Wednesday, 11 March 2009

I always dress for dinner with John Stossel, Steve Crowder, Machosauce, Dennis Miller, Jonathan Krohn, Anne Coulter, Jonah Goldberg and Rush Limbaugh.

The wonderful John Stossel on myths, lies and down right stupidity Part 1 of 4.

The truly great and breezy conservative humourist Steve Crowder.

The incredible, fabulous black humourist and Conservative Christian Republican polymath empiricist known as Machosauce. Ah, AKA Alfonso, Conservatives owe you soooooo much.

Superboy Jonathan Krohn states in stripped down and beautiful simplicity, The Four Basic Principles of Conservatism. 1. Respect for the Constitution 2. Respect for life. 3. Less [limited] government. 4. Personal responsibility.

[Via Jonah Goldberg, the Left Liberal Democrat and Labour ones are three: Support for the welfare state. 2. Abortion. 3. Identity politics. No, really. EVERYTHING Leftard springs from these monstrosities.]

The cool, hilarious and lovely Dennis Miller on liberals hate Palin cos she has a great sex life and their husbands are PC newts. Think Left "shadenfreude and Mean Girls".

The punchy and funny Rush Limbaugh. I gotta be honest. This fabulous, dynamic and entirely correct CPAC speech is the first time I really listened to Rush. After Mark Steyn said how much boffo fun it was working with Rush on his show, I had to see. Had to, old boy. Rush's radio audience has gone from 14 million to 25 million since the Obama straw man diversion attack. Hey hey!

Before I listened to Rush, the impression from the MSM was well, of another clearly fictional fantasy person in their mediocre media minds, and not the one featured here at all. Go figure.

Jesus Christ! I really like Ann Coulter. She has an Australian sense of destroying bullshit, and a Peter Cook and Barry Humphries sense of satirical harsh observation as received "rudeness".

Jonah Goldberg on Glenn Beck, enlightens us all on the true history and nature of [Left] Liberal fascism. Glenn is a pretty intense guy and that's why I love him.

The wonderful Jonah Goldberg on the rockin' Glenn Beck two days later.

Jonah Goldberg filmed from the wrong angle in a darkened bar in Chicago.

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