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A church is a Jew hating Church when the Bishop hosts, supports, lies and apologises for Jew haters.


Phil at 'riceline', the well known retail chain and mass murdering theocratic fascist Islamic state that wants to murder all the Jewish people and "wipe Israel of the map..." Oh that's right. They're not. That's Iran. I always get them confused. And ya wanna know why the Church has er, difficulties relating to normal people?

'Dr Freier said at the service "A society which enshrines the rights of citizens in its constitution has stripped rights away from other people including a citizen of this country, David Hicks". This irrational statement via the ABC, is the insane tripe of the apparent ecumenical circus geek and Anglican Arch Bishop [sic] Philip Freier, the cognitive dissonant and logical fallacy moral gymnast finalist.

Ya know what they say, wank makes freier. Gee, do I see an ideological pattern in Phil? It's leftard Groundhog Day!

Yes, good old Dave Hicks, the dumb as dog hair creep who trained in how to slice off heads, with people who train by slicing off heads. The rabid liar David Hicks, who hates Jews totally and trained to deceive, kidnap, torture and shoot men, women and CHILDREN, and generally cause as much mayhem as possible in order to spread Islam. This is known as the current Quality Control free zone of Angli"care".

Ex-President but current Muslim criminal Mohammad Khatami of Iran, said of Israel that it’s “an old, incurable wound on the body of Islam, a wound that really possesses demonic, stinking, contagious blood'." Ah, that must be the "major intellectual of the 21st century " that Dr Phil Camilleri of Latrobe universtiy spoke of. Got it. I'm reminded more of a 7th century fascist psychopathic moron, but each to his own.

Hit the link for the secret pervert handshake of Iran. Behold the moral inversion by Islamic perversion, that is the upside-down and natural Monkey Planet of any Islamic state.

“MELBOURNE Anglican Archbishop Philip Freier yesterday challenged both main parties to commit immediately to a national inquiry into Australia's "epidemic" of childhood depression. Ms Tankard-Reist said Australian culture was toxic for girls, leading to more self-harm, body-image dissatisfaction, eating disorders and lower self-esteem. "They are now expected to be hot saucy tweens on the prowl rather than active, healthy girls."

She said girls were being prematurely sexualized, bombarded by messages from a "pornified" culture long before they were able to cope”. The Age.

Colonel Neville. Yes, keeping the age that a female child can be married off to a lifetime of sexual slavery hell at nine years-old in gee, Iran, will do that every time. It's a real drag and often a literal bummer for young boys too. Oh, Phil's not talking about that? Check. Nuance.

In fact the major cause of depression in the young, is the dominance of the irrational, fashionably negative, nihilist and utopian Marxist sodden grievance products of the left. This junk invariably says that the free Western Canon is bad, and only Soviet critical theory, PC'ism, envirofreakism and the false god of multicultism are good.

The left says morals and judgements are entirely relative and that therefore everything is up for grabs. Except for their conceits which can change at anytime.

"Left Product Warning: ACTUAL progress is not guaranteed".

The Arch Bishop rightly laments the perversion of children by the death of a grown-up culture, perversely replaced by a teenage one seemingly without moral or rational boundaries. Essentially nihilist, bub. Like gee, Iran and the left. But golly gee whiz, the Arse Bishop is just tres cool and hip with the latest Islamist mass killer bedfellowship. Bravo and five stars for asshat.

Amazingly from The Age newpaper: [Sure it is.]

"Jewish fury at visit by Iran leader Barney Zwartz. March 18, 2009.[Colonel Neville: I'm pretty damn furious myself and I'm not even Jewish. Ah, The Age and the art of nuance. Oh, I get it. They maybe mean it's really more of a Jewish problem...Got it.]

"MELBOURNE Anglican Archbishop Philip Freier is under fire from the Jewish community for hosting a function for former Iranian president Mohammad Khatami while he is in Melbourne this month.

Jewish Community Council of Victoria president John Searle wrote to Dr Freier saying the Jewish community found it inconceivable that the Anglican Church would host "such a man" or even meet him.

He declined an invitation to attend and asked Dr Freier to reconsider.

Mr Searle told The Age that although Mr Khatami, president of Iran from 1997 to 2005, was regarded as a reformist, he was a sponsor of terrorism, a Holocaust denier and leader of a country that has often threatened to "wipe Israel off the map".

"Only last year, this supposed champion of dialogue called Israel 'an old, incurable wound on the body of Islam, a wound that really possesses demonic, stinking, contagious blood'."

Mr Khatami is being brought to Australia by La Trobe University's Centre for Dialogue and will give a public lecture on March 26. The Jewish Community Council has resigned from the centre's board of advisers in protest.”

Colonel Neville: Nice, eh? Could the Anglican Church be any more vacuous, fashionable and gee, bog standard Marxist PC left drones? They try. Ah, the old canard of “dialogue”. Interfaith dialogue is a big lie. It’s one of the best ways to spread Islam via dawa, or insidious prosletising. This practice by Christians or anyone in Iran or any Islamic state results in death.

The Telegraph on being hung for being a Christian in Iran.

Colonel Neville: Interfaith dialogue with Muslims is a one way street to nowhere but our own Islamisation via Sharia creep.

Here’s the thing. Mohammad [there’s that name again!] Khatami, is a total Islamist swine who utterly believes in totalitarian global Islam by any means, including murdering over 4,000 Iranian gay people, many of them children. Khatami is merely a Taquiyaa pushing uber deceiving nihilist that the wilfully disingenuous and LYING phony’s of the Western elites eagerly believe.

Khatami is NOT a “reformer” but a fascist totalitarian theocrat who embodies the harsh truth of the political project and inherently murderous ideology of ISLAM. But wait, there’s more disgusting beyond belief bunk.

