the exact opposite is true.

He’s pulling this classic straw man stunt to avoid talking about his entirely non-existent policies and his virtually unknown, unexplored and unspoken past. Add his air built qualifications for the position of President.

Ah, but the drivel of colour is a back-dated red herring, innit? Just ask Allen West, Michael Steele, Condie Rice, Colin Powell etc. Now culture, background, character, personality, history, attitude, education, skills, qualifications and religion, do usually matter.

Now the Clinton's are white, whiter than Whitewater! Fat lot of good that has been. Nope, I'm afraid voting for folks because of their tan or lack of it, is nonsense. You may as well have high hopes for a guy who happens to be plaid.

So anyway, Barack just happen’s to want to be seen as black. Big 'effing deal. He just as easily could have chosen white, brown or none of the above. Why black exactly? Just because he looks kinda more black to the racially unfamiliar? Cos white would be uncool and racist, silly! Everyone knows that. Hadeehardar.

My wife is Japanese so our son looks pretty much like her, but he is neither Japanese nor Asian. He’s Australian, because this is where he was born and where he is growing up.

Obama plays the black candidate meme cos it works as it always has. The entire opposite of what the crushing boredom and fraud of grievance politics allege.

Obama chose Barack instead of er, Barry, and who wouldn't? Barry just doesn't have the same exotic cache and edge of Barack. Barack snaps to where as Barry, well, it's one of those names, eh?

Nope, so Obama is black! Well, that's settled then. Ok, I’m Welsh! How hip and er, politically expedient. He knows precisely that in today’s PC auto idiocy, being black is not a hindrance. Nope, just having no sane non-Socialist bankruptcy policies may be a bad idea. Maybe not. Just ask what’s beyond Super Control Freak Hillary come in here dear Bill, have a cigar Clinton. Just bog standard liberal fascist utopianism and incompetence, but more so.

That’s why Obama talks about colour so bleedin' much, because it shouldn’t be an issue! Er, it ain’t and he knows it, thus it’s an entirely convenient diversion of no consequence, for his virtually empty campaign platform. Obama adopts a permanently faux ‘offended’ stance regards non-existent racial attacks regards his non-existent ‘race’. Obama is merely an American. Apparently this is too dull, ordinary and pedestrian for Mr choose your most disingenuously and useful persona.

Do you know there is more variation within an alleged "race" than between the "races?" It's mostly I'm afraid, disingenuous and irrelevant baloney. It's where and how you grow up more than anything, kids. Thus the children of immigrants can often feel their own parent's are from just left of Asteroid TZ92/B.

“Once you have the right to no longer be offended, you no longer have any other rights. Freedom is offensive”. Mark Steyn.

Allegedly “Racist!” Louisiana via New Orleans voted in a black Mayor, the venal, incompetent, corrupt, stupid and blame shifting idiot Ray "What should I do, Mother?" Nagin. The man who let 200 evacuation buses sit in mud.

The state that let environmentalists stop the Corp of Army Engineers reinforce the levees several decades ago, and sighted this as a “victory for the environment”. It’s an absurd and disgusting slur that President Bush is somehow responsible when in the US Federal system, much like Australia; the states are independent of the Union for local decisions. Or would the Left be happy if Bush the “Fascist!” controlled the whole country, down to the local level of counties and councils?

Isn’t that the er, legendary secret Halliburton plan of many a conspiracy bore?” Or do liberal’s want this now? Schizo drivel mental back flips as usual, I’m afraid.

The whole Katrina and Mayor Ray Nagin thang exposes and describes the inherent hypocrisy of the PC. They imagine they're demanding autonomy and rights for blacks, but when it comes to black responsibility, the same boobs almost invariably negate it by showing how deep down, they don't really see blacks as responsible adults at all. Thus, nothing is Nagin's fault, even though he's in charge.

The same mentality will apply to Obama I believe, which will just be dandy. This is why few of the Left seem to ask what Obama stands for beyond being kind of er, black. Outside of Barry's crony beneficiaries all Obama fans have two odd things in common: they know nothing about Obama and they don't want to know.

They don't expect Obama to really have anything proven and practical to offer and are entirely happy with that. Paradoxically, strange and smug reflections of themselves as naturally morally superior is just fine.

“A Fascist is a Conservative who’s winning an argument with a [Left] Liberal”. Tom Paine at Shire Network News.

Barren Obama is the perfect, empty and mediocre cipher for the average white faux middle class rebel. “I’m voting for half a black man!”

Er, by default you’re voting for half a white man, for what it’s all worth to ya. Entirely nothing I’d say. Ask any sub Koskid to name one policy of their man in two tonetown and they can’t, I’ll wager. Aye, there’s the rub. Obama lacks the guff to even stand up to Hillary, AKA Bill in drag.

Now come on, if Obama is so crappy, wouldn’t the people notice? Nup. Not a lot of folks it appears either read books, journals, newspapers or use the Net for much beyond email, work, school or hobby specialties and porn. Many apparently get their imagined rebellion via passive consumption of the MSM and gossip. The Daily Show seems to fill many an intellectual teen gas tank to full. That’s the way it is.

If you can get to forty years old, you know and understand nothing if you think that the world’s foremost clinical narcissists Bill and Hillary are heroes to anyone or anything but their own ambition. If you can think that Che ‘the child killer’ Guevara was anything beyond a sadist, coward, narcissist and utter stupid failure and bum, then you are a profoundly, wilfully deluded and ignorant twerp.

And that’s the way it is, because it’s easy to believe such bunk when every fake non-conformist is "completely supported by the system they they despise". [Mark Steyn] Every brat lives in an imaginary Hell while living at home with free meals and laundry service, and millions transfer this drivel onto another authority figure or two and simply never grow up.

And Barry's not the only stand-in for Laurence Harvey’s gripping role in the movie of the same name. Hillary is the "for and against" and neither contortionist, or whatever it takes to get hold of “POWER!” Hillary is simply another brand of Manchurian Candidate bringing her own destructive and absurdly monstrous fascistic visions of a dream government state, that she'll never have to live in. The Clinton’s always just sit back in their own personal and eternal Hamptons enjoying the wholly unearned backwash of adulation from their "great works" which are exactly zero.

“Everything I have ever said is a lie, including that”.

It's informative that the newer and crap version of The Manchurian Candidate has been "updated" to standard conspiracy tripe. It replaced the actually plausible brainwashing by real Communist totalitarian regimes, with a juvenile Koskid fantasy of the entirely fictional Halliburton/Cheney one. Thus it bombed. Not enough twerps to sustain the required Grand Canyon sized suspension of disbelief, I'm afraid.

For dramatic fantasy to work, it must have some connection to reality. Screaming "9/11 was an inside job!" just won't cut it outside of Sunnyvale Sanatorium or MoveOn.

If you don’t believe in naturally occurring Manchurian Candidates living like termites in the Whitehouse, think Jimmy Carter, the world's first eunuch President. A man so diseased with leftardism and Jew hatred, that the US and the world are still paying for his policy of cultural and security suicide abasement.

“I believe the best policy in a dangerous and harshly real world is to perpetually show the weakling face of a grinning idiot hick, with the same level of serious spine, strength, courage and self belief as a lump of jello on a giant water slide”. Jimmy the farter Carter.

Hey, now Jimminy the cricket mind is using his same insect level of non-intellect to chirp endlessly about how the Jews and Israel are the problem. It's like he’s taken all the pamphlets ever handed out at every student union crisis meeting, paper mache'd them in a vitamiser, and squashed the entire content’s into his rattling brain cavity. Jimmy is a freaking dangerous imbecile who has amazingly learnt even less as his miserable lifetime has ambled on through his own personal Dog Patch of inbred ideology.

Obama riffs on meaningless platitudes of “change”. So, any change is great, eh? Well, I change my underwear everyday, so I’m obviously pro-change right there. Change your height? Maybe change the colour of your teeth to purple or change to talking backwards maybe? Obama is all for rhetoric actually, that’s all. You could just as easily say you’re all for changing from change to not changing because we want a change from so much change.

“We’re tired of the same sun up and down resulting in night time. We want change! We’re tired of eating well and sleeping regular hours! We ain’t gonna take it anymore! We want change!”

Obama is a classic Democrat of the kind with no real values that contradict the current Democrat orthodoxy as his values. So, zero values beyond the fashionably Socialist. What Obama is not interested in changing is his privileged, rich and elite position, the kind occupied by Hillary my balls itch Clinton, John love me, love my 1980’s hairstyle Edwards, John Viet Kong traitor franchise Kerry and Teddy let the bitch drown Kennedy ad nauseum.

Barry Obama is in short, full of crap. Black or otherwise, is not a qualification. But what is the real change that Barack "must kill the President!" "But I’m the President!" Obama?

Based on nothing more it seems, than having black Muslim not around bum Father and a weirdo atheist Marxist freak white Mother, and being a perfectly superficial race and other grievances Democrat.

Whatever he may say, Barack Obama does have some kind of semi-Muslim background over several years when he was six. Now he's a wacko brand of black militant influenced Christian and an in the past Muslim, if that's possible, who has wanted to be the President of the United States of America since he was a teen. And now he is.

Now that may just turn out to be some kind of real change right there. Oh it has? Carry on then.

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Bruce said...

My discussions with folks from here and there do not leave me feeling jocular at all.

If King Hussein institutes all his bizarre fantasies, the US will be seriously weakened and endangered.

If a significant proportion of the population takes the giant leap beyond the "Tea Parties" then the chaos and carnage will be hideous. The tree of Liberty will all but be washed away in the flood

Sadly, either way, King Hussein and his enablers and minions win and the real people of the world lose, big time.

A US stricken with massive internal division and disruption will be ruthlessly attacked by every jackal and vulture on the face of the planet.

Then it gets nasty.