Freerepublic on the double talk of Khatami.

“Dr Freier said he had invited Jewish leaders along with other groups who suffered persecution in Iran - Christians and Baha'is - so they could raise their concerns with Mr Khatami”.

Colonel Neville: Riiight. Raise their concerns. In Iran you can do that, in fact they encourage it. Then you are arrested, tortured and shot. Er, Khatami should be arrested under existing piracy, terrorism and rogue state laws or hung, whichever comes first. I have a few metres of quality rope to spare. Yes, as we all know, there are ample forums for ordinary people and non-Marxist left liberal and Muslim freaks. Er, no. There are NONE.

“He said Anglicans were not unaware of the difficulties for minorities in Iran since the Islamic Revolution in 1979, and he was not an apologist for Mr Khatami, but if people were ready to engage in discussion he wanted to oblige”.

Khatami justifies murdering gay people.

Colonel Neville: “were not unaware”. Well Yep, dig the mealy mouthed language. As long as you are not um, not unaware or whatever. “Words are for men to hide their thoughts”, sayeth the Bard.

Here’s the kicker: “He had been asked by La Trobe University to host a meeting, to be held at his home".

Chummy. Hey, maybe The Bish' could officially launch his leftard activist ecumenical career in that lounge room, just like Obama did in the lounge of Bill Ayers the Weatherman. Go for Marxist gold I say.

"President Khatami speaks of dialogue as being foundational, so it's important to be able to speak and listen. He has been the guest of the Archbishop of Canterbury at Lambeth Palace and he has high-level access while in Australia," Dr Freier said.

Khatami justifies and praises Hezbollah.

The New York Post with more detail.

Colonel Neville: Yes, doing the Lambeth Walk. “Dialogue as being foundational” is pure University Grad Marxist critical theory crud. So a definite A+ for your thesis from any typical fellow travelling Uni Prof. A way of talking that is designed with evil and inhumanity in mind. But please, lie on and they do.

“As president, Mr Khatami was regarded as less confrontational with the West than some others”.

Colonel Neville: Only by often powerful frauds who are now unfortunately legion.

“He said in Iran yesterday he was withdrawing as candidate for president against the hardline incumbent, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, to avoid dividing the reformist vote”.

Colonel Neville: This filth barely rises to the level of sophistry. The difference between “hardline” and “reformist” in Islamic Iran cannot be measured in the number of mass murders as they are both numerically the same. But again, there's more criminal logical fallacy and superb cognitive dissonance which when it reaches a certain point, is also known by the rational mind as treason.

Professor Joseph where's the funding? Camilleri, the amazing phony and terrorist apologist slash disingenuous liar:

“Professor Joseph Camilleri, director of La Trobe's Centre for Dialogue, said the Jewish community's response was an over-reaction. He said Mr Khatami was "a major intellectual of the 21st century" and that he would be discussing his influential theory of the importance of dialogue in international affairs, but not Israel or Iran”.

Colonel Neville: The first lie is “Professor”. Methinks he Professors too much! The second lie is the bogus and inverted name of centre. A rule that holds fast is that whenever you hear the word dialogue, there isn’t any, just those with the voice and power lying to you. The second uber-absurdity is the “major intellectual” thang. But he’s right in a way. Many alleged “intellectuals” in the West and beyond, are Islamic terrorist loving scumbags.

Read the article link in full for Doc Caramello and have a bucket handy. What a twisted fuck, but repellent and as per usual for Latrobe et al.

"The JCCV is completely out of step with the mainstream thinking of informed Australians," he said. "I told them I think they are shooting themselves in the foot."

Colonel Neville: Not if they're decent and sane they ain't. Yes, out of goose step. Replace “informed” with indoctrinated Marxist drone or elitist phony, and you’ll have it down.

“Mr Searle agreed that differences over Mr Khatami could increase tension between Melbourne's Muslims and Jews, whose relations are at their lowest ebb in years over Israel's incursion into Gaza in January.

Last month the Executive Council of Australian Jewry cut formal ties with the Australian Federation of Islamic Councils after AFIC chairman Ikebal Patel refused to recant his claim that the former victims of the Holocaust were perpetrating "much worse atrocities" in Gaza”.

Colonel Neville: Thus Ikebal Patel, the Muslim pro-terror circus geek and shitbag gets to write for The Age. Nuance.

“The controversy over Mr Khatami's visit comes as US President Barack Obama tries to open channels to Tehran and reduce hostility between the two countries amid international concerns that Iran is on the verge of developing a nuclear bomb”.

Colonel Neville: Obama the lifetime Marxist parasite activist, and host of the well wishing dinner for his PLO pressman pal Rashid Khalidi, gave his first press conference to Al Arabiya couched in the venal and sedition laced fakery of “reaching out”. Yes, we must reach out to the fascist Muslim murder states that are waging asymmetrical warfare against the world.

Lately, I find everyday it’s as if I’m having a slow nightmare and events rather ironically, are getting "progressively" much, much worse. Hey, for a truly terrifying laugh, read ‘Welcome to Obamaland: I have seen your future and it doesn’t work’ by James Delingpole.

He’s a Brit who has already lived the Brown/Obama/Rudd nightmare in the utterly ruined Islamised Orwell style, smiley faced fascist and PC socialist state of Gutted Britain. Read the free chapter from Regenery and buy the book.

Take a break, maybe down the beach, and then read Robert Spencer’s Stealth Jihad. All the previous parade of phony freaks are in it.

And it's so lucky for largely unreachable, untouchable freaks lke Phil, Obama, Rudd and Caramello et al, that apparently many, many people are in an incurious, indoctrinated, easily distracted, bored and manipulated, glazed over dream of mediocrity. And most of those that are not have no voice.

That’s all folks.


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